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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 453

Its during alumni reunions that things you don’t want to remember are revived.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 10, 2013 00:00 | Go to Gintama

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Between sips of Yakult and Pokari, a bittersweet past far more potent than even the most meticulously prepared sports drink rises to the surface like ice after a long drink...

Hi wa mata noboru only.

{Last time on Gintama.}
{From the shadows of the patriot wars comes an invitation to gather from another unknown hero. The illusionary fifth man ‘Kurokono Tasuke’. He asked Gintoki and the gang to get together for a patriot class reunion, but the group is unable to remember anything of substance about him.}
{Even right up to the meeting of patriot alumni, they have been trying to remember something about Kurokono and forcefully enter into a past reminisces arc, but have instead wiled away time remembering things that have no relation to the plot at hand…..and as for Kurokono….}
(Side text- An alumni gathering that could be called a ‘miracle’…?!)
Lady: Kind sirs…
I have brought..
One more person to attend your gathering…
(Side text- Gintama the movie: Final act Yorozuya forever is a smash hit!! To all of you who jig to Gintama!! The movie awaits!!)
{He’s heeeeeeeeeeere!!!}
{We can’t remember a single thing about him…}
{But Kurokono has finally showed up to the parttttttyyyyyyy!!}

Gintoki: Um…I just remembered I have something to do…so I’ll be back in a bit.
(Sfx- Datsuhhh *dasssh*)
Sakamoto: And where are you goin’ Kintoki?!
(Sfx- Gacha *clack*)
(Sfx- Gachaah *sssght*)
Katsura: I will not permit you to escape!!
Sakamoto: For our Pokari and Yakult…
Both: Pay up four thousand five hundred// five hundred forty yen!!
Is this the time to worry about that?! Kurokono has actually shown up!! The most awkward alumni meeting in the friggin’ universe is about to begin!!
Katsura: Do you believe that we’d forget about what you owe after a mere week?! I won’t let you leave with my money in your hands!
Sakamoto: We’re gonna settle ten fateful years right here and now bro!
???: Heheheh….
For a alumni meeting you all sure are noisy…
Considering this is supposed to be a gathering of heroes, I can’t help but see how pathetic you are.
But no need to worry….Kurokono hasn’t yet arrived.
(Sfx- Zatshhh *Sffft*)

???: This alumni meeting is still open…
To one more person…
We are still lacking or illusionary fifth man…
Someone: Yo—
You are…
No way…
???: That’s right…
I just want to destroy…

Takechi: This..
Awkward alumni meeting.
(Side text- And you’re ooooooooout!!)
(Side text- The latest volume of the manga #50 is out in stores everywhere!)
Lesson 453: Its during alumni reunions that things you don’t want to remember are revived.
(Sfx- Don don *blam blam*)
(Sfx- Gan gan *thok thok*)
Sakamoto: Hey…who in blazes are you?
Takechi: Hold on, time out, time out. I was just kidding. You do know what a joke is right? It was just a little alumni humor.
The degree of your straight man response is high and beyond what’s necessary.
Gintoki: Listen, when we make jokes we do it with our lives on the line. So you’d best be prepared to tell a joke like it’s the last thing you’ll ever say.
(TN- Takechi’s last line ‘High and beyond’ is a homophone to Takasugi’s name. ‘Taka’ being high and ‘sugi’ being excessive or beyond.)

Katsura: Wait…
I recall that you were in league with Takasugi…as…wait, a strange lolicon..
Takechi: I’m not a lolicon but a feminist.
…Wait, that’s not it. I’m the Kiheitai’s strategist, Takechi Henpeita.
Gintoki: Kihentai?! You mean the guys who surround Takasugi?!
Takechi: I’m not hentai, but a feminist.
(TN- Hentai. You know, that stuff that real Gintama fans buy.)
Takechi: And please wait a moment. Yes, you gentlemen are all enemies of Shinsuke-dono…
But it isn’t our general’s intention to alienate you by means of personal grudges. Such conduct is uncouth.
As such I would believe that his fellow brothers in arms would refrain from uncouth actions such as pointing a sword at me out of raw anger.
I have only come to deliver Shinsuke-dono’s message to you.
Gintoki: So he got invited to this reunion too? But he’s totally not going to talk to anyone. He’s probably going to stare at his phone the whole time till it’s over.
Takechi: I’m sorry to disappoint you but he’s unable to attend the gathering.
But Kurokono-dono and Shinsuke-dono…
It would not be an exaggeration to label their relationship that of close friends.

