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Six Trigger 6

Susie Q

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 5, 2013 03:51 | Go to Six Trigger

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Yup. After being in the hospital, I get the flu, and even as I type this I have a migraine. God, why not just go ahead and tell me how you really feel?

Easy going scans only.



Bullet 6: Susie Q
Bullet 7: Tender right hand.
Bullet 8: Owl
Bullet 9: I like that about myself.
Bullet 10: Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast.)


Bullet 6: Susie Q


{Synapse Headquarters.}

(TN- Yeah, That just sorta sounds better. I apologize for translating it the way I have been up until now. For now on the organization will be called 'Synapse' rather than 'Shinapz'.)

Lady: Tsuda-sama has come to see you.

Old dude: Yeah...

Let him in.

Lady: Yes sir.

{The elder of Synapse's big three: Hakusai}

Lady: Please enter.


Hakusai: Tsuda....

{'Theme Park' Head: Tsuda.}

Hakusai: Do you know why you were called here by Synapse?

Tsuda: No.

Hakusai: Hmph...

Well that's fine. Be seated.

I've heard that some nasty things are being schemed over at your place in Theme park.

Tsuda: Well...

I haven't heard anything.


Hakusai: There have been many random and unnecessary deaths coming from 'Theme park', lately.

Tsuda: When you gather people who take lives together, it goes without saying that the opposite will happen to them right?

Hakusai: Hmph...

I suppose that's right.

Do you know him?


Tsuda: Yes...His looks have changed, but he was a person who was raised here.

Hakusai: He's currently with Synapse,

But from what I'm hearing, you're trying to recruit him to your side aren't you?

Are you trying to recall him from Synapse without permission?

What's your reason?

Tsuda: I'm not thinking anything like that.

After all, 'Theme park' is simply a branch of Synapse.

Where there is Synapse there is theme park.

Hakusai: Do you pledge to Synapse?

Tsuda: I pledge to Synapse.


???: Tsuda-san.

Tsuda: Q.

Where's Tsubame?

Q: I failed, or so I feel.

Tsuda: And you slinked back here like some sort of loser, huh?

Q: I am prepared for the punishment, or so I feel.

But I feel that you should spare my life.

Tsuda: What?


Q: If I am dead, I won't be able to savor the feeling of killing Tsubame-san as my revenge.

I feel an eye for an eye will suffice.

Tsuda: Hmph.


Tsuda: What's up with that right arm?

Q: I ended up giving it to Tsubame-san.

It wasn't my place to stand up to a Senpai, I feel.

Tsuda: You're a real interesting fella.

But I can smell a lie on ya.

Q: Eh?

Tsuda: You talk big stuff about wanting revenge, but that ain't it is it?

Seems to me that you got jealousy on your mind moreso than revenge.


Tsuda: Well, any way you slice it, it'll be interesting.

If you think you can pull it off, go for it.

Q: That old guy is overly ominous, or so I feel.


Dudes: What?!


Tsubame: I haveta say, you dickheads following me like that makes things nice and convienent.
Cause now I can just pop a cap you guys nice and quick from here.

Dude: Bitch! Don't go lookin' down on us!!

This is what traitors get!!


Dude: The hell?!

Where did Tsubame go?!

Owl: I will....



Owl: Hup.


Owl: Hmph.


Tsubame: 'Owl', switch to 'Suzume'.

Owl: Roger.

Suzume: Man, you were really flashy weren'tcha?

Tsubame: We gotta be to deal with a threat like those guys.

Suzume: Well, with 'Theme park' chasing after you I guess we gotta be more badass than them.

It would be a pain for you to walk around in public like this though.

Tsubame: That's why I have you guys around to keep from having to show my face on a regular basis.

Suzume: Um, about that. You sure they haven't found out about...'us'?

After all, 'Theme Park' is in bed with Synapse, right?

Not to mention you work with that Mimoza chick and stuff....

Mimoza: Well, Pardon me.

Suzume: You heard that?

Mimoza: I did.

I certainly have my interests in hearing about that body of yours too.

So are you saying this Tsuda chap knows the lot of you as well?

Tsubame: You don't.

Suzume: I don't.

Mimoza: Oh?

Which is to say even if I were to call upon this Tsuda chap, I still wouldn't get much information on his relationship with Tsubame...?

