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Anagle Mole 39

Proof of majindom.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 28, 2013 23:54 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 39

And then just when Fukuchi seems to be slowing down and the story seems to indicate the series's intention to stick around for a while, the TOC for this week comes out and Anagle is second to last.

...I tells ya interwebs, it's hard being an Anagle mole fan.

Kiss scans only.

Luiido: Are you…
Really a ‘majin’?
(Side- Volumes 1-3 of the manga are out in stores everywhere!!)
(Middling text- Busted?!)
Luiido: What’s wrong…?
39th space: Proof of majindom.

(Upper text- Luiido’s doubt grows…)
Luiido: Come to think of it....
I thought you weren’t normal from the beginning.
You use a majinagram no one’s ever seen before…
(Background text- ‘Voice---replay!!!//Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit// Uuuu woof woof!!// Majinagram. Reccu.)
Luiido: And then you talk so casually about going to spy on the ‘humans’
That everyone fears so much…
(Background text- You wanna go to the surface// Y—yes)
(Background text- Y—yes!!// As a spy!!// I wanna find human’s weaknesses and stuff…//You really don’t know fear do ya?)
Luiido: And then…
There’s the fact that…
The majin’s weakness….the ‘migards’ that shouldn’t be able to be removed by anyone but the majin that’s wearing ‘em…
Despite this being common sense, you were able to remove ‘em….
Chiwa: Wai…

Chiwa: I—I’m telling you that was a fluke!!
(Handwritten- Ahahaha, don’t be like that boss~!)
(Sfx- Hiso hiso *whisper whisper*)
Chiwa: You really shouldn’t keep beating a dead horse like that!
Luiido: Okay, how about those weirdass words from earlier huh?
{ uoy ees nac eh hctapeye sih sevomer eh nehW….}
Chiwa: O—oh that! That was…
My dialect! I have a little dialect is all!
I was saying stuff like ‘good luck’ and ‘hit ‘em there’….you know?
Just trying to cheer Arubel-kun on!
(Handwritten- And it just slipped out..!!)
{Though the truth is that was just a past fad known as ‘backwards speaking’…}
Luiido: I get it…
A dialect huh?
Chiwa: Y—yup! Just a dialect! Hahahahaah…

Luiido: So then don’t do that anymore.
(Sfx- Pikuhh *poit*)
Luiido: Keep in mind that you aren’t their buddy.
If you know that then don’t spout that nonsense again.
(Sfx- Pakii *shisssh*)
Luiido: If you say that stuff again then you’re no better than a ‘human’.
And humans are…
Enemies to us majin.
We clear?

Chiwa: Lu…
This is a hoot ain’t it?!
(Sfx- Pishiih *crackle*)
(Sfx- PIshiii *crackle*)
Arubel: You’re really interestin’ buddy!
(Sfx- Pishi pishi *Crackle crackle*)
(Sfx- Pishii *crackle*)
Kyousuke: Wh---
Arubel: It’s been a mighty long time….!!
(Sfx- Pishi *crackle*)
(Sfx- Pishi *crakle*)
(Sfx- Pishi *crackle*)
Arubel: Since I’ve been this rileeeeeeeed up!!
(Sfx- Pishi *Crackle*)

(Sfx- Bakoooh *fwoooom*)
Luchiru: Whoa!
(Handwritten- He busted the hammer!!)
(Handwritten- Oooh.)
Arubel: How about we test it out eh?
(Sfx- Zahh *Sfft*)
Arubel: Was what just happened a fluke…?
Or was that the real deal?
(Sfx- Zuuunn *doom*)

(Sfx- Zuuuh Zuhhh *Doom doom*)
Kyousuke: What the hell is wrong with him….?
(Handwritten- He’s laughing…)
Metaru: Oh my….it looks as if he’s become really interested in this battle…
Chiwa: Wh—what’s with him?
Metaru: He’s the sort who is ‘battle crazy’.
The more powerful the opponent is, the more he likes to watch them suffer.
Chiwa: Eek!!
(Handwritten- He’s a perv!!)
Arubel: So it’s not just under tha’ ground you can dive into huh? Basically ‘anywhere that’s larger than yourself’ becomes fair diving space!!
{So then…}
{How’s this!?!}

(Sfx- Doboohhh *thoood*)
(Sfx- Gafuuhh *bloop*)
(Sfx- Dopuuunnn *blooosh*)
Arubel: I ain’t lettin’ you run!
(Sfx- Guiiih)
(Sfx- Kiiiiiiiii *reeeeeeeeeeeh*)
(Sfx- Katshhh *Sheen*)

Arubel: Ahaahahahahahaah!!!
Gorudof: Heheheh…
That’s right…pursue him!!
Trap him in a corner like the rodent he is!!!
Kill him!!
{Stop it….}
Gorudof: Kill him!!
Chiwa: Kyou….
{The Majin’s weakness….}
{You were somehow able to remove it.}

Luiido: Chiwa…
You do get it right?
(Sfx- Pikuhhh *pooit*)
(Sfx- Dokunnn *throoob*)
(Sfx- Dokuuun *Throoob*)
{So then don’t do that anymore.}
{Keep in mind that you aren’t their buddy.}
{If you know that then don’t spout that nonsense again.}
(Sfx- Dokuunnn *throoob*)
(Sfx- Dokkun *throoob*)
Luiido: If you say that stuff again then you’re no better than a ‘human’.
And humans are…
Enemies to us majin.
Chiwa: Yeah.

(Sfx- Goboh goboh goboh *bloosh bloosh bloosh*)
{It’s no good….}
{I can’t hold my breath…!!}
(Sfx- Sugogogogogogh *dssssssssssssssssh*)
Kyousuke: That sound…!!
(Sfx- Sugogogogogogogo *rmmmmmmmmble*)
{He’s there….!!!}
{He’s right above me!!}
(Sfx- Gopaaahh *blooosh*)

Kyousuke: Puwah
Luchiru: Kyo…
Chiwa: !!!tnenoppo ruoY
!!!...srae sih no gniht eht evomer uoy fI
!!!erus rof niw ot elba eb ll'uoY

Chiwa: Luiido…
I’m so sorry…
For lying to you the whole time.
But thank you for everything up until now.

{I smashed him…}
{Or that’s what he wanted it to look like, but I know he dove again didn’t he?}
{Or maybe within the hammer huh?}
(Sfx- Gogogogogo *rmmmmble*)
(Sfx- Gogogo *rmmmble*)
(Sfx- Gogogogo *rmmmmble*)

Luchiru: A part of his body is sticking out!!
He’s gonna see you!!!
Run for iiiiiiiit!!!
(Sfx- Buuun *fwissssh*)
Arubel: I wonder if he’ll be okay fallin’ from here?
(Sfx- Dooooon *thooooom*)

(Sfx- Gapoohh *ploock*)

Kyousuke: That was a fake, dude.
(If you can remove the thing on his ears…You’ll be able to win for sure.}
Metaru: Wha…
Luchiru: …Why?
{My Migard….}
Arubel: Th—
This ain’t…
For real…
(Sfx- Guruuun *spinnn*)
{He’s just too dang interestin….}

(Sfx- Doooooh *thoooom*)
Kyousuke: Who cares dummy.
(Bottom text- Her assistance was smashing….but now Chiwa’s got a huge problem of her own?!)

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