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Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo 121


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 16, 2013 01:33 | Go to Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo

-> RTS Page for Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo 121

Man. I don't care what anime or manga it is, but just watching the bad guy get his comeuppance in a spectacular show of ownage is always a sight to behold...a sight that the Japanese seem to understand extremely well.

1) These are raws being funded by my Shounen sunday subscription. (AKA My friggin' money.) I realize that I get the issues later than the leaks appear on the web, but this is something I'm doing out of pure self interest so I'm going to wait till my issues come in to do it.

2) I am probably not going to continue this once the arc ends, and I could very well drop it once it stops being interesting to me, hence me not adding it to my ongoing projects.

3) If someone really wants to scantlate it, fine. I'm not going to do older chapters ever. You do 105 and on, or you do nothing. Credit me if you use the translation. Not reserving it for anyone so do not ask me.

(Side text- The Kyushuu secret journey arc reaches it’s climax!! Expansion to 24 pages!!)
Sanada: Guuh!!
Jinbee: Uuugh…
(Side text- Airing every Monday night at 6pm on Tv Tokyo and it’s affiliates….The TV anime broadcasts!!)

{Rely on me…}
(Top text: Official Anime site: http://mushibugyo.jp/ Info about the Blu Ray and DVD along with event information and specials are all contained in the site!!)
(Bottom text- A massive reprinting!! Volume 11 will be in stores on August 16th!!)
121st Encampment: Treasure.

Someone: Uwaaaah! It’s no good!!
Don’t come any closer!
Please just stay back!
???: Explosive scatter.
People: Kyawaaaah!!
Irori: Guuh…
It hurts!!
???: First the women…
And children.
You all will..

???: Be the…
First match!!
Teeth: Bastard!!
Don’t screw around with me!!

Teeth: Yo…
You doin’ okay missy?
Irori: Kyaaaahh!!
Yepstillgonnacallhimteeth: A—awwright.
You don’t seem to be hurt missy…
That’s good.

Irori: Why…
Why can you laugh at a time like this? Bizen-san?
Teeth: Heheheh…
I guess I am grinnin’ now ain’t I?
Why am I…smiling…?
That’s pretty simple…
{Even now I’m definitely…}
{Even If I say it’s for the sake of the people…or the village…it’s more like I’m doin’ it for myself.}
{Deep down, your heart is telling you to do this for someone’s sake.}
Teeth: Yeah…
My pops was always smiling like this wasn’t he?
It’s painful to admit but…
I didn’t really get it until that Tsukishima guy told me…

People: We---we did it!
The flame has finally been lit!
And look! The bugs are taking to the fire like moths to a flame!
Teeth: Awwright. Here’s our chance.
Take all the people who live below the castle and head to the port!
Too bad for you….
Us village folk are damn stubborn!

(No text, just ownage.)

Mushibugyo: You all have an important mission ahead of you.
Just leave things here to me,
And follow Oouka’s stratagem to escape with all the people below the castle to the ports.
Do hurry.
I would prefer not to have all of you get wrapped up in this any further.
???: Hey wait a minute…
No one said anything about the castle getting destroyed.
Tenma: Cough cough…I thought I was dead for a minute there.
Hibachi: Seems Yuri and Kakei weren’t able to find us.
Jinbee: Hibachi-dono! Ichinotani-dono!
Hibachi: Tsukishima?!
Why are you at a place like this?!

Hibachi: Mugai-san!!
Who on earth did this…!!
Jinbee: Sanada.
Tenma: Ah!!
Hibachi: ….I see.
This is just as we planned.
C’mon Tsukishima. We’re all going to the port.
Tenma, use your shikigami to carry Mugai-san and Koikawa!
Jinbee: But we’d be leaving Mushibugyo-sama behind!!

Hibachi: Shut the hell up!!
Tsukishima: GEBORAHH!
Hibachi: Listen up Tsukishima.
I’m putting up with this….
So then…
You should do the same!!
….To be honest,
I want to march up to Sanada and give him a healthy smackdown!
Jinbee: Hibachi-dono…
Hibachi: Quit walking like a drunk!!
Jinbee: My apologies!!

Mushibugyo: What’s the matter? Have you used up all your moves?

{I never would have imagined…}
{That the princess would have become this strong!!}
Forgottheirnames: I won’t forgive you for this you little brat!
How dare you injure Yukimura-sama to this extent?
I Kamanosuke will join you in battle!!
Jyuuzou!! We’re going in!!
Jyuuzou: Got it!!

Sanada: Princessss!!!
{Even something like him…}
{Can do nothing to touch me.}
{As I recall our trip to Kishuu…}
{I know I experienced many things with you.}
{When our journey began..}
{We rode a horse together.}
{When we were sneaking around the fiefdom…}
{You carried me on your back.}
{And you were always…}
{Scolded by Oouka.}

{Every one of these moments…}
{Is a treasure to me.}
{Even if I cannot…}
{Touch you ever again with these hands…}
{Then in exchange…}
{I will use them to bring you safety.}
{I will use my body full of poison}
{To completely defeat Sanada!}
Sanada: That’s…
No way…
How could they do this?!

Sanada: The humans are on our boat…!!
The ‘Kurochoumaru’ is setting sail…
And they’re on it!?!?
(TN- Kurochoumaru- Black butterfly.)
Mushibugyo: Sorry but..
We have commandeered that boat for our usage.
So that the people of Kishuu will not be…
Harmed my poison.
Sanada: Princess…
How could you do something like this….?!

Sanada: The Kurochoumaru was meant to be used when the king is revived…
To come and pick you up!!
It’s supposed to be a premarital boat!!
We put our all into getting that boat for your sake…
Yet you let those fools board it and set sail…
Mushibugyo: A..
And for that insipid reason…
You wrought all kinds of suffering upon the people of Kishuu?

Sanada: I won’t forgive you…
You have shown…
Far too much contempt towards me!
Mushibugyo: Stop your endless chatter Sanada Yukimura.
Every single one of your words..
Are exactly what I’ve wanted to say!!
Kamanosuke: YOU LITTLE BRAAT!!

Jinbee: Please win…!!
Sanada: Take this!!!
This is my final stroke!!

{Kokurintou ‘Masamune’}
Mushibugyo: People of Kishuu..
‘City group’ and you Tsukishima…
Bear witness…
To the manifestation of your fury.

{Truth of Ruin}


(Side text- Catasterophe in Kishuu?! Next issue will defy all expectations!!)

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