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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 464

A shinigami of dawn and night.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 3, 2013 06:56 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 464

Serious development incoming. Please adorn protective headgear and tuck into the defensive pose as we brace for impact.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Sfx- Kachi kachi *clatter clatter*)
(Side text- The sword and heart waver…)
???: Asaemon…
Why are you trembling?
The man before you is no longer your instructor…
His neck is the same as a criminal’s.
Do not stray from your duty…
Stay with it until the very end.

???: A demon who has sinned can only become human again in his final moments.
The role of returning this humanity has fallen on the Ikeda household as the official executioners.
But I have cut too many….
And in the process of slaying demons by the blade, I have become a demon.
Can you use your sword…
To return my humanity?
{Never forget…}
{What returns a man’s humanity…}
{Isn’t a demon who slices necks…}
{Nor is it a shinigami who steals the souls of people…}

{Only humans can slice away at sins…}
{And save the soul.}
(Sfx- Gabaaah *fwafp*)
(Side text- A memory illuminated by moonlight…)
Lesson 464: A shinigami of dawn and night.

(Sfx- Dotabata *clatter*)
Dude: Where the hell did you go bastard?!
Hey! Search over here! Over here!!
Asaemon: Now everyone in town is out for me….
Though I guess this is appropriate for my end…
???: A sinner can only be judged and beheaded by sinners huh?
Well things ain’t gonna go down like that.
You’re the one who…
Asked me to be your second, right Shinigami-san?
Asaemon: You!!
(Sfx- Mugamogo *mmphf*)
Asaemon: W-wait! Where are you grabbing…mmmph!!

???: Ikeda Asaemon.
Man, who woulda thought that someone who’s a member of the Bakfu’s official executioner family…
Would come around looking for someone to execute her?
Asaemon: While it is true that I asked you to help me perform hara-kiri, I do not recall sexual harassment being a part of the request.
Gintoki: And I’m telling you I didn’t touch anything that was inappropriate.
Asaemon: Before I’m a shinigami I’m also a girl. There are places you aren’t supposed to touch.
Gintoki: And I’m telling you I didn’t touch your boobs.
Asaemon: Pirates of the Caribbean.
Shinpachi: Isn’t that just a skull mask?!
Asaemon: The Ikeda family first started doing official executions using this mask which is referred to as a skull pirates of the Caribbean mask.
If you touch a shinigami’s sanctified mask…you won’t be able to avoid getting your neck sliced clean through.
(Sfx- Biraaah *fwaap*)
Kagura: You are the one doing the slicing of necks, yes?
You have shaken Edo with your passerby killings so they have put a price on your head, uh-huh.
Asaemon: I see. So that’s how things ended up this way.
It’s certainly a good thing I didn’t make any moves without knowing the true state of things. It won’t be long before the entire country is out looking for my head for a quick buck.

Asaemon: Feel free to do as you please with me. I really don’t care where I end up dying.
Just before you take my neck…
I have to take your neck….
(Handwritten- Since you did touch my mask and all…)
Gintoki: I’d like to know how you’d possibly take my neck in this situation?
Asaemon: Oh, it’s not your neck that I’d have to take perse…
I can take a ‘nip’ instead.
(TN- So many untranslatable jokes. Basically Asaemon refers to her mask as a ‘Oppai’ which can mean ‘boob’. And then she asks if she can take a ‘Uchikubi’ which is ‘taking a neck or beheading someone’. When she actually does the job she instead takes a nipple, which is ‘Ucchikubi’. Sorachi, please. Stap. Go back to cutting jokes.)
(Sfx- Pihhn *fwip*)
(Sfx- Jwaaah *bloorp*)
(Sfx- Kikiiiii *grrrrrrrriiind*)
Asaemon: A shinigami’s blade cuts the neck before the criminal even notices.
Gintoki: Neck, not nip dammit!!

