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Gintama 449

Proof of an Idol

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 12, 2013 22:38 | Go to Gintama

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I'm sick agaaaain~ ヽ(´ー`)┌

Hi wa mata noboru only

Bichie: Terakado Tsuu Emperial squad commander….
Shimura Shinpachi….
No way…you..
Intend to challenge us GKB48 in a handshake meet and greet?
(Sfx- zaaahh *sffft*)
(Side text- The man who bets everything on his idol…!!)
(Side text- Kyuubee is a man?! Gin-san is a woman?! The shocking new series is recorded in JC volume 50 which hits stores on July 4th!!//’Gintama’ the movie 2 opens in theaters July 6th!! More details are available at http://www.gintama-movie.com)
Lesson 449: Proof of an Idol.
Bichie: Oh how quickly you’ve forgotten…
What we did to your comrades…
The Terakado Tsuu fans…
Do I need to remind you what happened when they tried to shake our hands?
Shinpachi: Otsuu-chan…

Shinpachi: As long as you have a song to sing…
There will never be a time..
Or place where you will be lacking fans.
You had no fans once…
And no one would give you the time of day…
But back then you looked so happy playing in that alleyway…
Singing an upbeat song.
There are still people who watched your energy and spirit…
And reclaimed their own right here.
During the tough times, and the sad times and the tough times..
Your singing voice brought me encouragement.
So when times are tough or sad for you…
The fan who will remain at your side and cheer you on is right here.

Shinpachi: If you lose everything you have…then you can just go there…and reclaim it.
As long as you have a song to sing…as long as it’s your song I’ll stand up and be your support.
We’ll go to a concert hall for just us two…
And if something should happen to me…
I will be Terakado Tsuu’s first and last fan.
Bichie: That’s adorable.
So you’re saying you’re fan enough of that little coward that our handshake won’t affect you?
If you think you can pull it off, go ahead and try!!
(Sfx- Shaaan *shank*)
Bichie: I’ll give you exactly what you want and ensure that you are the last of Terakado Tsuu’s fans that we take captive!!
Shinpachi: That’s my line!!!
Terakado Tsuu Emperial squad commander Shimura Shinpachi is on duty!!
Gintoki: SHI----

(Sfx- Zushaaaaaaaah *floooorsh*)
Bichie: Hohohohohoho!!!
He talked like he was some big fandom warrior, but in the end he’s just another rotten virgin otaku!!
There’s not a single fan who can resist the charms of our handshakes without being knocked out of the ring in one go!
Now there’s not a single fan left in Terakado Tsuu’s corner…
Shinpachi: When I go home I’m gonna throw out all of my porn….

Shinpachi: But…
Regarding Otsuu-chan’s CD’s?
I’m not tossing out a single one of them.
{My antenna! No way… could he…!!}
Announcer: Somehow Shimura-shi has returned aliiive!!
I figured their charms would turn him into a boneless mass like the others but the handshake couldn’t overcome his will as the leader of the squadron!!
Gintoki: Shinpachi!!
(Sfx- Guaaaaaaaaaarhhhh!!)
Announcer: And what’s going on here!?!
(Sfx- Gaaaaahhh!!)
Announcer: Suddenly GKB48’s centerpiece Bichie has doubled over in pain!!
Shinpachi: I thought something was weird.
That GKB could cause people to lose themselves over a single handshake, and turn them into their loyal followers…
And moreover, not as single person could remember what happened during that time…

Shinpachi: An Idol’s job is to sell dreams?
Nope not true.
It’s pretty evident from the way you guys look that…
GKB48 is nothing more than an illusion.
Announcer: W---what is this!! After she lost her antenna, Lady Bichie transformed into something completely different!!
(Sfx- Dosa dosa *thsshshh*)
Otaku: Eeeeeeh?!
Announcerr: W—wait…
This phenomenon isn’t limited to Bichie alone!
Now standing beside the charming curtains….
What the hell are those?! They’re unbelievably ugly idols, and they’re oozing out one after another…!!
???: Shin-chan is absolutely right.
I dunno about fans of OTHER Idols, but we’re done buying into your crap.

Dudes: Your illusions won’t work on us now…
(Sfx- zah zahh *shfft sfft*)
Dudes: Neither will your brainwashing. Care to guess why?
Because we number one fans in the universe of the unverse’s number one idol…
Terakado Tsuu Emperial squad!!
Shinpachi: Takachin…!!
Announcer: A—amazing!! The Terakado Tsuu Emperial squadron has revived themselves!!
They were once boneless shapes of their former selves…
But now they have returned to show Otsuu-chan their tenacity, and completely buck wild against GKB48’s hypnosis!!
Otaku: Are you serious?! Our universal idols…GKB are those…things?!
And this hand shake meet and greet was no more than a den of hypnotism created to fool us?!
This explosive revelation has caused the tide to turn on GKB’s fandom!!
And now their counter has returned to 0……..!!!

