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Onihime Oneshot : Onihime


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 11, 2013 00:36 | Go to Onihime

I'm impressed with this work. I can't remember what I was doing at 15 years old but it definetly wasn't anything like this, and although I have a bit of concern that this kid may not know what he or she is getting into in this cutthroat industry, this is an extremely promising start. I'm also proud to bring this new star's first entry into the manga world to English speakers.

So please enjoy Onihime by the 15 year old author Saba no neko.

Not reserving for anyone.

Ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating

Special oneshot, 40 pages!!
(Side text- June’s manga collage new entry!!)
(Side text- The protagonist is a girl!! I’ll get vengeance for my father!!)
(Bottom text- Sudden appearance in the weekly serial!! Sunday’s anticipatory new star is 15 years old!!)

(Side text- Her past left a deep scar in her heart..What lies before Onihime is….)
???: Daddy!
???: Someone get him some help!
This is terrible…
???: Daddy!!
{It was him…}
{He’s the one who…}
{Killed Daddy…}
???: I’ll….
Find him…
And kill him for sure!
???: Seems a demon popped up in the eastern village…
Dog: Woof!
???: Shaddup!
Dog: Kyaaain!

???: Pain in the ass….don’t hang out around me!
It’s hot…
Dammit, it’s too friggin’ hot.
And now that I think ‘bout it, I haven’t eaten nothin’ in a while either.

(Sfx- Yoroooh *wobble*)
???: Oh?
Taking a nap in a place like this?
You’re gonna get a nasty sunburn if you stay here.
???: Upsy-daisy.
{He’s taking me with him…}

Someone: Oh! She’s awake!
Thank goodness!
I thought that she was dead!
???: Who---
Who the hell are you people?
Old dude: Shirobee helped ya out.
???: Shirobee?
A—ain’t that a demon?! Are you guys going to eat me?!
Old dude: She’s a strange one.
(Sfx- Goonn *thunk*)

(Sfx- Zukaaah Tap*)
???: You’re gonna kill….
Hey! What did you do with my weapon?! Where is it?
Shirobee: Oh, well I threw that out.
???: Don’t screw with me!!
Old guy: Here Shirobee. I’ll leave the vegitables I picked just now here for you.
{I gotta find a way to get the hell out of here….}
(Sfx- Sukaah sukaah *Taap tappp*)
Shirobee: Thanks as always.
Old guys: Well then it’s about time we moseyed on out of here.
Shirobee: Yup. Thanks again.
Welp, I guess I’d better get more water….
{He’s gone!}
{Here’s my chance…!}
(Sfx- Zuzuzuhh *Sffft*)

???: Damnit.
I somehow managed to get out of there…
Anyway I’ve gotta find my weapon or else…
You gotta be kidding….

???: Ugh….
Shirobee: Maan. You really scared me by disappearing like t hat.
Have you been hurt?
The village chief has something he’d like to discuss with you.

Chief: I’m sorry to make you come all the way out here.
I’ve heard some things about you from Shirobee..
He’s been coming to this village for the past ten years.
(Sfx- Koto *tpt*)
Chief: You’re the famous demon killer…Onihime right?
Why do you continue to slay demons?
Onihime: None of your business.
Chief: Hime-san…have you come here to kill Shirobee…
Shirobee till now has saved the village countless times
It’s because of him that everyone here has been able to live in peace…!
I consider Shirobee to be a member of my family! He’s an important person to all of us..
So I beg of you not to kill him.

Shirobee: Allrighty.
This should be fine.
(Sfx- Nobiiii *streeetch*)
Shirobee: I guess I’ll go get dinner.
Onihime: Hn.
Shirobee: Hm?
Oh? And what’s this?
Onihime: Y—yesterday you helped me out…so I’m thanking you.
I hate makin’ debts and not paying them back.
Shirobee: Oh….while we’re on the subject, I fixed up your clothes too.
Onihime: What?!

(Sfx- Sabuunnn *blooosh*)
(Handwritten- You’re pretty awesome.)
Onihime: And now…I’ve paid my debt…
(Sfx- Zeh zeh)
Onihime: Well…I’m out of here.
Shirobee: Oh yeah…
I also have your weapons with me!
Old people: Oh Hime-san!
If you don’t mind it, how about eating with us?

Shirobee: Hime-san….
Did you go out and kill a demon again? Is it necessary for you to kill them?
(Sfx- Pashiiih *bllsh*)
Onihime: …..I only kill demons that are evil.
Shirobee: Oh yeah! I found a pretty great place…follow me!
Onihime: …Huh?

Onihime: Wha? What the hell Shiro? Where are you taking me? Let go!
Shirobee: It’ll be fine!
Onihime: This is…

Shirobee: This is..
A place only I know of…
Ain’t it pretty?
Onihime: Why’d you bring me here…?
Shirobee: Huh? Well..
I just thought that this sorta thing…
Fits you better than wavin’ around a katana all the time, Hime-san.
Shirobee: I…
Had a daughter too. If she were alive she’d be about your age, Hime-san.
She loved the lotus flowers a whole lot, and always came to see them.
By the way Hime-san…what’s your name?
Onihime: Hotaru.
Shirobee: Hotaru….huh? You know that name is perfect for you.

