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Welcome to despair academy.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 18, 2013 18:43 | Go to DANGANRONPA THE ANIMATION


Welcome boys and girls to BDR's summer project! Though, instead of math or spelling or anything that's even marginally helpful in making myself a better person, I will be translating first chapters of manga in hopes people will become interested in them and take them over! Who knows? I may even decide to do them myself! Though I will say it now and on each of these translations that I have NO intention on taking on new projects, and might very well do one chapter of these and then drop them. So scantlation is completely up to scantlators, but they should keep in mind that I am not making a commitment to these June projects. Of course stuff listed in my work list doesn't count towards this.

That being said, I plan on doing one of these oneshot-ish things at least once a week. So then there will be at least four 'first chapters' or 'one shots'. Depending on time I may throw in one or two more, but expect at least four throughout June.

This week's subject is a manga adaptation of a popular video game (that's due to be an anime soon!) Danganronpa! I've played the game a little bit and sort of enjoyed it, so when I found out about the anime and manga adaptions I had to jump on the chance of translating it, even if only temporarily. Though to be honest, if I was going to take something out of this June project and stick it up as a full time project, this would be the most likely. I hope everyone enjoys~

PS. I'm going with the titles used by the official unofficial translation of the Danganronpa game for consistency's sake, since when the patch is finally done most people in the English speaking world will be referring to it.

(Side text- A shocking new serial!)
Monobear: Upupupup…

(Top yellow text- New serialization!!)
#01: Welcome to despair academy.
(Side text- Super Duper high school students have been selected…)

(Side text- And a killer high school life will begin!!!)
Original story: SPIKE CHUNSOFT
(Side text: A miracle comic based on the super problematic anime production!)
{Private school Kibou gamine gakuen.}
{A school that scouts top grade high school students in every field and allows them entry. It is officially recognized by the government as an elite institution.}
{The goal of this school is to foster the future ‘hope’ of this country….hense it being known as ‘Hope’s school’.}
{My name is Naegi Makoto.}
{And tomorrow I’ll be attending Kibou gamine.}

Girl: Bro it’s totally like a dream that you got into that school!
I wonder what kind of people attend that school?
Naegi: They’re all incredible…I looked it up on the net forums and found all sorts of things…
Super duper high school Idol…
Super duper high school Heavyweight
Super duper high school Fireballer…
Girl: But you’re just a super duper high school normie aren’t you bro? Will you be okay hanging out with those sorts of people?

Girl: You’ve read 100 thousand manga…
Played 100 thousand games…
And have bought and listened to 100 thousand different songs. You’re as normal as they come.
Naegi: B—Be quiet!!
I was scouted by the school just like anyone else!
‘Elected by lottery to be the one average student within the school, is proof of your ‘Super Duper High school luck’ So we are inviting you to attend the school’!
Girl: Yep, that’s totally just ‘luck’ though.
Naegi: L—Luck requires effort too!!

Dad: Makoto, are you still awake?
Mom: You’ll have to attend the entrance ceremony tomorrow so hurry on to bed.
Naegi: I—I know that!! Don’t come into my room!
You hurry up and go to bed too!
{Brother, I know…}
{That you’ve been wondering…’What about me who doesn’t have any real redeeming features’?}
{But…you’ll be fine.}
{I know how great you are brother.}

{Because you’re more positive than most people…}
Naegi: All right, here I go!
I’m sure something great’ll happen once I take the first step in!

Naegi: ….Where am I?

Naegi: This is a school classroom right?
What’s with that window?
Why am I in a place like this…
(Pamphlet- School Information. Welcome to school newbie. All of you nebwies attending this school are going to be introduced to a whole new world.)
Naegi: What’s this?
Who’d write a nasty thing like ‘Newbies’ in the school guide book?
Ah! Oh man! We’re supposed to gather in the gym at 8…
Um…now where IS the gym…

Leon: Hey! Are you a new student here too?
Chihiro: All of us here are new students here at Kibou gamine….
Naegi: Ah..I’m Naegi Makoto…
Lots of things happened and I’m sorta late…
{I know these people! The net info was right on the money!}

{There’s no mistaking it….these people are}
{Super Duper high school students!!}

Sayaka: Um…Naegi-kun?
(Super duper High School Idol: Maizono Sayaka.}
Sayaka: From Neguro Roku middle? That Naegi-kun?
We went to the same middle school…
Naegi: M-Maizono-san!!
That’s right! You really are part of that popular nationwide idol group…!
Sayaka: You remembered me! Thank goodness!
Naegi: Well…the same could be said for you Maizono-san. I can’t believe you’d remember a guy like me who doesn’t stand out in any way.
Sayaka: What are you talking about? We attended the same school for three years didn’t we?