Announcer: It seems that the hypnosis that has lead GKB to the top thus far has finally been broken!
And as such, a miracle comeback smiles upon HDZ48!!
(Sfx- Basaaahhh *fwawaaap*)
Shinpachi: Listen up dirtbags! I want our roars to tremble through the universe.
Let them all know who the universe’s number one idol is…
And the number one fandom in the universe that supports her.
HDZ48 imperial squadron!!!
(Sfx- Zaaaan *Sffft*)
Shinpachi: LETS DO THIS!!!
L.O.V.E O.T.A.E!!
Announcer: And now the rafters of the meeting hall shake with the echoes of the imperial squadron’s calls for HDZ48!!
And it’s through this overwhelming passion….
(Handwritten- We’re gonna light a flame too!!)
Dudes: L.O.V.E TSU.KU.YO!!
Announcer: That the former GKB fans have awakened and been infected with the passion!!

(Sfx- Kiiiiiiiin *screeeeeee*)
Announcer: What is…
That noise!!
(Sfx- Pan pan pan pan *crash craassh crash*)
Bichie: I won’t let you get away with this HDZ48!!
(Sfx- Kiiiiiiiiiii *screeeeeeee*)
Bichie: How dare you expose an idol’s secret face!!
Announcer: Th—this isss!!!
(Sfx- iiiiiiii *Screeeeee*)
Anouncer: The entirety of GKB48’s ranks are emitting a horrible sound wave!!
Bichie: Too bad so sad!! Now that you’ve found out about our little secret, I’ll have to simply amp up the hypnosis and use it again!!
Now you’ll dance in the illusion known as idol-dom until you die!!
(Sfx- Dofooooohh *THOOOM*)
Announcer: Aaaaah!!! What’s this?!

Kagura: It seems what you need…
Is a handshake from us, yes?
(Sfx- Gooooohhh *rmmmmmmble*)
KAGURA from HDZ48 has stopped Lady Bichie in her traaaaaacks!!!
(Sfx- Ooooooooohhh)
Announcer: It seems this whole hand shake meet and greet will be settled with an old fashioned earnest sumo match!!!
Bichie: What are you all doing?!
Hurry up and use the hypnosis….
(Sfx- Zugyaaaaaah)
(Sfx- Giyari gyari )
Girls: What is that noise?! It’s suppressing our sound waves….
???: It seems the fruits of our special training…
Finally get to shine.
(Sfx- Bekgishaaaaah *craaaaash*)
(Sfx- Zugogogoh *thothotooom*)
Announcer: Th—that’s….!!

Tae(?): KAGURA-chan leave this to the backing band!!
You take that star of an idol and grab it tight!!
(Sfx- Zugyagahhh)
(Sfx- Gyari gyari *tambourine noises?*)
(Sfx- Gobiyararara)
Announcer: The backing band!! DP’s fearsome discord is drowning out the sound waves!!
(Sfx- Zugyaaasshaaaah)
(Sfx- Bakoon zukkon kirikiri *thump thump chakachaka*)
Otaku: Ugh!!! It doesn’t matter which one it is, just stop that crazy noise!!
Announcer: The fans are in pain!! The Imperial squad is in arms with their battle cry!! The backing band is roaring!!
It seems destiny will be decided by these two here!!
Can this even be considered a hand shake meet and greet anymore?! No…it’s now a straight up honest duel for the life of an idol itself!!!
Bichie: You’re going to stop us…?
Do you all think you can stop us?
Do you even believe you have the RIGHT to stop us?
Using illusions to hypnotize….that’s exactly what every Idol does to all of her fans.
You strip away the cuteness from an idol and they’re all filth!!
But hiding that filth under beauty and spinning lies….
Is how they are able to hide their true characters and adorn a fake mask of purity!

