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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Six Trigger 7

Tender right hand.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 7, 2013 18:21 | Go to Six Trigger

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You're such a baka tsundere, Tsubame-kun.

Easy going scans only.

Bullet 7: Tender right hand.

Q: Tsubame-san has accomplices, or so I feel.
The two with him seem to be a dual pistol wielding woman named ‘Suzume’, and a sniper brat named ‘Penguin’.
There’s no mistaking those who were killed by the sniper.
Dude: So are you telling us that these two covered Tsubame’s escape?
Q: That’s what I feel.
To think that he’s made a woman and a child his accomplices…
Well this is the truth of the matter at any rate, or so I feel.

Q: If you should see ‘Penguin’ or ‘Suzume’ I feel you should report it to me immediately.
That’s it.
At any rate, pawns should just do what pawns are good at doing…or so I feel.
Tsuda: Why didn’t you tell them the ‘truth’?
Q: Tsuda-san….
It’s nothing really…
I just didn’t see a point of telling foot soldiers the truth of the matter, or so I thought.
Tsuda: You’re a stone cold bastard aintcha.

Tsuda: Aren’t ya interested in his left hand?
Q: Huh?
Not really.
The only thing that interests me is watching Tsubame-san die, or so I feel.
Tsuda: Heh.
Is that so?
Well I guess you really ain’t interested in something like that are ya?
Tsuda: But let me tell you something…
If you steal that case of left hands….
‘Tsubame’ will be just ‘Tsubame’ and nothing else right?

Tsuda: Well, If you aren’t interested I’m not gonna push it. Though there is one thing that you gotta do, and by doing it you might get a little push up the corporate ladder…
Q: I’ll bring the case back.
Using other bodies to run away is the method a coward would use.
I feel he should be punished.
Please don’t misunderstand me…
I’m only concerned about possibly being promoted, just like anyone else.


Mimoza: Again with the gaudy show.
Don’t you understand?
If you are trying to destroy ‘Theme park’ you’re begging to make Synapse your enemy too.
Tsubame: Um, if you haven’t noticed it’s ‘Theme park’ that’s trying to start shit with me.
Mimoza: I get that much…
But because ‘theme park’s’ current status is foggy at best, Synapse despite not really wanting to will have to eventually lend a hand to ‘Theme park’ which means your meetings with them will only get..
Tsubame: Geez, just shut up…
Mimoza: Hey.

Mimoza: What happened to Tsubame?
Suzume: Oh, he was all like ‘I hate people who make small talk as much as women who suck on slender cigarettes’ and stuff.
Mimoza: Cheesing me off….
I tried to tell him, but if he doesn’t want to listen that’s his business.
Suzume: Thanks~
Why are you so concerned over Tsubame anyway?
Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for hi---
Mimoza: Do you seriously think that?
Suzume: Um no, not at all.
Mimoza: I’m going to dash off now,
By the by, I’d advise against going down route 13 for your own safety.
Some rather unscrupulous blokes were seen loitering there.
Suzume: Okaaay~

Suzume: 13 huh….
Tsubame: ‘Suzume’ switch to ‘Penguin’.
Suzume: Okays~
Tsubame: Can you kill ‘em without being noticed?
(Sfx- Kokun *nod*)

Tsubame: Time to get started.
Make it your best
Dude: Eh?!

Dude: Uwaah.
Tsubame: For chrissakes, how many of these foot soldiers are they gonna toss at me?
Anyway, If we wait here the guys from above will start to come out…
(Sfx- Shuuhh *Sffft*)
Tsubame: ‘Penguin’ switch to me…
(Sfx- Piiiih *beeeep*)

Q: Hmph…
So as I felt…you’re not just a sniper.
Though I really just want to put Tsubame-san down you see…
Tsubame: Does he know about ‘us’?
Q: Our foot soldiers…
Wouldn’t be able to find you Tsubame-san, yet they kept dying.
I thought that things felt a little strange…

Q: And so I figured that…
It would have to be ‘something like this’, or so I feel?
(On hand- Unlock// Explode.)
(Sfx- Kachiihh *clack*)

Tsubame: Damn..
You don’t hesitate at all do you…
(Sfx- Tan *tap*)
(Sfx- Pihhh *beep*)
Q: I feel you shouldn’t screw around with me.

Q: You’ve gone and done it now, little brat.
Tsubame: What the hell is that?
Q: For the love of everything good…
Every single one of you…
Are treating me…
As if I’m an idiot, or so I feel.

Q: There’s no way I’ll let you shoot.
Why do you think I allowed those foot soldiers to be sacrificed up until now? I knew a sniper would have to be in a nearby and confined place like this, obviously.

Tsubame: This bastard is a friggin’ pain in the ass.
‘Penguin’ it’s my…..
Q: I won’t let you…!

Q: Or so I feel.
Tsubame: Bastard….
The ‘Theme park’ guys were just fodder….!
So he wanted to get ‘Penguin’ in a situation where he could fight him one on one?
Q: Hey ‘Penguin’ or whatever….
I don’t hate you or anything, but your guardian is a bad person.

(Sfx- Kashaaa *clackm*)
Q: I do love a good game of hide and go seek, or so I feel.
Is that left hand really that important to you?!
I feel that you can’t do anything on your own.

Q: Well well…
Now doesn’t this feel like a crane ga—

Q: Ah.
(Sfx- Guun *shfft*)
Q: NNgh…

Q: So your target wasn’t the left hand…
But your rifle, or so I feel…
What? I’m just playing along…
Did you really think I didn’t notice?

Q: You really are a coward…
Using the bodies of women and children to make your escape…
Moreover you allowed Sumika-san to become your shield just so you could slink away with your life.
You’re a disgrace to the notion of being an assassin, or so I feel?
Tsubame: You didn’t die back then either.
But thanks to you being a sentimental sap, I’ll can make sure to finish the job and kill you this time.

Q: Huh..
Sentimental am I?
Sumika-san really died for a man like you, or so I feel..
Tsubame: Back at’cha bastard.

(Sfx- Kashaa *click*)
(Sfx- Basuuhh *Sfhfft*)

Q: If only you…
If only you…
If only you….!!

Q: If only you weren’t around then…!!
Tsubame: If I weren’t around….then what?
Are you trying to say that Sumika wouldn’t have died?
Don’t be stupid, bitch.
The one who killed Sumika was you.


Tsubame: DIE FOR ME!!



Tsubame: Game over…
Damn, you made me earn that one.

Tsubame: Revengers like you are nothing but trash.
Q: Well…

Q: At the very least, I feel that I can’t let everything go your way.
Tsubame: Bastard…!
Q: Bye bye…
Tsubame: Fuck..!!!

Tsuda: You did a good job bringing this huh?
Q: Don’t underestimate me please…
I hate that you treat me like a kid, or so I feel.
Tsuda: But you really managed to come back alive.
Q: Though I feel like I am slowly becoming a cyborg.
Tsuda: Hmph..
Well…now your usefulness to me has come to an end.
Q: Wha…!
Tsuda: I won’t be needing your services anymore, so why don’t you head on down.

Tsuda: Now come on over Tsubame….
I’ve already made all of the necessary preparations.

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