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Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 1



-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 1

Welcome boys and girls to BDR's summer project! Though, instead of math or spelling or anything that's even marginally helpful in making myself a better person, I will be translating first chapters of manga in hopes people will become interested in them and take them over! Who knows? I may even decide to do them myself! Though I will say it now and on each of these translations that I have NO intention on taking on new projects, and might very well do one chapter of these and then drop them. So scantlation is completely up to scantlators, but they should keep in mind that I am not making a commitment to these June projects. Of course stuff listed in my work list doesn't count towards this.

That being said, I plan on doing one of these oneshot-ish things at least once a week. So then there will be at least four 'first chapters' or 'one shots'. Depending on time I may throw in one or two more, but expect at least four throughout June.

This week's subject is Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku which seems to have become one of my beloved Gessan's heavy hitters! So much so that they ended up running a chapter in the weekly sunday magazine which is what I used to translate this. I read it every month in Gessan and appreciated the chance to find out how it all started. I hope everyone enjoys~

{When I was little, I saw a flock of UFOs.}
(Side text- Gessan’s super popular manga’s 1st chapter appears in a special serial!)
{They were like these amazing particles of lights.}
{It was a beauty that is literally out of this world.}
{But suddenly my vision went white.}

(Text in star- Volume 1-3 currently on sale!)
(Text in star- To read what happens after volume 3 check out the June issue of Gessan!)

(Side text- The entirety of chapter one being published here!!)

(Sfx- Pihhh *beep*)
Grandad: Wake up Kouichi.
I said get up.
Today’s your school entrance ceremony Kouichi…
Kouichi: GAAAHHHH!

Kouichi: ‘Morning Grandpa~
Grandpa: Good morning to you. Breakfast is already done,
So get changed and come down to the store.
Kouichi: Owwww….

???: Mornin’.
Kouichi: Mornin’ Ryuu-niichan.
Grandpa: Good morning Ryuusuke.
Ryuusuke: Good morning.
Oh so Kouichi’s gonna be attending High school starting from today?
Is your uniform the right fit? It’s not too big or anything right?
Kouichi: Well, from here on in, I’m supposed to be growing more so Grandpa said…
Granddad: Maybe I oughtta take a day off to see your entrance ceremony…
Kouichi: Yeah, please don’t. It’s not like Nagi’s gonna be there, and it’d be better if he’d be at the ceremony.
Ryuusuke: It would have been awesome if both of you could go.

Kouichi: I’m going.
{The forecast for today is great…}
{Perfect entrance ceremony weather.}

Kid: Hey! ‘Sup, little Hirose!
Kouichi: ‘Sup?
Kid: Where’s Nagi? I thought he’d be with you?
Kouichi: His health deteriorated during spring break.
So he’s in the hospital.
Kid: Ah. That sucks.
As his little bro, you oughtta share your perfect health with him.
Kouichi: No way. With his personality he’s always having fun his whole life, no matter what he does.

Kouichi: The area around my heart has been throbbing lately…
I wonder if I’m getting sick somehow too?
I’ll ask a doc to check me out next time I go see Nagi in the hospital.
Kid: What class are you in?
Kouichi: Class 2.
Kid: Me too bro!
You’re always mean muggin’! You think you’re gonna go through the entirety of your three years like that?
Come on and check out the scenery!

Kid: This school has girls on a considerably high level, and the uniforms are pretty cute.
Kouichi: What do you think I am?!
I’m not like Nagi who’s a ladies man! I’m totally no good at talking to girls!
Kid: Kouichi…
Kouichi: What?!
Kid: Check that out.
Kouichi: huh?!

Mask: Hey…
Long time no see..
Hirose Kouichi.
I’ve come to…
Claim your life.

Kid: ….Friend of yours?
Kouichi: Noooooo way! I have absolutely no idea who that is! Do I look like the kinda guy who has tribal friends?!
You aren’t confusing me with Nagi are you…?
I have an older twin brother…and he’s great at being a womanizer.
Though I’d really like it if you didn’t kill him…
Mask: Nagi?
I don’t know who that is.
I have business with you, and you alone.
Kouichi: …and you’re after my life.

