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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 467

Okita also disappeared in the distant sadistic line.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 24, 2013 03:27 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 467

Next week, BDR will disappear into 'Finally no more light novel amounts of text' line. If you have messages for Hijikata and Okita, I'll do my best to deliver them as I think the 'Finally no more light novel amounts of text' line is adjacent to the 'mayo' and 'sadist' lines.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- Night dealings!!)
Yaemon: Asaemon.
You’ve chosen the same path as the previous head after all huh?
Sparing a criminal’s life…
By abandoning your duty as an official executioner…
And even going as far as abandoning your own life too?
Asaemon: Our duty is to protect the ‘law’…
Which means as a person I have to do what I must to protect other people.

Asaemon: That person did not become the tool of the powerful and influential…he did not acknowledge their ‘laws’….
Rather to save those without sin from those laws and protect them.
He was an excellent executioner.
And we acted as judges for those criminals…
In order to protect our clan and it’s standing…
We willfully murdered those people.
I am not here to judge you of these crimes.
(Sfx- Jyakkiii *clack*)
Asaemon: If you need a second in assisted suicide, there are plenty here.
You and I will die here.
(Side text- Her sword is finally drawn!!)
Lesson 467: Okita also disappeared in the distant sadistic line.

Shinpachi: Asaemon-san!
Yaemon: You’re prepared for us both to go down?
Drawing your blade means that you’re ready to gamble your life….or do you really believe your blade will reach me…the tenth generation Yaemon?
Do you really think you can protect the meaningless riffraff that man left behind?
(Sfx- Dann *tap*)
Yaemon: Too slow.
My sword has already reached you.
Your neck is…

Shinpachi: The bridge….!!!
(Sfx- Dooooooh *thoooom*)
Shinpachi: Asaemon-saaaaaan!!!
(Sfx-Hygagagagaga *dsshhhhh*)
Asaemon: Damn!
(Sfx- gapahhh *bshfft*)
Asaemon: Ugh!!
(Sfx- Gatshh *graaab*)
(Sfx- Gakiiiiin *claaaaang*)

Everyone: Gin-sannnnnnn!!
(Sfx- Kiiin *clang*)
(Sfx- Gaaan kiiin *cling clang*)
Gintoki: Asaemon!!
(Handwritten- Hurry up and grab hold!)
(Sfx- Dooon dooon *Blaam blaam*)
(Sfx- Karaaan *clatter*)

Yaemon: Asaemon…
That criminal…
Do you see now that there was no worth in keeping him alive? No point in either you or the previous head protecting him?
Yaemon: Those without sins?
(Sfx- Guraari *wobble*)
Yaemon: Shall I tell you what charges this criminal had when the previous head released him?
Asaemon…this man…
He’s the criminal behind the murder of your real father.
(Sfx- Doshaaaah *thuuuud*)
Kagura: Gin-chan!

Yaemon: Will I be able to decapitate this man….
Or will you be faster and decapitate me?
Shall we test ourselves then?
Or is it that you just want the honor of decapitating him yourself?
There is the matter of getting revenge for your real father’s death after all.
Ten years ago your father was a patriot killed on the battle field, and you were an orphan the previous head adopted.
…Well that’s the story that the previous head told you but the truth is a little different.

Yaemon: Asaemon…your father was the same as this man…a remnant from the war past…
However after the war the Hitotsubashi’s hunt for refugees began…
And in order to save himself he betrayed his former comrades…
And gave up the information about all of the places where the patriots were hiding to the higher ups.
Families were divided up by the Hitotsubashi’s purge and he lent a hand to this.
However his fate was to disappear once he was no longer useful.
{Hey! This is different than our agreement!!}
{I—I’m begging you…please spare my life!}
{I—I’m not even a patriot anymore! I’m just a dog who’s sworn allegiance to the Bakfu…to you!!}
{H—how about this!! As proof of how loyal I am, I’ll give you my daughter!}
{If I do that much I don’t even have a family or anything that I’m holding out on you!}
{After all she’s just the spawn some godforsaken bitch dumped on me!}
{Just wait a second…I’ll get her and then her neck is all yours to slice…}