{For reals?}
{That guy…Takasugi….had friends?}
Takechi: It’s because it seems no one remembers that I brought from him…
A letter.
{A letter?}
{From Takasugi…to us?!}
Takechi: I do hope that even if it’s just a little, everyone’s memories are stirred upon hearing this.
{A—are you serious? Then he remembers Kurokono?!}
(Letter- I’ll buy Yakult for this meeting too. Be sure to share it with Shirako.)
Who the fuck is Shirako?! Moreover, who has a BFF and doesn’t remember their naaaaaaaaame?!
Lastly he’s still on that Yakult nonsense?! Just how long can that guy hold a grudge?! Did he really write that?!

Takechi: Ah, pardon me. I made a mistake.
Gintoki: Yeah! That has to be it! There’s no way Takasugi would write this!!
This is…oh yes, from the Kiheitai new years party…when Shinsuke-dono had a large quantity of Yakult sent to Shirako….
Takechi: Please accept my apologies. Shinsuke-dono wouldn’t have written this…here’s the real letter.
(Letter- I got some fresh yakult delivered to you nice and cold. Please drink one on my behalf.)
Forget about Kuroko, this is has pretty much become a conversation about Yakult!! This has got to be a weirdass joke!!
Takechi: Once again I seem to be mistaken….wait, I remember. This was the time where was away from home and left this for the Kiheitai members who had been left behind.
Gintoki: I’m in denial that he wrote this dammit! Is your general okay?!
Takechi: I’m sorry. Shinsuke-dono wouldn’t write this kind of thing either.
This is the real letter.
(Sfx- Piraaah *peek*)

{Sleep well…}
Takechi: And if you will excuse me, I will take my leave.
Gintoki: Um…
I truly don’t understand what this meaaaaaaaans!!
Pokari and sleeping well?!
What the hell does this mean?! Would it have killed him to go into a little more detail?! It’s just superfluous this way dammit!!
Who is he telling to sleep well?! Is this to Kurokono? The pokari?!
This is exactly what I’d expect an 8th grader to write dammit! That asshead...what I’d like to destroy is your sense of literary talent!
Sakamoto: Hold up Kintoki…
That Pokari is…

Sakamoto: Y—yeah man…
Zura and I were actually remembering Kurokono, it’s just our heads were full of fuzz and pokari that kept getting in the way, but…
Katsura: T—there is no mistaking it….
The past that Kurokono and the three of us share…
Is connected by this…
Can of Pokari.
Gintoki: Eh? What the hell are you talking about? Are you saying you remember?
You’ve gotta be kidding…Just because of this Pokari?
Something like this can’t…

Katsura: Good work keeping lookout.
What’s the shogunate army looking like?
Gintoki: I can tell from here that they’re hurting real bad.
They’re not going anywhere for the next two or three days.
If we’re going to press down on them, now’s the time right?
Katsura: Don’t be a fool. They aren’t the only ones who can’t make a move.
The only idiots full of vigor during this war situation are
You and…

Katsura: Takasugi.
This is no time or place to engage them in battle.
If I were you I’d keep that vigor in check for a more appropriate time.
You all are so exasperating, be it Takasugi, you or the others…you all think the same thing.
It’s as if you demons want to constantly be pursued.
It’ll only be about two days until the reinforcements arrive, so stave your blade until then.
If you can’t wait that long then you can go engage them in battle with your like minded comrades.
Gintoki: Quit joking around.
We’ve been fighting or talking about fighting for an entire month.
Katsura: So the only one who’s set to argue now…
Sakamoto: Gahahahahah!!
You guys aren’t bein’ honest with yourselves! You know full well you wanna scrap with ‘em right?
I heard you guys went to the same school and all…
But ya really only get to start makin’ friends wit somebody when ya fight with ‘em!!

Gintoki(?): Hey, hows your body? Is it okay? It might be better for you to get some sleep.
I heard that you’ve still got some delicacy left over.
Sakamoto: Gahahgahah! No need to worry about me bro! If it’s delicacy it was cut off with my umbilical cord long ago!
Gintoki: If you get it then shut the hell up. It’d be a problem if all of humanity ended up like you who sleeps with the same chicks.
Sakamoto: Gahahahah! I guess we do end up taking the same chicks huh? I remember that one time when we went to the red light district…
And you and Takasugi ended up choosing the same girl.
And the girl thought Takasugi looked better so she ended up with him. Is that why the two of you fight all of the time?
(Sfx- Para para *clatter clatter*)
Gintoki: Better watch out, I’ve heard stray bullets have been fired around here.
(Handwritten- Best watch your step.)
Sakamoto: Heh, it’s all good man! I heard she was totally not interested in him after that!
(Sfx- Gahahahah)
Sakamoto: Takasugi ended up drinking till his eyes turned bloodshot! Dude’s one total buzzkill!
(Sfx- Zudoohh *dhook*)