Mask: Ah…
Kouichi: Screw that. I’m not going to hang around with a nutcase like her.
Mask: Kouichi!!
Kouichi: Eeeeeeeeeeh!?
(Handwritten- Scary)
Kid: She’s chasing you!

Kouichi: She’s pretty fast for a girl!
Mask: Oh, I know about this much…
This is ‘tag’ right?
Kouichi: Aaaagh!!
Go away!!

Mask: if this is ‘tag’ and I’m ‘it’….
Then when I catch you it’s ‘Game over’.
Kouichi: Eh…?
{My body…}
Kouichi: Did you do…
Something to my body just…

{You’re kidding!?}
Kouichi: Guah!! The back of my head!! That hurt!
Mask: ‘Tag’.

Kouichi: Waaaaaaah!!
D—Don’t come any closer!
Please just stay away!
Mask: Now…
I’ll be taking that heart….
Kouichi: WAAAAH!
Mask: Huh?

Mask: What is this…?
Hey….what did you do to other people’s belongings?
Kouichi: What?
Mask: Eh?! What’s this?! Was that always there…? What should I do…
(Handwritten- This bag is in the way!)
Kouichi: What the heck are you talking about?! I don’t get it! Oh and…LET GO OF ME!
Mask: I have to see how things turned out….let me take a quick peek…
Kouichi: Waaah!!
Kid: Kouichi! You still alive over there? I brought a teacher…
Kid: Kouichi-kuuun….
Kouichi: Doooooooon’t freaking screw around with me!! Move it, pervert!
Mask: This development was outside my expectations…
(Handwritten- Bye bye.)
Mask: I’ll leave you in care of that life for right now.
See ya.

Kouichi: …So basically you intend to return..
Teacher: Are you okay? Did anything happen?
What was that?
Kouichi: Yeah I’m okay…she chased me around and knocked me over but it’s all good.
But who was that chick in the tribal mask? Is she a student? Cause I can’t imagine that student on student crime is okay around here.
Teacher: Hmm…yes, that’s more likely than not Ootori from the second year class.
Kouichi: Ootori.
Teacher: She was hospitalized all of her first year, and only returned to school during the third semester…but…
She’s always been solitary and quite frankly a little odd.

Teacher: It’s already this late….I’ll be sure to have strong words with Ootori, so please head to the classrooms.
Kid: Man, getting singled out by an annoying girl right off the bat….you okay?
Kouichi: But she was so fast and her moves pretty nimble….heck, better than me even.
Add to all of this that she’s a girl and that story doesn’t sound believable.
It’s almost as if she’s some sorta alien…

Kouichi: But of course she can’t be.
Kid: Awwright, lets go.
Kouichi: Yeah.
Now that I think of it, she said ‘long time no see’.
Where did I meet her?
Oh and she touched my chest…

Mask: Matsuyoko city…Population seventy thousand people. This place is an area that years for nothing and has enjoyed great prosperity. A city with plenty of heart….
It’s a good city.
I’ll have to make sure I take over this planet well.

Kouichi: There you are.
I’ve been looking for you Ootori-senpai!
Mask: Should you be taking that tone with your senpai?
What do you need from me?
Kouichi: Ever since you touched my chest earlier my body’s been out of whack.
What the heck did you do to me?

Mask: Oooh?
How’s it been?
Kouichi: When I was little I got an injury on my chest….and now it’s gone.
After you touched it!
It was a pretty big injury too…so how could this happen!?
Moreover I got a weird feeling when you were chasing me before…
D-did you curse me??
Mask: Nope. But I guess you’re close.
Hirose-kun, have you ever seen a UFO?
Kouichi: What?
Mask: Answer the question.

Kouichi: I haven’t!
Though I kept having that dream about them all morning…
Mask: Don’t lie to me.
10 years ago..

