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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 454

Class reunion of shadows and demons.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 19, 2013 23:59 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 454

Whoa...Sorachi was that almost not a troll?

Hi wa mata noboru only.

{How about this guys? We can lighten the mood a bit…
With a game of kick the can.}
{You should hurry up and hide. I’ll be ‘It’.}
(Side text- Revived memories….)
(Sfx- Dogaaaaah *Booooom*)
(Sfx- Kuaaaaaaaaah *roaaaaaaaar*)
Katsura: Have you remembered….Gintoki?
Gintoki: Uh…I think from the very beginning…
This was something we never really forgot.
This memory of the past is something we didn’t want to remember…
It was sealed in the very, very deep annals of our hearts….yeah…

{The past where our buddy Kurokono Tasuke…}
{Was killed in an explosion while playing kick the can…..}
(Side text- A can that begets a tragedy?)
Lesson 454: Class reunion of shadows and demons.
(Side text- Gintama the movie- Final act is a huge hit in theaters!! Everyone, don’t be late to the final bash of the Gintama anime!!!)
Gintoki: Y---
You’ve got to be kidding…
Then….Kurokono Tasuke has…
Kicked the bucket a long time ago?
Katsura: Because he has such a weak presence, we totally forgot that he was playing kick the can with us…
And so back then he was done in by our hands…
….There’s no mistaking it…
That’s why Takasugi would write something like this.
Probably he was under the mistaken idea that this was a meeting to share our regrets regarding Kurokono rather than a class reunion.
Gintoki: Nononononononono….
This can’t be happening dammit.

Gintoki: Someone….
Had to have sent us these letters….
If not him…then who…
Invited us to gather at this class reunion….?
Sakamoto: It could be that our bud Kurokono is still…
Continuing his game of kick the can?
So…I guess I’m tryin’ to say…
That he’s still looking for us?
That he’s unaware of his own death….
And has become an actual factual ‘wandering demon’ who plays the game from beyond?
Looking for us?

(Sfx- Gahahahahah)
Sakamoto: Aint’ no way that our buddy was accidently blown up in that explosion!!
We’re just rememberin’ the facts wrong!!
He had to have run off before the explosion hit right? Though I gotta say I don’t remember seein’ him or nothin’….
But that guy ain’t one to just kick tha’ bucket so easily! Though to be upfront I don’t remember him at all!
Yup! I totally don’t remember our illusionary fifth man Kurokono Tasuke at all!!
Anyway dudes, it was cool and all that we remembered Kurokono a little bit, but lets put a kibosh on the bomb talk for now ‘kay?
(Handwritten- That bomb back then was pretty awesome though.)
Katsura: Yes. Rather than spend time on that, we could converse upon how impressive the smoke of the explosive was.
Okay then, I shall relieve myself and wait for him to arrive.
Sakamoto: ….hm?
Hey Kintoki, you don’t look so hot.
Gintoki: Yeah…maybe I knocked back too much booze….
{I’m thinking about this too hard.}
{That guy….Kurokono…}
{I mean the whole notion of him gathering us here so he can drag us to hell with him…}
{A ghost calling together a reunion like this…}
{It’s gotta be no more than a funny story to lighten the mood.}

{It’s gonna be fine, I know it. Kurokono’s going to show up, but not as a ghost…}
{He’s gonna walk in on his two feet like any other dude.}
Katsura: Hm?
Why is this empty can here?
(Sfx- Kaaan *taaap*)
???: Katsura-saaaaaaaan. I foooooooound yooooou.
And I’m stepping on the caaaaan.
(Sfx- Biku *poit*)
Sakamoto: Eh…?
Hey…did you hear Zura screaming just now?
Did he try to take a dump and it got in his long hair?
Gintoki: ….He is sorta taking a long time to get back from the bathroom…
Sakamoto: That’s cause he’s gotten his hair caught in the flusher.
No helpin’ it….
(Handwritten- Up I go.)
Sakamoto: …To check on ‘im?