Well...that's even assuming I can believe anything Tsubame says.

Suzume: Um...

So...are you gonna go rat us out?

Mimoza: And what would you do If I were?

Tsubame: Blab and die.

Suzume: That's scary bro.

Mimoza: What now?

Suzume: It's an inside joke.


Mimoza: Oh,

There is one little thing.

Suzume: Hm?

Mimoza: Because I got involved in your little target practice show last time, my care got totaled...!

Pay the repair bill!

(Handwritten- My cute lil' 2000GT-chan!!)

Tsubame: Suzume.

Suzume: Hm?

Tsubame: Run.

Suzume: You got it.

Mimoza: HOLD IT!!!


Scientist(?): We've lost contact with the Tengu unit.

Q: Hm.

That's nothing special, or so I feel.

From the start they were an aimless bunch, is what I feel.

If you send smallfry after Tsubame-san, he'll just kill them dead, or so I feel.

Scientist. Uh...

Q: More importantly something has caught my interest, or so I feel.

Why have we not been able to find where Tsubame-san is hiding?

With the power of “Theme Park' backing this search mission, finding one assassin should share the same feeling as taking candy from a baby.


Scientist: That's mere conjecture.

As soon as we get information confirming his location...

We completely lose track of him.

The amount of people are divided as well.

Q: Hmm..

So something is going on here, as I feel.

He's able to evade the dragnet cast by 'Theme park'...

But this is clearly the reality.

Yet we're using a lot of personnel to capture a single man..

I feel like we're wasting good talent.

Scientist: Sorry that you feel that way.

Q: It's not really something worth apologizing for, I feel.

Scientist: If only Sumika-san hadn't betrayed you Q-san, then you wouldn't have had to go and kill her.


Scientist: Huh...



Q: Remember this feeling.

Scienist: Eh...?

Q: I was not the one to kill Sumika-san....

It was Tsubame-san.

Scientist: Ye-


Q: ...Yes...

This right hand has a good feeling...


Tsubame: There they are.

Suzume: Huh? Are those the guys from 'Theme park'?

Tsubame: Yeah.

Switch to me.

Suzume: So you want out eh?

Have you ever worked with this much zeal?

Tsubame: What are you talking about?

Suzume: Is someone trying their best for that Sumika chick?
Tsubame: I hate small talk just as much as I hate girls with neckties and kneesocks.

Suzume: Yeah, whatever.



Tsubame: I ain't going to inconvenience myself for the sake of a dead woman.


Dudes: Tsubame...!!

Appearin outta no...

(Sfx- Gahh graaab)

Tsubame: So you can still say bullshit like that.

Die for me.


Dude: Bastaaaaaard!!

Dude:: Guhaaah!




Tsuda: Q.

Q: What is it, Tsuda-san?

Tsuda: We found Tsubame.

Q: Where did you find him?

Tell me now, or so I feel.

Tsuda: If you promise not to lay a hand on him, I'll tell you where he is.

Q: What?

Don't screw around with my feeli--


Tsuda: Get off your high horse kid.

If it bugs you so much, how about you die here?

Well despite what I say...

You're still one interesting guy, yanno?

It might be sorta fun to see if you can kill Tsubame...

Using that right hand of yours.


Dude: Wow. You're sure a flashy one aintcha?

You're that guy...Tsubame-san right?

'Theme park' has all kinds of legends about you floatin' around.


You're an impatient guy huh?

But hey, I am too.


Dude: Oooh, so you ain't gonna move huh?

Or is it that you couldn't even react?

There's no faster shot in 'Theme park' than me...


Dude: Eh?

(Sfx- Gyaaah!!)

Dude: You bi--


Dude: Huh?
Suzume: The fuck. You ain't fast at shooting.

Just at dying.


Dude: Um...

Where's Tsubame-san...

Suzume: Bang bang bang bang baaang.

Geez. Don't go calling me out to clean up boring trash.

Tsubame: I thought the quick draw was your hobby.

Suzume: I don't 'ppreciate you making me out to be some sorta sadist!

Tsubame: Whatever. Change to 'Penguin'.


Tsubame: 'Penguin' Go look for those other 'Theme park' bastards.

Once you find 'em, switch to me.

Q: I see...

I seem to have stumbled onto the truth, or so I feel.


Q: Tsubame-san's secret was felt by this left hand.....

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