Mask: There was a certain ‘incident’ where a ‘port’ that had always been closed opened and a number of space ships traveled to this town.
The injury and scarring to your chest had to do with that incident.
During that turmoil you actually died.
It was pretty terrible…your heart actually hollowed out and became useless.
So what I did was to use a different heart to save your life…and now…well here you are.
Kouichi: Wait a minute!
You’re talking about a heart transplant?! But my bro and grandpa never once mentioned that happening!
Now who’s the liar?!
Mask: I’m not lying.
10 years ago I came to this planet and saved your life.

Girl: Or do you not remember?
{She’s basically admitting to being an alien….}
Kouichi: More like I was 5 years old then…how could I remember something like that?
Girl: At first I thought I’d just come back and reclaim the heart I gave you..
Cause leaving it in your hands would be far too dangerous….
But I don’t think I’ll need to do that.
It’s amazing…
That heart has completely assimilated with you.

Girl: I didn’t think that sorta thing could happen! Teehee…
Kouichi: Assimilated?
Girl: That heart is pretty amazing! It assimilated with your injuries and took over where the old heart left off…and now you’re completely cured!
C’mon, let me have a quick look!
I wanna see what’s going on with it now!
Kouichi: Gaaaaaaaaah! You’re scaring me!!

(Sfx- Suuuh)

Kouichi: Let go!
Girl: Isn’t this great!
The heart seems to be perfectly healthy!
(Sfx- doki doki *throb throb*)
Kouichi: Y-you weirdo…
Girl: Say, wanna be my friend?
See, that heart which beats inside of you now has already changed your body! You’re already mostly like me anyway so let’s just be buddies!
Besides I even have alien-like ambitions!
Kouichi: And what kind of ambitions are you talking about, miss electrowaves?

Girl: Lets take over this planet!!
Kouichi: Die.

Kouichi: I have no interest in doing anything with you! I’m outta here.
Girl: Aww…that sucks.
If you don’t become my friend then you’ll be in all sorts of danger.
Kouichi: This is me not listening to what you’re saying.
Girl: The heart has melted into your body and is doing all of its assigned roles.
But the ‘port’ has opened again…
I’m pretty sure something will happen tonight.
And when it does you might be saved but don’t let that slow you down…
And do be careful…

{What the hell was she talking about? ‘Lets be friends.’}
{Don’t go deciding what I’m supposed to do!}
{I hate people like her who are mysterious for no reason at all!}
{There are things I want to do myself!}
{The things I want to do…}

Granddad: Oh.
You’re back Kouichi.
Kouichi: Yeah, I’m home.
Need any help?
Grandad: Sure thing. Sorry to trouble you.

Kouichi: Welcome~
Granddad: In the end it’s just you and I here Kouichi. You must really be interested in this shop huh?
Nagi thinks running this place would be a pain and has no interest, while Ryuusuke prefers books and works at the book store next door….
???: But this place is quite convenient.
Ryuusuke-kun can head next door to buy and read his books..
And I have my own interests in this place.
Granddad: Well, I’m honored you’d say that.
Kouichi: Thank you.

Kouichi: Gramps.
Granddad: What is it?
Kouichi: I’m in high school now…so I’d like to work here a little more seriously.
Tell me stuff about the shop.

Granddad: Kouichi, are you serious?!
I’ll tell you anything you want to know!!
Kouichi: …Yeah, thanks.
Granddad: Wow, I’m just overjoyed that one of my grandchildren would say that! I’m just at a loss for words!
Kouichi: Yup.
I just love this place, yanno? The smell of coffee,
The cozy atmosphere…
Someday I’d like to run it all just like you, Gramps.
Granddad: Hehehe…
All right, follow me Kouichi.

Granddad: The life of coffee flavor all comes down to how it’s roasted and then extracted. Deciding how much you want to roast decides the grade of the coffee’s flavor.
The coffee beans are living things so even if the area where they come from is the same, the year and production can be way different, and you have to adjust the roasting temperature in regards to this. The weather is also a big factor.
If you don’t master this method you won’t get anywhere.
I’ll tell you how to cook as well, though personally this is just a coffee shop, and I’m the roasting salesman.
You’re my protégé which means passing my roasting techniques to you is most important.

