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Six Trigger 10

Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast.)

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 5, 2013 18:12 | Go to Six Trigger

-> RTS Page for Six Trigger 10

And so volume 2 is done. The omake was a little easier to translate, but no less weird. I can see it being one of those weird four minute flash anime that seem to be real popular nowadays. In any case, Volume 3 came out recently so as soon as I have that I'll start on it. Recent stuff in the monthly mag suggests big stuff so I can't wait till we get there.

Easy going scans only.

10th Bullet: Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast.)


Tsuda: It’s been a long time hasn’t it? I guess I need to greet you properly…
Nice work getting here,

Tsubame: Fuck that.
I’ve only come to kill you.
Tsuda: You make it sound so simple. Is that really the reason why you’re here?
Tell me Tsubame, to you does the process even matter?
Results are everything.
Tsubame: You…
Are you trying to tell me you abandoned Sumika to get me here?
Tsuda: Who knows?
I did already say that the process of how things work doesn’t matter one damn bit.

Tsubame: So I’m just the result of this whole thing?
What the hell is going on in your head?
You’re saying that Sumika is the one who started this gunfight?
Not that your answer really matters, since I’m gonna kill you either way.
Tsuda: Hmph, You sure like shooting off your mouth don’t you?
Who do you think taught you the basics of killing?
Tsubame: Listen ‘Dad’, it’s common sense for animals like us to surpass our parents.
Though I never thought of you as a parent or anything close to it.
Tsuda: As usual you’re a straightforward sorta guy huh?
Tsubame: How about you start putting your fat mouth to good use…
And tell me what the hell you’re scheming.
Tsuda: It’s nothing serious.

Tsuda: A Coup d'état against Synapse.

Tsuda: You know Tsubame..
I sorta feel like I don’t wanna be a part of Synapse anymore.
I’d like to seize the whole shebang for myself and become the ‘Unpraised King’ of the world.
Tsubame: That’s a surprisingly…
Crappy ambition you’ve got going on there.
Tsuda: Hmph…
I’ve said it before Tsubame…
There’s no such thing as something that remains unchanging.

Tsuda: It’s only been a little while since I’ve seen you, and now there’s more than one of you. I mean that’s what those ‘Multiple bodies’ of yours is all about right?
Tsubame: How the hell do you know something like that?
Tsuda: It’s not really that surprising is it? I just sent a thief to catch a thief.
Mind lending that special constitution of yours to me?
I mean you did go and kill my subordinates…I’d like that power.
Tsubame: Did you expect me to answer ‘yes’ to that?
Tsuda: Hey now, your killing intent is overwhelming.
Are you actually upset over what happened to Sumika?
You’ve let yourself get swept up by emotions?

Tsubame: Mad?
Nah, I’m not particularly upset.
I just came to kill you is all.
Tsuda: Hmph..
Aren’t you the big hero.




Tsuda: Are you gonna fight by yourself?
Tsubame: For your bitchass I’m more than enough.
(Sfx- Gehooh *cough*)
(Sfx- Geho *cough*)
Tsuda: Looking down on me eh?





Tsubame: Game over.

Tsuda: You’ve…
Become pretty strong.
Tsubame: You sure it isn’t that you’ve just gotten weaker?
Tsuda: ….Hmph.
Tsubame: Tell me something before you go to the afterlife…
How come I didn’t see any brats in ‘Theme Park’?
Did you already make assassins out of all of them?
Tsuda: Those brats…
They’ve all been moved to a different place.
Tsubame: What?

Tsubame: What does that mean?
Without those brats here, ‘Theme park’ fails to function right?!
Tsuda: Yeah…
That’s right…
The ‘Theme park’ is closed.
Tsubame: No way…
You’re saying this was a part of the ‘plan’ from the beginning?!

Tsuda: The age of reform for the organization is coming.
‘Theme park’ is no exception.
In order to raise brats to be effective killers, money is not just necessary, but an iron clad law.
Tsubame: Then your coup d'état was?
Tsuda: A plan to gut Synapse.
It was a means to close ‘Theme park’ even sooner.
Tsubame: You…
Tsuda: I danced like a clown…
All for the sake of Synapse.
Tsubame: Why’d you dance for them? There were other routes for you take.
Tsuda: Hmph…
There’s still much about Synapse you don’t know.

Tsuda: It’s only by following the script to the letter that I would be able to destroy the core of Synapse.
Tsubame: Extending your life support?
Tsuda: Hmph.
But despite this…
There are guys I yearned to have here…
Who would make their deaths have some sort of meaning.

Tsubame: Death….
Has no particular meaning.
Tsuda: Heh..you really never change.
Even in death you’re straightforward.
Tsubame: I guess so.
Tsuda: Let me give you…
One going away present.
Tsubame: Huh?
Tsuda: You….no…

Tsuda: The thing that all of you are looking for is something Synapse possesses.
It’s the reason you approached Synapse, right?
Tsubame: How….
How did you…?
Tsuda: Surprised?