Gintoki: Oh? Really? Well that’s good timing! I was just thinking of taking a leak…
Sakamoto: Really? Then you go check on him.
Gintoki: Say what?
Sakamoto: ….We both don’t need to go to look after him, know what I mean?
Gintoki: But it’s been so long since we had a class reunion like this right? You know how we used to do the whole cross pissing thing right?
Sakamoto: No…can’t say I do.
Gintoki: Or was it cross crapping? Anyway Imma come with you.
Sakamoto: Hey Zuraaaaa!!
That’s weird…I don’t see him anywhere.
Maybe he’s already headed back….I’ll go after him.
Gintoki: Hold the hell up! I’m not done yet, so until I am just stay there!!
I’m beggin’ ya. Just stay there, and leave it open. I need ventilation to go and stuff.
Sakamoto: What’s got you all scared now?
Gintoki: …I ain’t never scared dammit! This is a class reunion! What’ wrong with wanting to spend a long time with your buddies and reminiscing?!
Sakamoto: I ain’t gonna hang out there with you.

Gintoki: HEY! TATSU..
???: I found yooooooou Sakamoto-saaaaaaan.
I kick the caaaan~
Now just…
One more left…
(Sfx- Kuzu kusu kusu *heh heh heh*)
(Sfx- Dodododo *tmptmptmp*)
(Sfx- Paaan *slam*)
(Sfx- Dere derere derere derere dereree derere dererere *dumdumdudumdudumdumdm*)

Gintoki: This is awesome…if I could do this it’s awesome…
(Sfx- Gaku gaku *shiver shiver*)
(Sfx- Buru buru *shake shake*)
Gintoki: That dream this dream, I’ve got plenty of them~
Everyone and everybody’s dreams can come true…
All of them granted from this mysterious pocket~
Being able to fly freely in the sky….
Takechi: Yup…
No need to worry, as all three of you will soon ascend to the heavens.
Matako: Takechi-senpai…it worked like almost immediately.
Lookit him. The great Shiroyasha’s pissing himself in fear.
Takechi: Hmph. It’s because he’s dealing with a spirit. He may not fear what is real, but his Achilles heel is that which is supernatural. We have confirmation of this now….
What about Katsura and Sakamoto?
Matako: They’ve got an all expenses paid pass to dreamland thanks to our hypnotic gas.
Now Shiroyasha’s the last one.
(Handwritten- Dadadadaaa That’s our beloved Doraemoooon)
Matako: Once we nail him, our patriot shitennou assassination plan will be complete.

Matako: Though I didn’t think using the name of their sworn friend Kurokono Tasuke…
Would be enough to gather them here AND that the plan would go so well…
Takechi: There isn’t anyone that doesn’t lower their guard when returning to a class reunion.
I was like a fruit before ripening back in my golden age in temple school….surrounded by everyone…
Yet why was I unaware of my own desires? Why is it during that time that I wore Hanako-chan’s jersey…?
Matako: Forget lowering your guard, it sounds like something pretty horrible was just said, Takechi-hentai.
Though was it really a good idea to fool Shinsuke-sama with this sort of thing?
(Handwritten- Even going as far as having this letter prepared…)
Takechi: From the path Shinsuke-dono is taking, he would have eventually found their continued existence to be a nuisance.
Before that happens it is obvious as officers on his staff that we must take measures to be rid of them.
Moreover we will not be the ones to erase them this time….
It will be mistaking this situation for the sin that binds them…
I, the vengeful ghost of Kurokono Tasuke will finally take what is owed…
As I have the right to pass judgment on the lot of them.
Matako: Senpaaaaai! That’s a different Kuroko completely!! If you don’t knock this off we’re the ones who are going to receive judgment!!
Takechi: Everyone, Shiroyasha is on his last legs now…
Let’s go with box one. I’ll engage him man to man while the rest of you stand ready to defend.

Matako: Be careful Senpai…
He might be on his last legs but he is the guy who once fought along with Shinsuke-sama, and was feared as a ‘demon’!
(Sfx- Soooh *reeeeh*)
(Sfx- Hita hita *tap tap*)
Takechi: What’s Shiroyasha’s current condition?
Matako: He’s entered the second verse of Doraemon’s lyrics.
(Handwritten- Homework, school duties doodedoodooo//that thing this thing are lalalalalala)
Matako: Its seems like he barely remembers the lyrics.
I’ll let you know when it’s a good time to go in.
(Handwritten- Everyone, everyone, everyone fulaalalala with his helpful tools…)
(Handwritten- There’s a toy soldier…)
Gintoki: Um…err…
Takechi: Attack here!!
(Sfx- Doooh *doom*)
Gintoki: Oh right…the second part is ‘Attack here’. I remember.
(Handwritten- Thanks a lot, though now how does the third part about the door go..?)
Matako: Wait a damn minute!! Now you seem like the guy who remembers Doraemon’s theme song and came to help!

