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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Kokushi Musou!! 3

Ten articles of manhood

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 15, 2013 22:24 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 3

Who do you think I am? Of course I'm going to at least translate up to the chapter with the cute heroine's introduction! Geez...

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Side text- Sunday’s New generation!!!)
(Side text- To the gatekeeper pig that stands in the way…)
(Side text- Are these fists that’ll send you flying!!)
Chapter 3: Ten articles of manhood.
(Bottom text- Chapter 1 is now available on Clubsunday!! -Clubsunday.jp.)

Ross: The fact that you’re still standing after taking one of my punches means you’re one tough bastard.
But don’t go regretting the fact that you didn’t take my offer for a nap brat.
(Bottom text- Kid who wants to meet his father challenges the gatekeeper who’s the ultimate pig?!)
Kid: Heh! Your threats are meaningless!
‘Cause I’ve already seen through your moves!
Ross: Don’t go muttering stupid crap at me now!!
As if a newbie could see through me!!
Kid: Unugh!!

Ross: Pig’s hoof fist…!!
I got him!!

(Sfx- gutsuh *grab*)
Kid: Ain’t gonna work!!
Ross: What?!
Kid: Ugh…That had to work just now…
{This little brat actually managed to catch my punch and stop my movements for a second? I can’t lighten up on him for a second then…looks like Imma have to take this one seriously.)

Kid: Hows that piggy!?
That’s one of the rebound moves that my Pops taught me! Now back up or I’ll have to bring the pain train!!
Ross: Heheh…
Okay Boy….
Lets see more of these moves your pappy tought you!!
Kid: Here’s my rock headbutt, pig!!
{He’s just gonna come straight at me…? What the hell is he planning?!}
Ross: Okay then I’ll take your move!! Pig’s feet kick!!
Kid: Uoraaaaaaaah!!!

Kid: Pops style secret move…
Retreat is victory fist!!
{He used the force of my kick to get more air on his jump…?}
{Wait a sec…}
Kid: Doesn’t matter now does it? Snortsnort!!
As long as I can get out of here then…

Ross: Welcome home.
You asshead! You think the defense of this academy is it’s gatekeeper alone?!
There’s also a barrier created by 45 people surrounding us!!

Ross: Best you give up your little wishes on boogying on the ouside!
Kid: Guaahh!!
Kid: Gueahah!!
Ross: So what are you gonna do now?
{I can’t get an arm or a leg out of here…}
{If that’s how it’s gonna be then…}
Kid: What?!
What’s that thing?!

Ross: What the…
Kid: Hahahaha! Gotcha!!
I’ll leave this place to you!!
Ross: You—
You little brat! Get yer ass back here!!
Kid: Oooh. Sorry but I can’t do that. Oh and isn’t not leaving the gate in the gatekeeper’s job description?!
Well then bye bye!!
Ross: D—

Kid: Hah..
Hah hah..
I managed to get this far..
Dammitall! What should I do? As long as that pig is there I’m not gonna be able to get through that gate..
I’ll have to find another way out then…but..
Where am I?
That’s huge!!

Kid: Hmm…but this is a problem.
This temple is pretty huge so escape from above isn’t gonna happen, and neither is going from under…
And the sky has a ‘barrier’ thingy…
(Paper- Pops)
{Listen my son.}
{You’re already 5 years old. So on your birthday I’ll instruct you on the ten articles of manhood.}
{Pops can’t you teach me self defence? All you’ve taught me is how to take moves…but now how to dish them out.}
{Shut up and listen.}

Pops: There are things in this world that you can do nothing about.
There may even be situations where you can’t move an inch in any direction too.
In times like these a man has to consider his options and without agitation..
Take a nap.
Kid: All right! Nap time!
If Pops says so then there has to be a meaning!
(Flag- Takayama illness.)
???: Aww man..
I really don’t feel like cleaning the watchtower…
No one even uses it! So why do we have to go into that broken down temple anyway?
You said it.
Mugi-chan, you’re too slow!

