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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Gintama 466

Hijikata crosses into the mayonnaise line and disappears.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 16, 2013 23:58 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 466

Silly Gorilla. That lesson title only makes it more obvious that you forgot about Hijikata until right before you were done drawing this chapter.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side black text- A center color page for the newest ‘Gintama the movie’ Blue ray and DVD information.)
(Side text- A gaze that pierces even darkness.)

(TN- DVD/Blu ray news. I’ve already pre-ordered mine. Did you get yours?)

(Side text- The truth is revealed on board the ship…!!)
Shinpachi(?): Of worth to the Hitotsubashi?
What does that mean?
Okita: It’s like this….10 years ago there were those who earned the scorn of the Hitotsubashi and were cursed to die in their purge…
But a few of these so-called sinners ended up getting secret pardons from the previous Ikeda Yaemon, and escaped.
Ten years passed however, and that Yaemon was disposed of by the Ikeda clan.
And now those guys saved by Yaemon have been slain by the passerby killer---no..
Disposed of by the Ikeda clan.

Okita: And the corpses on this ship are…
All of those guys who got eliminated.
And now boss, your head…
And the head of the previous Yaemon…
(Sfx- Zazahhh *sffft*)
Okita: Have become…
Quite valuable to the Hitotsubashi.
Now in order to gain entry into the Hitotsubashi party…
Any of the people who know of the Hitotsubashi’s less than stellar past have to be dealt with, or they risk being dug up and the truth being found.

Okita: And the current Yaemon…
Plans to offer all of you up as a part of his application for membership.
Lesson 466: Hijikata crosses into the mayonnaise line and disappears.
(Side text- Behind that smile lies a conspiracy?)
Asaemon: N—no…
That’s a lie! It has to be!!
Okita: Cuz Yaemon’s cute little lapdog whom is also the killer of the previous head says so right?
This whole ship and is filled with the corpses and heads of the Hitotsubashi’s bitter enemies, and he’s offering it as a present.
I’m sure the lord of Hitotsubashi will be so happy that he’ll overlook a murderer or two.
Kagura: Asaemon would never do something like be a passerby killer, nope!
The only criminal here is Gin-chan, yes?
Shinpachi: I beg of you to not make this more complicated than it is, Kagura-chan.
Okita: You guys need open your eyes and get with the program. Are you gonna let them take you away? Or are you gonna take these guys out?
Kagura: It is Gin-chan who was carrying strange powder.
Gintoki: Who the hell is carrying something like that?!
Okita: But wow Hitotsubashi-san…coming at us wholesale?
Kagura: I heard that he is selling this powder in the darkness.
Gintoki: You want I should dispose of you in the darkness?!

Okita: We don’t intend on handing these criminals to the likes of you.
I’m guilty of the same sins so I ain’t gonna say I’ve got the right to judge you, but I’m also no good at laying on the false flattery, unlike you executors.
If you don’t pull back from this situation now…
Whether lord Hitotsubashi is the next shougun candidate or not, he’s gonna have a whole lot to answer for.
Dude: That’s fine…
(Sfx- Shuuraaah *sffft*)
Dude: It was all prearranged that this ship’s itinerary as well as its contents not be legally recorded despite it being a crime.
For this ship is…
To be presented to Nobunobu-sama in one stroke of the katana…
After all these corpses were all the result of trying out new swords…or so we’ve heard.
You should slay those people immediately.
You want to protect your home do you not?
If you join the Hitotsubashi party then the next Bakkaku will grant you peace as well as bury this case in the darkness.

Dude: After all it is for this…
That you sliced off the neck of your adopted parent isn’t it?
(Sfx- Ton *pat*)
Yaemon: Asaemon…
You did a good job piercing right through.
Raise your head.
You’ve done well in your duty as the official executioner.
He may have been your parent and master…
But he committed a ‘crime’ and it is our work to act as ‘judge’.
Yaemon: You are protecting…
The honored name of our father with that sword.

