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Bullet Armors 20

Garbage dump

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 23, 2013 02:51 | Go to Bullet Armors

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Nearly a year later...Volume 5 engage.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Vol 5
Morita comment: I’ve been buried in manuscripts from last year to this year…it’s pretty amazing. Through these last two years where I’ve been through nothing but changes It feels like now there’s nothing that can surprise me.
Breeder= ‘Tremor user’
These are the people who control the machines surrounded by mistery. It is thought by others that these people who can surround themselves with the very machines that bring misery that breeders are people who want for nothing but war.
Techno 20: Garbage dump ….003
Techno 21: You’re late buddy!.....039
Techno 22: Plasma burst….075
Techno 23: As a brother….111
Techno 24: Lurking darkness…149

Techno 20: Garbage dump.

{Tremor scrap area.}
Batz: Owwww…
Geez…I really fell from all the way up there?
But I’m not hurt!
Sweet! Haha…

Batz: Uwaaaaaah!!
Ion: Ugh…
Batz: I’m begging you, don’t kill me!!
I—I’m just a harmless scientist!!
Ion: Hey, have you been hurt anywhere?
Batz: Eh?
Ion: You seem to be okay.

Ion: Bullet!!
I’ll find you for sure!!
Batz: No way… He’s…
The Breeder who uses
That tremor which is only a right hand…?
Ion: Hey Bullet…!!

Batz: If I press this button, the beika will come running!!
I won’t let you do what you want with that fearsome tremor!!
Though there is one thing I don’t get….why did you protect me?!
If I press this button it’ll alarm the guards!!
So answer me!!

Ion: Bullet!!
Bullet where are you/!
Where are you Bullet?!
If you’re here somewhere answer me!!
Where are you?!
Batz: That’s a kid!
(Handwritten- And he’s ignoring me!)
Ion: Guwah…

Ion: Bullet…!!
Batz: Hey um…
Is that it?
What am I saying?!
I just told that breeder where to get his tremor!!

Ion: Thank goodness…
It looks like you’re okay!
Batz: Hooooly crap!!
He’s going to crush this whole facility now!!

Ion: Huh?
Why aren’t you moving?
Bullet?! What’s the matter?
Hey!! Rise and shine Bullet!!
Batz: I’m pretty sure it’s function has just ceased for an hour…
So it’s not dead or anything…probably.
Ion: For real?!
That’s awesome!
I was so worried.

Batz: What the heck?! That tremor is floating in air…!!
So is all of that garbage…
Ion: What’s going on with you…

(Sfx- Kyuuh)
(Sfx- Kyuuii)
Batz: A tremor…?!
(Sfx- Gyuuiiii)


Batz: Th—that’s?!

Marche: If you’re here, it means Genocide gear is on its way immediately after huh?
Aibrock: Sis…
Marche: If you were coming back as a beika that’s one thing…
But instead you’re a breeder..
As your sister I may have to forgive you time and time again, but the world doesn’t feel the same way!
Aibrock: Quit treating me like a kid!
Marche: What did you say?
Aibrock It’s not like I wanted to come back here!

Aibrock: I don’t have the time for this!
Where’s the place captured breeders are held?!
Marche: What’s the meaning of this?
Are you here for the sake of one of your bad friends?
Aibrock: It has nothing to do with you! Tell me!
Marche: Aren’t we selfish…
Barging in and only thinking of yourself…
Without even considering my feelings…

Shade: Gyuii
Aibrock: Don’t move Shade!!

Marche: I was worried about you…
You just suddenly disappeared…everyone thought you died!
Aibrock: …I’m sorry.
But like I said, I’m not coming back.
I came here because I needed to save someone.

Aibrock: I came here for the sake of a friend.
Gilbert: Now for a review.