{Sh—She’s so cute…}
{The more I look at her, the prettier she gets…}
{And her skin…she’s like a doll…}
Sayaka: But I’m not a doll. I’m quite alive!
Naegi: Huh?! You heard me?!
Sayaka: I’m Psychic.
Naegi: WHAT?!
Sayaka: Just kidding! I just had a feeling is all.
Naegi: Hahah…that’s going too far…
Byakuya: How long are you two going to fool around over there? We’ve got a pressing issue on our hands.

Byakuya: Every single one of us lost consciousness and were unknowingly brought here…
{Super duper High school aristocrat: Byakuya Togami.}
Touko: It’s as if we were arrested and confined…
{Super duper High school bookworm: Fukawa Touko.}
Naegi: Then everyone here is…
Sayaka: Not only that, but our possessions were taken from us.
Junko: Where’s my cellphone?
{Super duper High School supermodel: Enoshima Junko.}
Chihiro: My PDA is gone too…
{Super duper High School programmer: Fujisaki Chihiro.}
Hifumi: My ‘Heretic Angel Mochimochi Princess’ goods have disappeared!!
{Super duper High School otaku: Yamada Hifumi.}

Naegi: What happened to the teachers?
Leon: Beats the hell outta me! I haven’t seen a single one!
More like, aren’t you guys getting bad vibes?!
{Super duper High School fireballer: Leon Kuwata.}
Mondo: Looks like this is some sorta discrimination office or something.
{Super duper High School one percenter: Oowada Mondo.}
Sakura: The windows are steel plated…so even my strength can’t break them…
{Super duper High school heavyweight: Oogami Sakura.}
Yasuhiro: Maybe there’s some sorta event going on in school? In any case there’s no need for everyone to look so glum!
{Super duper High School shaman: Hagakure Yasuhiro.}
Aoi: I wonder if it’s really okay to be so laid back…
{Super duper High School swimmer: Asahina Aoi.}
Kyotaka: Yes! We have to properly dispute this!!
{Super duper High School prefect: Ishimaru Kyotaka.}
Celestia: I suppose nothing will get started if we don’t struggle a bit…
{Super duper High School high roller: Celestia Ludenberg.}

Naegi: What’s going on here? What about the entrance ceremony?
Leon: Dude, we already said we don’t know nothing! Ya think we don’t wanna figure that out for ourselves?!
Junko: The banner up there even has ‘Entrance ceremony’ written on it….
Kyouko: What?
{Super duper high school ???: Kirigiri Kyouko.}
Naegi: Oh uh, nothing.
{I wonder who she is? I don’t remember reading anything on the net about her…}

???: One two three, Mic test! Mic test! Can you guys hear me?
Hey! Have you guys all gathered together?!
Then let’s get this show on the road!!
Monobear: Dadadadadaddaaaaaan!!

Monobear: Mornin’ all!! I’m Monobear!!
I’m your…and this school’s principal!!
Pleasure meetin’ you all!!

Chihiro: T—That teddy bear is talking?
Leon: Is someone controllin’ ‘im by remote control?
Monobear: I ain’t a Teddy bear or being controlled by remote control! I’m Monobear!
Kyotaka: Principal-dono!! Explain what’s going on in this school!!
Monobear: Simmer down there.
Now how about we proceed and get this ceremony started!
I’m pretty sure you already have an idea of what the foundations of this school should be!
It’s all about fostering the future ‘hope’ of this country and all that jazz right?
And as such ‘hope’ such as yours should be safeguarded! So basically…

Monobear: You guys are gonna be cohabitating in this school….
For the rest of your lives!!!
Naegi: The rest of our lives….?
I…I don’t understand what you mean….
Monobear: Don’t sweat it! We’ve got food and clothes for ya here, along with entertainment and other amenities! You losers couldn’t ask for a better life!
‘Sides the entrances are completely sealed, so the outside world has completely been shut out!
Chihiro: Then you’re saying we’ve been completely shut in here!?
Touko: Y—You’ve got to be kidding…

Aoi: That’s messed up!!
Please let us go now!!
Monobear: Oh man. We’re in the middle of the entrance ceremony and you guys wanna go home? Gotta say you guys are a bunch of weirdoes.
Lemmie give it to you straight….there are a few rules here.
You all have a responsibility to uphold the ‘order’ while you cohabitate in this school…
But it is the one who disrupts this order that will be able to leave this school…
What would ‘disrupt the order’? Well…that’s…

Monobear: To kill someone…

Monobear: While in the school grounds.

