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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 447

Diamonds cannot be scarred.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 29, 2013 22:38 | Go to Gintama

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Not on hiatus, preparing for a big project in June.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- Accessories to an Idol scandal?)
(Sfx- Dohhh *thoom*)
News reporters: THEY’RE HERE!!
One of the people involved with the aforementioned incident with HDZ48 is here!! We are live with Producer Sakata-shi!!
(Sfx- Kasha kasha *kcha kcha*)
News reporters: Sakata-san! Is the article in the paper genuine?!
What is the meaning of this photo with Otsuu-chan taken in front of a love hotel?!
Is it true that you’re trying to use your influence as a producer to consume idols for your own benefit?!
Shinpachi: T—This is a huge misunderstanding! Otsuu-chan and were together….
But I’m her manager! It was just to discuss work…
News reporter: So then the manager and producer are idol eaters then?!

Gintoki: This is really just a misunderstanding. Though Shinpachi was ‘riding’ on something else completely if you get what I mean…
Shinpachi: Don’t start misunderstandings of your own dammit!
(Sfx- Bakiii *craaack*)
Gintoki: This really isn’t a big deal. Just keep on the keep on.
Kagura: It is so! This is not a major problem, nope.
After all since Gin-chan and I live together it is not strange for him to carry me home, yes?
News reporters: What do you mean live together?!
Kagura: It is not like he pays me a wage to begin with. He is out from morning to dawn doing this and that until he can no longer stand, yes? He is not doing anything immoral at all.
Gintoki: When you put it that way, it totally sounds immoral!!
News reporters: Sakata-san, are you a lolicon ***?!
Gintoki: I ain’t a ***!! I’m a Producer!! Moreover I ain’t a lolicon either!!
News reporters: So instead of **** you’re a P?
Gintoki: Knock that off friggin’ rotten ****** ****!!
News reporter: Did you hear those shockingly indecent words?!
Tsuu: The people who once supported me…
Are no where to be found.
My partners….
Are no where to be found.
(Handwritten- I knew the entertainment world was filthy.)
(Bottom text on TV- Shocking!! The top idol is…!!)

(Side text- Gintama Volume 49 is out in stores!! Work on the Second Gintama Movie is going to plan!! For more details check out the official webpage --www.gintama-movie.com.)
Lesson 447: Diamonds cannot be scarred.
(Sfx- Basaaahh *fwaap*)
Shinpachi: AAAUUUUUGH!!!
This is all our fault!!! If it weren’t for HDZ48 Otsuu-chan wouldn’t be in this messs!!!
Gintoki: Damn. To think all of this crap is happening even before we could drop the debut single…
Otsuu’s mom: They got us good.
The background in this photo was shopped in with you all to create the image of a genuine snapshot.
To be frank you all were used as tools to bring Otsuu down.
By those girls at…

Shinpachi: THEY DID THIS TO US?!
Otsuu’s mom. They are a special idol brigade that goes around the universe stealing other Top idol’s thunder….
This method is what they often utilize to continue to reign supreme as top idols.
Shinpachi: To do something so underhanded….I’ll never forgive ‘em!!
Let’s put the blame for this scandal on them and turn the tables!
Otsuu’s mom: Those girls have a stranglehold on the mass communication all around the galaxy. Any dirt we dig up would disintegrate before it could get anywhere.
Gintoki: If it’s come to this then we should just make a clip of apology and post that on the net.
Shinpachi’s glasses: It’s fine if you want to hate HDZ48’s manager, but please don’t take it out on the band!
Kagura: Plus we can put up another video. Which will become rotten first? Fries or Shinpachi’s glasses?
Shinpachi: Wanna know what’s rotten?! YOUR BRAIN!
Otsuu’s mom: We’re too late to even do that much I’m afraid.
(Sfx- Kotooh *tunk*)
Otsuu’s mom: The first move has already been made.
Shinpachi(?): What’s this?
(Sfx- kacha *click*)