Gilbert: The other day a group of breeders attacked ‘Testarosa’.
They call themselves ‘Death Legion’ and have gone around raising hell.
Their leader is Karto,
His underling Omega…
And Blanchet.
Are we to assume that other breeders associated with them are on the lam?
Lady: There don’t seem to be a precedent of them working with other breeders.
Though it goes without saying that they have some grand ambition in mind, and the military might to back it up.
Gilbert: Then just what is this ambition?
Lady: Even working as hard as we can, we’ve had nothing but trouble figuring it out.
No matter what means we utilize it seems like we run into one fierce impediment after another.

Lady: Though I can say…
We may be able to get some sort of lead out of this girl.
She’s a breeder…
But don’t let your guard down just because she’s a girl.
Well…I’m merely a girl myself…
Guys: You’re basically a granny.
Lady: She may indeed have something to do with our target Karto.
She looks like a girl on the outside but she’s dangerous…!!

Gilbert: We’ll need to have her talk immediately then.
After that we’ll leave her execution to the research department.
Lady: Then…
If you will Officer Bon?
Bon: Kay~
Lady: Don’t just kill her though.
We need her to start talking about the other breeders.

Bon: Um…lessee…
Here we go.
Man this is a pain.
That we have to keep everything under such strict lock and key…
It makes things take that much longer.

Aibrock: ‘Sup?
Bon: Who are you?

Aibrock: Shade!!
Take a nap fatty.

Aibrock: Shoot!!
{The holding room is next to this one, but one floor below.}
Marche: It’s locked up, and an officer by the name of Bon has the key.
It’s not the sort of place you can strong arm your way into.
Hey Aibrock…

Marche: Up until now have you ever killed anyone?
Aibrock: As if I would.
I get the basics well enough.
(Sfx- Gyuiii)
{Shade’s ability is to ingest things through it’s hands and mouth through specialized ‘shutters’.}
{It can take the bullets from beikas and small stones and then utilize them as weapons.}
Aibrock: Even if I run into that guard dude I won’t kill him.
That’s how I’ve done things up until now.
Marche: Geez..
I never would have thought I would hear the word ‘friendship’ from this guy.
Moreover that right arm…
Aibrock: Is she talking about Bullet?

Marche: That right hand possesses a fearsome amount of power.
A power that could lay waste to everything before it.
Including your friend if he doesn’t know how to wield that tremor.
Aibrock: Dammit…
Don’t just write off Shade like it’s nothing!
I refuse to acknowledge it!
Someday I’ll whup Ion’s ass!
But for real, you suck as a guard.
To think someone like you is on guard for breeders.

Aibrock: What…?!

Bon: That was close!
To think that a breeder would actually sneak in here!!
That surprised the hell out of me!!
And isn’t that tremor a rare breed?!
Aibrock: That gun is stupidly huge!
(Handwritten- What the hell is that?!)
Bon: All the better to break you with.

Bon: I’m the chief guard for this area…Bon.
Lately all I’ve been able to shoot is tremor that fidget around….it’s totally not enough.
So can you do me a favor…
And let me blast your tremor one?!

Dude: Do you think Bon’s going to be okay?
Gilbert: I hardly think there’s a reason to worry about him.
He was an elite tremor destroyer in his previous assignment…it wasn’t enough for him so he got commissioned here.
So he pretty much goes to where he can destroy tremors.
Dude: So he’s an idiot…?
Lady: Commander Gil…
It’s an emergency transmission.
Apparently a disturbing shadow was seen in the garbage area..
Gilbert: This is…

Batz: Gripp bell?!
(Sfx- Giyurururu)
Batz: Gripp bell!!
{Gripp bell: A tremor that gathers junk to increase it’s size.}
Batz: We intended to destroy it during the experiment…but it’s still alive?!
(Sfx Zuzuzuhh shsiffft)

(Sfx- Gokun gokkun *slirp slirp*)
(Sfx- Gon *thud*)
(Sfx- Gooooo *roaaar*)
Batz: It’s sucking them iiiin?!

Ion: Give me Bullet back, hugeass tremor!!

Batz: It’s going to crush us!!

Batz: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!

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