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Translations: Gintama 687 (2) , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Kokushi Musou!! 4

The length of 10 years.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 25, 2013 02:00 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 4

Every chapter seems to have extra pages for this. I'm hanging in there for Mugi-chan though. O3O.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Side text- He may be unable to remember his father’s face, but maybe in his dreams he can meet him again?)
Chapter 4: The length of 10 years.
(Bottom text- Chapter 1 has been uploaded online! Clubsunday.jp.)

Kid: And so I was locked up in this huge room for 10 years…
And thanks to Ro I was able to get out!
(Side text- Kid happened to come to the rescue of the bullied girl Mugi. Will he involve her in his escape plan…?)
Kid: It was one hell of a fight too, you should have been there to see how awesome I was! The dragon was totally coming towards us and then…
{I have to run away…}
{If I split his story into two parts it’s kind of believable…}
{Leaving aside the hidden room and the dragon and stuff…}
{It’s true he’s not wearing the uniform for new pupils, and he doesn’t know the rules of the temple.}
{So he really doesn’t seem to be from around here…}

Kid: I was kiiiinda hoping you could help me bust out of this place….
Mugi: Nowaynowaynowaynowaynnoway!! Absolutely no!!
(Side text- Let me go!)
Kid: Geez. Ro was saying the same thing. Why do people come to this temple then, huh?
Mugi: …I, I’m not here because I want to be….
Kid: Really? Then why not help me?
We can totally get out of here together!
It works out for you too right?
Mugi: I can’t.
{I entered this temple when I was 10 years old.}
{My mother and father forcefully placed me on this boat to Shangri-La.}

{I live in a martial arts dojo that I stand to inherit, so it was decided that I come here as a disciple.}
{Sign here.}
{Now that I think about it, it was like signing a contract with the devil.}
{Abandoned children…}
{Children who entered for one reason or another…}
{Children who seek fame and fortune…}
{Children who want the scroll of secrets…}
{Everyone had different reasons for coming here and enrolling.}
{I realized something very quickly on the first day of my enrollment though…}
???: This place is hell on earth!
I heard that this is a divine place that thieves and monsters cannot get into…!!
But this is much different than the stories!
{The people in my class soon wanted to leave.}
(Handwritten- C’mon out!!)
(Handwritten- I’ll friggin’ kill you dead!)
{There was one person who remained indifferent to his surroundings…}
Kid: That was probably Ro.
{And I too could only watch as it happened.}

Kid: Him huh….
Mugi: That’s why leaving this temple is just a dream within a dream.
Moreover realistically speaking, there’s a legitimate route that one can take to decent the mountain.
Kid: Legitimate route?

Mugi: Y—yes. It’s written on the enrollment contract…
If one is able to train in the temple for ten years then they can leave on their own accord.
(Big bubble- 10 years.)
Kid: 10 years?!
Mugi: In truth there’s one other route….
But it’s harsh to the point of being nightmarish.
So..um, you should just give up…
Kid: No way.
Mugi: Eh?
Kid: ….I dun wanna…
Wait that long.
Mugi: Bu…

Mugi: I’m telling you that leaving otherwise…
Is completely and utterly impossible….
(Sfx- Bashi *fwap*)
Mugi: Eeeeh? Despite everything I’m saying…
Kid: I…
Have been locked up in the temple’s room as ten years have passed, separated from my pops…
At first I thought he’d come and pick me up so I figured things would be okay…
But then one year passed….and then two…
And for 10 years I waited for him and he didn’t show up.
Mugi: Wh…
What are you talking about…
Kid: And now I…
Can’t even remember what my pops looks like.

Kid: 10 years is a long time…
A really…really long time.
{He doesn’t remember anything…}
{But I guess that’s what it is to have 10 years pass him by.}
{Without seeing his father’s face for that long he can’t remember what he looks like.}
{Even meeting his dreams…}
{Over and over again won’t…}
Mugi: I understand.

Mugi: I’ll help you escape from here Kid-kun.
T—that is whatever I am able to help out with..
Kid: Thank you so much!!
I’ll make sure you don’t regret this Mugi!!
Mugi: I’ll….do my best..