Matako: Hurry up and fix this!! You have to scare Shiroyasha again!!
Takechi: …Give me your sooooul for fooood.
Gintoki: Oh, food? Right. If you go straight from here and take a left then a right you’ll see some food in the hallway of the inn.
(Sfx- Kaaan *thunk*)
???: I fouooound you…
(Sfx- Zauhh *sffft*)
Dude: Finally..

Dude: Found you…
Matako: Nice sychro!! That’s awesome! I feel good about this…
(Sfx- Gyaaahhhhh!!)
Gintoki: Heeeeey!! Hang in there man! Weren’t you going to dine in the hallway?!
Heeey!! Hallway duuuuude!!
Matako: Whatever. I don’t even care about that idiot anymore.
Dudes: At long last….
We can finally hand the can over after this eternally long game..
Gintoki: Wawawawawawait!! Hold on Kurokono just calm down….and how many of there are you?!
Okay I’m really sorry for forgetting you! We weren’t trying to be assholes or anything back then…we had our hands full but we did our best to protect all of you…our friends!!
Dudes: Katsura-san and Sakamoto-san…..
And everyone else are waiting in the afterlife…
(Sfx- Pushiii *poffff*)
(Sfx- Pushiii *poffff*)
Dudes: So then Gintoki-san….
Why don’t we go there together.

(Sfx- Yoro *wobble*)
???: Gintoki-san.
You fell asleep huh?
I know I’m only greeting you before saying farewell…
But I guess this method of leaving is pretty fitting for me, no?
I was pretty much a mediocre and unnoticeable sort of guy from top to bottom.
And all I could do was provide trivial assistance behind everyone’s back but…

Kurokono: But the fact that I was able to shadow everyone….
To fight along side you…to work with you…
Is something I’ll never forget.
But it seems like everyone has gone and forgotten about me.
(Sfx- Zatshhh *sffft*)
Kurokono: But that’s okay.
The pride of a shadow like me.
Gintoki: Shadows…
Even with the dimmest light…
Are reflected on the ground.
They aren’t…
Things that can exist without at least one other knowing of them.
That’s why no matter what happens, no matter when it happens…
I’ll come and help you out….

Kurokono: Yeah..
{I’m always there with you guys…}
{As your shadow…}
(Sfx- Kahhh *sheeeen*)
(Sfx- Dokakakakhh *thoooom*)
(Sfx- Dodododododo *thotoooothooom*)
Dudes: gofuhhhhah!
(Sfx- Doshaaaah *dhuuud*)
Matako: Wha…?
Gintoki: Sorry about that Kurokono…
I remember it now.

Gintoki: A guy who said that he’s cool with being forgotten….
Even if he became a ghost wouldn’t come looking for us.
After all you’ve got your pride….
(Sfx- Guraaaaah *fwaaaap*)
(Sfx- Doshaaaah *thuuuud*)
(Sfx- Kachaaa *clack*)
Kurokono: Sorry, but we won’t be playing kick the can today.
So how about letting those hostages go…
And then taking all of your little friends and high tailing it out of here,
Before I count to one hundred.
And become…
A real demon.
Matako: Y—youre…
There’s no way you’re…

(Sfx- Chun chun *tweet tweet*)
(Sfx- Mukuri *ooze*)
Katsura(?): Huh? Is it morning already?
Sakamoto: Dude, when did we fall asleep? I think I drank so much that my memory got trashed.
Katsura: Ah!
Speaking of that, where’s Kurokono?!
Sakamoto: Hey yeah! What happened to our class reunion?!
Hey Kintoki! What the hell were you doin!?
Katsura: You were awake last night were you not?! What happened?! Do you remember?
Gintoki: Nope.
(Side text- A one night ‘miracle’….)

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