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Kokushi Musou!! 2

Peerless Gatekeeper

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 15, 2013 20:17 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 2

After reading some of the artist commentaries on this series...I think Tajima-sensei might be a woman. At least the way the commentaries are worded seem to suggest she's a woman...and Kazuki can be a woman's name too. It's nothing major, but I guess it's sort of cool that Sunday seems to be slowly turning into a shounen magazine with influential female artists.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Top text- Chapter two of the new serialization! A grand volume of 27 pages!!)
Kid: What is this place? I don’t see anyone…
Where’s Ro?
(Side text- Kid as a child wanders and hears a voice….who is this person behind him?)
(TN- The third bubble is unreadable in the online raw and in the physical Shounen Sunday issue as well. Now it may have been intentionally done like this since Kid doesn’t have his memories but I’m not sure. For now I’d say leaving it blank is the best choice.)
???: I’ve told you not to leave me and wander on your own.

Kid: I can’t see his face…
Are you?
Why are you crying…?

Chapter 2: Peerless Gatekeeper.
(Side text- When he awakens what is reflected in his eyes is scenery from 10 years ago. Now Kid’s tale begins!!)
Kid: It was a dream…

(Sfx- Mukuh *sfft*)
Kid: Where am I?
Oh right. I’ve been locked up in a weird place since forever and I was never able to get out but..

(Handwritten- OUTSIDE!!//Side//dee)
Kid: I’m free…
And it’s so awesome…

Are you retarded?! Who makes that much noise first thing in the morning?
Kid: O—
OWWWW! Geez Ro C’mon. I haven’t been free for ten years bro. A little celebration is in order!!
Ro: Whaaat?! Did you forget who got you out of there?! Moreover thanks to a certain someone I got all beat up!
And to make matters worse, I’ve been put on house arrest for skipping training.
So I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t do crap that will only make things more difficult.
Kid: Hey lookit the rainbow!

Ro: And now what are you going to do?
Cause let me tell you, I have no need or want for a roommate.
Kid: Well, I mean it’d be a blast to stay here and stuff but…
But I’ve got ‘plans’ to take care of. Sorry.
Ro: …What did that ‘sorry’ just now mean?
(Handwritten- You bastard.)
Kid: Sorry for leaving you alone I mean~
Ro: I’ll throw you from the celling.
Kid: I’ve…
Got to go looking for my Dad now.

Ro: Your Dad huh…
Wait a minute.
You said that you lost all of your memories of the past right?
Kid: Yeah…so I totally don’t remember what my pops looks like or what his name is.
But I do remember some of the stuff he used to tell me.
Pops and I traveled the world and saw the world’s scenery and stuff…he taught me stuff about being a man some proverbs and other stuff….I still see that vividly in my dreams..
It’s just I can’t see his face so I always end up asking who he is…
And Pops…
Always looks really sad and he’s crying.
Ro: These are your dreams?
Kid: Yeah but…
Pops is crying..
(Sfx- Pota *drip*)

Kid: And it makes me sad too…
Why can’t I remember what he looks like….?
Ro: Ugh…!!?
{He wouldn’t do that here…right?!}
Ro: Geh! He would.
{Ever since I met him, I’ve thought he’s just some brat who looks like he’s no more than five years old.}

{Well, he has been locked up in that place for the last ten years…}
{Could it be ever since he separated from his father that time has stopped for him?}
{I guess in a way I can sort of understand how he feels.}
Ro: So you’re just gonna up and leave to search for him…
But do you have any leads?
I mean you’re not even sure if he’s alive anymore.
Kid: No problem.
If I go to this place then I’m sure I’ll find something.
Ro: What’s that?
Kid: It’s where Pops and I travelled. I drew it myself but maybe it’s hard to read?
Ro: I guess everyone has something they’re good at huh.
Kid: What?
Ro: Nothing.

Ro: Sorry but I know next to nothing about the outside world just like you.
I’ve done nothing but train since I was a brat.
Kid: I see. While we’re on the subject, why did you come here Ro?
Ro: Dunno.
I guess I just decided to take it upon myself to come here, and get locked in.
Kid: Why?
Everyone here is just like that you know.
They’ve all got different circumstances or desires that brought them here.
For the sake of ‘freedom’ they’ve all got things they want to obtain.
This place is a mecca for martial artists known all around the world…everyone aspires to come here.
The outside world is unforgiving. You don’t need to worry about being attacked, snatched or involved in a struggle as long as you’re within these walls.

