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Bullet Armors 22

Plasma burst

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 23, 2013 02:59 | Go to Bullet Armors

-> RTS Page for Bullet Armors 22

I burst onto the scene with all I have.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

Because I know you would do the same for me.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Techno 22: Plasma burst.
Beika: B—Breeder!
Why the hell are you here?
Ion: It’s all good…looks like you still move okay!
Lets go Bullet!!

Beika: He’s coming right for us!
Prepare the counter attack!!
(Sfx- kiiin kiiin *veeeee*)
(Sfx-gyuun *veeen*)

Beikas: Heeyaah!!
He went to the upper floor in one move!
Quick!! Raise the lift!
Ion: Awwright!
Get lost you guys!
Or am I gonna have to sock you one!?

Techno 22: Plasma burst.

Beika: Heheheh…you stupid little breeder…
This is a Beika stronghold!
This tremor research facility has more than a hundred beika on staff!!
No matter where you run, this place will be your grave!
Ion: Is that the exit?!
Beika: Set!!

(Sfx- Korohh *graaab*)
Beika: Uwaaah!
Ion: Bullet…

Ion: This is gonna hurt!

Ion: Bullet punch!!!
Allright Bullet…
Looks like we’re primed and ready to go.
Now to save Selena!
With you and me on the dream team, we can pull this off for sure!

Beika: What the hell are you people doing?!
Go and capture him!!

Ion: Well damn!
They’ve got a tank!!
Beika: Hahahahahah!!
This is the BBS5 ‘Retriver’!!
It has the best of both worlds! High speed movement and a tough outer shell!!
It’s the beika’s most powerful…

Ion: Sorry but I’m going ahead!
Where’s Selena?!
Beika: What?
Ion: She’s a female breeder!
Beika: Fine! I’ll talk! I’ll talk!
She’s in the holding cell below here!

Ion: Thanks!!
Imma do this in one punch..>!!
Beika: Is that the siren going off?
False alarm?


Ion: We’re not underground yet…
I’ll have to just keep on digging!
???: Emergency broadcast!!

???: To the first battalion nearest the underground research lab,
An order has been issued for all beika in the vicinity to gather at once.
Commander in chief!
A breeder has appeared!
He broke in and stole a fragmented tremor arm.
Gilbert: Strengthen the guard around the main office!!
We shall affirm this first hand!

Gilbert: Those useless fools…!!
Dude: Are we gonna fight?
Gilbert: Our opponent is a breeder.
We have to dispatch him quickly.
Everyone: Understood!!
(Left to right- Iyatts, Freyba, Guragon, Komatsuda.)
Gilbert: What would possess a breeder to come to the beika stronghold?!
Did he really come here thinking he wouldn’t get caught?
….we’ve been underestimated.

Freyba: In a situation like this…
I’m almost positive that other breeders are here too.
Gilbert: You don’t think he’s here alone?
I know Bon is headed to the holding cells..
But he hasn’t contacted us. Do you think the breeder is here?
Iyatts you head in first.
We’ll follow you.
Iyatts: So you say.
This is basically busy work dammit!!

Bon: Hnnnh!
Making fun of me…!!
Do you think this is enough to stop me?!

Bon: I’ll make you bow before me…!!
Just like that tremor there!
Aibrock: I don’t care what kind you make…but get me a weapon!
The hell is this?
Bon: Hahah…!!
It’s a shield! Just a crappy shield!
Aibrok: Dumbass…
I thought I said to get me a weapon?

Aibrock: Though whatevs.
This is more than enough to deal with you lardass!!

Aibrock: Nghaaah!
Shade: Grrrh…

Aibrock: Hey short stuff, you might want to run as soon as there’s trouble..
But need I remind you that your buddy is the one who’s been captured?
Now’s the time to fight together dammit!!
I used to be like you, always running away!
I always lived by just avoiding anything I didn’t want to see!!

Aibrock: But I ain’t gonna run ever again!!
I’m going to fight!!

Shade: Guguguhhh

Proto: Gyuuhi!
(Sfx- pukuhhh *vooosh*)
Aibrock: Maybe you made him crawl for a minute…but now guess who’s gonna save the day?
It’s my pal.

Aibrock: The very same one that you called garbage…is gonna take the trash out.

Aibrock: Lardass piggy!!

Bon: Hoorkh.
Aibrock: My bad.
Looks like broiled pork was on the menu after all.
I’m still weak.
I have to get stronger than this.
Shade: Voooh

Aibrock: Dummy.
You should have saved me sooner.
Anyway we ain’t got time to waste here.
Where’s the key this dude’s supposed to have?

(Sfx- Pakun *gulp*)
Aibrock: He just ate the key..!?
Iyatts: Oh dear me.
Was Bon-chan taken out?
Iyatts: Don’t you worry. I’ll come and save you after this.
(Sfx- Kan *Tp*)
(Sfx- Pushuuuh *fwffff*)
Iyatts: My goal is the little girlie who’s in here.
Stop me if you can~
Aibrock: Short stuff!
(Sfx- Hyuuun *fwwf*)

Iyatts: Stupid, stupid Tremor.
Proto: Kyugh.
(Sfx- Putun *tp*)

Iyatts: Emergency my ass.
Two breeders get in here and everyone’s wetting themselves!
This is Iyatts.
Freyba: This is Freyba
Did anything happen in the holding cell?
Iyatts: Nope I haven’t gotten there yet.
If I find anything I’ll report it immediately.
Freyba: Got it.

Iyatts: I’m finally about to have a little fun…
So if I don’t do eeeeverything I’ve been wanting to do I’ll regret it.
So I think I’ll just take my time.

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