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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Anagle Mole 35

The death sentence will be a live broadcast.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 10, 2013 00:41 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 35

I'm not so sure that this won't end soon. I mean there's enough evidence either way I think.

Kiss scans only.

(Side text- The reserialization continues with two chapters that add up to a whopping 46 pages!!)
(Side text- Even if they call me a traitor….)
Space 35: The death sentence will be a live broadcast.

(Side text- The wanted trio Luchiru, Kyousuke, and Arulu aim for Chiwa.)
(Sfx- Dogohhh *thuuud*)
Majin: Mnnnnnh!!
Announcer: A hit!!
4 points!
(Sfx- Nnnnhh *hnnngh!*)
(Sfx- Nnnnnh *hhnnngh!*)
Guy: Cheh.
You still haven’t been able to locate Luchiru?
{Supreme commander// Gorudof.}
Manservant: My apologies Gorudof-sama!!
Gorudof: Hmph.
Majin: Nnnngh!!

{That piece of trash!! To think he’d betray us majin…}
{He went to the surface and smeared my visage with mud..!!}
{Just a little more time…}
{If I had just a bit more time I could have seized the king’s throne for myself…!!}
(Handwritten- Huh?)
???: Gorudof, are you there?
Gorudof: T---the King!!
(Sfx- Zazaahh *zzzt*)
Gorudof: My liege!
King: Have you found the ‘traitor’?
Gorudof: W—we’re still searching for him..!!
(Handwitten- Ahahah…)
King: Is this sense of impending crisis not enough to get you to act?
If I were you I wouldn’t go thinking that your position won’t be yanked from under your posterior if the need comes.
Gorudof: ….Yes sir.
{That little braaaaaaaat!!}
{Don’t go thinking that you’ll be able to keep your position forever either!!}

Guard: Gorudof-sama!!
We’ve found Luchiru!!
(Sfx- Gataaahh *clatter*)
Gorudof: Good work! What city is he in?!
Guard: This city!!
Gorudof: What?
Guard: He’s already infiltrated Pishakurif!!
Gorudof: Wha…..

(Sfx- Dooooon *thoooom*)
Gorudof: R—ridiculous!!
This is a den for high level Majin!!
This is a verifiable graveyard to him!! Why would he…

Gorudof: Could he have teamed up with the human and come here to lay waste to the entirety of Anaguland?!!
So then one of the two with him is the aforementioned ‘human’?!
Manservent: No…a student by the name of Guugrus supplied us with this Intel…
The young lady with him is a student of Pishakurif, ‘Arulu’.
The other is a majin by the name of “Mogru’.
He is a majin with the ability to dive into the ground.

Gorudof: So what about the ‘human’ Luchiru brought with him?
Manservant: It would appear that he has separated from the group.
Right now the others are searching for the human…
Gorudof: So they’ve separated huh?
{Well, well. Then it would appear that there’s no problem at all here.}
Gorodof: The damn fool!
You’ll regret your idiocy soon enough!!
I’ll not only kill you…but broadcast your shameful end before everyone!!

Kyousuke: So Chiwa is in this tower somewhere?!
Luchiru: Yeah.
If Guugrus is telling the truth…
{I saw that woman in the neighboring town…}
{I’m pretty sure she said she’d take the majinagram certification exam.}
Kyousuke: Arulu, are you really okay with this?
You know that if you keep this up they’ll label you a traitor to Anaguland too…
And Luchiru doesn't want this for you either!
(Handwritten- So why…)
{I’m sorry…}
{It’s because I’m so damn weak that you had to take on a crappy role…!!}

Arulu: Mogru…there’s no need for you to say anything.
Kyousuke: Eh?! You’ve decided?!
You’ve decided that my name is gonna be ‘Mogru’ for now on?!
Caruberas: Everyone, you’ve done a magnificent job in getting this far!!
I’d expect no less from potential Level 30 ‘Super rares’!
(Sfx- Pachi pachi pachi *clap clap clap*)
(Sfx- Pachi pachi *clap clap*)
Caruberas: You’ve been through a lot but next up is the final examination!

(Sfx- Ban)
(Sfx- Doki doki *throb throb*)
Ikareru: Din’ think that you’d actually make it this far luv.
I guess I gotta do a little rethinkin’ bout you yeah?
(Sfx- Hihihihiihi)
Ikareru: But you ain’t gonna fluke yer way outta this.
Chiwa: Eh?
Ikareru: Heheheh. You don’t know?
It’s ‘combat’.
The final examination is using your majinagram in a battle royale.

