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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Kokushi Musou!! 1

Room of beginnings.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 15, 2013 03:10 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 1

Hmmm. Anagle is coming back soon, I'm still doing Mushibugyo, Gintama is still a block of text, I'm trying to catch up on Nejimaki, and I still have two more volumes of Bullet Armors to finish. Yet I'm doing this. Ahah. Who needs friends when you've got pointless translations to do?

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

???: Ahem. We’d like to thank all of you for riding on this boat to Shangrila.
(Sign thingy- Bravery)
???: You all are martial artists chosen from each of your nations to come here.
Now if you’ll have a look to your right…
That island is the mecca of martial arts…
Hidden island…
(Bottom text- This place is a eden for those who seek to become unparalleled…those who only believe in their fists…)

Chapter 1: Room of beginnings.
(Side text- This fist will pierce the heavens!!)
(Red text- A majestic new serialization!! Head color and 55 pages!!!!)

(Side text- An unprecedented kung fu story!!)
(Red text- Opens!!)
(Bottom text- Shounen Sunday new generation!!)

{Shangrila Peerless Imperial temple.}
(Side text- The manga continues on page 29!)
Dudes: Hah…

Girl: Hey first years! What’s the deal?! If you don’t put your backs into it then you’re gonna fall!!
Slowpokes have to spend a week cleaing in front of the palace’s gates!!
Guy: Dammit.
The hell is up with this hellish training for the new entries? It’s the same crap day in day out…
Moreover is there a point to this climbing in pairs thing?
They even went as far as tying a rope to our waists…
???: Move it.
Dudes: Whaat?!

Dude: If this is all the mecca of martial arts has to offer…
Then I’m honestly disappointed.

Dude: It won’t be long until I’m able to get that rumored mystery scroll.
Girl: Ohoho. No need to worry..
In this game…
Guys like you are the first to drop out.
Dude: Huh….
People: Uwaaah…
We’re falling!!
Dude: …Ngh.

{Match the breath in my palm with the breath in this rock…!!!}
People: Hey…!
You okay?
???: Oooh…a stoma huh?
You might think you have nothing else to learn from the first years..
But though you can match your breathing with that rock’s…
You’ve still gotta be able to match up with other people too…

(Sfx- Pihhh *wffft*)
Dude: …Ngh..
Guy: S…
???: “Mantsuman tower climbing.” Two people climb while being connected to one another. If one person falls down then the other above them does so as well. In short it is an exercise where two people’s fates are connected.
Our academy is one which promotes moving as a pair.

???: If one person is to be punished then that other will receive it too. That is the iron clad rule here.
Guy: H-hey Ro-kun?
Sorry about earlier.
Ro: What the hell is so funny to him…
If that’s how you feel then do some more training.
Dude: Hey now Ro-kun. No need to go that far.
There are better ways to say what you mean.
Ro: What? And if I change what I’m saying what does it matter?
I didn’t come here to hang out and make buddies.

Dude: The hell is up with your attitude?!
Dude 2: Just leave him be. That’s the sort of guy he is.
That’s why..
You’re always alone.
{First year dormitory.}

{Dammit!! What the hell am I doing?}
{I thought I had finally made it to the mecca of martial arts, but every damn day I’m forced to bring myself to the level of those rejects…..}
{And on top of that we’re supposed to work in pairs?!}
{It’s all a stupid joke!!}
{Those guys are all useless. Everywhere I go I don’t see martial artists, just a bunch of guys playing king of the hill…}
{Moreover they just brag about how great they are. It’s absolutely friggin’ everywhere.}

{No one here thinks that they’re stronger than anyone else.}
(Sfx- Gyahahahaha)
{They’re all just a bunch of people who assume that if they can get a little stronger than they are now then they’ll be fine.}
{I have no need to associate with them.}
{Not if I want to pursue my ambition of being the worlds best martial artist.}
{I’ll take every minute and every second to get stronger and hurry off this godforsaken mountain.}
{And I’ll do it faster than anyone else!!}
{I have no time to waste…!!}
(Side text: Box: From Tajima Kazuki sensei- Hello, I’m Tajima Kazuki. There’s plenty of ‘pleased to meet yous I’d like to say but..commu…..well a shy person like me is plenty nervous. This comment may seem like it’s as stiff and cold as a cat’s attitude but drawing manga until I’m to tired to move is a good feeling. I’m glad to meet you all and hope you’ll treat me well.)