Kouichi: Yeah!
{When I was a kid I’d watch Grandpa work in this shop.}
{I’ve always wanted to inherit my Grandpa’s skills and work in this shop like him.}
{I decided when I got into high school that’s what I’d do.}
Kouichi: I don’t have the time to hang out with some weird chick.

Kouichi: Though the fact remains my scar disappeared.
Maybe it does have something to do with when she touched it….just what is she?
Granddad: Kouichi….
Kouichi: Wh…
Granddad: Are you okay?
I told you to light the flame, but I didn’t say stand over it….hurry up and cool it.
Kouichi: Y—yeah…

{The scar on your chest has been healed by your heart…and it’s changing your body.}

{You’re already more like me.}
{No…I’m not going to think about that weird chick’s technobabble or believe it for that matter.}
{Though I gotta admit, I’ve got a bad feeling.}
{My chest is buzzing…}
Kouichi: Grandpa I’m gonna take out the trash…


(Sfx- Vuiii *veeeeh*)
{Grandpa is being eaten….}

(Sfx- Ton ton *tap tap*)
{My heart.}
{Something is bound to happen tonight…}
Kouichi: Is this what she was talking about?
This is happening because of my heart…?

Kouichi: Grandpa….!!!

Girl: What a pathetic face you’re making.

{And she just walked in with the same relaxed expression as before…without even blinking.}
Kouichi: Save my Grandpa….

Thingy: O
Girl: No thanks.
(TN- I…am totally not sure if that means something or not.)

Kouichi: Why!! You said you would right?!
Girl: What I said is that I’d save YOU.
I don’t know your Grandpa.
And I made no promise nor do I have an obligation to save him.
Kouichi: Then what should I do…? He’s going to die…and if that happens…
I won’t be able to talk to him again…
I don’t want that…
I can’t possibly just allow myself to be saved…
Without my Grandpa there’s no meaning to my being saved…!

Girl: You don’t want to save yourself?
What’s that mean?
You’re pretty rude.
And selfish to boot!

{What’s with those movements…?}
Girl: Save your grandpa?!
Aren’t you mister personality! I didn’t come to this planet to start a charity!
I came here to concur the planet!
The other aliens coming to concur the planet aren’t going to bother protecting each and every person are they?
{She really isn’t ordinary….}
Kouichi: Then is there nothing I can do….
(Sfx- Vuiiii *veeeeen*)
Girl: That’s not the case at all as I said before.

Girl: We can conquer this planet together!!


Girl: After all you’re the one who is in possession of my heart! So there’s no one else in the universe that can do this!
You’re special!
So c’mon, be my friend! It’ll be a blast, and will turn out to be something amazing I’m sure!

Girl: Plus if you accept my offer, I’ll protect whomever you want and grant your wish!
I’m a bit different from the other invaders you know!
{Her heart?}
Girl: Whether you want me to save someone or keep someone from dying….
{Even in the midst of all this chaos she kept right on talking about stuff I don’t really understand…}
Girl: At the very least however I won’t kill.
{All while smiling like she’s having a good time.}

{She’s the worst.}
Kouichi: I got it.
{In all honesty I’m pissed right now.}
Kouichi: I’ll be your friend.

Kouichi: Ow!


Girl: Oh man. Your Grandpa got completely gobbled up by this thing…better save him fast or…
Not sure if he’ll be okay.
Kouichi: Don’t destroy the shop!!
Girl: Eeeh? You should have warned me earlier.
Kouichi: Listen, about this friendship alien conquest thing…
There are lots of things I’d like to ask but I’ll start with this….just what the hell are you?

Girl: I’m Ootori Nozomi, a student in Seishou High…2nd year 6 class.
My real identity is a supervisor of the ‘port’ where the aliens who cross over with intents on conquest of this planet,
As well as your only ally!
Pleased to meecha!
(Bottom text- The continuation is in Volume 1-3 of the comics as well as Gessan’s June issue!! To understand it all, be sure to read both!)
(Side text- ‘Earth Conquest’. This dreamlike situation echoes outward and changes Kouichi’s normal life…)

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