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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 465

Human? Or Demon?

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 9, 2013 00:14 | Go to Gintama

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Sorachi's back with the political posturing, as if the political posturing going on in the US and keeping me from being paid isn't bad enough.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- Moonlight expose!!)
Yaemon: Sakata Gintoki-san…
Would it be better for me to refer to you as ‘Shiroyasha’?
Yaemon: You’re actually quite similar to the victims of the passerby killer…
A person who should have had their neck cut ten years ago.
A criminal who escaped…
From my father.

Shinpachi: Wha…
Yaemon: Your life was spared by the previous Yaemon…my father.
So then you have to admit that…
You bare some of the responsibility for this…and should see it to the end.
For it was because he wanted to save sinners such as yourself that my father died.
And that Asaemon ended up having to bury her father in the darkness, and be pursued by the authorities as a traitor.
As it was the Ikeda clan that saved your life…
Do you not think it a fitting punishment that the very same family use that life as it sees fit?

Yaemon: I request that…
You protect Asaemon.
(Side text- For whose sake does the night wear on?)
Lesson 465: Human? Or Demon?
Hijikata: Say what?
The passerby slayer’s been apprehended already?!
Okita: Seems that way. Those Ikeda guys made a move before we did.
‘Sspose it’s cause they wanted their family to avoid being embarrassed and stuff, so they wanna take care of things themselves….or some sorta ulterior motive like that.
Hijikata: Screw that. They don’t have the authority to make those decisions! Go tell them to hand the criminal to us immediately.
???: It’s too late for that.

Okita: The criminal has…
Already lost their head.
Hijikata: Are you serious?!
Okita: The criminal wasn’t given to us…
Turns out the Mimawarigumi got jurisdiction over them,
They had a strictly fair and namely quick trial that resulted in a verdict that equaled severe head loss.
Turns out Ikeda Yaemon had the upper hand and played the execution card.
Hijikata: That’s ridiculous!! How the hell could they hand down judgment that friggin quickly…
(Sfx- Biraaah *fwaap*)
Okita: They even did an autopsy for confirmation.
It is without a doubt the passerby killer…

Okita: Ikeda Asaemon’s head.
Asaemon: Um…I’m sorry for the misunderstanding…
But I’m still very much alive.
Gintoki: It’s just my imagination.
A corpse is supposed to sit quietly with its eyes closed.
Asaemon: But…I’m seeing someone here with dead eyes.
Gintoki: Yeah? And who’s eyes look dead to you?
Asaemon: Then…I suppose I can’t quite die yet.
Gintoki: Listen, on the official paper work you’re dead.
I’m pretty impressed, but it seems that this is to be expected from the official executioners…he even managed to get those cops at the Mimawarigumi dragged into this mess.
Asaemon: I was hoping I’d be the one who ends up beging a corpse.
But now the official executioner has gotten involved and it’s become this.
Gintoki: You guys not only control the sword of the bakfu but the guys who wield it. All for the sake of arranging corpses to be cut up.

Asaemon: And it’s under those corpses that I’m going to hide under and escape with.
Gintoki: Geezus. First you want me to finish you off, then you want me to protect you.
You’re definitely a family without morals, huh.
Asaemon: I’m a shinigami who cannot cut her own neck or hat of criminals.
But there might be some use for it yet…
My sword can no longer cut anything.
Because I am no longer a person.
Gintoki: What returns a man’s humanity…
isn’t a demon who slices necks…
Nor is it a shinigami who steals the souls of people…
Only humans can slice away at sins…
And save the soul.
Something like that right?
Asaemon: Wh…how do you know…

Gintoki: A long time ago…
A certain decapitator…
Said that to me.
Shinpachi: Gin-san…
That guy didn’t seem all that scary but…
What kind of crimes has he committed?
Well…considering he was involved in the rebellion against the country, I guess that isn’t too weird, but why would an executioner be needed…?
Kagura: He is a walking case of criminal indecency. Or perhaps he committed some crime of obscenity in public?
In any case it is because of this that we have to help the people behind the passerby killings. It is a pain, yes?
Shinpachi: I’m not really even sure anymore. As far as I can tell, Gin-san is apparently the same as the victims of the passerby killer that the previous Yaemon-san allowed to escape.
If that’s the truth then Gin-san’s got no choice but to help Yaemon-san so that he’ll keep his mouth shut about the whole matter.

Shinpachi: It’s obvious we’re being used, but Gin-san’s identity can’t get out to the higher ups.
But the question is what’ll happen to us once Asaemon has safely escaped?
Kagura: Either way we are being dragged along, uh-huh.
Being an accessory to a criminal and eating an umai-bou are the same. You must go all the way or you will only end up scattered later.
(Sfx- Saku saku *chew chew*)
Shinpachi: We’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t thanks to that idiot!!
Kagura: Seriously. I will never become a bride now, yes?
Okita: You can be my wife.
(Sfx- Zazazahh *sssffft*)
Okita: You can live comfortably in my place with three square meals a day.
It's a quaint house...It even comes with a little iron bar fence.
HIjikata: Consider yourselves under arrest. Dock because we're boarding.
(Sfx- Guwaabahh *wfaap*)
Hijikata: We’re gonna inspect that boat as well, got it?

Asaemon: Hate the sin, not the sinner.
No matter how many criminals you cut down, you gotta show respect and honor the souls of the people you’re slaying.
That’s what the previous executioner---the previous Ikeda Yaemon told me.
We use ‘soul washing’ on the people that we execute…it’s a technique that aims for and purifies the soul.
That way no matter how many sins a criminal has, you can send them off in the end with a decorum of dignity.
By not allowing their neck to fall to the ground, you can at least purify their souls.
I was picked up by my teacher and had the lessons of an executioner drilled into me.
And many people were judged by my blade.
But…that day…
That moment..
The moment I was unable to cut that person down…
It was because I couldn’t understand…
What crime…what sin had he commited?
How could I judge anyone?

