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High Score Girl 1

1st Credit

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 2, 2013 20:14 | Go to High Score Girl

-> RTS Page for High Score Girl 1

Welcome boys and girls to BDR's summer project! Though, instead of math or spelling or anything that's even marginally helpful in making myself a better person, I will be translating first chapters of manga in hopes people will become interested in them and take them over! Who knows? I may even decide to do them myself! Though I will say it now and on each of these translations that I have NO intention on taking on new projects, and might very well do one chapter of these and then drop them. So scantlation is completely up to scantlators, but they should keep in mind that I am not making a commitment to these June projects. Of course stuff listed in my work list doesn't count towards this.

That being said, I plan on doing one of these oneshot-ish things at least once a week. So then there will be at least four 'first chapters' or 'one shots'. Depending on time I may throw in one or two more, but expect at least four throughout June.

This week's subject is High Score girl, a manga that has been pretty well regarded in Japan. Since the chapters are fairly short, I'll do two instead of one. I hope everyone enjoys~

{Outbreak of the Gulf war.}
{Nagasaki Prefecture’s Unzen mountain…}
{1991: The time where the world waivered.}
{Game center ‘Maru Miya’}
Kid: Dammit! Dammit! I’ve lost 7 times already!!
And I ended up using my 500 yen for dinner unintentionally too!
To be able to take home 27 victories from different opponents…just who the hell is this…?!

Kid: She’s…
In the same 6th year 2nd group class as me…!!
Oono Akira!!

{There’s no friggin’ way…}
{A girl like her would come to a place like this….!!}
{She lives in a completely different world than me…}
{She’s got perfect grades, everyone loves her…and I heard she’s the daughter of a rich family!!}
{To come and immerse herself in games in this game center that reeks of cigarettes…}
{She doesn’t fit the part! It’s like she shouldn’t even exist in this sorta place!}
{What mistake happened that she ended up descending into this world?}
Kid: Guh..
Guy: That’s her 28th win!! She’s one hella strong girl!!
Even the adult guys haven’t been able to take revenge against her!!
Dude: Outta my way brat! It’s my turn next!
I’m gonna stop her streak here and now!!

{When I’m at home, I’m pretty much the beast at ‘Street Fighter II’.}
{So much so that they (mostly myself) calls me Yaguchi ‘Beastly Fingers’ Haruo! I’ve got hella confidence in my game!}
{There’s no way that Oono should be able to destroy men in this game…especially not 28 friggin times!!}
{And worse yet…}
{It’s with Zangief!!}
{Although there are some guys who can’t pull off a complete Shoryuuken command input….Right, Down, diagonal (P)…}
Zangief: Hrrumh!
{She’s able to do the near impossible, and perform the Screw Pile driver (Roundhouse (P) like it’s nothing!!}
Haruo: This is so fucking annoying!!
{The school says we shouldn’t go to amusement places like this, so in order to keep from getting found out…}
{I purposely left town and finally found the perfect place…my sanctuary!!}

{And now she’s gone and messed up my rest area dammit!!}
{I can’t let her get away with this!!!}
Haruo: This is my last 50 yen!!
I’ll use this as a sacrifice and beat the crap outta you!!
{To be for real, I didn’t want to have to resort to this…}
{But the ‘plan’ I have can even take down Oono’s godly strength!}
{The centerpiece for my plan is…}
{Fighting games like this…}
{Have lots of taboos but this is these are the biggest…}

{Low crouching kick.}
{Low crouching kick.}
{Low crouching kick.}
{Quick successive Sonic booms}
{And a summersault kick….}
{When the opponent is jumping.}
{Wait for Guile!!}
{That brat…he’s got no shame. He’s taking an inelegant victory over anything else huh?}
{Zangief is huge and he has no air attacks…so he knows this is gonna be a tough fight for him!!}
Haruo: I don’t care if they’re talking about this not being a manly way to fight…
Even if it’s lowdown, as long as I get a ‘W’ against her It’s all good!!

Dude: This is the first round I’ve seen that girl in trouble.
Guy: It’s impossible!
Dude: H—hey! Look at that!
It’s a one handed play style!
Dude: Th—that brat…!!
He’s got a one round lead, and now he’s gonna do something crazy like that?
He’s not concerned about anything but vindication of his shame and disgrace against that girl now!!
Haruo: Oono, I’m gonna send you packing from this world in style!!
{Whether it’s language, or math…}
{Physical ability, drawing, or even family expenses….}
{I pretty much don’t even come close to you in any of those things….I’m halfassed in every way.}
{The only bragging rights I have as a person…}
{Are in this!}
Zangief: Uuuuehh!
Dudes: Aah! Look what his one handed play style got him!!
Look! (Lol) He’s gonna go back to the one handed style again!
He’s a straightforward sorta dude to a fault!

Dude: This is the final round…
Who’s ‘got’ game and who doesn’t will be decided by this next match!
Will this girl who has managed 29 victories be defeated…
Or will her streak continue into 30 undefeated?!
Dudes: That brat…he’s gonna go in using the waiting Guile fighting style!!
So for the last match he’s going in for a frontal attack?!
That’s pretty damn manly!!
{Frontal attack…?}

{Small kick}
{A path to victory!!}
Haruo: Imma throw her a small attack that she’ll have to guard against, and in the moment born from that action, I’ll have a situation where I can pull off the worst technique to try…a ‘throw’!!
If I can just pull this off, then I can pull of one hella easy victory..!!
Fighting with yourself is the origin for trouble, but I can do this when I have a forbidden plan that’s ready for death.
{However the girl who was fighting against him became upset for some reason….}

{The world wavered….}
Haruo: He—
Hey! What the hell did you do that…
{In 1991.}
{And a bond with that girl began….}

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#1. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2013
That's a nice idea.
I hope you dig up some hidden gems~
#2. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2013
Thanks bro. I hope I find something too. I should have said that I have four series in mind, since a bunch of people have already PMed me with requests. >_>
#3. by wintercry ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2013
Thanks, BDR. I remember talking about this series with you.
#4. by The1 ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2013

With the enormous great manga titles not scanlated out there you shouldn't lack titles the whole June.

It's going to be interesting to see what you did up. :D
#5. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2013
@ Wintercry.

BDR never forgets. I'm just really, really, reallly slow and lazy. I read some further on and do really like the manga so far...but there's another Oshikiri Rensuke work I'd rather keep translating...though again I can see why High Score Girl is real popular in Japan.


Heh. I already have the ones I want to do in mind. I can tell you for the most part that there's nothing super old or super obscure in the list. Just stuff I don't really feel like making a commitment to, especially since a certain series may return soon. That's not to say I may not decide to pick one of these June acquisitions up....though a series with the title '---Tama' keeps me from doing more translations. :-|
#6. by Animeace ()
Posted on Jun 8, 2013
Ooooh i've been wanting to read this one for a while thanks for the trans. .

Is this translation reserved or free to use by anyone for scanlation?
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