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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Six Trigger 9

I like what I like.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 4, 2013 20:20 | Go to Six Trigger

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Wow exactly one translation in April. I'm pretty much on the road of Fukuchi and Togashi before me. I must fight against my hiatus destiny!

Easy going scans only.

Bullet 9: I like what I like.
Mimizu: I’m the boss of this outfit, Mimizuku.
Can’t say I really know you or anything…
But I will kill…
All of you guys.

Bullet 9: I like what I like.

???: What?
You want me to shoot again?
Dude, don’t be retarded.
Sure the wind might be good to hit him from this angle, but ya gotta also figure the temperature and humidity changes too, or you’d might as well be firing blanks.
I don’t think I’m gonna get another chance.
‘sides, the target was that Tsubame guy right?
You never mentioned a scruffy looking guy like this showing up.
Suit: Quit blabbering dammit!
Just do your damn job!!
(Sfx- Gahh *thoood*)

???: Dude, you’re the one who’s being noisy.
Doesn’t matter to me ether way since they’re both monsters in my opinion…
That case is the problem.
Tsuda: The hell is going on here…
This Mimizuku guy...why was he able to use the mekando to switch out and aim for us?
No...before that..

Tsuda: Before that….that Mimizuku says he’s the head? The boss?!
Though he is the friggin’ splitting ‘image’ of the Tsubame that I know….
That Mimizuku guy….!
He’s got the same face as Tsubame…

Tsuda: You’re going?
Tsubame: You’re the one who suggested I do this job right?
I mean the only way I’m gonna get out of this place is fulfilling the obligation I have to theme park.
Tsuda: Hmph.
Tsubame: Or are you trying to suggest I stay?
Tsuda: Well…what are you going to do?
Tsubame: I was thinking of killing you.

Tsuda: Hmph..
Although I had plans to take special care of you?
Tsubame: This place doesn’t need me anymore…
It’s just another ‘place’.
Tsuda: That’s a shame.
I figured you could do some good things here.
Tsubame: I don’t want anything from you.
Do I look like the needy sort to you?
Tsuda: Hmph.
The humble sort are we?

Tsubame: Hey…
Are you seeing some sorta illusion when you look at me?
If you want kids, then go make some of your own.
Don’t go picking up abandoned brats like me.

Tsuda: Hmph…
Don’t go flattering yourself with pretty words.
Tsubame: Pray that there are no misunderstandings.
Smell ya later.
Mimizuku: Oh?
So you’re up Tsubame.
Tsubame: Hey what are you….!
Mimizuku: I’ll have you know that I didn’t just come out to have a good time.
Yes, you did manage to avert having your vitals shot in that situation…
But if I didn’t come out when I did, you’d have a new hole in your head to complain from.
Tsubame: Dammit.

Mimizuku: Moreover I’m rather displeased I’d have to come out during an affair with ‘Theme park’,
The last thing I need is to have a nostalgic stroll in this place that offers nothing to me.
Tsubame: Then quit your bitching and switch to me.
Mimizuku: Heheh. I’d like nothing more than to do as you wish.
However I do believe your injuries would disagree with our decision.
Tsubame: That’s not something you need to worry about.
Mimizuku: And truly I am not concerned.
However if you were to pass away it would be major inconvenience for me.
Tsubame: You’re making a major deal out of nothing.
Mimizuku: Then isn’t this just fine?
In any case your scent is rather strong within the confines of Theme park.
(Handwritten- I do rather hate this.)
Mimizuku: You’re here to kill that Tsuda gentleman as a tribute to that Sumika woman aren’t you?

Tsubame: And what does an artificially created human like you understand about me?
Mimizuku: I’ve changed my mind…
Tsubame: Huh?

Mimizuku: I shall go forth to ‘Confirm what it is I do not understand’.
Tsubame: HEY!

