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Anagle Mole 38

Ability of the worst compatibility.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 21, 2013 02:26 | Go to Anagle Mole

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Okay, so I'm still not sure whether this is not, not going to end soon or not, not, not going to keep on going. I am sure of not, not, not, not knowing what the hell I'm talking about anymore.

Kiss scans only.

(Middling text- Majin VS Human?!)
38th space: Ability of the worst compatibility.
(Side text- Volume 1~3 of the manga is now out in stores everywhere!!)

Announcer: The winner of the second round is Luchiru!
(Side text- With his bravery and quick wits, Luchiru scores two consecutive victories!!)
(Sfx- Wahh)
(Sfx- tsun tsun *poke poke*)
(Handwritten- Oh wow, two down?)
{….Thank goodness.}
(Sfx- Jyuuh *dribble*)
Luuido: I wonder what that guy…
Luchiru meant when he said ‘sister’ just now?
(Sfx- Dokiih *pooit*)
(Handwritten- Eh?)

Chiwa: B—beats me.
I have no idea whatsoever.
R-right, the majin don’t understand the concept of siblings…!
(Handwritten- ahahaahah…)
Gorudof: Damn you!!!
{I don’t understand what’s going on here! He’s completely different than the majin he was before.}
{If this keeps up the ‘King’ will lose confidence in me…!!}
{Any more slip ups may even cost me my life…!!}
{This does not bode well….!! I have to avoid that result at all costs….!!}
Gorudof: Not too shabby…
Luchiru: Shut your noisehole, and bring out the next guy Gorudof!
Gorudof: Oh I do believe you’ve had enough. Take a breather.

Gorudof: You there….Mogru.
You will be next!!
(Sfx- Viiin *veeen*)
Chiwa: Kyousuke?!
Gorudof: I recall that your ability is to ‘dive’ right?
{I can change the flow of things here and now!!}
Gorudof: Then I do believe I have the perfect opponent for you!!

(Sfx- Tahh *tap*)
(Sfx- Vin *veeen*)
Gorudof: Arubel!!
(Sfx- Stuahh *tap*)
(Sfx- Doooon)
Arubel: Ooh? Little ol’ me?
(Handwritten- I’ll step on up then~)
{Arubel//Level 27.}
Gorudof: With your ability, he’s no match for you.
So crush him without mercy!!

(Sfx- Gakoh *clack*)
Announcer: Patoras will now switch to ‘Hammer’ mode.
(Sfx- Gakoohh *clack*)
Kyousuke: Huh?
(Sfx- Zuhhh *sffft*)
Announcer: The weight of the hammers is 50 tons.
Please use them as you see fit.
(Sfx- Gaaiiiinnn *doooom*)
Kyousuke: What the hell is that?!
Arubel: He’s really a mean old guy ain’t he?
There’s no one who could swing this big thing around easily….
(Sfx- Guhh *sfft*)
Arubel: Well…

Arubel: I guess size is what matters.
{These majins….they’re essentially monsters dammit!!}
Announcer: Begin!!
Kyousuke: Moreover what’s with the way he talks?
(Handwritten- Do I detect a kansai dialect?)
{Isn’t there anything I can do to help him…?!}
{I have to think of something…}
Chiwa: I am his big sister after all!!
Arubel: I happen to come from the Kanza region…
So now..
Lets get this thing…
(Sfx- Gohhh *sfft*)

Arubel: Started!
Kyousuke: Uwaaah!!
(Handwritten- So fast!!)
(Sfx- Dopuuunn *bloosh*)
Kyousuke: Kuhhh!!
(Sfx- Buuunnn *fwissssh*)
Arubel: Huh?
(Sfx- Gobo gobo gobo *blooop blooop blooop*)

{Dude, if I get hit by that thing once, then it’ll be my sudden death, idiot!!}
Kyousuke: I’ve gotta think of a way to even the odds or else!!
{Right now…what kind of attack strategy can I pull off?}
{I don’t have strength on my side…and my ability is basically only good for running away.}
{That’s it! If I could drag that guy in like did back then and fix ‘em into one place..!!}
Kyousuke: For now let me head to the surface for a breather….
I should be able to get away with that much at least.
(Sfx- Zabaahhh *bloosh*)
Kyousuke: Puwaah.

