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Kokushi Musou!! 5

Scroll of secrets.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 25, 2013 03:32 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 5

One day this'll have 18 pages like everything else. One day. Though it is really interesting, and all the extra pages and stuff seems to indicate that it's at least a little popular. Guess we'll know when volume one comes out soonish.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Side text- Kid stands firm as he aims for the outside world, but the ultimate gate keeper is…!!)
(Side white text- Gratitude for the huge response!!!)
(Side orange text- The explosive kung fu head color page!!)
Ross: ‘Epidemics’ ‘Poverty’ ‘Robbery’….
Currently the ‘outside world’ has no means of survival for those who are lacking in strength…!!
That’s why the peerless temple is a famous temple where people gather. We have but one major rule here.
Ross: ‘The weak are not allowed to leave here’!!

(Side text- Aim for ultimate strength with your partners.)
(Side text- The path that we advance upon…)
(Kid’s shirt- Novice.)

(Side text- Is unparalleled!!)
Chapter 5: Scroll of secrets.
Ross(?): It was decided a thousand years ago to protect this rule..
That two systems would be implemented.

Kid: Ugh…two systems?
Ah…I can breathe again…
(Sfx- Shubooh *fwoof*)
Ross: Yup. It’s this system that ensures that ‘there is no possible means of escape’. You could call it the major premise around here.
Well..i’d assume that your weak little body knows that all too well.
Kid: Guh!
Who gives a crap about that!! What the hell are these two systems huuuh?!
Mugi: The ‘Security system’…and ‘Promotion system’.
Kid: You know about ‘em Mugi?
Mugi: It’s what I was telling you about before. If you train here for 10 years you can leave…
Kid: This is the first time I’m hearing of the promotion system though….
Mugi: Well…um…

{So basically there are two ways to leave this place…}
(Top: 10 years// Sign: I’m outta here!)
{The first way is the ‘security system’ in which 10 years of training is essential. That’s the normal 10 year system.}
{Each and every person has their own potential and talent for martial arts, so they can establish their level with this method.}
{The 10 year system is for those who have no talent in martial arts as well as a security measure as well.}
{Then the other is for those who have studied martial arts for some time already and want to leave as soon as possible…the ‘Promotion system’.}
(Text- Testing//Sign- I’m outta here!)
{Advance through classes through testing and trials and one can leave here without waiting ten years.}
{The proof of graduation given to people who utilize the 10 year system is a ‘pass’ while those who go through the ‘Promotion system’ are given the ‘Scroll of secrets’.}
{It is using one of these two methods that is the only legitimate method of leaving this place and going to the outside.}

Ross: You got it.
Even if you do manage to get outta here somehow, either I or the instructors will use our full strength to drag yer ass back here.
If ya take a second to think about it, rather than trying to escape..
It would make more sense to just take the ‘Promotion system’ route over graduating to get out of here sooner, right?
Kid: You’re right!!
Ross: See what I mean?
And let me be honest kid, there are even people who manage to graduate within a year! It’s pretty dang simple.
Mugi: W—wait a minute! Don’t let him fool you Kid-kun!
There’s no one who’s ever been able to graduate in a year!
Normally even if you’re going at top speed, it still takes about 5 years or so!!
Kid: Hey Mugi, c’mere for a minute.
Mugi: Eh? Why?
(Sfx- Nico *grin*)

Kid: Listen up Mugi-chan…
As awesome as I am, I’ve gotta be realistic…there’s no way I’m gonna be able to advance that easily.
Mugi: B—but you were going along with him just now right?
Kid: It was in order to get that pig to lower his guard.
I’ve got an even easier method in mind.
Howzabout we just steal the scroll of secrets?
Mugi: Ah…so he’s that sort of person…
That’s impossible!!
Kid: It’ll be fine I’m tellin’ ya! I’ll do it by myself this time!
Ross: Ready yet?
Kid: NO!!
Ross: Heheheh. Aren’t we brave.

Mugi: I—it’s him…!!
Kid: Who the hell is that?
{That’s where the pig and I were going buck wild…}

Old dude: It’s good to have a bit of pep! Children should be at least a little naughty.
Kid: Who’s the old guy?
Mugi: D—d…

Kid: Whoa! He even managed to get the piggy to bow to him…who is that?!
Mugi: That man is the most powerful person here…
{There have been successive directors before that man but he’s the only one who knows and is able to use martial arts from the east, west, south and north. No other person can claim such a feat…}
{He even knows a thousand different forms of kenpou. When it comes to marital arts he’s extremely powerful.}
Chief: So you’re the reckless challenger hmm?

Chief: I know all about you. Until recently you were locked up in that room…for ten years was it?
And you escaped together with Ro.
Kid-kun right?
Kid: H—how did you know that?
Chief: Hoho…I am the chief after all…!
Keeping my eye on people is my specialty.
So I know quite a bit about you.
Everyone among the living has ‘ki’ coming from their body.
Ordinary people can’t see this , but with training it becomes quite easy to perceive.
Kid: ‘Ki’? Ro mentioned something like that…right?
Chief: If you have something like this for example…
You’d be able to see it well.

{The scroll of secrets…}
Mugi: D—don’t Kid-kun! There’s no way you can defeat him!!
Chief: Well, well! Aren’t we the greedy little beast?

{He read my movements?!}
Chief: I see all too well..
Your ‘ki’ betrays all of your movements.

Kid: Gaaah!!!
Mugi: Kid-kun!!
Kid: Hah…hah…
Chief: Hoho. If I do this I can see the future.
And if I touch you I can allow you to see it quite well too.

Kid: Uuu..

Mugi: Ah…
Are you awake Kid-kun?
Kid: Mugi.
Mugi: Do you remember what happened? You tried to attack the chief but fainted.
Kid: I don’t remember…

(Entry contract: The undersigned below agrees with the following stipulations if they hope for admittance.// Honoring the rules of the gate. 2) Realizing that breaking rules could result in death.)
Mugi: He’s becoming depressed…!!
That’s well…
Kid: So….
Mugi: Ki—Kid-kun? Um…
Kid: But…

Kid: It’s really interesting too!!
The outside sounds so friggin’ awesome!!!
This is so sweet!!
(Handwritten- Ahahahaahah!)
{He’s happy?! But why?!}
Kid: Hey Mugi.
(Handwritten- Ah..i was laughing.)
Mugi: Y—yes?
Kid: There’s gotta be a person who breezed through the ‘graduation system’ really fast right?
Mugi: Y—yes. I believe it was twenty years ago where a person managed to graduate within a year…

Mugi: Eh?
Kid: Then imma do this in half a year.
Just you watch me, old man…I’ll get out of here fair and square.

Kujaku: Heyo! Here are your supplies~
I heard you had a tough time today Ross.
Ross: Heh. Ain’t nothin’ ‘rough’ about it.
It was a piece of cake like usual.
Kujaku: Ross…your face…
Ross: Heheheh…
He’s a hella interesting kid to be for sure…dunno if he’s just a lizard, or a dragon.
At least for now, I ain’t gonna quit my day job.
(Side text- Kid’s claws left a mark!! Next issue he enrolls in the peerless temple!!)

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