Onihime: My pops…
He liked flowers too.
He raised me all by himself too…
That is until ten years ago on that night…
(Sfx- Gyuuuhh *griiip*)
Onihime: My dad….
A demon snuck in and killed him.
I’ll never forget his back as long as I live.
Imma find him one day and kill him!!

Shirobee: I’m sorry I made you remember something so terrible.
Lets head back for today and take a long rest.
Onihime: Yeah…
Do you think we can come here every so often?
Shirobee: Yeah…I don’t see a problem with that.

(Sfx- Tannn *tmpt*)
Onihime: Shiro! Hey! Today I caught a whopper!!
He’s not here…?
That’s unusual…
I guess I’ll just leave the fish here…
(Handwritten- Since he ain’t around..)

Onihime: Shiro…

Shiro’s daughter: D—dady..
Shirobee: Don’t talk too much…
Shiro’s daughter: I wanna see the field of lotuses…
When I get over my cold….lets go there together.
I wanna make you decorations out of flowers daddy….

Shirobee: I just need one…
Just one egg will do…
(Sfx- Pikuhh *pooit*)
Hen: Cluck cluck clluuuuuck!!
Shirobee: Uwahh!! Be quiet!!
???: Who’s there?!

Shirobee: I—I’m so sorry..I just need to borrow one egg…
Guy: D—
Demon!! A demon has appeared!!
Shirobee: What?! No!!
Please…my daughter is very sick! I’m begging you!
That’s all I’m asking..
People: A demon?! Kill it!! Kill it!!
Shirobee: M—
Dude: Uwaaah!!

(Sfx- Kabaahh *fwaaa*)
People: There it is!! Kill it!!
He got Jyuubee!!
Shirobee: Aaah…

Hotaru: D—daddy?!
Person: Someone get him help!!
This is terrible..
Shirobee: Hana!! I’m back!
I’ll make you something tasty…
To eat…

Shirobee: I’m so sorry…
Everything ended up this way because of me…
Old guy: Shirobee! Where have you been?!
Hime-san’s been worried about you.
Shirobee: Well…I wanted to surprise her with something….
But, I’ll need your help for a little bit.

Dog: Whiiiine
Onihime: Here.
What’s that?
Dammit, just when Shiro isn’t here…!!

Onihime: You’re….
From back then..!!
I finally found you.
I’ve been searching for ten years for you…
‘cause I’ll…
Never forgive the likes of you…

Onihime: I’ll kill you!!!
Ngh!!! Dammit!!
(Sfx- Bashaaah *fwaaap*)
Demon(?): Yess…
I happened to run into that foolish demon who was with you…

Demon(?): He actually believed he could live with humans…
It makes me sick to my stomach…
To see such a pathetic demon…
So I killed him…
And will kill all of you humans.

(Sfx- Zashhhi *swffft*)
(Sfx- Bishiii *crackle*)
(Sfx- Suiiihh *sffft*)
(Sfx- Guiiiihh *sffft*)

Onihime: You scum….
(Sfx- Guguhh *grrrind*)

(Sfx- Geraaah *clatter*)
(Sfx- Bishii *fwap*)
Onihime: Finally…
Dude: Shi—Shirobee!
Why did this have to happen…!!
Onihime: What the heck is going on here?!
Old guy: Oh…why..
He asked us to help him fake his death…
He said he wanted to surprise you Hime-san….
Onihime: …You’re kidding…

Onihime: W—hy Shiro…
Old guy: Hurry! Get him some help!
Shirobee: Chief…there’s no need.
This is fine…
Onihime: Why…..
Shirobee: I’m so sorry…

Shirobee: Back then…the one who stole your dad’s life was me…
It was because of me that you had to suffer so much…
Don’t cry Hotaru. That’s not like you.
Onihime: No…
Shirobee: You didn’t do anything wrong…
Hahah…it’s just like I thought…this suits you much better.
{So for now on…}

{Live your own life…}
Onihime: Shiro…
I heard all about you from the village chief.
Chief: To think it’s already been five years….where does the time go?
Hotaru: yeah…
Tell me about it.

Village chief: Lookit her Shirobee! Hotaru’s gone and become a lady!
Well…just a little.
Dude: It’s trouble chief!!
There’s a ayakashi eating people in the eastern village!
Village chief: Hey! What kind of things are you bringing up around Hotaru?!
Dude: Eh!?
Hotaru: Heh…now this sounds fun….
I’m sorta tired of…
Dragging out every day all quiet like anyway.

Hotaru: I’m outta here!
(Sfx- Chakahh *shfft*)
Chief: Heeey! How many times have I told you not to drag that iron rod around with you?!
Hotaru: Yeah yeah…
Chief: Geez…she’s nothing but trouble.
Well…I guess this sorta thing fits her well…
Right? Shirobee?
(Side text- Please look forward to Saba no neko’s next work!! They await your support!!)

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2013
Wow, only 15 year old and a debut. It reminds me of the famous authors who also became famous at the age of 15-16.

You kinda feel embarrassed to see such a young guy doing such things while you yourself did nothing, right? I remember only about taking exam at that time and playing around. Girls came into the picture a few laters...so wow what a guy xD
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