{Beating to death.}
{Stabbing to death.}
{Bludgeoning to death.}
{Slicing to death.}
{Burning to death.}
{Crushing to death.}
{Choking to death.}
{Slaughtering to death.}
{Cursing to death.}

Monobear: There are lots of ways to kill someone!!
If ya wanna graduate you’ll have to kill someone!! It’s the only way to leave the school!!
{Y-You’re kidding!! We have to kill someone!!}
{And it has to be someone who’s here right now…!!}
Monobear: Upupu…Doesn’t it make your heart raise and your brain matter pump?!
Welp, go on kiddies! Slaughter and massacre each other to death!

Celestia: I don’t quite understand what you’re saying…
Mondo: We’re supposed to kill each other? This is going too damn far, even as a bad joke!!
Monobear: Bad joke?
Have you checked out your hair in a mirror?
Mondo: You fucker!!
Chihiro(?): Oowada-kun!!
Mondo: Hurry up and let us leave here dammit!
Monobear: Kyah!! Violence against your principal is prohibited by the school rules!

Mondo: Huuh?
You ignoring me? Making those weirdass machine noises…
If you don’t answer I’m gonna crush your head in!!!
Kyouko: That’s dangerous!!
Get rid of him immediately!!
Mondo: Dammit!

Sayaka: Kyaaaaaah!!!
H—He exploded?!
Mondo: Are you friggin’ serious…?
If I had held on to him a little longer….
Monobear: Hey, don’t go breaking me like that…
It’s a total waste you know?

Junko: Ah!! A new one came out!!
Hifumi: Th—They’ve been mass produced!!
Monobear: I’ll let that little outburst slide, but next time I won’t be so forgiving!!
Next time one of you little kiddies decides to be naughty, you’ll be punished, and I ain’t talking about something on the level of a spanking!
Naegi: But…killing people isn’t something we can do!
Sayaka: Why is it you want us to kill each other anyway?
Monobear: Geez. Looks like you guys need a lesson in Villainy 101.
So you have zero motivation to do this? Is that what you’re getting at? You’re going to need some sorta impetus to start the fun?
All right, I guess if you’re gonna cry about it…

Monobear: Then as a last congratulations on getting into the school..
I’ll give you these.
DVD’s that set the mood for a kill~!!
(Top DVD- Naegi Makoto-kun.)
Monobear: So these are to be used just in case you need a little help calling out your inner murderer. They’ve got your treasures recorded on film.
Once you watch these, your silly notions and ideals regarding world peace will all but disappear and you’ll be itchin to make a killing.
So think of the DVD’s in your hands as your valuable killing ‘motive’.

Monobear: Now you comrades of ‘Hope’!! The time to throw yourself into a despair filled killer school life starts nooooow!!
Go ahead and kill as much as you want! Kill, kill and kill somemore dammit!!
And that ends our entrance ceremony.
See ya!

Junko: This is bad. Like seriously bad!
Hifumi: We’ve been kidnapped and thrown into a killing game!!
(Handwritten- Noooooo!!)
Kyotaka: Calm down everyone! This obviously has to be a lie!!
We have no need to be controlled by that teddy bear to do his bidding!!
Everyone, let us band together and use our strengths to find a means of escape!
Naegi: Ishimaru-kun…!
Leon: Damn straight! Everyone, lets get the hell out of here!
Byakuya: Hmph. Do whatever you want. I’m going to do this on my own.
Kyotaka: Eh?

Byakuya: I’d like to view this DVD.
There’s an audio visual room further in.
Naegi: H—Hey! Togami-kun!
Touko: Wh—what’s with him…! Everyone made an effort to invite him along…
Naegi: We don’t know what might happen…so we should move together.
Byakuya: There’s something I would like to ask you….under what qualifications were you invited to this school?
Naegi: Huh? Eh…well ‘Super duper High school luck’ I guess?
Byakuya: I see…luck.
Which means that someone like you has no talents or even possibilities…you’re just an ordinary, boring human who happens to be in this school.

Byakuya: Don’t go telling me what to do, plebian.
Don’t misunderstand me…While you might need me around I on the contrary do not need you.
{T—Togami-kun’s eyes…they’re cold…like the eyes of plankton…}
{Cruel eyes… Like a drifting plankton...those eyes say that nothing in the wide ocean concerns me!}
Touko: It would have meant more if he had come…
Naegi: Didn’t you switch over sorta fast?!
Celestia: I’m going too.
Naegi: Celes-san!