Kid: Whoa it’s the monks!
Dude that was scarry.
The instructors have been really restless today…
Did something happen?
Ro: No way…this wouldn’t have anything to do with him would it?
{In front of the main gate….}

Mugi: All right…this should be okay…I think.
A decoy?
Kid: Yup! First you’re gonna run up to that pig with a disguise on.
While piggy’s attention is focused on you, I’ll sneak over to the gate and escape! You’ll be able to come and go without him figuring out who you are, so this plan is perfect!
Mugi: Are you sure this is okay? Will this really work?
Kid: It’ll be fine!! This is the plan I used to get out of that room you know!
{Yes…it should be okay. With this disguise I shouldn’t be discovered…}
{I just have to pull one over on Instructor Ross…!!}
{Since he isn’t allowed to leave the gate, he won’t come this way…}
{As such he won’t chase me too far since he has to keep guard at all times.}
{And the timing is perfect…!!}

Ross: Little brat…next time I see him, I’ll feed his carcass to the livestock.
Mugi: He’s been drinking so he’s messy drunk…!!!
(Sfx- Hikuh *hiccup*)
Mugi: I can do this!!
H—heeey! You fat pig!!
Ross: Huuuuh?
Mugi: Eeeeeek!!!
He’s too scary!!

{Aaaaahh!! My role is over! Kid-kun I hope you can pull it off from here!!}
Ross: Get back here dammit!!
{Thanks Mugi!!}
{I’ll never forget this favor!!}
(Side text- I probably won’t.)
{If I can sneak through here, then I’ll be outside!!}

Mugi: Kyaah!
{Oh no…!!}
Ross: Hmph! Getting a hold of this thing was the right call..
Mugi: But at least I was able to buy him time.
{I don’t…}
{Have anything worth bragging about.}
{My grades are in the gutter, and my parents pretty much abandoned me when I enrolled here.}
{However I do have something I yearn for…}
{When I saw Kid who was able to smile despite being worse for wear…}
{I thought to myself that it would be wonderful to be able to smile just like that.}

{I just want one thing that I can be proud of from the bottom of my heart…no matter what it is…}
{That’s all!!}
Ross: You wanna go?
If I don’t do anything then you all are going to start getting rough around the edges, and every damn kid will think they can get past my fists and escape.
The instructors won’t allow their cute little students to go to the gaol underground to train them properly either.
But for you this is game over!!
I’ll carve the reasons why you shouldn’t break the rules right into your body!!!

Kid: Nugggaaaaah…..!!

(Sfx- Kashaaan *clatter*)
Mugi: Kid-kun!!!

Mugi: W—why did you come here?! This was your plan to escape wasn’t it…?
Kid: My pops said that I can’t allow women and children to get hurt.
Mugi: But this was your chance to escape outside…!!
Kid: If I have to ignore what my Pops said to escape…
Then how in the hell could I look him in the eye?!
{I thought he really wanted to get out…}
Ross: He was one splendid teacher huh?
But you’re not going to be able to honor his teachings…
You wanna know why?
Cause you’re weak!!

Ross: Pig foot style…hicc..!!
Kid: Look at that pig wobble!
Heck, I won’t even have to use my pops’s defensive moves at this rate!
I can’t read his movements…
What kind of move is this?!
That drunken stumbling is part of a suiken!!
You have to run Kid-ku—
(TN- Suiken –drunken fist.)
Ross: Too slow!!

Mugi: Kid-kun!!
Stop it please! He’s already down..!!
Kid: Gughhh!!
{I can’t breathe…!!}
Ross: Dammit. Look at my sunglasses….
What do you plan to do about this huh?

Ross: You’re one miserable brat, Kid…
Your dad taught you to protect those that need protection?
But there’s no way you can follow your dad’s wishes…
Because you’re a weakling!!

Ross: There are guys on the outside who are much stronger than me.
The real reason why you’re in this temple is for protection.
If you went outside the way you are now…I’d give you oh….five minutes before you died.
Kid: Cough…
Ross: If you really want out of here then you have to choose one of two ways.
One…you train here for 10 years and then graduate normally.
And then number two.
You become the strongest out of the two hundred thousand people living here…
And become the one who takes the ‘Scroll of secrets’!! Those are the only ways!!
(Side text- One who wants to leave only has two choices!! Which one will Kid choose?! Next issue contains a head color page as response to this series’s popularity!!)

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