{See, this lump of fail sorta handed over his daughter already.}
{It was to settle a debt with me.}
{Though I don’t exactly remember picking a fight with you Hitotsubashi dudes…}
{If you really want a neck that bad, then I, Shiroyasha offer mine.}
{So there’s no need for you…}
{To lay a finger on anyone else.}
Yaemon: But the previous head…
Allowed this man to live.
And your real father….lost his head.
The previous head dragged you into this all because of this criminal’s wrongdoings.
Upon knowing this you’d eventually seek vengeance against the previous head.

Yaemon: I even went out of my way to assist you with your vengeance…
But you weren’t able to cut down a single criminal.
Only one neck is needed here.
(Sfx- Gacha gacha *clack*)
Yaemon: And I know that you don’t want unrelated heads to roll do you?
So cut this man’s head.
I too would rather not see you lose your neck over this.
So gain your vengeance by decapitating him….and save everyone’s lives.
Kagura: Asaemon…
(Sfx- Zuhhh *sfft*)
Asaemon(?): May I ask one thing?

{I have cut more than I should.}
{The demon within me must be cut before it consumes my entire being.}
{Can you use your sword…}
{To return my humanity?}
Asaemon: That person…
Did he really plan for me to be the one to eventually cut him down?
Gintoki: Beats the hell outta me.
But he…
Probably found satisfaction from having you be the one to cut him down…
{Mister, why are you in a place like that?}
{Did you do something bad?}

{Yeah… many bad things…and some of them are so bad you’d wet yourself hearing ‘em.}
{That’s why I’ve gotta be decapitated.}
{Really? Were you like my dad who hit me?}
{If there were no bars here I’d hit ya allright. Now beat it you noisy little brat.}
{But the old man who cuts necks said...}
{That you’re not a bad person at all mister.}
{You were just trying to protect…}
{A poor little girl.}
{Yet you’re like this now…}
{Ooh! I know! How about this mister?}
{If I become an excellent executioner…}
{I’ll be the one to cut your neck mister!}
{You’d cut it?}
{Yup! And I’d do it really well so you didn’t feel any pain…and you’d be able to get into heaven really easily!}
{So lets make a promise mister!}
{Until I become a great executioner you can’t die! Okay?}

{Really easily huh…?}
{That sounds nice.}
{It’s a promise.}
Gintoki: I’m depending on you…
Make it real easy like.
Asaemon: Yes…
(Sfx- kachaa *clack*)
Asaemon: This time…
I won’t fail…
Not for…
A second time.

(Sfx- Dodoohhh *Sifffft*)

Yaemon: Asaemon, please don’t think too badly of me…
The Ikeda clan’s secret technique…godspeed sword play ‘Soul washing’….
In an even match we’d essentially be deadlocked.
There was no way I’d be able to get the upper hand---or sword since the technique leaves one open to a strike after it’s use. Besides….
A criminal’s daughter…
Doesn’t have the right to judge sins after all, right?
You no longer have any use to me.
Be thankful I allowed you to pursue revenge until the very end.
At least now your soul can be offered to the Ikeda clan as a sacrifice.
Shinpachi: Gin-sannnnnn!!

Asaemon: You’re absolutely right.
The restraint of the ‘soul washing’ technique…
Is that after use there’s nothing protecting the user from another attack.
You chose the wrong opponent to cut down.
Your sword…
Will not be able to take my soul…
With just one strike.
My sword…
Hasn’t died yet.
I said it didn’t I?
I will not for a second time…

Asaemon: Allow the head of someone I am saving…
To fall to the ground.
(Sfx- Jyakiirii *grriiind*)
(Side text-Severing the night---!!)

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