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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo 112

Man of valor.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 23, 2013 03:11 | Go to Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo

-> RTS Page for Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo 112

Betcha thought I abandoned the present and past to deny this series it's future didn't you?

1) These are raws being funded by my Shounen sunday subscription. (AKA My friggin' money.) I realize that I get the issues later than the leaks appear on the web, but this is something I'm doing out of pure self interest so I'm going to wait till my issues come in to do it.

2) I am probably not going to continue this once the arc ends, and I could very well drop it once it stops being interesting to me, hence me not adding it to my ongoing projects.

3) If someone really wants to scantlate it, fine. I'm not going to do older chapters ever. You do 105 and on, or you do nothing. Credit me if you use the translation. Not reserving it for anyone so do not ask me.

Yamagata: That ‘Masakatsu is a ‘mushibito’ in disguse.
I’ve been Kiba Masakatsu’s loyal retainer since I was a child!!
{What has that ‘Mushibito’…}
{Done with the real Masakatsu?!}
(Side text- Airing every Monday night at 6pm on Tv Tokyo and it’s affilates….The TV anime broadcasts!!)

112th Encampment: Man of valor.
(Bottom text- The newest volume of the manga #10 is in stores June 18th!!)
{Mugai VS the head of the head of Sanada’s group of ten, Kirigakure Saizou!! The battle is going down here..!!}

Kirigakure: To be honest I’m rather surprised..
You managed to dodge all of my magic…
And not just two of my blades but three….all while aiming at me with utmost certainty.
Mugai: I said it already.
The stink of bug radiates from you.
Kirigakure: And thus you swing your sword…
Without the slightest tinge of hesitation.
For we are all the same as you….men of valor and talent.
Yamagata: ‘Mushibito’!!
Tell me!
The human you’re disguised as…
Masakatsu, what have you done with him?
Kirigakure: My name is Kirigakure Saizou…
You will affix a ‘sama’ to my name when addressing me.
As for the man you say I have disguised myself as…
To be frank I really only found his bones necessary…
His face and other matters such as skin were necessary.

Kirigakure: Since he was alive when I took over…
I obviously had to kill him and slice him open.
Yamagata: B…
You will pay Kirigakure Saizou!!!
Kirigakure: And now you recklessly challenge me for the sake of someone who is already dead...your foolishness knows no bounds…
Every single one of you braggards…
It seems this world is choking on the amount of weaklings upon it’s surface.

Kirigakure: Why do people…
Keep from discarding their past,
And striving to live for the future like the strong do?
Yamagata: Guwaaah!
Kirigakure: Don’t move.
It’s about time…
That all of you fools learn what strength is from one who is truly strong.
Obtained a powerful and forbidden technique in order to defeat my master.
{I wanted to be strong…I wanted more power.}
{I wanted the forbidden techiniques my master had…}
{Even if it meant…}
{Killing him!!}

{my own anxiety over now not knowing what to do what myself began.}
{Had I really gained strength after taking this forbidden technique?}
{Because I had gained this power for this sake, I foolishly decided to keep it to myself and never use it.}
Sanada: You finally gained the power you seek….why do you not use it?
{I met…}
{A nobleman.}
Kirigakure: But I…I…
Sanada: You said your name is Saizou?
It seems something is troubling your spirit.
But the entire problem is…
The desire you have to become strong lost out to the ‘tininess’ that is your teacher, right?

Sanada: After all someone who is dead should rot away in the past right?
What you should do is take the past and use it as a stepping stone to now.
If you were to do that, you’d never have to worry about losing sight of tomorrow.
Right Saizou?
Dudes: Prepare yourself Sanada Yukimura!

Sanada: Hmph…
Aren’t you something?
Kirigakure: Yessir!
I soon decided that I would follow that person.
And then I realized the impermanence of worldly things, and constantly being on a path forward.
Living for my master and confiding in the present ….
Is the true mark of valor!

Kirigakure: The master is my future!!
My abilities and my strength exist for the purpose of protecting him!
Yamagata: And for that purpose you…
Make light of the past and kill others…!!
Don’t screw around!!
I will have revenge for Masakatsu!!
Kirigakure: This is the way of the strong.
I suppose weaklings won’t understand.
Then I suppose I should..
Help you weaklings understand…?

Kirigakure: Then it is only appropriate…
That I show you a magic technique synonymous with true fear!
Yamagata: My legs won’t move?
Our bodies are beginning to change>!>
Kirigakure: I will have the both of you..
Become ‘bugs’.

Kirigakure: This art will change your appearance into the bugs you so detest.
You won’t even feel anything.
Soon enough your mind will follow your body and you will lose all reason…
And then like bugs you will live by your instincts.
Yamagata: S---
Kirigakure: Grand forbidden techinique…
(TN- Bug turnover!)


Kirigakure: Ugh….
Mugai: Right on the mark.
When you use other techniques…
The techniques you use on yourself weaken.
Kirigakure: Impossible…
You were waiting for this moment…?

Mugai: You were talking about the strength of valor earlier…
But I wasn’t able to understand a single damn thing you were saying.
I don’t give a damn..
About the present or the future.
All that matters to me is…
Destroying all bugs…
And getting my revenge!!

Mugai: My flesh…
And every pulsation of my heart…
Is dedicated to living for this cause!!

Kirigakure: How funny…
And ridiculous…
That someone who does not see the future could have bested me…!
Mugai: The giant whirlpool..
God among Gods..
Echoes a voice from eternity that strikes the divine into nothingness.
Kirigakure: …What..?
Mugai: Kirigakure…
This is regarding you and Sanada’s futures.

Kirigakure: What?!
Yamagata: What?!
What’s going on?!
The blade is sucking Kirigakure up whole!!
Mugai: I will..
Take your power as a bug….
And use it to,
Erase Sanada’s future.

Kirigakure: You…
Yamagata: Mu…
(Sfx- Dokun *throb*)
(Sfx- Dokun *throb*)
Mugai: Let’s go…
To the nest in Kishuu castle….
It’s time to do some bug extermination.
(Side text- A landslide victory for Mugai!! He can only proceed further!!)

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