Arubel: Hey.
Been a minute, ain’t it?
(Sfx- Dopuuunn *blooop*)
Kyousuke: Guhhh!
(Sfx- Gobo gobo *bloop bloop*)

{He predicted my moves…!?}
{How the hell did he know where I was gonna pop up?!}
Gorudof: With your ability, he’s no match for you.
(Handwritten- Ah?)
Kyousuke: …No way…
Arubel: Hehe..
Hide ‘n’ go seek again?
(Sfx- Guuuhh *whifft*)
Arubel: Shall I…
Do this one more time?
(Sfx- Kiiiiiiii *reeeeeeeh*)

(Sfx- Iiiiiiiii)
(Sfx- iiiiiiiiii)
(Sfx- Iiiiiiii)
(Sfx- Suhhh *fwwwp*)
(Sfx- Dooooon *Thoooom*)
(Sfx- Nii *Grrrin*)
Arubel: Gotcha~
Luchiru: An X-ray power?!

Gorudof: Fuahahaah!! Correct!!
That is his majinagram ‘Mihaeru’!!
It renders your power meaningless and useless!!!
Arubel: Heheheh…So you had it in mind to try ‘n drag me under ground?
I already figured you out.
Next time you come up for a breath of air Imma smash you to bits!!
{I won’t give you even a second to escape once you come back up!!}
{X-ray powers? Don’t screw with me!!}
{Doesn’t his power have the worst possible compatibility with mine?!}
{Oh crap…}
{I might really die…}

Chiwa: ekusuoyK tseb ruoy oD!!
Luchiru: Eh?
Chiwa: uoy ot hguorht ees ot rewop eht sah tnenoppo ruoY!!
{Right now…}
Chiwa: em raeh uoy naC?!
{This is…}
Chiwa: ymene ehT….

{The only thing I can do for him!}
Chiwa: uoy ees nac eh hctapeye sih sevomer eh nehW!!
{This is…}
{Backwards speak?!}
{It’s the new fad at school!!}
{A secret code for when you have secrets to share!}
{‘Good morning’ becomes ‘gninrom dooG’!!
{Huuh? Dude what is that?}
{You do it too Kyousuke!}
{It’s really easy!!}
{What? No way! I don’t wanna do that!}

Chiwa: esol t'nod!!
{This is…}
{Way back when, Chiwa made me learn this…!!}
{ uoy ees nac eh hctapeye sih sevomer eh nehW….}
{When he removes his eyepatch he can see me?}
(Sfx- Zusaaah *sffft*)
(Sfx- Doon *thooom*)
(Sfx- Guiii *reeeeeh*)
(Sfx- Kiiiiii)
Arubel: Mihaeru!!
He’s gonna surface…
(Sfx- Buku buku *bubble ubble*)
Arubel: And it should be…
(Sfx- Nii *grriin*)

{Right here!!}
Kyousuke: Puwaah
Arubel: Bingoo~
Kyousuke: Guwaaaaaaaaaah!!!
(Sfx- Dogoooohhh *Thooom*)
Chiwa: Kyo…

Kyousuke: Psych.
(Sfx- Gashiiko *graaab*)
(Sfx- Zapaahh *blloop*)
Arubel: He…
{Moved from the ground to the hammer in an instant!!!}
Arubel: Waaagh!!
(Sfx- Guiiih *glooop*)
Kyousuke: And now….
(Sfx- Zuboooh *blooop*)

{You aren’t going anywhere!!}
(Sfx- Gachiiiiin)
Arubel: Wha…
{What’s goin’ on?!}
Kyousuke: Being able to see right through it doesn’t matter when you can’t break out right?
I doubt you can bro.
Since when you were swingin’ that thing around, you used both hands, and had to put it down to take off your eyepatch.
Thanks Chiwa.
(Handwritten- Kyousuke!!)

{Amazing! If we keep this up then…}
Luiido: You seem pretty happy there don’tcha Chiwa.
(Sfx- Gikuuh *trooob*)
Chiwa: Eh?
(Sfx- Pon *pat*)
Luiido: Just who’s side are you on?
Chiwa: Oooh don’t be silly of course I’m on our side…
(Sfx- Guhhh *grab*)
Luiido: Are you…
Really a ‘majin’?
(TN- In case it doesn’t come through in the translation he’s speaking to her in a harsher tone than he has in the past. There just isn’t a way to convey that in English well…)
(Side text- Oh crap. Luiido has begun to doubt Chiwa’s identity….)

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