Mugi: Ah…sorry..
It’s just this is really heavy…
Girl: Is this the best someone from a distinguished family can do?
Girl2: This is the first time I’ve heard this..
Girl: Mugi-chan is from a family who owns a famous dojo.
Girl2: Eh? Seriously! That’s awesome.
(Hair ornament- Forturne.)
Girl2: My family’s from way out in the boondocks. We’re farmers and all.
Girl: Mugi-chan here has the distinguished honor of having
The worst grades in our class.
You think she got accepted because of her connections?
Girl2: Maaaaybe it’s because she’s got money that she got in here. I mean there’s no other way someone like her would be able to get into the peerless imperial temple right?
Mugi: Ahaha..
You’re probably right. But I’m working really hard though…

Girl: We’re like totally done with this.
Mugi(?): Ah…yeah.
Girl: Aww, c’mon. What are you doing Mugi-chan?
(Sfx- Zahh *sfft*)
Girl: You’re really so clumsy you know that? Can you at least clean this on your own?
If you don’t straighten up, your famous family name will weep in disgust you know?

Girl: Though on that subject…
Mugi-chan are you sure you know who your Dad is?
Are you sure you’re not just the product of some fling?
I heard that folks with money do all sorts of dirty things….poor baby.
What’s that fist for?
You want some of this?
Mugi: Ahahah…
It’s nothing…
Girl: Hmph.
Well if that’s all then we leave this to you~

???: Wait a second.
Girl: …Who’s that?
Hey! There’s someone on top of the roof!
Kid: I heard a good deal of crap being flung over someone’s feelings underneath me while I was napping..

Kid: My name is Kid!!
And you guys just said the absolute worst thing you could have said with me here!
{Who…is he?}
Girl: I’ve never seen you around.
And why are you here? Gonna save the tragic heroine?
{He came down here?}

Kid: You just shut up and let them say whatever they wanted about you…
But are you seriously just an illegitimate kid?
Mugi: N—No! I know my parents really are my parents!
Kid: Then why the hell..
Didn’t you say that to them?!
You know what?!
I hate people like them who diss other people’s families the most!!
I’ve been sitting up there trying to let it slide but I can’t anymore…!!

Kid: Just sitting there and letting them talk crap about your family pisses me off too!!
(Sfx- Bakkiiitsh *crackle*)
Kid: Huh?

Girl: You stupid idiot!! Because you decided to make that pole your soapbox….
The stopper has completely broken!!
Kid: Uuuh…
{Revolving lantern.}

Pops: Listen my son…no matter who they are, a man must never harm a woman…
No matter what woman they may be.
Kid: Kuh…

Kid: Awesome!! It’s returning in this direction!!
Girl: I didn’t see anything!!
Girl 2: Wait up!!

Mugi: Kid! Are you okay?!
Kid: What about those girls…?
Mugi: They don’t seem to have been hurt.
Kid: I see…
(Sfx- Hoh *poff*)
Kid: That’s good.
(Sfx- Gakuhh *thud*)
Mugi: Ah?! K—Kid-kun!
Hang on Kid-kun!!
{Aah…This one is for my nameless Pops….}
{Looks like it’s over for me…}
{At least…}
{At least let me get one look at your face…}

Kid: Huh?
Mugi: Ah!
You’re awake.
Kid: Is this heaven?
Mugi: No…you didn’t die!
I happened to have some bandages with me…but are you okay?
Kid: Yeah. Thanks. Though…who are you?

Mugi: My name is Mugi. You said your name is Kid right?
Um…thanks for saving me.
Kid: It was nutthin!
I mean it’s not like I intended to save you anyway so I don’t need to be…
No, I mean seriously I don’t need your thanks…
Mugi: Eh?
Kid: Well I mean if you’re going to insist on thanking me…
Mugi: Eh?
{To my nameless pops…}

Kid: Do ya think you could just lend me a liiiiiiitle bit of help?
{I’ll be coming to meet you soon.}
{No matter what kinds of methods I have to use…~}
Mugi: He’s a devil!!
I can’t take it up here on this mountain!! I wanna go hooooome!!
{Meanwhile Ro was…}
(Side text- Next issue! What Kind of escape plan will Kid conspire with Mugi’s help..?!)

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