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Higajo's gate Oneshot : Higajo's gate

Higajo's gate

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 23, 2013 22:45 | Go to Higajo's gate

Welcome boys and girls to BDR's summer project! Though, instead of math or spelling or anything that's even marginally helpful in making myself a better person, I will be translating first chapters of manga in hopes people will become interested in them and take them over! Who knows? I may even decide to do them myself! Though I will say it now and on each of these translations that I have NO intention on taking on new projects, and might very well do one chapter of these and then drop them. So scantlation is completely up to scantlators, but they should keep in mind that I am not making a commitment to these June projects. Of course stuff listed in my work list doesn't count towards this.

That being said, I plan on doing one of these oneshot-ish things at least once a week. So then there will be at least four 'first chapters' or 'one shots'. Depending on time I may throw in one or two more, but expect at least four throughout June.

This week's subject is Higajo no mon or Higajo's gate! It was a oneshot that ran in the July issue of Jump SQ (and come to think of it, the only one shot I actually did this month.) The authoress and artist is Sakurai Ato! She was once an assistant to one of my favorite mangaka, Fukuchi Tsubasa, and I once translated her first solo effort, Artist Acro! This was enough for me to tackle this project once I heard she was going to be in Jump SQ. The story was pretty fun, and it seems that Sakurai may have intended for it to be a serial should it be popular enough. Her art is heart breakingly cute, so much so that an evil grump like me can't help but be charmed by it, and I hope to see more from her soon enough. I hope everyone enjoys~

PS: She (Sakurai) did mention in her blog that she has an important announcement come August. Maybe it's a new seralization? Either way I'm keeping my eyes open for her next work.

(Top text- Youth and days of taking examination with bright red faces… A dreaming no-good girl needs a man to step in and help right?)
(Circle- Explosive one shot center color)
(Yellow text- The prodigy Sakurai Ato makes her first appearance in Jump SQ!!)

{Middle of third year autumn…}
{The period of asking about future courses…}
(Sign- Guidance office.)
???: Kuze!!
What is this?!
The paper is completely blank isn’t it?
{Kuze Haruka}
Kuze: Yeah it is.
If you were to investigate all of the occupations around the world, you’d have billions…
And I don’t have the time to sift through each one and test if they’re to my liking.
Teacher: KUZE!!!

Teacher: You’re pretty smart, so it’s obvious you’re going to go to college right?!
Don’t you have anything else you’re thinking about?!
Do you have any other dreams?!
{I don’t have any other dreams or concerns.}
{For a while now there hasn’t been anything I really wanna do.}
{I say that but is there really anything people are completely satisfied with?}
Kuze: He should try to understand my point of view. I even had a reason.
Dude: Hey Kuze!!
Check it out! We found something interesting!
Kuze: What?
Her again?

Dude: Rinjo!
Go out with me---
Maruna: Nope.
I don’t have the time of day for you.
Dude: And yet another lone pretty boy falls in defeat!
(Side text- So exhilarating!)
Dude: Some guys are saying that Rinjou Maruna hates dudes.
Kuze: And what’s so great about her?
Dude: Doesn’t she stand out though?!
Her grandma is British! She’s totally got a mysterious aura to her~
I wanna see that pouty face up close~

Dude: Ah…she tripped.
Man, that fleeting feeling is so awesome!
(Handwritten- She’s like a sickly pretty girl.)
Kuze: Huh.
Rinjou has low blood pressure.
She’s always making a pouty expression cause her blood circulation is low.
And the tripping? Yeah, that’s all cause the blood isn’t getting to her head properly.
(Handwritten- That’s all it is.)
Dude: Y’know, you’re smart and everything but you’re dumb too.
Guys have romantic ideals they’ve gotta embrace.
(Handwritten- That’s why you’re not popular.)
Kuze: What?!
Dude: You guys live next door to each other so you’re childhood friends right?
Essentially you can embrace all the romantic ideals you want right?
Kuze: We’re not childhood friends and I have no romantic feelings towards her at all!
She is only another girl to me and that’s it!