Asaemon: It is because of the ‘law’ that I execute criminals….
And now the one person who had picked me up, raised me, protected me from lonliness and taught me the proper way to live was before me…a person I am nothing but thankful to.
{Can you use your sword…}
{To return my humanity?}
Asaemon: He said that to me, but I could see..
The warmth in his eyes never changed…..they were the warmth of a human’s.
I had to forget all of that…
And become a demon that would slice him down.
The one person more important to me than anything..
Because as a person…
He was the one person I wouldn’t be able to kill…

Asaemon: I didn’t cut him for my sake or for our household.
But as a demon judging another demon.
You knew the previous Yaemon didn’t you?
Please…tell me more about my teacher.
I really don’t know why it was he had to die…what crime he committed that he was branded a criminal.
Caused my father to become a demon?
Gintoki: It had nothing to do with law…or justice…
So don’t get it twisted.
He was a demon.
In this corrupt-ass world, only guys like me and him could make it.
But you know something? Laws made by people aren’t any damn good in protecting people.
You’re a pretty good example of this whole notion.

Gintoki: Your pops…
He didn’t do a damn thing.
He was an executioner who showed respect and belief in us on death row.
And he wouldn’t yield an inch.
Was he an evildoer? Or a saint?
A demon? Or a human? I don’t know or give a damn.
He was just…
Good hearted…
Sorta like you…
An awkward idiot.

(Sfx- Bata bata *thud thud*)
Shinpachi: What are you doing?! This is a transport for corpses! We’re following orders just as we’re supposed to!!
(Sfx- Baaan *thooom*)
Hijikata: That is if there really are only corpses here.
Have a look around Sougo.
Shinpachi: Hey wait!! Under what authority do you have the right to do this?!
Okita: It’ll be a problem if you play dumb with us.
(Sfx- Kata kata *clatter clatter*)
Okita: No matter how you sniff it, this stinks.
Hijikata: That passerby killer case…
It seems that you guys and the leader of the Ikeda clan are up to something in relation to this.
(Handwritten- Move over!!)
(Sfx- Meki meki *Grind grind*)
(Sfx- Gyuuuuhhh *Grrrriiiind*)
Hijikata: It’s not like we think you’re in league with those guys but…
You do know what’ll happen if you are aiding and abetting a criminal.
(Handwritten- I don’t get the specifics, but this is bad news Gin-san!!)
Kagura: What are you talking about? There are corpses here as you can see.
Alleging fake charges on us is criminal too!
(Handwritten-Please move over there!)
(Sfx- Bigigigigi *Grrrrind*)
Kagura: Don’t think that we’re gonna let you coppers get away with this!
(Sfx- Puhh *phoot*)

(Sfx- Sogogohhh *shadooom*)
(Sfx- para para *clatter*)
Hijikata: Something popped out!!
Kagura: Oh dear. Seems that we have mice running around here.
(Sfx- Gang an gan *thunk thunk thunk*)
Kagura: Hmph!!
(Sfx- Gashaaan *Craaash*)
(Sfx- Sugooooooh *whoooom*)
Hijikata: And what the hell was that?
(Sfx- Gang an *thunk thunk*)
(Sfx- Gefuh)
(Sfx- Gafuhhh *thund*)
Hijikata: Hey! No matter how much you idiots want to pretend that is definitely no mouse.
Sougo! Investigate this one!
Okita: Eh? Aren’t you going to help HIjikata-san?
Or is it that you’re afraid a ghost might come out of one of these things? You scardy-cat?
Hijikata: Are you shrooming? I’m not afraid to look at some corpses! In fact I’m sick of looking at ‘em!
Move it!!
(Sfx- Dooon *tap*)
Hijikata: Huuh?
(Sfx- Gaahhh *fwap*)
Gintoki: I curse seven of your future generatioooons.

Okita: HIjikata-san. There’s a corpse in that one too.
(Sfx- Zugashaaaaaaaah *craaaaaaash*)
Hijikata: No, I was just looking for the mayo-line….
Okita: Get a grip.
Just so you guys know, we’ve managed to identify the true baddie behind all of this.
So we were hoping to find the criminal before they got handed over to those guys.
Shinpachi: Those guys?!
Okita: It’s all quite clear now.
We’ve already done our investigation into the passerby killers’s victims and ID’ed them.
All of their backgrounds were pretty skillfully hidden but…
Every single one of ‘em were supposed to be purged at the end of the patriot war. As in, they all had connections with the patriots.
But during a certain fight…
The man known as a brave general…Hitotsubashi Narifuyuukou drove them into a corner and delivered a crushing defeat to the warriors in Anekohara.
???: Hitotsubashi?!
Okita: Up until now the Hitotsubashi has been riding the Bakkaku and preparing themselves for a slow rise to power…
Since that fight occurred they’ve been waiting for quite some time in order to seize influence from ages past.
After that fight, the half the ones who participated in that fight had to experience the hardship of their families and anyone close to them completely purged from the bottom up..

Okita: However one little girl was able to escape that scene of carnage and disappeared.
They say someone came in and saved her…
And that was the beheader…
The previous Ikeda Yaemon.
That Yaemon was killed…
And then the question becomes what happened to the ones he died saving?
In short…
(Sfx- gapoooh *pppot*)
Okita: Boss…
(Sfx- Zah zazh zah *sffttt*)

Okita: Your heads…
Have now taken on the worth of…
The previous Yaemon’s head.
And rumor has it that the next Shogun…
Hitotsubashi Nobunobu has someone collecting those heads…
And it’s that…
(Side text- Expectations completely revealed…!?)

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