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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Anagle Mole 37

Point and Face.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 17, 2013 01:14 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 37

Still not sure if this is gonna end soon or not. Though I'm a little more sure than last week that there's still more to go. I think. Or not. Dammit I'm going to stop thinking about this by next week.

Kiss scans only.

Luchiru: Phew.
Gorudof: Th—
That little bastard….
(Handwritten- Wasn’t he supposed to be useless?!)
(Sfx- Buru buru buru *shake shake shake*)
(Side text- Luchiru has won a single battle against the level 30 test takers…)
Kyousuke: Sweet work Luchiru!!
You whupped him good!!
Arulu: Luchiru, I’m gonna go next.
You just take a break for a while…
Gorudof: I think not.
(Sfx- Zashh *sfft*)

Gorudof: Luchiru will fight a second battle…
(Side text- Despite being injured Luchiru is still told to fight?!)
37th space: Point and Face.
Kyousuke: Whaaa?!
Quit messing around!! Luchiru’s beaten up!!
Gorudof: Not my problem. This is a ‘show’ after all.
Your death makes for edge-of-my-seat entertainment.

Kyousuke: Damn!! He’s rotten to the friggin’ core.
{But our objective here is to rescue Chiwa!!}
{Once she gets her turn on that Patoras thing….}
{Arulu can use her boots to grab her and we can make a break for it!}
Kyousuke: I’m begging you…!!
You gotta find a way to get over here Chiwa!!
(Handwritten- Hey! You okay?)
Chiwa: If I can get over there we can run!
I have to get out there next…!!
{I don’t want to see Luchiru-kun get hurt anymore…!!}

Chiwa: Go—Gorudof-sama!
P—Please let me do this!!
Please pick me…!!
I promise I can defeat them for your sake Gorudof-sa…
???: Togaru.
(Sfx- Gyaaan *thuuud*)
Chiwa: Eh!?
(Sfx- Dogaaaaah *Thuuud*)

Kyousuke: Ah!!
Ikareru: Quit tryin’ to steal my thunder.
Ya piece of trash.
If all I gotta do to pass is beat Luchiru the loser…
Then imma head out! I ain’t gonna let anyone snatch this chance from me! Ya idjut!
Arubel: Lackin’ in delicacy are we?
Go on. Don’t matter any to me~
(Handwritten- I—I don’t mind either…)
Gorudof: Fine. You may go.
(Handwritten- Ugh…)

Announcer: Patoras will change into ‘wall’ mode.
Ikareru: Heheheh…
(Sfx- Zugohhh *thop*)
(Sfx- Zugoghohh *thop*)
Ikareru: ‘Sup traitor?
Yer lucky that it’s me yer fightin…
{Ikareru//Level 29.}
Luchiru: Even if I die, I will kick your ass.
(Sfx- Zakuhh *throb*)

Ikareru: You got guts for someone who won once on accident!!
(Sfx- Gohhhh *fwooooh*)
Kyousuke: They’re the same!!
That’s the same power type as Dekos!!

(Sfx- Zugagagagaga *dssssssh*)
Ikareru: The same?
Bzzt. Wrong.
(Sfx- Pishihhh *crackle*)
Ikareru: Dekos is an attack at ‘face value’!!!
While my Togaru gets straight to the ‘point’!!

{With all of its power gathered into one point…}
{It’s piercing power is invincible!!}
(Sfx- Doohhh….)

(Sfx- Dogagagagagah *thokokotkotko*)
Luchiru: Guhh….
(Sfx- Fushuuuhh *fwwwwf*)
Kyousuke: Lu---

Gorudof: Guwahahahah! Excellent!!
This is it! This is it!!
This spectacle!! This is exactly what I wanted to see!!
Luchiru: Haaah..
Ikareru: Now both your hands are bound…
Which means that you can’t use your majinagram anymore.
So? Any last words?

Luchiru: Even if I die….
I will kick your ass.
Ikareru: Oh?
Is that it? You’re gonna put me to sleep.

Ikareru: DIE!
Kyousuke: Luchiru!!
{This isn’t good!}
(Sfx- Suoooooohhh *Fwooooom*)
{With both of his hands bound he can’t fight back…!!}
{He’s completely unable to use his majinagram!!}
Ikareru: Gotta hand it to ya! You’ve gotta be the first guy who still talks trash despite being in this situation.
Really praiseworthy bro.

Ikareru: That’s reckless…
(Sfx- Gouuhhh *thuuuud*)
Ikareru: Wu..
{But how…}
Arulu: The nail.

{The nails that have pierced Luchiru’s hands….}
{Are what he’s using as a ‘conducting wire’!}
(Sfx- Bibibibibibi *beeeeeep*)
(Sfx- Zupoh Zupoh *pop pop*)
Ikareru: Dammit!!
{I won’t aim for your hands no more!}
{You ain’t gonna get a second fluke!!}

{Die dammit!!}
(Sfx- Ooooooooh)
(Sfx- Gahhh *clamp*)
Luchiru: Dekos….
Kyousuke: That’s no good!! Dekos won’t pass….
(Sfx- DOooooon *thooooom*)

{He used ‘dekos’ on the soles of his feet and shot himself like a ‘bullet’!!?}
(Sfx- Gooooohhh *fwooooooom*)
(Sfx- Ooooooooooh)
Ikareru: T—that idiot…!!
He’s going to use himself as a ‘point’ to lower the damage he takes to a minimum!?!
(Sfx- Biiin biishi bishii *ssshsshsht*)
Luchiru: This one…
(Sfx- Dobaaaah *fwaaaaaaap*)
{Too fast!!)
Ikareru: Toga…

Luchiru: Is for my sister!!!

(Sfx- Goooohhhhh)
Ikareru: Nagh!?

(Sfx- Porohhh *fwop*)
(Sfx- Shuuhhh *sssgh*)
{Why is trash like him capable of this…?!}
(Sfx- Buzu busuh *sssshhh*)
{Am I seeing illusions here?!}
Luchiru: Who’s next?!
{I’m so proud of you…my little brother!}

(Sfx- Oooooooohhhh)
(Sfx- Pikuhhh *fwip*)
???: Are you awake Luke?
(Sfx- Baahh *fwap*)
???: As I thought….
(Sfx- Chapunn *plip*)
???: Even after death, the power within this still manefests…

(Sfx- Hah)
???: No need to worry…your neck is on quite snugly.
I apologize…I needed to test it at least once.
(Sfx- Dopodopo *plopplop*)
(Sfx- Pichooon *bloosh*)
(Side text- As Luchiru’s advance remains steady, what of the king Noelu…?)
(Sfx- Peroohh *lick*)

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