(Sfx- Dozuuhh *thunk*)
(Handwritten- Ow!)
Kuze: That hurts!!
What are you…
Maruna: Move.
(Handwritten- Extremely bad mood aura.)
Dude: Hey Kuze….
What exactly did you do to Rinjou?
Kuze: I didn’t do anything!!
Dude: She’s got a ‘special category’ of hatred just for you.
{True enough she does seem to have a whole class of annoyance directed just to me…}
{But I have no idea why!}
Kuze: Dammit, she’s one crazy chick!

Kuze: Rinjou’s alone…
Why’d she come into the classroom…?
{What the heck…?}
Maruna: Ah!
Oh no!!

Kuze: Just now…

Kuze: Rinjou!
Maruna: What?
What do you want?
I’m really bu—
(Sfx- toh *thuk*)
Kuze: It…really..

Maruna: So you saw it….
Kuze Haruka!!
Kuze: Wha?
Maruna: Since it’s come to this….
Kuze: What is this?!

(Sfx- Giri *grind*)
Kuze: Hey..
Just what the hell are you doing….?
Maruna: You will sign this contract right now!
Kuze: Contract?
Maruna: That you will never tell anyone!!
What you saw earlier and what you will see for now on…
Oh and you’ll have to do anything I say!
(Paper- Contract)
Kuze: What?!
Maruna: And if you decline…
I’ll use this to beat your temporal lobe until your memories have been completely erased!
(On club- Northern sea lion killer.)

Kuze: Rinjou…
Just what the hell are you?
Maruna: Just a witch.
Kuze W—
Maruna: You know my grandmother right?
Kuze: Ah..you mean…
The old lady that despite her age still does witch cosplay….
(Sfx- Ihihihihi *Hehehehe*)
(Handwritten- Would you like some snacks Haru-boy.)
Maruna: Wichery runs in my family lineage.
Maurna: What do you mean by ‘that’?! Don’t be rude!

Maruna: You know, Witches are…
And strong…
So you watch what you say about them!!
Let me give you some facts!
This world has always been secretly held together by witches!
To you on the surface they’ve been regaled as famous healers or guides…
But they’ve worked in politics, economics and even have provided advice! They work as weather ladies and in several other fields!!
(Panel- I’ll tell predict the weather!)
Maruna: Day by day they use the power of nature within them! They are behind most paranormal phenomenon!!
{Do your best to keep up, my fragile thought processes!!}
Maruna: By the way, my energy alignment is with…
‘The moon’.
Kuze: The moon huh…?
So then I guess I can assume she has some ability to control the moon’s gravitational pull…?

Kuze: Hey, let me see the power that caused this to float..
One more time.
Maruna: Eh?
Kuze: Why? You can’t do it?
Maruna: Wha?!
I can TOTALLY do it! What are you saying?!
Kuze: Blowing on it is forbidden.
And so is using your hands.
Maruna: I’m tired.
Kuze: 10 seconds haven’t passed yet!!

Maruna: This morning the blood circulation to my head hasn’t been that great!
It’s been tough for me all morning so leave me alone!!
{Low blood pressure.}
Kuze: It’s evening now though.
Though I get it…
You can’t control your powers can you?
Maruna: Ugh!!
What do you know about me?!
Kuze: Um…plenty. You’re like an open book.
In any case, there are plenty of possibilities as to why you can’t control it..
First there’s how you screwed up before…
Maruna: Waaah!
Kuze: Then when I asked ‘If you can’t do it’, you got really mad…
Maruna: I TOTALLY can! What are you saying?
Kuze: And then…

Kuze: There are the bags under your eyes.
I think the problem comes from you continuously not getting any sleep…
Which means you probably have something bugging you right?
Maruna: W—what…
What’s his problem?!
(Handwritten- Kuoooohhhh Beaaar.)
(TN- Kuma is the word for bear, as well as bags under one’s eyes.)
Maruna: Hmph….you just go on and on seeing right through people!
But I suppose that’s been one of your strong points for a long time huh?
All right then…
This works out well.
You will help me then!
Kuze: …Say what?