(Sfx- Buraaan *fwaop*)
Takasugi: I bought some Yakult.
Shut the hell up and drink.
Someone: What are you guys doing?!
Gintoki & Takasugi: Shut up and stay out of our business.
Sakamoto: Zura, this ain’t good man. This stalemate is causing everyone to get stressed out. It won’t be long till someone lashes out with an explosive temper.
Katsura: The one who’s setting explosives is YOU.
Sakamoto: If we don’t give everyone a breather an internal conflict is gonna start.
Awwright. Lets go to the red light district.
Katsura: And where do you suggest we find one on this mountain?!
Sakamoto: Should I go back to Lady Satsuki?
Katsura: Lady Satsuki is a no go! Choose someone else!!
Sakamoto: What do ya mean Zura?! Have you been getting on with her?!
Katsura: Of course not! I had heard she was a widow from someone. I had only intended to befriend her…
Sakamoto: You befriended her while riding her? What’s that supposed to mean bro?!
(Sfx- Gyah gyah)
???: Umm….it looks to me like everyone needs a breather…
Oh man…what should I do?
Oh! I know!

???: How about this guys? We can lighten the mood a bit…
With a game of kick the can.
Someone: Back then…
The one who had suggested kick the can….
Who was it?
Katsura(?): Kick the can? What kind of foolishness is this?!
We’re in a stalemate in a warzone!!
Who came up with that ridiculous idea?!
Say something!! Gintoki, Takasugi!!
Gintoki: Listen up shortie. You’d better not try to hide shit in the can. It’s supposed to be empty, dig?
So imma make sure the pull tab is completely out.
Are you going to try to make up some sorta excuse when you lose?
Since now your favorite surprise attacks aren’t going to mean shit.

Takasugi: Yeah…for something like this the Kiheitai has no need for a plan of that level.
Gintoki: Fine by me! Lets wee who’s gonna seek and kick that can first!!
(Sfx- Datsuhh *dash*)
Katsura: So they can cut loose NOW of all times?! They’re more energetic than they are when it’s time to fight!!
???: You should hurry and hide too, Katsura-san, Sakamoto-san.
I’ll be ‘it’.
Gintoki: Who was the one who decided to be it….?
The one who decided to hide in the temple
And count to one hundred….who was that again?
(Handwritten- One…twooo…threeeee.)
(Sfx- Gasa goso *shffft*)
Katsura: For God’s sake.
What the hell are they doing at a time like this?
(Handwritten- Dude, you’re pretty into this too aren’tcha?)
Sakamoto: C’mon man. Once in a while this sorta thing is okay.
Katsura: Hm?
What are those wounded soidlers doing in front of that gate…
Sakamoto: Patrolling?
Katsura: No…their appearance….

Katsura: Who’s brigade are they with?
Their faces don’t appear to have been injured…
(Sfx-Gasaaah *sdsssh*)
Katsura: No way…!
They’ve hidden themselves within our injured ranks!!
The enemy has targeted that area and they’re letting them in!!
(Sfx- Gagoooonn *clattterrr*)
Enemy soldiers: Drop them all in one hit!!
Don’t let even a single of the rebel army escape!!
(Sfx- Bata bata *clatter clatter*)
Enemy soldiers: Huh….? The enemy is….
Takasugi: There’s no one like that…
Gintoki: You guys are still a hundred years too early…
To pull off a surprise attack on us.
(Sfx- Kastuhh *Sheeen*)

(Sfx- Dogoooooon *Boooooooooom*)
Enemy soldiers: N—no way!! They used their own men as bait?!
Katsura: Gintoki!! Takasugi!!
Gintoki: Our guys have already run to the lower gate.
Katsura: You don’t mean to tell me your actions were to lead the spies out into the open…!!
Takasugi: Zura, this is the time to punish these fools.
Gintoki: Don’t you say that we shouldn’t make a move now.
Katsura: Yeah…!!
Go as wild as you wish!!
Sakamoto: Hold on dudes! We were in the middle of something just now right?!
Guys: We’ll worry about it later!!
(Sfx- Koroooh *roool*)
{Back then…}
{The guy who was in the temple we blew up still playing kick the can…}
{Who was he agaaaaaaaaaaaain?!}
(Side text- What truth awaits at the end of revived memories….?!)

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