Ro: You can gain power…
Public safety…
Political power….
And aim for becoming peerless!!

???: What do you intend to do Chief? Will leaving him to take care of himself be the best course of action?
Chief: That boy is already more than a decade old. We can’t keep him chained down forever.
Listen well…just follow the rules as usual, and do not report this incident to anyone.

Everyone: Yes sir!
We should do something to ensure that the first year student Ro doesn’t speak of this.
We’d be too naiieve to rely on house arrest alone.
Chief: Hohoho…you all are far too destructive.
Well…I suppose if he breaks the rules and tries to escape this place..
Then even if it results in death, that shouldn’t be a problem…

Kid: Welp…
I won’t forget the favor you did for me!! I’ll always remember you!
Ro: Are you serious?
Leaving this academy is forbidden.
The Gatekeeper will stomp you flat.
Kid: No problem man! If I don’t do anything suspicious and sneak out then it’s all good.
Ro: Although the way you’re dressed just oozes suspicion.
Well whatever. See ya.
Kid: Hey Ro!

Kid: Thanks for getting me out of that room!!
Bye bye!!

Guy: Sorry Ro…
That’s why he’s always alone.
Ro: ‘Thanks’….
It’s been a while since I’ve heard that word.

Kid: Damn. There are people everywhere.
This place is awfully wide too…where’s the exit?
(Sfx- Kon *tfft*)
Kid: All right! That looks exit-ish!
And there’s no one around!!
{Now’s my chance!!}

???: How many years has it been….
Since I took over this post and somebody actually tried to escape…?
Kid: Huh?
???: Pig foot style…Pig hoof fist…

???: Buraaa!!
Kid: Uwah!!
What the hell?!
???: Well now?
What’s going on here? For the first time in a while I get some prey…or so I thought..

???: And it’s a newbie!
That’s boring as hell.
Kid: You’re…!!
???: Pfhoot..
(Sfx- Pyoooko *ppoit*)
Kid: What the hell are you? That’s some weird costume you’ve got.
???: I’m a pig.
And that’s one lame reaction.
Kid: Awesome. The outside really is cool!
There’s all sorts of stuff I don’t know anything about.
???: Outside?

{There’s been a decree from the Chief….there’s an escapee on their way here.}
{It’s the child from the forbidden room. So be sure to be nice to him.}
???: I’ve heard some interesting rumors about you boy.
I’m quite happy I’d be able to meet you so quickly.
???: Shall we introduce ourselves? I’m Ross. I’m this academy’s gatekeeper.
Since I became the gatekeeper ten years ago not a single thing…even a fly has managed to escape from this place.
Kid: Hey! I’m Kid.
And today I intend to escape!
(Sfx- Pikuh *poit*)
Ross: Hey brat…were you not listening to what I said?
You ain’t leaving because I’m not gonna let you!

Ross: If you really wanna get through here, the only way is..
Kid: He disappeared!
(Sfx- TSuhhh)
Ross: Defeating me!!
Got it?!

Kid: Dammit…
Get out of my way!!
Ross: You’re too damn slow!
Hijime Ken!!!
(TN-Hoof fist)
Kid: Ungh!!

Kid: Gah!!!
Ross: Oh…damn. Not good.
I guess it really has been a while…I forgot how to hold back. Not good at all.
Well…I guess this is good medicine for kids who don’t know their place.
Take a 2 or 3 day nap boy and cool your head off.

Ross: Geez, it’s all over.
And here I was thinking I could burn off some time. I’m so freaking bored.
Kid: Wait.
Ross: And here I thought I went too far, but it turns out my moves were too shallow?
Kid: You thought a flimsy punch like that would work on me?!

Kid: Don’t underestimate me, piggy!
My pops taught me how to take moves like that, and there’s more where it came from!!
Ross: Oh, now this is interesting. You’re pretty good….
I haven’t been this fired up in a while.
(Side text- This gatekeeper pig is strong!! Next issue features 26 pages too!! What kind of secret moves will Kid show us?!)

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