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Anagle Mole 34

Search for Luchiru.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 1, 2013 03:55 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 34

So one year and two months later, here I am with Anagle mole 34. It's weird how things just continue from where they were back then without a hitch. It's the first series I've done that's returned from a hiatus so maybe I'm just being sentimental. Anyway I'm certainly hoping that we'll get a year at least to make up for this year, and maybe another one so that we can get an anime. Though honestly I'm not sure what Fukuchi could do after this arc.

Kiss scans only.

Although we had a deal where I don't reserve this until they get me the raw, I'll be benevolent and give them the benefit of the doubt this time. If this falls through I will never reserve this for anyone ever again though. My broken heart has been slashed at enough already.

Fukuchi: It’s been a long while. I’m the artist of ‘Anagle Mole’ Fukuchi.
(Side text- At long last the serialization reopens!! Center color and an increased 28 pages!!!)
(Bottom text- For further details of previous events check page two!!)
Fukuchi: On this occasion I took a year off because of my physical condition...
And I would like to thank those who waited patiently for the reserialization as well as apologize for what happened.
(Handwritten- Thanks to you all I’ve returned without incident.)
(Bottom text- I thank you so much for your letters, e-mails and tweets! I’m more than fine now!!)
{For those who forgot…-Last time on Anagle- Luchiru and Kyousuke went to anaguland to save Chiwa who was taken by a majin.}
(Handwritten- Chiwa’s Stalker.}
{While there, Kyousuke gained the power to ‘Tunnel underground.}
(Sfx- Dopunn *sbloosh*)
(Sfx- Suwaashi *wfsssh*)
{Finally they reached the city where Chiwa is located, ‘Kita city.}
(Handwritten- We’re here!!)
(Under panel- Luchiru’s childhood friend Arulu is travelling with the group.}
{Luchiru took it upon himself to gather information about Chiwa.}
(Handwritten- Have you seen this person?)
(Under panel- Disguised in a mask.)
{Meanwhile Kyouske and Arulu encounter a majin who hates Luchiru ‘Guugrus!’
{He made fun of Luchiru and the two soon picked a fight with him…)
Guugrus: Ah..
Arulu: Ah..
Kyousuke: Ah…
(Sfx- Doon *thump*)

(Red circle, Volume 1~3 are out in stores!!!!)
(Side text- Everything is for the sake of rescuing Chiwa. Probe! Probe on!!!)
34th space: Search for Luchiru.

Arulu: Hmph.
We’re a little on the busy side right now..
So don’t bug us Guugrus.
Guugrus: Heh…you’re hella strong as usual…
(Handwritten- Arulu.)
Arulu: Let’s go Mogru.
Kyousuke: Eh?
(Handwritten Mogru?)
Arulu: You. I mean you. Mogru.
Did you forget your own name?
Kyousuke: Ah, an alias.
It'd be bad if he heard my actual name.
Guugrus: Gonna meet up with Luchiru?
Arulu: Maybe. What does it mean to you?
Guugrus: Heheh…oh nothing. I’m not trying to hide anything if that’s what you mean.
(Sfx- Path patsh *pat pat*)
Guugrus: It’s just we’ve already sorta caught him.

Guugrus: That’s right Arulu…
Right now Luchiru's tied down..
In a certain place.
It's just no good to let a two hundred thousand chika bounty loiter around like that.
And him walking around in a mask is utterly pointless too~.

Guugrus: Oh by the way…Arulu, that mask was yours right?
(Sfx- Ton ton *tap tap*)
Guugrus: This is all but certifiable proof that you two are in cahoots with that traitor~
Kyousuke: That’s crap!!!
Arulu: Luchiru. Hey you there?
(Handwritten- Can you hear me?)
Luchiru: Sorry Arulu…
I screwed up.
Arulu: Seems like he’s telling the truth.
(Handwritten- That moron.)
Guugrus: Heheh…
He was ‘looking for someone’ right?
And so he was stupidly out in the open, despite it being a death sentence if he's caught.
You’d think he’d try harder not to be seen by others, but for some reason he desperately had to find this person.