Tsubame: Change with me, dammit!
Mimizuku: I refuse.
Tsubame: Mimizuku!!
(Handwritten- Oh dear, out of bullets.)
(Handwritten- Who’s next gents?)
(Sfx- Poi *toss*)
Tsubame: Bastard…quit tossing away perfectly good stuff….

Dude: There he is!
Guys: Bastaaard…!

Guys: He’s fast…..!
Guy: Iiiii…

Tsubame: Mimizuku, knock this shit off!!
Mimizuku: No thanks~
Tsubame: Bastard….

Mimizuku: Hup.
Dude: I’ll pump you full of lead!!
(Handwritten- Eww.)

(Sfx- Gahh *thunk*)
Dude: Bastard…
Screwing with me like this….


Dude: Yo—
You’re kidding….
Mimizuku: My apologies….
This is very serious.

Tsubame: Hey. You’ve played around enough.
Change with me.
Mimizuku: Awwwww.
Tsubame: Don’t give me that!
Mimizuku: I mean aren’t I doing you a favor?
I thought you weren’t the type who enjoyed idle chatter, Tsubame?
Tsubame: That has nothing to do with this!
This body isn’t something you own!
So hurry up and change with me!
Mimizuku: Oh?

Tsubame: For one thing you don’t actually have a body. So the only proof that you actually exist is using my body as a medium.
Mimizuku: Is that so?
Though this is a bit strange.
If what you’re saying is the absolute truth, then why are you insistent that I ‘return’ your body?
You talk as if you’ve completely forgotten ‘that day’.
You and I had an agreement that you would entrust this body to me.
So let me put this as bluntly as possible for you…

Mimizuku: This body’s owner is currently me.
When the time comes where I feel you need it I will give it to you.
You and I have no bonds of compassion towards each other,
Just a common goal.
Tsubame: Damn.
Mimizuku: I’m glad you understand.
Tsubame: Shut your noise hole.

Mimizuku: There is one thing I would like to confirm.
I’d like to understand this relationship between you and Tsuda that you were going on about.
Tsubame: You won’t understand people by poking your nose in their business.
Mimizuku: Oh?
Now you want to converse with me as a fellow human?
Tsubame: Fine, how about this.
You confirm whatever it is you’re trying to…then trade with me.
Mimizuku: That deal has been denied.
Tsubame: Bastar…
Mimizuku: Well…

Mimizuku: It seems I’ve reached the top.
Tsubame: It seems these guys only rely on their numbers and nothing else….like usual.
Mimizuku: If the feeling strikes me to change over to you, I shall.
Tsubame: I’ll hope that happens.





Dude: Mi…
Mimizuku: You…you’re going to die now and you say a woman’s name? Why would you do something so foolish?
Dude: Eh?
Tsubame: Um, you know….
Mimizuku: Hey….answer me.
Dude: Um…
I guess cause I love her…?
Mimizuku: Hmmm.
Dude: Mikaaaaaah!!!

Mimizuku: I’m not really sure what that was….is this really how an ordinary person thinks?
Tsubame: Well there are guys who remember their woman’s name when they’re about to die.
Mimizuku: I think that’s a rather foolish thing to think about on one’s deathbed.
Tsubame: I see.
Though you’ve got a special lady too don’tcha?

Mimizuku: I see…
So it’s because of something so insignificant that you and Tsuda have this kind of relation?
Tsubame: So how is it?
Knowing this much, there’s no way that you’d be able to face Tsuda down right?

Mimizuku: How frightfully intriguing. How long have you had these sorts of feelings?
Tsubame: Beats me.
Mimizuku: If that’s the case I must admit I am deeply intrigued,
If anything this will serve as extra experience points for myself.
Very good then.
I’ll concede this to you…

Tsubame: Geez…
You shoulda just done this from the start.
I hate persistent bastards as much as I hate women who can’t make the distinction between studying hard and studying smart.
Though I will thank you for taking me up to Tsuda’s place.

Tsubame: Now….how about you die for me,

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#1. by Mido-ban ()
Posted on May 16, 2013
welcome back man!!
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