Kuze: Whaat!?
I’m supposed to help a witch with her powers?!
Why should I do that?
Maruna: Seems someone is forgetting about a little contract he signed that stipulates ‘Doing anything I say’!
(Paper- Contract)
Kuze: You just added that part in didn’t you?!
Maruna: Whatever! Just read this!
Kuze: The school information pamphlet?
Maruna: Eastern castle saint academy!!
Hikajo for short!
(TN- Higashi jou sei gakuen)
Maruna: You can act stupid all you want, but you’ve heard of this too right!
Kuze: Yeah…I did hear it’s somewhere west of the train station.
They’re scouting and gathering people….I hear they’re some sorta prestigious university.
Maruna: That’s what they’re doing on the surface!

Maruna: The real name is ‘Eastern forest Saint witches academy’!!!
(Handwritten- Higajo for short!)
Maruna: It’s an educational institution that gathers witches and raises them to be the best of the best!!
A witches powers have to be trained in that academy or…
At 16 years old they lose these powers forever!
(Sfx- Hohoho)
Maruna: Of course I’m going to take the examination too!
The main part of the exam is a practical application where you have to display your powers!!
The way I am now if I took the test I’d have a tough time for sure!!
That’s why you’re going to help me without any objections..
Until I can pass the test on my own!
Got it?!
Kuze: Why does it have to be me?
You hate me anyway, right?
…..by the way when is this test supposed to be?

Maruna: Tonight at 3am.
Maruna: Get it?!
I’m in a situation now where I have to ask someone I can’t stand for help!!
Besides you’re pretty smart, so you should be able to help me easily!!
{What the hell is this?}
{She’s asking for some crazy stuff here!!}
{Plus does she realize she just said the test is in the middle of the night?!}
{This school sounds like nothing but trouble…!!}
Maruna: You’d better forget any silly notions you had of sleeping tonight.
Cause if you fall asleep this is what’ll happen.
Kuze: Crap!! She’s more troublesome than the school!!

{Geez this has turned into a pain}
{Then I guess I’ll try to find a break to book it.}
{After all her test is none of my business.}
Maruna: This doll…
Is about the same weight as myself.
(Sfx- Dobuuun *flop*)
Kuze: How many kilos are you?
Maruna: Do you want me to punch you?!
I said it before that my alignment as a witch is with the ‘moon’.
And since as of now I can’t even levitate myself….
I think using this little guy is the best way I can get practice.
Are you getting a good look?
If you don’t give me your complete devotion and good advice…
I’ll mash you up!
Kuze: I don’t like my fate being described with that sound effect!!

Maruna: I can use my powers for a few seconds whenever I sneeze…
So I’ll get myself to ‘sneeze continuously’ and increase my floating time!!
Kuze: Rinjou…
You won’t get any better at controlling your powers like this.
See whenever you sneeze your body tenses up and it gets harder to control yourself.
Plus I doubt you whom has very little stamina will be able to withstand this for long.
(Handwritten- My ribs ache…)
Kuze: So listen to my advice from here on out!!

Kuze: So your other activation condition is…
Maruna: Yeah. Problem?
Kuze: And that’s not even really coffee. It’s ‘Tea colored sugar’!!
Maruna: I don’t like bitter things!!
Kuze: There’s a limit to everything!!
Okay, so it’s not at all as stable as it was before….
And it appears your floating limit is two meters…
Isn’t this good enough?
Maruna: Don’t even kid around!
I can’t surpass Choi Hong man with two meters!!
Kuze: What the hell are you trying to achieve here?!
(TN- He’s a famous and huge (7’1) kickboxer.)

Kuze: Okay then, other than coffee and sneezing, do you have any other methods?
Or are you saying you don’t know any other ways besides those two?
Something more common…
A key that will unlock your powers….do you have something like that?
You’ve got something saved up don’t you?!
Or are you trying to tell me that there’s no other commonality points that you can use? Have we utilized every option?
Maruna: There is one.
No peaking!!
Kuze: Who would?!
A ‘bath’?!
So this is why she kept quiet about it.
Though I’m not here because I wanna be dammit!

{If she doesn’t want to do this, she should just say so.}
{I mean there’s no point of pushing something that seems fruitless anyway right?}
Kuze: Hey Rinjou.
Why do you want to be a witch so badly anyway?
Maruna: What do you mean?
Kuze: Well…
We’re talking about a witch here.
It’s not normal, and you’d definitely become a minority.
Maruna: So if you were in this situation…
What would you choose? To be normal?
Kuze: eh?
Maruna: After all…
A witch is a witch.