Arulu: So the scaredy cat is risking his life…
What I don’t get here is…
Why do you guys seem so interested in this?
Guugrus: Arulu, you’re strong.
Your light intensity* is higher than mine…
With your leg strength, you don’t even need to use your powers.
(Text below- ‘Light intensity’ –The degree of being able to use a majinagram. A majin’s level.)
Guugrus: So I’ve always wanted to say this…

Guugrus: ‘I cant’ stand you’.
You're always giving me a condescending look...
Like you’re making fun of me.
Arulu: Let Luchiru go.
If you do so now, I may still forgive you.
(Sfx- Hah)
Guugrus: No, no. You’ve got it all wrong. Your line should be…
‘If I allow you to smack me 100 times will you please let your hostage Luchiru go’…?
Something like that.

Kyousuke: Bastard! How far are you gonna…
Arulu: Stop it!
(Sfx- Doshaaa *thuuud*)
Kyousuke: What…?!
(Sfx- Gehaaah *cough*)
(Sfx- Geeeeh *ooooragh*)
{It’s like being hit with a dumbbell!..}
{This is the true power of the majin……….!!!}
Arulu: Hang in there!
{He isn’t joking!!}

Guugrus: Luchiru’s looking for that aforementioned ‘human’ right?
A moment ago I wouldn’t have believed it but…
Now I see for myself…how weak humans are~
(Bottom text- Majin have a misunderstanding that humans are strong.)
Arulu: As you can see, Mogru here is just my underling.
I’m sure it won’t be any fun playing with him like this.
Guugrus: No no…nope not gonna happen.
See, Mogru-kun has to take his share of the 100 hits too.
Arulu: So if I take ‘200’
That’ll do right?
Kyousuke: Idiot…
What are you…

Arulu: Go save Luchiru.
(Handwritten- Whisper)
Arulu: With your ability you should be able to do it.
If you don’t then he’ll be killed.
(Handwritten- So go.)
(Sfx- Dopuuunnn *blooosh*)
Guugrus: Ooh? So his Majinagram is diving into the ground?
So that’s why his name is ‘Mogru-kun’?
(Handwritten- Makes sense I guess~)
(TN- Moguru means ‘to dive’. Hence Mogru.)
(Sfx- Zuhhh *sffft*)

Arulu: Let’s get started.
I'd like to get this over before teatime.
Kyousuke: Luchiru…do you know where you are?
(Sfx- Gopohh *blooosh*)
Luchiru: No…they brought me here blindfolded…!
I’m in one of the buildings nearby!
Kyousuke: Dammit…
Just hold on Arulu…
(Sfx- Bachiiih *smack*)
(Sfx- Bachiiih *smack*)
Guugrus: 96!!

Arulu: Peh.
Guugrus: Heheh…
(Sfx- Koki koki *crack crack*)
Guugrus: The color in your face hasn’t changed a bit.
I wouldn’t go pinning Mogru-kun down with any expectations.
(Sfx-Kurun Kurun *spin spin*)
Guugrus: He’ll never find our hideout.
Oh and feel free to resist me anytime ‘kay?
If you can break through my majinagram ‘lock’.
Arulu: Fwuwaaaah.
Guugrus: From the top.
(Sfx- Bachiiii *smack*)

(Sfx- Zuhhh zuhhh *fwissssh*)
(Handwritten- You okay dude?)
(Sfx- Zuhhh *Sffft*)
{Where are you Luchiru….?}
{I need you to answer me!!}
Luchiru: H—hey. Give me that mask.
It’s a treasure that Arulu gave me.
Dude: Huuuuh?
You mean this dirtyass thing?

Luchiru: Dekos!!!
(Sfx-Dogooohhh *Thoooom*)
Dude: Whoopsie~
(Sfx- Bachiiii *crack*)
(Sfx- Hyoiii *wfft*)
Bahamut: Why yooou!!
Dude: Heh.
I already….
(Sfx- Para para *clatter*)
Dude: Can tell exactly what you’re thinking!
Bahamut: Gyah!
(Handwritten- Bahamu!!)
(Sfx- Ahahaahahaha!)
Guugrus: Why Arulu…
Tell me why...
Why the hell are you doing this for that loser?!
(Sfx- Haaah)

Guugrus: His mere existence always screws everyone over!!
Compared to us, he’s trash that can’t accomplish a single thing!!
He doesn’t even wear fashionable clothes like we do…
He doesn’t even mesh with our group!!
And now he’s betraying the majin by being infected with human thinking?!
He’s just an idiot…!! He has no reason to do what we can’t!
Just keep pace with us!!
Just do everything we do!!

