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Anagle Mole 36

The contents of the box.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 10, 2013 02:25 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 36

Still not sure if it's gonna end soon. Might be my recent Earthbound obsession speaking, but doesn't Neru look like Porky...if he had eyes?

Kiss scans only.

Luchiru: Wha…
(Sfx- Hyuuuuhhh *wfffff*)
(Side text- is this where Chiwa is…?!)
{What is this place?!}
The second part of the two chapter run!

(Side text- Volume 1-3 of the comics is out in stores!!)
36th space: The contents of the box.
(Side text- We’re pretty tough you know?)

Luchiru(?): Look on the other side!
(Sfx- Zuhhh *sfft*)
(Sfx- Zaaahhh)
Luchiru: Aaah…!!
(Sfx- Sowa sowa *whisper whisper*)
(Handwritten- What are you glancin’ around for Chiwa?)

{It’s not a dream…}
{They really came to save me!!}
(Sfx- Poro *drip*)
(Sfx- Poro *drip*)
(Handwritten- Ah…so that’s Chiwa?)
Luchiru: Thank goodness she’s okay..
(Sfx- Jiiiin *starre*)
Kyousuke: Yeah but what’s going on here?
Why is she wearing majin clothes and hangin’ out with those guys?
(Handwritten- Moreover, what is UP with that costume?)
Gorudof: Greetings Luchiru and his two partners in treachery!
Welcome to ‘Deathpeltal!’

Kyosuke: Huuuh?! What the hell is that?!
Arulu: Deathpeltal.
It’s the last testing place for the majinagram certification exam.
{So he intends to have us fight the ones taking the examination, huh?}
{Dammit Gorudof. You’re gonna use this tower’s existence to heighten your own position?}
Gorudof: Hehehe…
You’ve finally come back hmm?
Or should I say that I’m surprised you were able to get back here.
The hole you passed through to get to the surface was connected by the tunnel ‘Kamudel’.
The geological formation there is brittle and gives way rather easily…
Haha…well in any case you’re a brat with incredible amounts of bad luck.
I truly expected you to get buried alive mid-route.

Kyousuke: Y—you bastard!!!
Arulu: Just leave it at that.
It’s just an old, greedy windbag blowing out steam.
Gorudof: Ladies and gentleman of the level 30 testing class…
These three majin are traitors.
They brought a human here with them…
Though along the way the human was separated from their group, apparently.
(Handwritten- Heheheh…the fools.)
Gorudof: I would like you all to fight against them.
The means will be through ‘one on one’ battles! The first three who manage to finish them off…

Gorudof: Will successfully matriculate into being a level 30!
(Sfx- Doyooohh *wfft*)
Gorudof: It’s all quite simple, no?
You can all see quite clearly that those three are mere smallfry.
{No way…!!}
Luchiru: Who cares about that!!
{Chiwa, I’m coming to save you now…!!}
Kyousuke: Wait.
(Sfx- Gashiihh *grab*)
Luchiru: Why?!

Kyousuke: There are six enemies…
If they go into a full battle royal then we’re the ones who’ll be in trouble.
But if we play by their rules and have one on one matches, there’s still a chance we can save Chiwa!!
Kyousuke: Arulu…
Can your Wrap 'em up boots reach to the other side of the gap?
Arulu: No can do. They’d probably only be able to reach to the middle of the ring.
Kyousuke: Okay.
Listen up you two.
Chiwa’s acting as a majin with those other guys there yeah?
So that means when the time comes she’ll have to participate in battle and step into the center of the ring.
(Sfx- Ponn *ptt*)
Kyousuke: And then….

Kyousuke: Arulu will use her boots to grab her,
And I’ll use my ‘diving power’ to get out of here!!
Luchiru: Don’t be stupid!!
If you end up being chosen to fight then what will you do…
Kyousuke: It’s fine.
If I put my butt on the line and Chiwa owes me a favor…
Then she’ll have to make some of that really sweat Tamago-yaki…just the way I like it.
Arulu: Don’t bother. That’s the face of a guy who’s made a decision he’s sticking with.

(Sfx- Viiiiinn *veeeen*)
(Sfx- Dooon *tooom*)
Gorudof: By the way, I’ll be deciding which of you will be fighting.
First up is you Luchiru!
Luchiru: Wha?
(Sfx- Gaaaan)
Ikareru: So all I gotta do is whup some small fry and I get a pass?!
Arubel: Then I should be the one to go~
(Handwritten- Pick me!)
(Sfx- Bahh *fwap*)
Chiwa: That’s it! If I head out, then I can run away with Kyousuke and the others!!
(Sfx- Kuruu *spin*)
Chiwa: Me! Me!! I’ll go!!

