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Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo 109


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 31, 2013 02:06 | Go to Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo

-> RTS Page for Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo 109

Two Sundays dropped at my door, Two sundays to translate Mushibugyo and nothing more, Two Sundays while the rest of my week is a chooooore~

1) These are raws being funded by my Shounen sunday subscription. (AKA My friggin' money.) I realize that I get the issues later than the leaks appear on the web, but this is something I'm doing out of pure self interest so I'm going to wait till my issues come in to do it.

2) I am probably not going to continue this once the arc ends, and I could very well drop it once it stops being interesting to me, hence me not adding it to my ongoing projects.

3) If someone really wants to scantlate it, fine. I'm not going to do older chapters ever. You do 105 and on, or you do nothing. Credit me if you use the translation. Not reserving it for anyone so do not ask me.

Jinbee: Miss Attendant!!!
Mushibugyo: Tsukishima!!
(Side text- A huge demand for a second printing! Volumes 1-9 of the comics are now in stores everywhere!!)
109th encampment: Memory.

(Side text- The miasma in the well suddenly drags Mushibugyo in!! Jinbee jumps into the well in order to save Mushibugyo but…)

Sanada: Princess!!
Munenao: The well…
Has been buried…
Sanada: Damn…
As long as the Princess is in there I have to keep from doing anything too extreme.
Dude: Ah….
What the hell is that miasma?
Munenao: F—for now…
Our objective of getting the princess to the well has been completed…!
I leave things to you now…princess.
Mushibugyo: ….I see…
This is amazing.

{This well’s water….}
{…As it fills me comes with a tremendous power…}
Mushibugyo: But…
{Even with this…}
{I don’t feel the arrow that the ‘Mushigari’ created and pierced me with disappearing…!!}
(TN- Mushigari= Bug hunters.)
{For it to have this much power to oppose me…}
{Means it is no minor technique…!}
Mushigbugyo: This is not good…because of this water I’m losing consciousness…
It is dangerous to go any further into the well.

{Oh no.}
{People who touch this water lose their lives….}
Mushibugyo: Tsukishi….
{This is not good…}
{I’m losing…consciousness….}
{…Ngh….My body won’t do what I want…}
{I’m losing my strength, conciouness…everything…!!}
Jinbee: M…

??: F—
(TN- The word here is actually Tete-sama. Back in the days before ‘Chichi’ it was prounounced ‘Tete’. You’re all welcome for the etymology lesson.)
Girl: ….Father….
Dad: Wh—What’s the matter?
You’re so filthy….did you go into the forest again?
Girl: I found a cicada’s shedding…..
You may have it.
Dad: ….Oh? I see..

Dude: Lord!
Dad: Heh…forgive her.
She’s got a terrible case of shyness.
Jinbee: Wh…
What is this?
{What is this scenery?}
{Am I…}
{Seeing someone else’s dream…?}
{This little girl that they’re calling princess…}
{She’s the splitting image of Miss attendant.}
{Could it be…? Because of the well…}

{I’m probably seeing into ‘Miss Attendant’s’ past….!?}
Dad: Heheh…
You certainly love bugs don’t you?
Princess: You may have this Dragonfly’s wing.
Dad: Oh….thank you.
Dude: My lord! The enemy soldiers are making their move!

Jinbee: Miss Attendant…
Time has flowed by…
Dude: Oosaka castle has surrendered!
This war is a grand victory for the Tokugawa army!
Jinbee: Th—this is…
A war!?
Miss Attendant?! Where is she?

Soldiers: Who is this brat?
The enemy’s princess apparently.
Guy: Wars tend to completely eradicate the family of the enemies if you know what I mean.
But before we do that….
Lets have a little bit of fun…!

Dude: M—my arm friggin’ melted!!
I…it hurrrrtsss.
Someone: A… monster…
She’s a monster…!
That princess is a freakish monster!
Whether it’s to bury her or kill her we can’t even touch the chick!
Hey did you hear? That monster princess doesn’t even seem to age!!
How the hell do we deal with something like her?

Guy: ….Then…
What did you want to consult with me on Princess?
Mushibugyo: I have heard…
That lately the giant insects have been active lately…
This is my fault.

Mushibugyo: The blame for the appearance of the insects…
Lies completely with me and my actions.
That’s why in order to stop them…
You may use my life…
And my powers in any way you see fit.
Dude: Then…we shall make a suggestion box.
And then make an magistrates office specifically to dispatch these bugs..
I would like you to be there to operate such a magistrate, princess…

Dude: The
Name of this magistrate office is…
{I see…}
{I’ve been mistaken this entire time, huh?}

{The Mushibugyo I’ve wanted to protect until now…}
{Has always been here at my side.}

{Absolutely right!!}
{It’s thanks to this well…}
{That I’ve been able to make the most important meeting in my life!}
Jinbee: Mushibugyo-sama, are you okay?

???: Bastard….
Jinbee: Eh?
???: Bastard…
{Wha—what? There’s still a different set of memories flowing into me…}
Jinbee: Who’s are these….
It’s only a little I can see but…
{I can tell that these aren’t Mushibugyo’s memories at all..!!}
(Side text- A new past assaults Jinbee…)

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