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Bullet Armors 23

As a brother

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 23, 2013 03:03 | Go to Bullet Armors

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We are all someone's brother.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

Brother's brotha's bros'....we are all someone's brother.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Techno 23: As a brother.

Beika(?): What’re you spacing out for?

Beika(?): Are you getting the wrong idea about what you are?
Take a good long look at your body.
It is not that of a human right?
You’re a tremor.
And as such you should live your live as a tremor.

Beika(?): You are a weapon built for us to use…
And that is how you should live.
To be used by humans until your live burns out..
The fate of all machines.

Beika(?) Resistance is futile!!
Before the might of machinery….
A human’s consciousness should simply vanish.

Iyatts: Open gate 4.
Welcome to…
Our quaint breeder holding cell.
Here is where idiots who control tremors are kept under lock and key.
Might as well forget about escape since the security here is perfect.
Iyatts: Oh right!
Oh are those your buddies?
Or am I mistaken?

Iyatts: I heard that you’re a member of the group who wrecked us in Testarosa.
IS that right lil’ missy?
Selena: You’re wrong!
I would never associate with a group like that!
Iyatts: Then..
You have no information about them?
I heard the group’s name…
Death legi…
Eh, forget it.
If you don’t know then you just don’t know.

Iyatts: Don’t screw with me.
This isn’t the place to start acting stupid kiddo.
Why were you there when the city was inflamed then?
If you wanna keep up this dumb act then you’ll regret it later.
Selena: Ugh..!!
Iyatts: It hurts huh?
Hey if you wanna cry out in pain I’m cool with that.
In fact, I’m actually into that sorta thing…

Iyatts: What the heck is up with your body?
(Sfx- Shitaa *clack*)
Iyatts: Don’t sneak up on me brats!
Did you see any suspicious Breeders around here?
Did you see the hole they entered from?!
Go look properly dammit!
Hurry up and go!

Selena: Who are they?
Iyatts: You don’t have any interest in me…
But you sure are curious about those brats huh?
That’s our child soldier unit ‘Child Beikas’.
They’re a bunch of really unfriendly children beikas.
They’re taught alllll about war from a young age. They’re raised to be elite warriors.
Unlike those dipshit adult beika they’re pretty friggn’ strong.
Selena: Children?
Iyatts: That doesn’t matter one damn bit though.
So start talking to me about that death legi-thing!!

Iyatts: If you don’t start to tell me what I want to hear then I’ll have them butt in!
‘What the hell are you doing?! You’re so useless’ I’ll say….
I want to know that army’s objective…
The secrets of your body…
And any other damn thing I’m interested in!!
Selena: I don’t know anything…
I don’t know what to do anymore.
Iyatts: Just what?

Selena: I just want to see my friends!!
I know they’re really worried about me…
And no matter who they’re up against they’ll protect me!
Iyatts: Huuuuh?

Iyatts: You REALLY don’t want to mess with me.
Selena: Proto!!
Iyatts: I won’t play nice anymore.

Iyatts: You guys are our prey.
So just start spitting up EVERYTHING you know and just die, dig?
{That is…}
{One of our brethren.}
{Karto-sama’s tool.}
{We must protect it.}

{We must protect Karto-sama’s tool.}

Iyatts: What the hell?!
What the hell is going on here?!

Iyatts: No way..!!
Even the strongest breeders…
Shouldn’t be able to break those restraints!!
Computer: Number 4 cell unlocked.
Selena: Kyah!
Iyatts: You’re coming with me!

Robot: This is for Karto-sama’s tool…
Iyatts: What the hell are they going on about…
Protecting this or that…
Welp, everything’s gone to hell now.
I hope they don’t hold me responsible for this.
Well it’s not all bad…
Those brats may have a use after all.

Selena: Why!?
Iyatts: What?
Selena: Why are you fighting like this?!
You all are the same as them right?!
So why would you send children to fight?!
Why get them involved?!

Selena: We were granted…
Consciousness so that we can choose how we want to live!!

Iyatts: Dummy. They’re having a great time aren’t they?
Nice job.
However you should stand by here…
Just in case we run into more trouble.

Aibrock: Dammit, it’s no good Shade.
This door is friggin tough.
I don’t know how heavy it is, but we ain’t gonna get through it that easy.

???: That’s the beika’s history.
And the final days of the breeders.

Gilbert: Long time no see Aibrock.
Aibrock: Bro.
Freyba: The commander in chief’s…
Little brother?
And he’s a breeder…
Gilbert: You’ve been dead to me for a long time.
However since you came back, I have my duty as a brother to welcome you personally.

Gilbert: It’s already been two years since Genocide gear disappeared. You certainly must have been lonely..
Since you continue to perpetuate this friendship with that consciousness bearing machine.
Aibrock: Shade is my real buddy!
I ain’t messin’ around dammit!
Gilbert: Is that what you think?
Do you believe it’s protecting you?
You never know when one day it’ll decide to turn on you.
Before that happens you should enter at once.

Gilbert: No matter what you do to that door, it won’t be enough…
You won’t be able to go to what lies beyond there.
Freyba: Commander in chief!
Gilbert: Take Bon.
Freyba: I’ll pursue Iyatts.
Guragon! I’m leaving Bon to you.
Gilbert: After we’ve entered, you can cool your head and we can discuss things civilly.
As your older brother I have plenty I would like to discuss.

Aibrock: Hell no!
I don’t want you to take me in there, and I sure as hell have nothing to discuss with you!
Gilbert: ….
Nothing to discuss with me?

Aibrock: Gilbert!!
I’m gonna defeat you right here, right now!
Gilbert: Heheh…
Seems that much hasn’t changed.

Gilbert: However you’ve got quite the mouth on you.
A younger brother should respect his elder brother.
I’m going to use this…
Do you have anything on you?
Aibrock: Mess with me…
Gilbert: Hm?

Gilbert: Oh, I assure I am not.

Gilbert: I’m overjoyed that the little brother I have so much pride in has returned.
Back when you were a Child beika, your ability was top class.
But now you’re merely…well this.
Who allowed my little brother to become this weak?
Wasn’t it that tremor?

Aibrock: Ugh…
Gilbert: There’s still hope.
I won’t allow you to leave here again.
I will bring you back upon the path of beika-dom myself…

Gilbert: By eviscerating this bad influence from your life…!!!
It’s this THING that lead you astray…
It’s because of it you’re a breeder.
Aibrock: GILBERT!!
Gilbert: Just give me a moment Aibrock.

Gilbert: I will create a path for you.

Aibrock: STOP IT!!
Gilbert: Running away?
Is this the stance of a weapon?
Then for what reason should you continue to exist?

Aibrock: Stop it!
Don’t break it!!
Shade: Guooooh!!
Aibrock: I’m beggin ya…
It’s my…

Aibrock: MY PARTNER!!

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