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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

Kokushi Musou!! 6

Stirring up trouble

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 19, 2013 22:24 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 6

Finally 18 pages! Finally after nearly a month another translation of this! Finally a...scantlation? (Or not.)

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Chapter 6: Stirring up trouble.
(Side text- More haste less waste! To leave the temple and meet his father, Kid must step on a path without parallel!)

{In one way or another Kid has enrolled in the peerless temple located in the mecca of martial arts…}
{Moreover he hopes to obtain the scroll of secrets by embarking on a path of martial arts…}
(Sign- Pain is strength.)
(Side text- He enrolls in the peerless temple to get the scroll of secrets!)
Kid: Tadaaaah!! Look at this Mugi! Doesn’t it look awesome on me?!
Mugi: Yes…although it’s a bit big on you.
This is the smallest size but Kid you’re even smaller…
Kid: It’s training time~ Training time~

Mugi: I’ll bet you’re overjoyed that you get to start training today.
Kid: But of course!!
I wanna get that scroll of secrets ASAP and get the hell out of here.
I mean look at me!! I’ve developed a trauma of being stuck in rooms since I got out of there!!
(Handwritten- See?)
Mugi: Uwaaah!!
Kid: But , starting today…
I get to hang out where a bunch of people will be!!

Kid: Hey you guys!!
I’m gonna whup all of your asses!!!
Dude: …..!?!
Who the hell was that?!
….What the….?
Mugi: W—what on earth are you doing Kid-kun?!
Kid: Well, it’s only sporting I tell them before I do it, right?

Kid: It’d suck for ‘em if…
They lost without even knowing what’s going on right?
Mugi: But Kid, when did you start studying martial arts?
You’re beginning now right?
So why are you so confident?
You know Kid-kun…
The new disciples here…
Have to find and make a partnership with someone! That’s the rule here!!
Kid: Partner?
Mugi: Yes!
Which is exactly why you have to get along with the others in class!

Mugi: And if you intend to take the scroll of secrets….
You’ll need to team up with someone particularly strong!
Kid: A strong partner huh….
Mugi: At any rate!
The last thing you need to do is stir up trouble…!
Be good and don’t do anything against the rules!
Take this to heart….
Kid: Oh right…there is that way…

Kid: Thanks a bunch Mugi! I’m going out for a bit!!
Mugi: Eeeh!?
Kid: Yahoooo!!!!
Mugi: Waaaaaaaaait!!!!
He didn’t even give me a chance to explain the fundamental problem here…..
Uuugh….will he really be okay?

Dude: Hey. Didja hear?
We’ve got us a new transfer student comin’ in.
???: Oh? That’s rare.
Is it a chick?
Dude: Fool! That doesn’t matter one damn bit!
If the number goes up by even one person then ‘that’ goes on display!!
People: Yeah!

???: We’re here.
From today on this will be your class.
Kujaku: Just wait out here and let me introduce you first….
What’s that bag you have?
The use of weapons is still far off for you. Get that?
Kid: It’s cool!
Just a lil’ something….
Kujaku: What? You’re acting really creepy…

Kujaku: Hey, hey. Lessons are about to start~
Oh..before that let me introduce the transfer student….
Kid-kun, c’mon in…
When did you get there?!
Kid: Hmmm?
(Sfx- Zatsh *shfft*)
Kid: aaah!!

Kid: Dude! Ro! It’s you!!
We’re in the same class?! Sweet!!!
Ro: Dammit.
So you’re the transfer student….
I thought you were going to get out of here as soon as possible so why did you enroll?
Kid: All sortsa stuff happened to me!
Besides, this is the only realistic way to get the scroll of secrets and get outta here!!
You wanna get the scroll of secrets too dontcha?
It’s only common sense!
And this is…
For everyone courtesy of me….

Kid: A gift for the class!!!
Dudes: Uwaaaaaaah!!! Snaaaaaaaaakes!!

Kid: And this class of snakes is poisonous!!
Dude: Hiiiiii!!!
Let’s go that way!!!
Hey lets get outta here….
(Sfx- Mishihhh *Grinnd*)
Girl: Booooring.
Hey everyone! Chillax! Everything’s gonna be fine!
Kid: That’s great you guys! Go on! Panic!!
(Sfx- Zui zui *sfft sfft*)
Kid: Ahahahahah!!
Kujaku: And what the hell do you think you’re doing to my classroom….?
Kid: Ah…

Kid: Uuugh…
Mugi: Kid-kun! Speak to me!!
Students: Scary….
Kid: That’s dangerous Ro-kun!!
Ro: Oh I get it….
Dude: Doing stupid crap like that….If you wanna play games and get a rise outta people then go to a kindergarten class! This is a martial arts temple!!
(Handwritten- Owwwie…)
Dude: You’re still one hundred years too early to pick a fight with us!!

Kid: Heheheh….
Dude: The hell?! What’s so funny?!
Kid: I don’t need you guys!
Cause now it’s all too clear who the real strong guys are!!
Dude: Huh…? What does that mean?
Ro: It’s like this…
If you actually take a look at these snakes, they’re not poisonous at all. He just caked on some red dirt on ‘em to make them appear that way.
(Sfx- Poroporo *bloop*)
Ro: He managed to completely fool us.

Guy: Wh—why would he do that….!?
Ro: To test everyone’s capability.
It was the fastest way to discern the weaklings from the guys with strength.
Kid: You get it!!
In short…
The people who didn’t get up from their desks are the strong ones!!!
Congrats you guys!! You have earned the right to be my partner!! So?! Who wants to team up with me.

(Sfx- Shiiiin *muuuuute*)
Dude: Hmmph….
Guy: Check it out brah! He doesn’t know anything!
Kid: …huh?
Kujaku: Not gonna happen Kid…those students won’t team up with you.
After all, everyone here already has a partner….
I mean that’s how it is. Everyone already decided on who they’re teaming up with.
You’re basically the remains.
{N—no—no waaaay!!}
{Th—then I’m the real idiot here?!}

Kujaku: But there’s no need to worry your cute little head. There’s still a chance.
Kid: R—really?
Kujaku: But of course! When there’s an excess of persons in a temple class…
Then there’s a game that starts to decrease that number and change teams!!
Kid: And if I beat that game?!
Kujaku: You’ll get a partner!!
But in exchange…
Someone in this class will have to disappear….
(Side text- Suddenly an explosion unprecedented proportions…For kid who’s at the depths, what will this game for the sake of making a partner mean…?)

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