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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo 107

The Eternal Well.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 5, 2013 19:18 | Go to Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo

-> RTS Page for Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo 107

Welp, this is the last one I have until my next issue gets shipped. I'm hoping for good things. I've also done more translations in these two days than I have in the last month. I swear, translating is like a drug dudes.

1) These are raws being funded by my Shounen sunday subscription. (AKA My friggin' money.) I realize that I get the issues later than the leaks appear on the web, but this is something I'm doing out of pure self interest so I'm going to wait till my issues come in to do it.

2) I am probably not going to continue this once the arc ends, and I could very well drop it once it stops being interesting to me, hence me not adding it to my ongoing projects.

3) If someone really wants to scantlate it, fine. I'm not going to do older chapters ever. You do 105 and on, or you do nothing. Credit me if you use the translation. Not reserving it for anyone so do not ask me.

(Purple circle- A center color page for the TV anime that’s making a huge splash!!)
107th Encampment: The Eternal Well.
(Side text- Now, deep into the eternal well.)
(Bottom text- An honest person who looks like a moron!!)
(Red circle- The TV anime is airing on all of TV Tokyo’s affiliates! Check it out every Monday at 6pm!!)

???: A…
A black mist!!
(Side text- An ominous mist is in their way…)
Munenao: I—Impossible…
I’ve never seen this substance in here before now…

Something: Gii…
{This miasma…}
{Is alive…?!}

Someone: Uuuugh!!
Dude: Cough cough…!
Jinbee: Gah….what is this?!
Munenao: My body is paralyzed!
This wriggling movement is the Miasma’s true form…
A deadly poison!
Jinbee: Are you okay, Daimyo-sama?!
Munenao: Cough…
But look ahead…
At the opening where the miasma exits…
There’s no way we can proceed unless we can make it there…!
Jinbee: Then…what should we do?!
Mushibugyo: Allow me to disembark Tsukishima.
I will deal with this.

Jinbee: M—
Miss Attendant…
Miasma: Gii…

{She sucked in…}
{The poisonous miasma!}
Mushibugyo: Mm…
{It’s just a little bit, but my power is swelling…}
{It would appear that my assumption was not incorrect.}

Mushibugyo: Let us advance.
The power I seek is further in.
Dude: Munenao-sama…
Just what is this wriggling miasma…?!
Munenao: More likely than not, it is something being leaked from…
The eternal well.

Munenao: And it seems because this is happening…
Only the attendant can approach it without harm.
Jinbee: Miss Attendant, if you could please oblige me…
I must know! Our mission this time…
What is the objective?!

Munenao: I can put aside him calling her ‘Miss Attendant’…
But why Tsukishima-dono…
Why would you come this far without knowing anything?
Dude: Munenao-sama, I agree with him.
Even Oouka Tadasuke-dono from the magistrate’s office emphasized the secrecy around this job. I know almost nothing about it.
Munenao: Is that so…
Then I guess I cannot help it.
Miss Attendant…
I know that you have your reasons as to why you cannot speak about this..
But for the sake of going forward..
I will need to speak to them on your behalf.
Is this okay Miss Attendant?
Mushibugyo: ….Yes.
Please do.

Munenao: Listen closely. The objective for all of you in this mission…
To return the powers of the attendant here…
By obtaining the water within the Eternal well.
Jinbee: To return…
Miss Attendant’s powers?
Now that I think about it, when we first met…
She used some extremely mysterious and fierce powers…!!!

Mushibugyo: Yes…
That is absolutely correct.
Because of a ‘small red blade’ piercing my chest,
My power has been controlled and sealed within me.
In order to crush and remove this red blade…
I will need a large quantity of power.
{The miasma further in the well may not be enough to return my power…}
{Because the red blade in my chest hasn’t disintegrated at all.}
Mushibugyo: In order to protect Japan…
The water within this well…
And the power it contains is essential to me.

Jinbee: I see…?
B—but still, assuming that’s how it is…what is this well?
The fact that it has this sort of power…
And that it exists….what is the ‘Eternal Well’?!
And if all we need is it’s water, then why not put it in a container and carry it out?
(Handwritten- This is a great idea!)
Munenao: That’s impossible.
People cannot touch this water.
If they do, a poison like this miasma will infect them and they will die.
Munenao: The water in this well…
I’m not entirely sure where it comes from and how long it’s been gushing forth here.

Munenao: However, despite this water’s properties…
Of granting only pain and death to humans..
It only strengthens the power that the bugs possess.
It is a truly fearsome water source.
Jinbee: Strengthening…
The power of the bugs…?
Munenao: Before…
We were able to deal with bugs when they appeared in no time.
But when they would drink this water…
They could topple this country.

Munenao: It was on this land that the Matsusaka waka mountain castle was erected.
The castle was erected here and sits above the Eternal well..
So that it can be hidden and protected from the bugs.
{This castle was built…}
{For the sake of the well?!}
Dude: But wait just a moment…!
So you’re saying the water in the well grants power to the bugs right?!
Why would Miss Attendant…
Need to have this for her own use?!

Mushibugyo: We’ve arrived.

Jinbee: That’s the eternal well?
Munenao: You all should back up the
Yamagata reserves.
Mushibugyo: It’s fine.
The time has come.
I shall speak to them.
Jinbee: Miss Attendant?
Mushibugyo: Since I first saw you,
I’ve been trying to inform you of something I’ve been hiding.
Since then..
Many times I’ve tried to tell you…
But I was unable to.

Mushibugyo: I am sorry.
It was because the time I had with you was ever so pleasant…
That I was unable to say what was on my mind.
Jinbee: What do you mean…
You’re hiding something?
Mushibugyo: My title…
Isn’t what you think it is.
It is within that title..
That something truly momentous is.

Mushibugyo: Hear my words…
I am not Mushibugyo’s attendant…
But the actual Mushibu---
Sanada: Princess!!

Sanada: I caught a wiff of the king’s scent and came here…
But I never would have thought…
That you’d be in such a place!
(Bottom text- An encounter with the most unwanted opponent…Sanada Yukimura appears!!)

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