Arulu: You’re the idiot Guugrus.
There isn’t a majin who’s the same as others…
And he’s not the same as the rest of you either.
Guugrus: Shut up!!
(Sfx- Bachiii *slap*)

Arulu: You’re a boring little man,
Who can do nothing but compare his life with others.
Now I believe we’ve reached the appointed 200 times.
Let. Luchiru. Go.
Guugrus: Che.
Fine dammit.
I fear what might happen to me if you get mad.
Hey you guys.
Luchiru’s still alive over there right?
Dude: Yeah.
Guugrus: Well..
You don’t need to keep guard over him any more…

Guugrus: Hand him over to the higher ups and collect the bounty, mmkay?
I did say I’d let him go…
But I never said I’d let him go to you.
I have no reason to seek forgiveness…
From traitors.

Guugrus: The fact is that Luchiru’s death sentence was all but decided…
When he decided to betray us!!
(Sfx- Hahahaah)
Guugrus: Ahahahaah!!
Dude: Eh?!
(Handwritten- My stomach hurts...)
Guugrus: Hahah…what’s up?
Is Luchiru trying to resist?
Dude: Ah..wait…
Who the hell are you?
Guugrus: What?
Dude: What the hell are you…
Guugrus: What’s going on?
Dude: Wait!!
Guugrus: Hey!!
Dude: Shit!!
Guugrus: I’m asking you….
What the hell is going on over there?!

Dude: Dude got away!!
Some freak with a majinagram that lets him dive into the ground took him!!
(Sfx- Pichooon *bloosh*)

(Sfx- Gyoooohh *fwooooosh*)

Luchiru: Kyousuke…
Kyousuke: Y’know little bro…
You’re a handful.
(Handwritten- Dude.)
Kyousuke: Well…thanks to your ‘signal’ I was able to find out where you were….
(Handwritten- Ah!)
(Handwritten- He’s over there!)
(Sfx- Doooon *thooom*)
Kyousuke: Arulu, you listenin’?
I’ve got Luchiru with me.

Kyousuke: My bad…
It’s cause I’m so damn weak that you had to take on a crappy role….!
Arulu: Well, it’s all good.
You did a pretty decent job being a smallfry and all.

Guugrus: Dammit…
{How did he find out hideout…?}
(Sfx- Gogogogogo *rmmmmmble*)
Guugrus: Oh dear.
You idiot.
Your arms and legs are still..
(Handwritten- Hmph.)
(Sfx- Bakiiin *craaash*)
(Sfx- Bakiiin *craaash*)
Arulu: Now…I believe you lent me something…
So it would be rude of me not to return it.
(Sfx- Gogogogogogo *rmmmmmble*)

Guugrus: W—wait a minute!
My strength isn’t nearly up to par with yours!!
If I take 200 hits with your strength then…
Arulu: That’s not it.
Guugrus: Huh?
Arulu: You started from one in the middle of it all..
So it’s more like 298.
{She was counting….?}
Guugrus: W—wait a minute!!
I have evidence that can prove Luchiru’s innocence!
(Sfx- Pita *tap*)
Arulu: Really?
Guugrus: Really!
Se we can totally sell the story that the aforementioned ‘Human’ was using him!
Then we can just sell the human to the higher-ups and get the bounty!
(Handwritten- It’s good for the two of us right?)
Arulu: I see. There is that option huh?
Guugrus: Yeah! Totally!
(Sfx- Hohh *puff*)

(TN- Welcome back Anagle mole.)

(Sfx- Dogoooohh *Thooooom*)
Arulu: Too bad though…
I dislike these humans a lot less than I do you.
And now for the remaining 297…
(Sfx- Hiiiii)

(Sfx- Zapaaah *Blooosh*)
Kyousuke: Arulu!!
Are you okay…
Arulu: Good timing. I just finished taking out the trash.
(Sfx- don)
(Sfx- Pan pan *pat pat*)
Arulu: Now are we gonna go save this Chiwa person or what?
(Bottom text- Next issue will have two chapters that will add up to 46 pages!!)

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