{Save me…}
{Someone….save me…}
Ro: What…?
Who’s voice was that just now?
(Sign- Entry forbidden.)
Ro: I can see from here that this territory is off limits…

Ro: That’s right…Kujaku said…
{All the bad little kiddies who sneak out and enter the forbidden territory can just forget about coming back.}
Ro: She made it sound like…
There’s no way to get in more than anything.
(Sfx- Tan *tpt*)
Ro: This door…
Someone used their ‘stoma’ and shut it…

Ro: But if I were to do this…
What the heck is this?

Ro: There’s an entire forest within this building…
The ‘energy’ caused the door to shut again….what a pain.

Ro: Wha…
What the hell is that monster?!

???: Watch out!!!
Ro: What the?!


Ro: I…
I thought I was gonna die…
Hey…what are you doing?
You listening?
???: You…
Screwed up on the door thing man.
???: The door…
You know it’s been 10 years since someone came here? And I thought I had finally gotten a chance…

???: But now the door is cloooooosed!!!
Ro: God he’s annoying!!
???: By the way buddy…who are you? And how’d you get the door to open huuh?
Ro: I used my stoma.
I mean you can use it right? That’s obviously how you got in here.
???: ‘Sthoma?’ what’s that?
Ro: What?

???: See I lost my memories a long time ago and ended up in here without knowing how.
And before you know it, I’ve been living here for ten years…
Ro: Hu…
{Dammit. I’ve run into a guy who’s lost his memories? That’s so friggin’ annoying.}
{What the heck do I do? If he’s telling the truth then no one is gonna come and save us.}
{If I slip up I could end up living here for ten years too….}
{This sucks.}
{I’d just book it, but there’s that monster hanging out by the door.}
{Dammit. What the hell were those teachers thinking having that thing right beside the temple?}

{Is this the sorta place where I should get reckless…?}
Ro: Let go of me.
???: No way! You’re planning on ditching me and leaving aren’t you?
Then teach me too!
I wanna get out of this place!
Ro: You listening kid?
I’m warning you.
Get your dirty-ass paws off of me!
Shitty brat!
???: Heh..!
What’s with your weird little punch….

???: NGH!
You—your hand stretched?!
{This guy doesn’t know the foundations of the basics either…I mean everyone knows about the jaken….}
(TN- Snake fist.)
{That’s nonsense.}
Ro: Sorry kiddo, but this is where I say goodbye. It’s a shame we couldn’t get out together. Bye.

Ro: Let go.
Sorry but I’m nothing like you or the others. I don’t even like you guys.
???: You haven’t been alone for ten years so you just don’t get it…
But I promise you I’ll be useful!!
Believe me!!
Ro: I’m saying…
I hate that kind of stuff!!
???: ….Ah..!!!

???: Ah…
Let me be your shield!!!
Ro: What.
???: Yeah I know I don’t know much about martial arts and I’m weak and stuff..
But I can be your shield…
Even if you don’t like people, a person isn’t a shield! And if you don’t like that I’ll be anything you want!
Ro: What are you….
??: And if you get tired of using me…
At that time you can..
Just throw me away!!

Ro: Dammitall…
Don’t forget what you just said.
From here on in you’re my shield!!
???: Y—yeah!!
Ro: First off, what’s your name?
???: Dunno. Forgot.
Ro: ……Then brat will work…or no. Kid. Let’s go Kid.
{Meanwhile, outside of the door...}

Dude: Did you find him?
Kujaku: No. Nothing.
Dude: Dammit. Where the hell did that Ro dude get to?
Kujaku: I have a bad feeling…
It’d be nice if nothing is happening at all but…
Dude: Where can we search now?
Lady: There’s the restricted area…
Dude: We thought about that but there’s no way any of the students can break the seal and enter.
All right then, lets investigate the outside. We have to find him.
Ro: Wow…
Seriously what the heck is this building.

Ro: There’s a flowing river, fruit and trees growing.
I’ve investigated this place thoroughly and conclude that this building is crazy.
One thing….
Why the hell did you come to where I was sleeping dammit?!
It’s creepy!!
I even went through the trouble of creating a place for you to sleep below!!
Kid: What does it matter?! I like the top bunk!!
Ro: Fine then. I’ll take the bottom one.
(Sfx- Zahh *sfft*)

Kid: Well yanno, it’s been 10 years since I was ‘together’ with anyone.
Ahhh I’m so excited!!
Having someone here is awesome!
Ro: I really want to be alone. You’re a pain in the ass.
Friends and partners are pointless.
A martial artist doesn’t need that crap.
Kid: Really? A ‘marshal artist’ is that sorta thing?
You’ve gotta be lonely without friends Ro.
Though I wonder…if you get really strong, would you have to be scared of being ‘alone’?