Maruna: And witches are cool, aren’t they?
{She was able to give me an answer without hesitation…}
{Without anything resembling a reason or logic…}
{Is it really something to be this attracted to?}
{Moreover what kind of sensation is this?}
Maruna: If I don’t take this challenge…
I’ll be stuck with a normal life…which is boring.
My instincts are saying as much…
You have to try harder!! And stuff like that.

Maruna: I wasn’t talking to you just now!!
I was talking to myself!
It’s not like you’d understand romantic ideals like that anyway!
Kuze: Yeah, yeah.
I suppose..
You’re right about that….me not understanding.
I don’t…
Have dreams.
Maruna: Of course not, you’re the same boring guy as always.
Kuze: Y’know…

Kuze: Why do you hate me?
Did I do something wrong?
{I’m an idiot!}
{I let my mouth run without checking with my brain…}
Maruna: You forgot?!
Are you an idiot?!
Kuze: Hey! There’s no need to yell!
Maruna: Yes there is!
Kuze: Don’t splash around in there!!
Maruna: But—but…
Back when were little you…
Hey! When we grow up what do you want to do?
I have a dream!!
It’s an amazing dream too!
Kuze: You know..

{You shouldn’t go thinking people with dreams are that great.}
{Cause there’s a pretty good chance these dreams are what will hold ‘em down in the end, right?}
Maruna: And then in the end you were like ‘Your dream isn’t worth knowing’ and stuff…
Don’t go making fun of people’s dreams!!
{Whoa…did something like that really happen?}
{And that’s why she hates me…}
{And…she’s splashing a lot in there…}
Kuze: I’m sorry..!
I didn’t mean to make light of you.
You’ve been after this since you were so little huh…
{So that’s why she has all of this gathered here.}
Kuze: Hey…what about your special training?
Lets go ahead and give it a shot.
{Be careful not to spend too long in the bath if you have low blood pressure.}

Kuze: Are you okay?!
Hey! Your blood raced to your head and then your consciousness…
Where’s your towel?!
The towel!!
Rinjou!! Wake up!!
Ugh, to think I got her riled up to this point….I’m such an idiot!!
Don’t drown in your own tub for God’s sake.

Maruna: YAAAAAAH!!!
Kuze: UNGH!!
Maruna: Ah…

Kuze: Owww..
Where am I? My room?
How long was I out for….?
What time is it now?!
Half past two?!
She was supposed to go to that test thing at 3…!
Did she manage to raise her powers any more?
Did she make it to school on time?
Well…with her low blood pressure..
She should be in bed sleeping….it’d probably be tough to get her up.

Kuze: Dude…what am I getting worried about?
This has nothing to do with me.
On the contrary, now I’m free!!
I’m pretty sure she…
Won’t be coming out of her room any time soon…

Kuze: Heeey!!
Get up!
What the hell are you doing?!
Isn’t that important test of yours about to go down?
Maruna: Ah…!!
Kuze: eh?
Maruna: Dummy!!
Kuze: She’s awake?
Then why…?

Kuze: Rinjou…
Maruna: It doesn’t matter!!
No matter what I do my powers will always come up short…!!
I don’t have the qualifications…
To be a witch!!
The powers I inherited from Grandma…
Aren’t supposed to be able to hurt even a mouse I thought…
A witch is supposed to be an elegant and I failed…!!
Kuze: What?
Are you saying..
You lost your confidence after that?!
Aren’t you supposed to be a brutal chick?!
Maruna: Problem?!
Kuze: What’s a problem here is…
That test…! What are you going to do about it?
If you don’t do anything about the exam you’ll lose your witch powers right?
Is that how you really want things to end?
Maruna: How can a guy with no dreams understand this?
You don’t get how I feel at all!!

Kuze: Sure…
I don’t have any dreams I can write home about..
And I don’t know what it’s like to have to put effort and preparedness into something…
White space! Emptiness! Nothingness! Having absolutely nothing…
I know all about it!
You’ve always had a dream…
And you should treasure it!
You’ve always been trying so hard…
All alone haven’t you?
Maruna: And witches are cool, aren’t they?
Kuze: Then you should choose where you go next!!
Maruna: Why..
Why would you say that…
To me…?