Celestia: Conformity…
Conformity lacks vitality….
The one who will remain alive isn’t the strongest or the smartest…but the one who can evolve to meet the needs of a situation.
Kyotaka: There’s no way around it then…we’ll go with who’s here.
???: This is so scary…what if I see something terrible…then what?
Yasuhiro: Dudes, this has to be some sorta event. This whole thing sounds like some kind of performance.
Junko: You know…..nah, never mind.
Sayaka: Naegi-kun…

Sayaka: If it’s okay with you can we go together?
Naegi: M—Maizono-san! S—sure! That’s fine!
Sayaka: Thank goodness! Thank you.
I’m so glad that you’re with me Naegi-kun…
If you weren’t here I would be totally helpless….
Naegi: Don’t worry Maizono-san!
We won’t let things end up like that Teddy bear said!
We’ll find a way out of here for sure!!
Sayaka: Naegi-kun….you sure are positive.

Sayaka: Naegi-kun, remember back in middle school when you saved that crane?
Naegi: Crane?
Sayaka: It had wandered onto the school grounds lost, and you took it back to the forest so it could get away.
Naegi: You saw that? The caretaker said that I had gone overboard though…
Sayaka: But I really admired you for it.
Since then I’ve really been interested in you Naegi-kun…
You know, back then I…

Sayaka: Was that crane you saved and I’ve come to return the favor.
Naegi: …You’re kidding right?
Sayaka: Hehe, yeah I am.
Naegi: It seems you’ve returned to normal.
Sayaka: But I’ve thought it myself! That I’ll end up like that crane and be saved by you Naegi-kun!
My gut feelings are usually right on too!
Since I’m psychic and all.
Naegi: Yeah…good job.
Though I’m pretty sure it’s just a feeling and won’t be anything else.
Sayaka: As thanks when you get tired I’ll act as your assistant!
Naegi: Assistant?
Sayaka: A Super duper High school assistant! So lets do our very best to get out of here!
Naegi: Okay!!

Naegi: Yeah it looks like we can watch them here…
He says that it’ll put us in the mood to kill…
{But what exactly are these….?}

{Dad! Mom! That’s my family and my house!}
???: Congratulations for getting in Makoto!
Mom: It’s really like a dream that you got into Kibou gamine!! Good luck!
Dad: I’m really proud of you Makoto.
But don’t overdo it, okay?
Sister: Can you see me Brother?! Good luck!!
Monobear: This family and it’s household full of happiness…
They thought they’d continue their warm and peaceful daily life forever…
But then, Oh no! Who would think that something like that would happen?!

Monobear: And now here’s the question!! What happened to this loving family?!
{The right answer will be revealed after ‘graduation’!}
Monobear: I have big expectations for you!!!

Touko(?): Noooooooooo!!!
Kyotaka: This has to be a lie!! I refuse to believe it!!
Someone fabricated a huge lie!!
Naegi: D—Did everyone see the same movie?!
Sayaka: No…it can’t be…
This…can’t be..
Naegi: Maizono-san…?

Naegi: Maizono-san!! Get a hold of yourself!
Sayaka: No! Let me go!
Naegi: It’ll be fine! These can’t be true!!
Sayaka: How do you know they’re untrue?
If you know so much then…
Hurry up and get me out of here!!
Naegi: Maizono-san!!!
Monobear: Upupupupupu…

???: Monobear!!
You bastard! Are these movies for real?!
Monobear: Upupupu…seems you losers finally get the situation you’re in.
Kyouko: Yes…We understand…
What you meant by these being our ‘motivation’….
These are meant to agitate us and our feelings of wanting to ‘leave here’.
‘I want to go home’.
‘Even if I have to kill someone’. Right?

{I get it…this is what Monobear wants…}
{To create a motivation to kill!!}
Kyotaka: I get it! We can’t let him get the best of us!!
Aoi: This DVD is all made up isn’t it?!
Monobear: You guys are a rude bunch! Everything in the DVD’s are the real deal!
If you’re really curious about it, why not go outside and check it out?
Kyouko: Why are you doing this to us?
Just what is your objective?
Monobear: Hm? My objective?
Nothing major…

Monobear: Just complete…

Monobear: And utter despair….

{And so our new school lives began.}
{But maybe it’s for the best that I didn’t notice this the moment I stepped into the school…}
{That I got accepted into Kibou gamine wasn’t due to ‘Super duper High school luck….}
{But ‘Super duper High school unluckiness….}
(Panel: The beginning of the end….)
{Remaining members: 15 people.}

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