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Bullet Armors 24

Lurking darkness.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 23, 2013 03:07 | Go to Bullet Armors

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Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Techno 24: Lurking darkness.


Aibrock: Sha---

Gilbert: Flower maker.

Gilbert: Let justice be done!
As long as there continue to be tremor on the earth’s surface…
Us beika will continue to break them!
Just give up Aibrock…
It’s all over.

Gilbert: It was good that you returned here.
I know they may have fooled you but…
We’ll deal with the other breeders here.
And you still may be able to become a beika yet.
Iyatts: Commander in chief.
Gilbert: What is it Iyatts?
I sent Freyba and the others to the lockup after you.
Is the female breeder giving you any trouble.
Iyatts: She’s fine, but there are plenty of other problems here!!

Iyatts: Her body is really weird. And while I was interrogating her, the other breeders started freaking out.
It is my opinion that that death leg…whatever may have something to do with this.
Gilbert: Understood.
Take the girl with her and keep a close guard.
We may still need her….I’m on my way there.
All right. Shall we leave that garbage heap aside and open this door?
There’s a lot I want to hear from you myself…
As your brother…

???: There’s no need for that.
He has nothing to do with death legion.
Aibrock: Sis…?
Gilbert: Marche…
Marche: Come with me…
And bring him too.
Gilbert: I’m putting him into custody!
Why would I want to simply let him off the hook like that?

Marche: He didn’t have his heart stolen by tremor…!!
He just wanted to be stronger!
Gilbert: Stronger?
Marche: I respect you Gil..
You deserve accolades for becoming the commander in chief.
If you weren’t here then the battle units…no…this place wouldn’t be able to run like it does.
But that strength hurts the ones around you..!!

Marche: He simply seeks the same ‘strength’ that you possess!
Gilbert: What?
Are you trying to suggest that I’m wrong?
Marche: Aibrock wanted strength, and that’s why he paired up with it..
Even though it drove him down a path of loneliness, he still wanted your strength..
Gilbert: Silence.
I have done what I deemed necessary.
I understand my little brother better than anyone.
He wants to become stronger…
Stronger than anyone…even me..!!

Gilbert: So what is wrong with teaching him strength with strength?!
I simply want Aibrock to be ‘strong’ too!!
{This is exactly what drove Aibrock into a corner..!!}
???: Commander in chief!! We have a problem!!
The breeder with the singe arm…
Has broken into the holding cell!!

{The single arm tremor…}
{It couldn’t be.}
Gilbert: It seems…
I still have to deal with another of the influences that warped Aibrock.

Gilbert: I’ll kill him.
Marche: Wait Gil…
{That boy is…}
Gilbert: I’m sorry about before Marche.
But it’ll be fine. If I kill this person the we can take Aibrock back.
And return to being siblings like we were before.

Marche: Even if that breeder…
Is Aibrock’s friend?!
Do you intend…
To take friendship from him?

Guragon: The breeder has broken into the holding cell?
Do you think he’s been subjugated?
Freyba: Maybe..
Guragon: Well…if the Child Beika’s are there then things should be okay.
Komatsuda: Yeah…if Iyatts can handle them.
Do you think you can meet up with them…
Freyba: Yes!
Komatsuda: Dammit. How long does this go for?
It’s like a maze.

Komatsuda: What’s this..?
Looking around it seems like it’s the boiler room…
Looks like this route was a detour.
Where’s Freyba?

???: Breeders huh?
Looks like these guys broke out too.
First up on the menu…

Komatsuda: Iron cover.
These things are perfect powered suits for taking on breeder.

Tremor: Gurururu
It’s equipping a breeder.

???: Extrive Tackle!!

???: NGUAAAH!!
Check the perimeter.
Nothing seems to be here?
Where’s Freyba…is she okay?

Freyba: I’m right here.
Komatsuda: F…
Freyba: This weapon is pretty strong….
It’s my first time using it.

Freyba: I’m deeply sorry for this.
It’s an emergency situation you see.
And unfortunately I just don’t see another means out of this situation without dirtying our hands like this.
Komatsuda: Our?
No way…
Freyba: It’s been two years since Genocide gear…
And I’ve been infiltrating you all since then….but now I think I’ve seen more than enough.

Freyba(?): At long last I can take my tremor back from you all..
And you may atone for all of your since by laying down your life.
(Sfx- Giiiii)

Freyba: Place watch over me Karto-sama…I Freyba..
Will take these beika’s information and their future in a fell swipe.
{Death Legion breeder: Mercidel Freyba.}

{Two years ago.}
Announcer: The winner is..
Dude: Man he’s strong!
That's to be expected of the next Commander in chief’s little brother.
He’ll be an amazing beika before long.
Gilbert: You held back didn’t you?
You did so far too soon. The match wasn’t over.
Why would you do this?

Aibrock: Cause the dude I was up against was a weakling.
It wasn’t really necessary to go further than that.
Gilbert: is that really what you think?
You’re still quite weak yourself.
A single tremor could make short work of you easily.
Don’t you dare belittle the weak!

Gilbert: Things like friendship will only weigh you down!
You should seek one thing and one thing only. Strength! Think of nothing else but how to make yourself stronger!
The moment you lower your guard…
Will be the moment you die!
This is a world…
Where the strong eat and the weak are meat!

Gilbert: Having friends only serves to weaken your body…
If I had been more explicit back then about this then this wouldn’t be happening now.
However now I see…
I will have to show him just what is most important if he seeks the same strength as me!!


Gilbert: I will take my brother back…you pawn of the machines!!

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