Asaemon: No need to worry. My sword doesn’t harm the cells of the body, so you should be able to return it without a problem.
(Sfx- Buchii *splat*)
(Sfx- Burororo *vrrmmm*)
Asaemon: Now correct your conduct for the tankoubon version please.
You little bitch! I’ll toss you into the depths of hell myself!!
(Handwritten- Stoooop. Don’t touch my maaask.)
Shinpachi: Calm down Gin-san!! Are you really going to take Asaemon-san to the authorities?!
Think about it for a minute! Would someone who’s trying to commit suicide have it in them to kill passersby’s?
Gintoki: If you aren’t going to call someone who can casually lob off a guy’s nipple a murderer then what would you call them?!
(Sfx- Gooouh *reeeeeeh*)
???: Whether you want to call her a murderer of her teacher…or a murderer of her master..
There are plenty of names to go around.
You’ve done good work Yorozuya-san.
(Sfx- Gigigii *reeeee*)
???: To have captured her before even the police could…
You have my thanks as the head of the Ikeda clan.
Thank you for protecting our most esteemed traitor.

Asaemon: Y…
Yaemon: As for the passerby killings…there’s no need to worry.
She’s not the kind of girl who would commit such heinous acts.
It’s about time you came back home…
???: This is Ishikawa Rokuemon’s head…and this one is Itachikozou Jiroukichi’s head.
And this one here…hmmm…I’m not sure. I believe it’s someone’s nipple?
Gintoki: Um, excuse me, but I’m somewhat familiar with that nipple.
Lady: This room is full of the heads of evildoers that the Ikeda clan has executed.
Feel free to look around as much as you like. As you do so, we will prepare a meal.
Gintoki: I’m pretty sure this is mine. So why is it in this collection?
Kagura: As expected of the official execution manor. It is easy to identify, yes? It has characters that stand out even after death.
Shinpachi: Um Gin-san? Maybe we should collect the reward and get out of here…
Looking at all of these skulls has done a number on my appetite…

Kagura: Wait now Shinpachi. Something smells funny here, uh-huh.
He says that he wanted to catch her since she is dirtying the family name, but his face does not show it yes?
He is sure that she didn’t do the killings.
And though she killed the former head and is a traitor, he can still smile like that…it is strange yes?
Gintoki: Oh so he’s like Sakai Masato who always has a creepy fake smile plastered on his face. The sorta smile that a psychotic murderer might have.
He might have accepted us favorably, but deep down he’s all about punishing the one who embarrassed his family.
(TN- Sakai Masato is an actor.)
(Sfx- Koso koso *shfft*)
Shinpachi: They say that a Shinigami always approaches with a smile…
(Sfx- Dosuhh *thok*)
???: That’s a demon.
A shinigami…
Is behind you before he’s even noticed.
(Sfx- Bushiiiih *blooorsh*)
Yaemon: And by then he’s already taken your life away.

Yaemon: I’ve…
Returned your nipple.
Please be careful with it.
Now shall we begin the banquet?
Gintoki: Umm…I suddenly don’t feel good. So maybe I’ll just take a raincheck for today…
Yaemon: Hm? Did something happen?
Gintoki: Yeah…I just feel really crappy all of a sudden…maybe it’s something to do with this room..
Yaemon: Oh good, I’ve got just the thing. The Ikeda clan is known for having special recipes for robust nourishment.
First off, how about slices of raw frog ?
Then as a side dish we’ve got monkey brain and the main dish the headpiece of a boar…
And for desert…
{They’re all necks aren’t theeeeeeeey?!}

{The hell is with this full course that starts from the neck up?! This shinigami mansion is really friggin’ terrifying!!}
(Sfx- Muka mogo *chew chew*)
Gintoki: You’ve got some p—pre—pretty unique stuff here huh? Bu-bu-but I’d feel a little bit better dining on something I’m familiar with…
Asaemon: Then how about someone’s nipple for desert?
Knock this crap off already!! What the hell do you think you’re doing with another man’s nipple?!
Moreover, why the hell are you even here?!
Yaemon: This banquet was hand made by Asaemon. So I do believe you should address your compliments to the cook directly.
Gintoki: That’s not what I’m talking about…..what the hell are you…
Yaemon: Why would I welcome the traitorous murderer of the former clan head with open arms?
I could tell you all, but then I’d have to take your necks.
(Sfx- Mosa mosa *chew chew*)
Yaemon: Is that okay?