Ro: I dunno.
Dammit. That monster really isn’t gonna leave that door huh.
Kid: What will we do Ro? We can’t get outside like this.
Ro: Listen up Kid.
Unless I use my stoma on the door, it won’t open.
So I’ll need you to buy me some time.

Ro: It takes about 30 seconds to open that door. During that time I’ll be completely defenseless.
So you’ll need to keep that monster at pay for at least 30 seconds.
It doesn’t sound like a lot of time but it’s going to be real tough.
(Sfx- Gokun *nod*)
Ro: You did say you’d be my shield though right?
Kid: Yup! I got it!
Just leave it to me!

Kid: Hey stupid lizard!
I’m right over heeeere~
Here he comes!!
Ro: While that’s going on I have to get to the door…!!

Ro: Wha…
{That idiot! I didn’t think he was just going to straight up fight it…!!}
Kid: Ugoh!!
Ro: That idiooooot!!
{The hell did he mean ‘leave it to me?’ You didn’t even buy me a second!!}
Ro: Damn….well whatever.
I figured it might come down to this…

Ro: I shouldn’t have relied on that guy from the start.
Dragon Gyah…
Ro: Nyorai Rokudouken.
(TN- Tathgata the perfected one’s fist of six paths.)

Ro: Jin
(TN- Human’s correction of a beast’s thirst.)
Ro: Goku.
(TN- prison.)

Ro: Did I get him?
{I think I might have overdone it with that punch…}
{But…with this…}
{I can get outside…}
Kid: Cough cough…ow!
This is one hell of a dust cloud! I can’t see anything!
(Sfx- Yuraaa *wffft*)
Kid: Ro!!!
Look behind you!!

{Dammit! There was no effect?!}
{There’s no point in…}
{Guarding against something like that….}


Ro: K—Kid…are you okay?
Kid: I’m good. I’ve got a strong body…
{Good isn’t the word I’d use for this…Normally you’d get snapped in half by that sort of attack.}
{What just happened?}
Kid: What are you doing Ro? Get to he door fast..
I’ve got your back covered….
It’s because I want to get out of here that we drew up this plan and I became the bait.
If it’s your strength I need to get out of here then..
{Just what the hell is he…?!}

Kid: Then I’ll protect you with my life!!
{He’s different.}
{Kid is different than them….}
{I don’t know how he is…but I can tell.}

Ro: Kid!
Watch my back.
Kid: Leave it to me!!
{Hey….what is this?}
{What the hell am I doing?!}

(Sfx- DOooon *THOOM*)
{What the heck was that sound just now…}
{Don’t tell me he just got himself killed…}
{What’s going on behind me right now…?}
{Is Kid okay?}
Ro: Fuh…
{He’s behind me.}
{I know he stopped it, so I just have to continue our plan.}
{What the hell am I doing?! I have to hurry up!!}
{Ro Uei!!}

{I’ve got your back Ro!!}

{Aah…I’m such a dumbass…}
{The way it all ended was boring.}

(Sfx- Zuzuhhh *sshhhft*)
Kid: Outta the way lizard breath.
We’re the ones who are gonna get out of here.



Kid: Nuuhhh
{Wh—wha the hell…}
{What kind of power was that just now?}
Kid: Uugh. My strength just…

Ro: Hey…wake up Kid…what did you just…
Kid: Uuugh..
Ro: Ugh…
This bastard is annoying.
He’s back again.
Hey Kid! Wake up! We have to run back to the door!
Kid: I don’t have any strength…
Ro: ……ngh..

Ro: Dammit!!
Kid: We have to get out of here before the door closes!

Ro: W—
We’re saved…
He used up his strength and fell asleep.

Ro: We got out of there somehow…
But is this really okay?
???: Hmm..
So it seems his power is recklessly out of control huh?
Guy: What should we do director? That boy managed to get out…

Guy: If you want I can go there and throw him back in…
Chief: No need! I’ve got something much more interesting in mind.
Guy: Chief….have I ever told you that your use of the word ‘interesting’ is my number one fear?
Chief: Hohoho. Just play along and allow this old man a little fun.
And you two will be quite entertaining from here on in.
(Side text- Next issue too has 27 pages! Now that he’s in the outside world after ten years, what kind of things will Kid want to do?!)

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