{What have I…}
{Protected with this sword?}
{For something like this…}
{I killed him…}
Dude: What are you doing? Hurry and slay them.
Show me what a shinigami who has cut many necks can do.
What are you hesitating for?
You’ve already cut the neck of your father…so that blade is already filthy…

(Sfx- Meriiihh *grrrnd*)
Gintoki: Bastard….
You sure like to talk utter bullshit don’t you?
In what way is her sword filthy?
In what way is she a Shinigami?
How about you wipe the shit from your eyes and take a better look?
(Sfx- Meki meki *grind grrrind*)

Gintoki: The Shinigami…
Is right here criminal piglets.
(Sfx- Goaaaaahhhh *thiooooooom*)
(Sfx- Dodododhhh *thhhhomm*)
Dudes: Wh---what the hell is going on heeeeere?!

Gintoki: Sorry but…
(Sfx- Ooooohhhh *fwhoooooh*)
Gintoki: A real Shinigami doesn’t have a second whom only uses one blade…
For you guys…
And that Yaemon bastard…
A dirtyass stick is good enough.
Don’t think you’re gonna go gentle into that good night.
Dude: Y—
You bastards!!
(Sfx- Goshhiiii *thuuunk*)

Okita: Man, oh man.
You tryin’ to say that you’re not gonna hand her over to the cops or these guys, boss?
(Sfx- Meriiihhh *Grrrinnnd*)
Okita: Even if you’re…
Putting both of your necks on the line?
Gintoki: My head’s still attached…
Thanks to an idiotic executioner who didn’t do his job.
So if It’s for the sake of someone like him…
A stupid executioner that couldn’t do her job…
Then it’s all good.

(Sfx- Dodohhh *thoooom*)
Gintoki: Your blade isn’t dirty dammit!
Slicing off sins and saving people….
Is what a truly great executioner’s blade is for.
Your father wasn’t killed by you…
It was Yaemon and I who killed him!
Even knowing that are you still unable to draw your sword?
Before the ‘sins’ you can’t cut….
You need to take a sword and stand up against your own self confidence!
If you’ve got the free time to keep a sword and use it…
Should it be something you stab yourself in the belly with? To slice your guts with?!
Quit using that sword as a crutch and instead face forward!!
Whether it’s Yaemon or myself that you take aim for…
Take down the enemies and the sins before you with your sword!!

Gintoki: You guys are really protecting…
The pride of the official executioners right?!
{What returns a man’s humanity…}
{Isn’t a demon who slices necks…}
{Nor is it a shinigami who steals the souls of people…}
{Only humans can slice away at sins…}
{And save the soul.}

{Only people can.}
(Sfx- Gaahh kaaaah *sheeeeeen*)

(Sfx- Hyuuuuhh *fwwwwhhhhs*)
(Sfx- Piki *crackle*)
(Sfx- Pishihh Pishhiii *crackle*)
(Sfx- Dododoohh *thuuud*)
Shinpachi: Asaemon-san!!
Dude: Y—you little wench!!
Asaemon: Did you really think I’d cut you down?
You silly man.
Going as far as offering your own head just to stir someone to action…

Asaemon: I don’t know what kind of crimes you committed to be known as a villain,
I think I understand it a little better now…
The reason why he saved you.
And I don’t think…
He was wrong in making his decision.
Kagura: Gin-chan!
Shinpachi: Asaemon-san!
(Sfx- Zazaaaannn)

Asaemon: Please move out of our way.
And tell me….
Where is Yaemon?
???: It appears I was right to be slightly concerned….
It’s a real shame Asaemon.
It appears that both you and the previous head have made the same mistake.

Yaemon: And here I thought…
That we had both pledged to protect the Ikeda household as day and night…
But now you really have become a traitor huh?
Asaemon: The one who betrayed the Ikeda clan…
And the previous head is none other than you.
And I will not forgive you for further sullying…
The name Ikeda Yaemon….
The official executioner.
(Side text- Confrontation!!)

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