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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 468

Ikeda Yaemon.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 30, 2013 01:53 | Go to Gintama

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Unfortunately everyone, no matter how much you calm down there's no such thing as a t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-time machine that will take you to Japan for an early peek of next week's chapter.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Lesson 468: Ikeda Yaemon.
(Side text- Recalled memories….)
???: Th—this is…
Asaemon: …Who could have done this?
Their execution date hadn’t come yet….
???: Father…
I finally did it.
(Sfx- Potaaah *driiip*)
Yaemon: The ‘soul washing’…
With this I am now…

(TN- Glorious, glorious lack of text.)

{It’ll reach far…}
{My sword will reach far into the distance.}
{No one is even close to him…}
{His sword is something I continue to watch..}
{No one is stronger than him…}
{His sword is one that I admire.}
Father: …You have cut nothing.

Father: Your sword…
Can’t even cut a person’s sins.
{My sword…}
Father: From hereafter, the leadership of the Ikeda clan…
Will be inherited by Ikeda Asaemon.
You will be the 17th ‘Ikeda Yaemon’.
{A child of a sinner got it…?}
{Though she has the sword of a sinner?}
Her talent is great indeed. If we allow ourselves to be trapped by old traditions…
Eventually the family head will collapse.

???: It’s better if they disappear don’t you think?
Like both of you Yaemon..
The sword that will be there to allow me to open the path to a new era…
Is yours, 18th head.
{It hasn’t…}
{Reached him yet…}
{My sword hasn’t yet….}

Gintoki: It ain’t gonna…
Ever reach anyone, anywhere.

Yaemon: I see…
My sword was….
Has been broken…
Ever since back then…
Hasn’t it?
(Sfx- Kashaaaan *crasssh*)

(Sfx- Gachaa gachaaa *click click*)
Guards: Sh—shoot him!!
Shoot those infidels down!!!
(Sfx- Dogooshaaaha *THOOOM*)
(Sfx- Gashaaaaah *Craaaash*)
(Sfx- Dogoooohhh *thooom*)
???: Sorry to interrupt you gents while you’re hard at work…
But I’ve got things to do too yanno?
(Sfx- Gaaan *thoook*)
Okita: You can handle your corpse delivery service or whatever after that.
(Sfx- Goro goro *thump thump*)

Shinpachi: Okita-san!!
(Sfx- Gohh *thud*)
Guards: You bastaards!!
Do you think you dogs of Shigeshige will escape with your lives?!
(Sfx- Gahhh *shfft*)
(Sfx- Dosasaaaah *thuuuud*)
(Sfx- Gapaaan *clatter*)
(Sfx- Hyaaan *fwaaaf*)
Hijikata: Lets do this.
The mayonnaise line is here huh?!
(Sfx- Baaahhh *fwaaap*)

Okita: Boss, you should hurry up and get out of here…
(Sfx- GOhhh *thuok*)
Shipnachi: Gin-saaan!!
Hurry up!!
(Sfx- Dogohhh *thud*)
Shinpachi: Bulorghhh…
Gintoki: Ngh…
(Sfx- Geho geho *cough cough*)
Asaemon: H—hang in there please…!!
Guards: You won’t escape!!
Don’t let them get away!!
Asaemon: Damn….
(Sfx- Fuhhh *fwap*)
(Sfx- Dosahaaah *thuuud*)
Asaemon: Y….

Yaemon: What are you doing?
Hurry and go.
If you get dragged into this political mess any further…
There will be no one else to protect the Ikeda clan….there’s no one above you now.
You and father’s naiieve way of doing things…
The fact that you believe you can protect our home with that during these turbulent times…
Is something I seriously doubt.
Asaemon: Yaemon…
{Together…we will protect…}
{The Ikeda household father left as dawn and night.}
Yaemon: I…judged father…
Yet he still amassed and protect the standing of the official executioner.
You judged me….
Yet you protected the soul of official executioners.

Yaemon: But your blade…
Your blade also had something with the same significance of love with it.
That’s all.
Now go…

???: My oh my…
The prestigious name that you killed your father for was in your hands at last..
And in the end you let it go.
(Sfx- Zatshhh *shffft*)
???: You promised to open a new age with me…
And now look at you….what shall I refer to you as now?
Nameless: Doesn’t matter to me…
After all wouldn’t a passerby killer who also slayed his dad be a poor visage for the Hitotsubashi image?
I’ve got plenty of handles I go by. Choose the one you like the most and go with it.
???: I see…then…

???: How’s ‘Just some neck’ sound?
(Sfx- Zaaaan *sshlllsh*)
(Sfx- Doooon *splooosh*)
???: Hmm. It was my first time doing such a thing but I think it went well.
It appears in the new Governmental regime, I would serve well as an executioner.
Some guy: Surely you jest sir! Your seat has already been decided hasn’t it?
???: I do not kid.
For example, I intend to cut the neck of the old country entirely.

Nobunobu: I Hitotsubashi Nobunobu….
Will be this country’s executioner.
Guards: Sir, what of the others?
Nobunobu: Leave them.
As per his last wishes…
The responsibility for everything that happened here will fall squarely on his head and with it drift into the sea.
Guard: B—but!!
Nobunobu: Did you not hear me? In the new Government, such a position such as executioner…and the clan known as Ikeda will disappear even if we do nothing….that is their fate.
Guards: But sir! What of Shigeshige’s dogs….the Shinsengumi?
Nobunobu: They are powerless to do anything.
Thanks to them we were able to see something interesting weren’t we?

Nobunobu: Takasugi-kun?
There’s no need to for such a fearsome glare.
I had no intention of snatching your pray.
It’s rare for there to be something living…
In a corpse transport ship…
Especially a demon like Shiroyasha.
Takasugi: Hmph…
You can’t take them…

Takasugi: Be it his head…
Or mine.
Nobunobu: If I intended that would you be standing here?
At one time we might have been bitter enemies, but I bear no enmity towards you now.
On the contrary I find you fascinating.
To purge the old and replace it with the new….is what we’re….
Trying to do to your country now….a country where you have no real power at all.
Even with this…I don’t know if you are an ally…
Or an enemy.
Takasugi: If you try to put too much emphasis on it you’ll only hurt yourself.
Unfortunately we’ve lost our masters and loyalty some time ago.
I’m only here because you chose to make the Bakfu your opponent as well.
However should there be a time you give up on that goal…
The one who will sink his fangs in your throat….
Whether it is he your enemy…
Or I your ally…
Is something even I don’t know.
(Side text- Towards an even deeper darkness…..)

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