Yaemon: Asaemon and I are practically siblings.
I am the former head’s actual son, while Asaemon is an orphan that was adopted by the Ikeda clan…she isn’t blood related.
Our heritage isn’t so much related to the official executions as much as it is the ability to wield a sword. Everyone in the family could do this much, but only the chosen leader…
Would inherit the name ‘Yaemon’ as proof of leadership.
We were expected to continue the name Yaemon after the previous head…
And like true siblings, we supported each other sometimes, while being perfect rivals for the name other times. We’d compete and emulate each other to raise one another’s sprits.
Who would be the one to inherit the name Yaemon? The one who did would be who brings peace to the household.
(Block- Yaemon.)
Yaemon: But it’s during this time that a tragedy occurred.
The previous Yaemon disobeyed his orders and betrayed his duty.
He secretly assisted a criminal in escaping, and his actions were eventually discovered.
Because this had been an official order that he had ignored, the Ikeda clan soon found themselves on th literal chopping block.

Shinpachi: No way…you aren’t saying..
Yaemon: It then became important for the former head to be punished, but it had to be done in secrecy.
The one who served as his second was Asaemon.
In any case the former head died due to the officials and their order.
Asaemon entrusted all the Ikeda clan’s affairs to me…
And then left the Ikeda household.
She had killed her lord rebelliously…
Or that’s what is believed as the actual truth of the former head’s demise became enshrouded in darkness.
She then ended up being branded a traitor, and took upon the mask of a Shinigami…choosing this path all on her own.
That’s right….Asaemon isn’t a traitor at all.
She abandoned everything to protect the Ikeda clan…and remain loyal to the name ‘Yaemon’…

Gintoki: So what are you saying? You wanting to go through with seppuku…
Is an effort to erase the evidence of what really happened…?
Asaemon: No…that’s…
That’s not it.
I am..
Not loyal to anything.
(Sfx- Datsh *dash*)
Shinpachi: Asaemon-san!!!
Yaemon: I don’t think the previous head could have asked for a student and daughter who loved him more.
To think she’d go so far to protect my father’s name…
It’s good you found her before it was too late…
Gintoki: Well said bro.
Not only are we talking about the sin of killing her master but…
We’re looking at a pedigree of an official executioner family that has a bad apple who’d result to killing passersby.

Gintoki: That’s the sorta thing…
That could really drag the family name through the mud isn’t it?
Yaemon: HEheh…I see.
It’s not uncommon for the shinigami to approach with a smile, though don’t be mistaken…that smile is thin and phony.
I wouldn’t go calling that a sin…
Since all it amounts to is going after every one of the criminals who managed to get away from the former head’s chopping block.
For you see if a single one of those left over by the former head were to escape their fate of being buried…
Then Asaemon’s loyalty…our hard work would all be in vain.

Shinpachi: No way! You can’t be…
Yaemon: Asaemon and I promised that day…
That even if our paths should differ…we’d be connected by the heavens…
Night and day…
We would be the same heavens that would protect what the former head left to us….
I have my duty to protect her and what the former head….my father treasured and left behind. That is solely what my am is.
And if it seems that I may have to abandon my path, I may have no choice but to drag you all into this..
Gintoki: So what, you want us to stay quiet about it?
Yaemon: It would be good if you don’t go talking to anyone…
(Sfx- Zatssh *shfft*)
Gintoki: You risked quite a bit talking this much about the matter already, don’tcha think?
Yaemon: Please don’t play dumb.
I told you this story so that you would assist me.

Yaemon: Encountering the passerby killer…
Means losing your head after all.
Ten years ago, the former Yaemon had a list of criminals who escaped him, and within that list..
Your name is written….
Sakata Ginotoki-san.
(Side text- Sudden changes…!!)

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#1. by phoenixmarco ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2013
wow .. another awesome ark with kintoki's past coming up ... it is up to you BDR for translating the crude jokes by our beloved gorilla-sensei .. :)
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