Tsuda: Since you broke outta ‘Theme park’ I’ve been doing all sorts of investigations.
And that’s how I found out about your ‘multiple bodies’.
Tsubame: You’ve changed.
Tsuda: Hmph.
I’ve said the same thing over and over haven’t I?
I’m tired of talking.
Tsubame: Yeah…
This is getting tiresome.
Tsuda: Well will you be the one to grant my desires?
It’s the reason why I called you…
Tsubame: ….Yeah.

Tsubame: Die for me.



Dude: Seriously?
That guy just brought down ‘Theme park’ all by himself.
Well…technically he wasn’t ‘alone’.
Man, I’m not sure who’s the bigger monster here.
Lessiee if I can get just the right aim on him..

Dude: Whoa.
I see…
So I’m not the only one who’s gunning for that guy huh?
Well, whatevs.
I’m gonna call it a day for today and mosey on home.

Q: Don’t go screwing with me…
I am the only one who can kill Tsubame-san, or so I feel.
Tsuda: What.
Did you see something, brat?
???: Yeah.
Tsuda: This is a pain in the ass….if you saw that Imma have to kill you.
That’s just how it is.

Tsuda: You’re a weird kid. Why aren’t you crying out for help?
Maybe if you beg me I might consider helping you?
???: If you’re really going to save me I guess I could ask…
But I hate begging more than I hate the woman who abandoned me.

Tsuda: Hahahahaah
You’re one interesting brat.
Kid, what’s your name?
Kid: Before you ask my name, you should state yours.
Tsuda: Hmph.
I’m Tsuda.
And you?

Kid: I’m….

Tsubame: Tsubame.
Mimoza: Stone the crows….
You actually came back alive!
(Handwritten- Your face sorta looks like a dumb bird’s.)
Tsubame: Gee thanks.
Mimoza: You actually took on ‘Theme park’ alone?
Well…not that you’re actually alone but…
Tsubame: Hey.
Mimoza: Hm?
Tsubame: How much did you know about this gig?
Mimoza: Huh?
Whatever do you mean?
Tsubame: So I guess their henchmen don’t know anything.
Mimoza: I hate to throw a spanner in your works but….

Mimoza: But you’re going to have the entirety of Synapse raining hell upon you.
Do you understand…
Tsubame: It’s…
Finally gotten started.

6 trigger Volume 3 planned for release in Spring 2013!!

Takafumi: I’m the writer for Tali, Takafumi.
Ginko: Yo~ I’m the artist Ginko.
A lot of stuff happened in volume 2 huh?
Takafumi: Why’d you hit me just now?
(Big text- Thanks for buying Volume 2!)
We went to the convinence store to buy some high quality copy paper when we ran into three middle school students. ‘Wow! You draw manga?! Could we have an autograph?!’ they said. It was a miraculous experience. Thank you young boys! Thank you all of you that read this!!)

Guy: Tran…
(Handsome man Neko Banchou!!)

{Let us explain!}
{When Nekota Nekomaru combines with his space cat mumu,}
{He transforms into Neko Bancho!}
{Now in the Monocrome space, he can understand the language of the cats on a college level!}
{However there is a reason why Nekomaru doesn’t want to transform into the Neko banchou!}

{It’s because the Neko bancho is uber lame!!}
Kid1: Wowww,
The Neko bancho is lame as hell!
Kid2: No one’s gonna buy stuff like that. They should just take that show off the air already.

Dude: Nekomaru…
There are things you’ve been hiding from me aren’t there?
Nekomaru: Bro…
Dude: Formation
(TN- Yeah it’s sorta backwards. Not sure why.)
Dude: Bring it on, Nekomaru!!
I’ll ask your body for the things you won’t tell me!!
Nekomaru: That’s my line, you shitty older brother!
There are things I wanna ask you as well!!
{Nekomaru’s brother transforms into the Kuro Neko banchou!}

{A production.}

Nekomaru: What’s wrong bro?!
In the past you were more than this!!
Kuro neko: The same could be same of you, Nekomaru!!

Nekomaru: Then I won’t hold back anymore!!
Hammer voltage!!!
Kuroneko: GUH!
(Sfx- Mishi mishi mishi *grring grriind grind*)
Kuroneko: MY KATANA!!
Nekomaru: This is my victory…
Mumu: Um…my bad…but it was me who ate your Croquettes…
Nekomaru: Eh?!
{When it feels like it, the space cat Mumu can talk.}
Nekomaru: Sorry….
Kuro neko: I should have said something…
{Due to specific situations involving the author, the contents will be undergoing a major change.}
Nekomaru: Bro? There are two of you?!
Dude: I’m Toraneko banchou….
(TN- Tiger cat banchou.)
Nekomaru: Tora?!
Girl: Nishiki-san is so gentle…
???: The Neko banchou will push aside this one Satsuma potato!!

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