Chiwa: You’re kidding…
(Sfx- Chira *peer*)
Luiido: It’s for real.
Chiwa: Higyaaaaah!!!
Caruberas: All righty! There will be a 10 minute break until the final examination begins.
(Sfx- Hihihihihii)
{God…why have you forsaken me?}
{I don’t have my smart phone or anything…}
{Even knowing this I thought I could return to the surface on my own…}
{But now…}
{What am I supposed to do…?}

{I finally get this far…}
{But was it all for nothing?}
(Sfx- Buiiiii *veeeeeeeh*)
(Sfx- Buiiiii *veeeeeeh*)
(Sfx- Buiii *veeeeh*)
(Sfx- Buiiii *veeeeeh*)
(Sfx- Zawa zawa zawa zawa *hustlebustle*)
(Handwritten- What the heck is that?)
Announcer: Emergency alarm!! Emergency alarm!!

Announcer: There are intruders in Pishakurif.
We will broadcast footage from each floor.
(Sfx- Zawa zawa zawa *hustle bustle bustle*)
???: Footage?
Who’s this intruder anyway?
Ikareru: Hey! Aint’ that the traitor they were talkin’ bout earlier?
Chiwa: …Eh?


Chiwa: Kyousuke!!!
(Sfx- Garaaah *clatter*)
Chiwa: Why…?
(Sfx- Buru buru *shiver shiver*)
(Handwritten- Am I hallucinating? Or dreaming?!)
Luchiru: Damn! The path ended!!
(Handwritten- Wah!)
Kyousuke: It’s at least 100 meters to the other side!!
(Sfx- Oooohh)
???: Heheheh….
I’d like to welcome all of you traitors here…Luchiru, Arulu, and Mogru.

(Sfx- Viiiin *veeeeen*)
Luchiru: Ah! It’s you!!
….who are you again?
Gorudof: I’m the supreme commander who allowed you to go to the surface!! You may refer to me as Gorudof-sama!!
(Sfx- Zawa zawa)
Gorudof: And now the entire country can watch via live feed…
As we put you rebels to death!
{No way!!}
Dudes: There they are!!
Kyousuke: Luchiru!!
(Handwritten- They’re coming!!)
Luchiru: Dekos!!
(Sfx- Donnn *thooom*)
Gorudof: Creating a path are we?

Gorudof: But…
(Sfx- Kachihh *chack*)
(Sfx- Datshhh *dassssh*)
(Sfx- Kira kira *glitter*)
(Sfx- kira *clitter*)
Luchiru: Spear blades!?
Gorudof: But of course.
Luchiru(?): GYAAAAH!!!!

Luchiru: PSYCH!!
(Sfx-Gyuuuuunn *Shooooom*)
(Sfx- Dopunn *bloop*)
Gorudof: They’re within the Dekos!?!
(Handwritten- Hyaaaaaah!!)
(Handwritten- Why? Whyyyy?)

Gorudof: Then….
(Sfx- Gachii *clack*)
Gorudof: I’ll just shatter that dekos!!!
(Sfx- Gooooooh *rooooooar*)

(Sfx- Dogohhh *thooom*)
Luchiru: Dekos!!!
(Sfx- Hyuuuun *swwwwwf*)

Gorudof: Wh…

(Sfx- Wahhh)
(Sfx- Ooooh)
Gorudof: Dammitall!!
(Sfx- Bariiin *crackle*)
Gorudof: Deeeeh!!!
(Handwritten- Ow!!)
(Sfx- Bushuuuuhh *wfffff*)
Chiwa: This isn’t a dream…
Those two came for me….!!

(Sfx- Borohh *dribble*)
{I finally get this far…}
{But it was all for nothing….}
(Sfx- Gusuhhh *drip*)
{Thank goodness I didn’t give up….}

Luiido: Huh? Why are you crying?
Chiwa: Eh? Well..um…hahahahah.
Gorudof: Hey. Caruberas…
You’re administering a test for ‘Level 30’ applicants right?
Then tell them this!!
I want those rebels dead!!
(Sfx- Wai wai)
(Handwritten- Chiwaru…are you okay?
(Handwritten- Yes!)
(Handwritten- I was so surprised!)
Caruberas: Understood…
The final examination will be the ‘test applicants’ VS ‘the rebels’~!
(Side text- Wanna know what happens? Go to the second chapter!!)

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