Pixy: Hello there everyone from earth~!
We’re the Galaxy’s special Idol brigade, GKB48~!
We’ve decided to make our debut on earth this time!
Our new song ‘Proof of a Bitch’ will be released on August 9th!
Shinpachi: Wait!! August 9th?! That’s the same day as HDZ48’s…
Gintoki: And that’ title is pretty much the same too.
Pixy: Besides that, we’ve decided to have a huge meet up to unveil our new song!
We plan to have our unveiling at the Ooedo dome~
But if that’s all we were going to do, that’d be boring right? So we’ll also have a major guest coming too!
Oh yeah! I totally almost forgot that we’d like to invite Edo’s top idol too…
Terakado Tsuu-chan you should come too~.

Shinpachi: Wha?
Pixy: I don’t know if you have other things going on, but I’d like to make a declaration here and now…
Terakado Tsuu-san..
How about a competition with us to see who will reign supreme as the top Idol in Edo?
The competition is simple. Between us at GKB48 and you with your group HDZ48…
Who will get the most applause from the most fans? We’ll be competing for glory and glamor!
The winner will be able to perform their song live before everyone.
But the loser….
Will leave this place….
And the idol industry.
If you really want to fight for your right to be top idol….
Then you should be prepared for this much risk, right~?

Pixy: The universe has no need for two top idol groups.
So how about we settle things Terakado Tsuu-san?
This is for the position of top Idol in Edo….
So I certainly hope and believe you won’t run away~
Shinpachi: T—This….is?
Otsuu’s mom: As expected, this video has been made public. If we turn it down, it’s our name that’ll be scarred and dragged through the mud.
Gintoki: They’re holding down our arms and legs and are moving in for the kill huh?
Damn. There’s a lot of evil hiding behind that cute face. That kingdom of bitches sure knows how to get stuff done.
Otsuu’s mom: There really are more similarities between being an idol and a bitch than differences. These girls have a firmer grip on this reality than Otsuu does apparently.
Shinpachi: The president of an Idol office just said something pretty outrageous there.
Otsuu’s mom: Despite this, even if her dignity is injured, an Idol’s livelihood isn’t something she can gamble.
Gintoki: You tryin’ to suggest Otsuu-chan might lose to them?
The risk is through the roof, and we’re grasping at straws if we think we’re gonna turn the tables on them as inferior as we are.
Otsuu’s mom: We’re walking into a trap no matter what we do. Those girls have a firm grip on victory and they know it.
Meanwhile right now without her fans, Otsuu’s chances at victory are…

Gintoki: Fans?
There are three right here.
(Sfx- Zatshh *Sfft*)
Kagura: There is no need to worry, yes? We will not disturb you.
I am an idol who cleans up the snot she dug up herself, yup.
Gintoki: More importantly, we at HDZ48….
In order to shine the radiance of the diamond known as Otsuu-chan, are ready and willing to wade knee deep in snot.
Otsuu’s mom: Y—you all…
Shinpachi: Otsuu-chan has given us hopes and dreams through her work as an idol up until now.
For our next gig….
We fans will be the ones returning the dreams and hopes she gave us/

Pixy: Everyoooone!!
We wanna thank you so much for coming here….
For our sakes!!
(Sfx- Kuwaaaaah *roaaaaaaaar*)
Pixy: We’re your universal Idols…..
The ones who accepted our challenge are….

Shinpachie: Hello~! We’re HDZ48~!
(Sfx- Zaaaan *doom*)
You’re just an amobeous mass of snot aren’t youuu?!
What nose hole did you monsters drip out of?! Where the heck is Otsuu?!
Paako: We’re here as new members on her behalf to take responsibility for the scandal~
Pachie: I’m Pachie.
Paako: I’m Parko.
(TN- It says ‘Parko’ in English. I’m sticking with Paako since that’s what we’re all used to.)
Quit fooling around!! We asked for Terakado Tsuu!!
You guys don’t matter in the least!!