Neru: Allrighty, here I goo~
(Sfx- Guihhh *swiffpt*)
(Handwritten- I guess it's up to me.)
(Handwritten- Damn.)
Chiwa: They've already decided without me!
Announcer: The battle field Batoras will change to a metal flooring.
Luchiru: Huh?
(Sfx- Kiiin *sheeen*)
Kyousuke: A metal ring? What the heck?!
Announcer: Start!
Arulu: They sure decided fast.

{Neru// Level 28.}
(Sfx- Petaah *pat*)
(Sfx- Buwaaaah *fwaaap*)
Luchiru: He turned the ground into fluff?!
Neru: And…release.
(Sfx- Gachinnn *clack*)
Kyousuke: The fluff has turned into metal!!
{No way…this is…}

Neru: Dadaddadaddadada!!!
{This is the perfect ring for this guy’s powers!!!}
(Sfx- Gagagagagagaga *thtmtmtmtmp*)
Luchiru: Ungh!!
Kyousuke: This is a real coward move dude!!
Gorudof: I have no idea what you’re talking about. To me this is merely killer entertainment.
{So you’re gonna use the ground against me huh?}
Luchiru: Metal Dekos!!
{Then I hope you don’t mind if I do the same!!}
Neru: Suhh.

Neru: Fuaafuaaa!!
(Sfx- Bofuuuhhh *pooof*)
Kyousuke: Whaa?!
(Handwritten- He turned the Dekos into fluff!)
(Sfx- Suuuuuhhh *whffffff*)
Neru: This fluff is…
{Perfect for a futon!!!}
(Sfx-Bohiyuuuuuhhh *puffff*)
(Sfx- Peta *tp*)
Neru: Fuaafuaaa!!

(Sfx- Suboohh *Fwoop*)
Luchiru: Uwah!!
(Handwritten- The floor is…!!)
Neru: And…
{Release of one section!}
(Sfx- Gachiiiin *clank*)
Luchiru: Ah…
(Sfx- Gaaah *thnk*)
(Sfx- Dogaaah *thud*)
Luchiru: Gyah!!
Neru: You’re a grade A moron.
Coming all the way back here just to be killed…

Neru: The really stupid ones are the one behind you.
What do they hope to gain by helping a known traitor?
(Handwritten- Luchiru!!)
Neru: There’s not a single thing is there?
In fact they’re just gonna be branded traitors too and given a death sentence.
I really can’t understand…
The way that failures think.
And now…dadadadadadadadadaaaa!!
Luchiru: What’s important is the box’s contents.

Luchiru: I said, what’s important is the box’s contents.
The only thing you guys can see is what’s on the outside.
The box’s ‘wrapping’.
Merits…and demerits…
(Box- Worth//Brainpower// Using Majinagrams// Power// Gold//Surface// Underground/)
(Ribbon- Merit//Merit/Merit/Merit.)
Luchiru: That is all that you guys who only look at the ‘wrapping paper’ and ‘ribbon’ of a box can see.
You all don't even realize that inside the box with the pretty 'wrapping paper' you like is nothing at all.
Neru: What?!
What are you blabbering on about?
Luchiru: But the two behind me? They're different.

Luchiru: They believed in someone like me without any worth…
Got hurt with me…
And bet their lives on me.
They are the box I found.
It’s a box with no fancy wrapping…
But all I’ve ever wanted is contained inside of it.

Neru: Who cares about that!
This world favors those who are strong!! They’re the ones who make the rules!!
The weak should just keep their mouths shut and take a nap!!
(Handwritten- Here I go!!)
Luchiru: Then I’ll win!!!
(Sfx- Mofuhh *fooop*)
{That’s no good!! If the ground is fluff, then the dekos will be fluff too…!!}
Neru: Heh…
{This is perfect for…}
(Sfx- Suuuuhhhh)
(Sfx- Fuuuuuhhhh)
{A futon!!!}

(Sfx- Fuwaaaahhh)
Neru: Huh?
(Sfx- Bafuaaaah *fwwwf*)
(In Gorudof’s mouth- Wha?)
(Handwritten- Huh?)
{There was a dekos in the fluff?}
{Metal part.}
{Fluff part.}

Neru: Camouflaged a metal dekos….
In the fluuuooorguh!!!
(Sfx- Dogooohhh *THOOOM*)
Gorudof: WHAAAAT?!
(Sfx- Dooon *thump*)
(Sfx- Jiuuuhh *sizzle*)

Gorudof: NGAAAAAHHH!!!!
Luchiru: I told you…
What’s important is the box’s contents!
Arulu: Hmph…
{You’ve gone and grown up, haven’t you?}
Luchiru: WHOS NEXT?!
(Side text- Luchiru has scored one victory!! But who’s up to fight next?!)

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