{That’s right…}
{I’m free of her…}
{I don’t have any reason to come back here.}
Kuze: But I already have my answer!!
It’s because I want to see you…
Make your dreams come true!!!
Maruna: …What?

Kuze: Rinjou?
Maruna: Waaah!!
I get it okay?
You just want me to go there right?
If I go and do it you’ll be happy right?
But the problem is I’ll never make it now.
I have no idea if they’ll still let me in the campus…
I’m still dizzy and my head feels horrible…
Kuze: Sneezing…
And Rinjou…
I get it!!
Rinjou I know your power’s activation conditions!
I have one hypothesis! We have to try it..!!
Maruna: Eh?!
I can’t…
Right now…
Something’s weird…

Maruna: …..
Kuze: You should…
Be able to fly now.
Maruna: Wait…
Why are you gripping my hand like that?
Let go…



Maruna: We’re floating…!!!
Kuze: We should be able to make it to the school now!
Maruna: Eh?
Kuze: if you go straight there…
You can make it in time!!
Maruna: Yeah!!!

Maruna: H..Hey!
How did you figure out my powers and how they work?!
What’s the activation condition?!
Kuze: What? You mean you still don’t get it?
Maruna: Sh—shut up!!
Obviously I can’t deduce things as quickly as you!!

Kuze: You have to raise your blood pressure!
For it to work.
Maruna: Blood pressure?
Kuze: See, it’s sorta like in battle manga where guys have to get all ried up for their powers to activate right?
(Handwritten- The image is close to that.)
Maruna: I don’t know what that means!!
Though honestly…
My chest is pounding really hard…
And this is the first time I’ve felt this way…
Kuze: Normally your blood pressure is really low and you can’t use your abilities.
(Handwritten Uggh…so tired..)
Kuze: but when you sneeze it goes up for a second.
And when you drink coffee the caffeine causes your blood pressure to rise which achieves the same effect.
It’s the same when you take a bath.

Maruna: Then…what…
What did holding hands have to do with any of that?
Kuze: It’s stress!
Stress is the major cause of raising blood pressure!
You hate me don’t you?
So if I do this you’re bound to get stressed.
And voilà! Success!
Maruna: I see…
So this pounding is from stress…
(Sfx- Doki doki doki *throb throb throb*)
Maruna: Ye—yeah..
I do…
Dislike you…

Maruna: But holding hands is…
Something I can forgive…
Because this is ‘a special case’!!

Kuze: Really?
I’m glad.
Maruna: Th—this pounding is stress…
Kuze: Awesome! We made it in time!!
Rinjou! One of your shoes fell off!!
Will you be able to get to the test like this?
(Sfx- Kon *tok*)
Maruna: It’ll be fine!
Look at this!
I’ll make it light and lift it up to me!!


Kuze: WHAAA?!

Girl: We’re floating?
What is this?
Maruna: I think I overdid it.
Kuze: You idiot!! Put it back immediately!!
You’re too friggin’ powerful for your own good!!
Lady: P-p-p-p-p-principal!!
The school floated for a moment!!!
Principal: I see.
The testees are pretty energetic this year huh?
Maruna: You’re the key to activating my witch abilities…
So you have to come and take the test with me!
Kuze: Eh?
Maruna: You said you wanted to see it…
My dreams come true right?

Maruna: Then let this elegant and powerful witch..
Give you something so that you’re no longer empty!!
So come with me without any complaints!!
Got it?!
Kuze: Geez…up until just a moment ago this chick was in tears…
I got it.
{I suppose until I’m able to have dreams of my own…}
{Being with her won’t be so bad.}

Kuze: Let’s go!!
Hold the phone…would a guy…
Even be allowed in a school of witches?
Maruna: What are you saying?
If they won’t let you in, then you’ll just have to dress as a girl!
Kuze: What?!
{Suddenly I have a feeling that this is going to be more trouble than it’s worth…}
(Side text- Higajo life starts?!)

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