Kagura: That is our line, yes?
You rotting Bitches are not even worth a second of OTWO’s time~
It may be just us but for snots that are too far up to bother with, you should be happy we even bothered to come, yes?
(TN- Dude that announcer was around for the first Otsuu arc wasn’t he? Or was it the Shikigami battle during the Onmyouji arc? He gets around, that’s for sure.)
Announcer: Whoooa!! Right after getting on the stage a heated exchange begins between HDZ48 and GKB48!!
(Sfx- Kuwaaaaaaah *roaaaaaar*)
Announcer: What was supposed to be a debut for a new song has quickly turned into the Tenkai ichi butoukai!!
(TN- Sorachi makes a reference to this in every chapter. You know what it is.)
(Sfx- dodododod *thmptmpmtmtmp*)
???: That’s just fine.
I’m not sure what a Special galaxy idol brigade is….
But if you people want to have a battle to end all battles…
Then we’re more than willing to be your opponents any time…

Band: Just know that…
You don’t have a chance in hell of winning.
Tae: We’re the Galaxy’s strongest battle unit and idol backing band…
(Sfx- Fuhhh *dssssh*)
Tae: DP, and we’re more than happy to be your opponents.
Shinpachi: Sister!!
Gintoki: So they made it in time huh?
Announcer: Whoa!! Who are these ladies?!
Could it be that HDZ48 planned on surprising us with this hidden play?
(Sfx- Zaaan *shffft*)
Announcer: DP!! Otsuu-chan is involved with this band of beautiful ladies, and they’ve made an appearance on stage!!

Kyuubee: You all said you wanted to do battle in this arena…
But I’d advise pulling back before your beautiful faces are rendered useless.
Sacchan: You all will pay for slandering our producer.
We’ll shine a big ray of sunlight down on these wicked deeds.
The one Producer Sakata was getting intimate with was me!!
Gintoki: Why did you come here?
Tsukuyo: The reason why we’re standin’ here now might just be a matter of fate….
But no matter what arena I’m standin’ in, as long as there’s a chance for victory, I ain’t even givin’ losin a second thought.
I’ll show ya the fruits of my trainin’.
(Sfx- Gyah gyah *rabble rabble*)
Pixy: I see…
Otsuu dug herself a hole out of fright to escape enemy infiltration huh?
And now a bunch of trash with nothing but appearances has gathered here….
Oh my~ Pixy’s never been…
This underestimated~ (Heart)

Pixy: Fine then…if you want this so bad…
(Sfx- paki boki *crack crack*)
Pixy: I’ll give you exactly what you want…a cruel, painful death that’ll be burned into Otsuu’s eyes.
You’ll never want to stand on a stage again for the rest of your miserable lives. I’ll beat you so thoroughly into the ground you’ll need a periscope to see grass~.
Let’s find out….
Who the universe’s top idol is, shall we?
Announcer: All right!! Let the competition begin!!!
(Sfx- Dooon *thoom*)
Announcer: And now the decisive battle for the top idol under the heavens has begun!!
(Sfx- Shaaan *shsssh*)
Ladies: Now everyone, come here~
Announcer: This decisive battle will be decided by how much applause each group, be it GKB48 or HDZ48 receives through glamor and bedazzlement.
(Sfx- Peko *bow*)
???: A pleasure to meet you all~
Announcer: And what’s this!
Right out of the gate, a group pushes forward like a mass of haze!
(Sfx- Dodododod *thoomthoomthoom*)

Announcer: They’re going for GKB!! It’s a land slide for GKB!!
(Sfx- DOdodododo *thooooom*)
(Sfx- Kuwaaaa *roaaaaaaar*)
Announcer: It’s overwhelming!! Its as if every single person attending this gathering has been swept up by GKB48 fever!! Their popularity is overwhelming!!
Meanwhile over at the HDZ48 camp…
There’s not a single soul!!
(Sfx- Hyuuuuh *whehhhhh*)
Announcer: They might have gathered a group of pretty women but they’re still ultimately newbies!
It is far too soon for them to be picking a fight with the strongest idol group in the galaxy!!
Pixy: Hmph. Whether Otsuu comes or not doesn’t even matter. Before this battle started the victor was already clear.
Oh, sorry I guess you didn’t know. This isn’t a decisive battle to decide the greatest idol group in the heavens…
It’s just your…
Public execution.
Gintoki: Is that so? Well we’re still in the middle of this thing so keep your skirt on and keep watching.
Pixy: Still don’t get it huh. You can already tell what’s going on if you just glance over there? This isn’t even a contest.
Gintoki: But it seems you don’t get it.