Bichie: All of the dreams that you fools are seeing are simply lies prettied up by illusions!!
(Sfx- Meki meki meki meki *grrrrinnnd*)
Bichie: And we have perfected those illusions and made them impossible to be broken by the likes of you!!
Everything that you think you’re seeing….
Is just a dream!!!
Gintoki: That sorta thing…
Ain’t any dream I’ve heard of…
It’s just….
Giving up.
Sure Idols dig up their noses, take craps and ****.
Sometimes they gotta deal with scandals, and sometimes they get swept away.
But you know something? When that meager sense of self finds the spotlight…they truly shine.
Feverishly polishing themselves up, feverishly trying to find the right pitch just for the stage…
You guys might call that an illusion and laugh at it…
(Sfx- Zathhh *Sfft*)
Gintoki: But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.
This isn’t something you can just call an illusion…
It’s an ideal.

Gintoki: An ideal of yourself that you hang out there for others to see and flock towards…
A dream like that is what an idol really is.
They’re really no different than Samurai.
A class of people who search for their own way.
Tsuu: Everyone…
Sorry to keep you wating-sol.
(Sfx- Kuwaaaaaah *ROAAAR*)
Gintoki: What those idiots over there are seeing isn’t a fake dream…
They’re chasing after a genuine dream with their favorite idol.

Bichie: R—ridiculous…!! Why is that woman…
Kagura: Cause we are trying to sell an idol group, yes?
It will shine brighter than a diamond.
Thanks to us being just a big wad of snot.
{N—No way…they…}
{They believed she would come here…?!}
{HDZ48 isn’t just this bunch of idiots…?!}
(Panels: Show you// Just a//This is about us, yes?// OTWO has no need to deal with you rotting bitches//you don’t have a chance.// in hell of winning…//Battle for the biggest bitch…)
{Then we were….no, this entire horrible battle here at this meeting place was…}
{Was a giant load of snot…}
{Meant to show off the shining diamond that is Otsuu?!}
{Then from the very start they weren’t in this against us for personal gain…!!}
Tsuu: Kagura-chaaan!! Everyoooone!!
Kagura: Otsuu…
It was only for a little while but I did enjoy being an Idol with you, yup.

Kagura: I am leaving it to you. To sing our song as HDZ48….
And blow away the hypnosis and illusions still there with a true song of an idol.
(Sfx- Bakiiishii *crack*)
Kagura: Everyone! Do not believe in their illusions!! Take your dreams back from them!!
I know there are people there who hate me. This is fine! Just listen to our song….!
Even if you hate HDZ48…..
Do not hate Terakado Tsuu, pleaaase!

(Sfx- Gaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!)
Tsuu: Please listen to this song.
The members who have walked along side me…
The fans who supported me…
And even you my rivals who…
Were against me…
This one is for all of the people who helped me up…
My gratitude to HDZ48….

Tsuu: The proof of an idol.
(Sfx- Kuaaaaaaah *rooooooar*)
(Sfx- Gogogogo *rmmmmmble*)
Otsuu’s mom: How ironic.
That the stage where an idol who grants people’s dreams stands would be destroyed by the weight of so many of them…
But you know, that’s the brilliance of the star that floats in the darkness known as an idol.
Our dreams, the dreams of our friends might get tread upon on this warlike path of idoldom, yet we still persevere.
We only sought the title of top idol in Edo and that’s it…
So there’s no need to worry….your efforts weren’t in vain.

Bichie: You talk as if we’re going to be able to take something back from you all..but we ended up being the scapegoats.
We just couldn’t overcome Otsuu’s ‘talent’.
It has nothing to do with being on guard around your enemies, or defeating evil in your heart or anything like that…it’s having friends who won’t let you give up on your ‘self’. Having a heart that truly wants to save all others.
And having a face that goes well with that is good.
???: A snot covered…
(Handwritten- Hey! Wait up a minute!! Did you see it?!)
Otsuu’s mom: That’s right.
Though it seems the limited edition unit CDs will have to go on liquidation though.
(Handwritten- Once again we failed to make any money..)
(Handwritten- Did you hear me?)
Otsuu’s mom: Cause it appears I won’t have much of a unit anymore.
It’s a real shame….but it’s for the best….
After all, that girl seems to shine brightest when she’s in their trio.

Girl: Otsuu-chan’s totally cute isn’t she?
Though lately she seems a little different.
She’s an idol but she does that sort of thing…
It seems to be an effect of her time in a popular idol group.
They were set to debut pretty soon, but they disbanded before they could, and there are only a few people who know about that illusionary idol group.
Now what was the name of that group Otsuu-chan was an idol with?
I wonder…
Kagura: HDZ48.
Girl: Yes! That’s it The illusionary idol group HDZ48!!
Kagura: They are no illusion, nope.
It is still in my heart, yup.
The idol group of dreams.
(Side text- Down the path of idoldom!!)
(Side text- Next issue, a center color page right before Gintama the movie opens!!)

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