Gintoki: An Idol’s enemy…
Isn’t always the one right in front of her.
{Wait…it couldn’t be…}
???: Oh eww…what’s with this line?
It looks like an idol meet and greet~
Totally disgusting~
Announcer: This isssssss!!
The back band is launching a surprise attack strategy!!

Tae: Meet and greet? What’s that? Is it really something to be happy about? Why are they struggling so desperately for this?
(Sfx- Dododododo *Blamblamblamblam*)
Sacchan: Don’t be silly Otae. You know that this is probably the only chance that these people will be able to know the tender touch of a woman’s hand.
Oh my, come to think of it they probably can’t even talk to women either can they?
Announcer: The back band brigade has launched a fearsome surprise strategy!!!
With their sharp words these ladies are eroding away at the wills of the fans who have come for the meet and greet!
Tae: That’s rude! They can at least talk to girls!!
(Sfx- Chuuunn *petwiiing*)
(Sfx- Chuuun *petweeen*)
Tae: They can at least ask ‘Can you warm up my bentou?’ and they get a ‘yes’ reply from that much.
Oh and there’s the classic conversation of ‘Can I get a bag for that’!
Pixy: This is sabotage!! They’re breaking the rules!! They can’t possibly think it’s okay to bother people in line can they?!
Gintoki: Dude, the backing band is always planning stuff behind the idol’s back. I mean…back is in their name for goddssakes.
Announcer: Is this really what a backing band is used for?!
Tae: Though I do wonder why they’d line up in this fashion in a place like this?
(Sfx- Dosa dosa dosa *thud thud thud*)
Sacchan: Maybe they’re lining up to begin their thirteen steps?
Announcer: And now the GKB48 line looks like a mountain of corpses ready for burial!
Pixy: Hmph! If all you’ve got is talking bad about them go ahead! We’ve got plenty of fans!
Besides that, your sabotage isn’t enough to effect the hearts of our true fans!!

(Sfx- Chahiin *clack*)
(Sfx- Dodoon *Thooom*)
Kyuubee: You’ve said too much, Tae-chan…Sarutobi.
{There was a second unit behind the backing band?!}
{No way, the first backing band was…}
Tsukuyo: My apologies. You fellas doin’ okay?
{A stratagem?!}
Tsukuyo: Can ya stand?
{After knocking them over, they’re trying to help them stand up again?}
Tsukuyo: Ya think you could forgive us?
Didn’t mean nothin’ bad by it, we’re just a little shy.
We couldn’ figure out how to start a conversation wit ya,…
So ya know…

Tsukuyo: Doin this meet and greet thing…
Is sorta new to us…
Tae: We’re sorry…
Sacchan: We really just want to be here with everyone…
Girls: If it’s not a problem for all of you…
Maybe we can have our first time together?
(Sfx- Kyuunnnn)
{They’re acting tsundereeee!?}
Dude: Heeeeey! My heart’s suddenly punding!!!
Aren’t those girls over there kinda cute?!
I’m going over there!
Me too!!
Me too!!
(Sfx- Kuwaaaaah *Roooooar*)
Announcer: Aaaaand now the line from GKB is breaking apartttt!!
Pixy: Wha---
Gintoki: You said it before didn’tcha?
This isn’t about naming the most powerful in the universe or victory between idols or anything like that.
But it seems like there’s something you don’t know. This meetup isn’t about a top idol decisive battle or a public execution.
This is just…
A decisive battle between the biggest bitches under the heavens.
(Side text- For real?!)

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