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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Anagle Mole 40


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 5, 2013 01:54 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 40

Ladies, an okay man saves you. A great man does so while betraying his people and looks badass while doing it.

Kiss scans only.

(Side text- The one and only majin I could trust from the bottom of my heart.)
(Bottom text- The newest volume of the manga #4 will be out December 18th!!)
40th space: Luiido.

Guy: He---
He removed the Migard!!!
(Sfx- Zawahhh *hustleee*)
(Side text- Chiwa’s advice lead Kyousuke to victory but….?!)
Guy: That’s impossible!!!
(Sfx Kyuuuuun *vzzzzzt*)

Luchiru: …Ho—how…?
There should be absolutely no way for others to remove one’s migard….
Gorudof: Ri—ridiculous…
(Sfx- Puru puru puru *Shiver shiver shiver*)
{There’s no such thing as a majin that can perform such a feat….}
{So what about the ‘Human’ Luchiru brought with him?}
{It would appear that he has separated from the group.}
{Could it be that he separated from the human just to take advantage of the situation here?}
{No…there’s no way that little pissant Luchiru would take that risk!!}
Gorudof: Then he never separated from the human in the first place…
{That man is….!!!!}

Gorudof: Hu…

Metaru: Hu---
You’re kidding…
(Handwritten- Geh…I’ve been found out?)
Ikareru: Th—that guy….
Is onna them monsters?!
Luchiru: Crap…he’s been found out!!
What’ll we do?!
Guy: We’re gonna be killed…
That human’s gonna kill everyone that’s in Pishakurif!!
Run for iiiiiit!!!
(Sfx- Waaaah)
Guy: Outside! Everyone outside!!!
{Sounds like things are going crazy below.}
{Good. If we’re careful and take advantage of this situation then….!!}

Gorudof: One billion.
Someone: Eh..?
Gorudof: A one billion bounty will be awarded to…
The one who kills that ‘human’…!!!

(Sfx- Doyoohh *thooom*)
{If they manage to escape from here then I’m finished.}
{I’ll be immediately killed by the ‘king’!!!}
{I have no choice…!!}
{It’s kill or be killed…!!!}
(Sfx- Hyuuuh *huuf*)
Gorudof: Please…
I beg of you..I don’t care who does it…
But someone must kill that monster!!
(Sfx- Viiiin *veeeen*)
Kyousuke: Eh?
(Sfx- Veeeen *Veeeen*)
(Sfx- Zutahh *tp*)

Luchiru: She’s finally there!!
Chiwa’s finally appeared on the center stage!!!
Now’s our chance Arulu!!!
Use your wrap-em-up boots to grab Chiwa..!!
Arulu: I can’t.
If Chiwa were standing there alone then it’d be child’s play to rescue her.
But right now there are ‘three annoyances’ surrounding her.
If we don’t break them apart somehow then….

(Sfx- Shaaah *fwaap*)
Chiwa: Eh?
Metaru: One billion one billion one billion one billion one billion one billon one billion…
One billioooon~
(Sfx- Doooon *fooom*)
(In Kyousuke’s mouth: Geh?!)
Luchiru: Ah…!!!
Metaru: Metal….
(Sfx- Gachhiiin *clank*)

Metaru: Crush crater!!!
(Sfx- Gooohhh *thoooom*)
???: Baras.
(TN- I think I spelled it ‘paras’ the first time it was used…but it’s baras. Teehee. Sorry.)
(Sfx- Bakaaahh *Cracckle*)
(Sfx- Buunnn *fwfff*)

Metaru: Eh?
Kyousuke: Wha…
Metaru: Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
(Handwritten- Whyyyy?!)
(Sfx- Hyuuuuuuhh *wheooooooh*)
Chiwa: Lu…

Gorudof: Wha…?!
{What on earth!?}
Luiido: Baras…!!
(Handwritten- Eh?!)
(Sfx- Bikii bikii bikii *Crackle crackle crackle*)
(Sfx- Bakaaaahh *Cracklle*)
Gorudof: You bastard….
What’s the meaning of this?
(Sfx- Sukuhh *swfft*)
(Handwritten- Aaaaaaahhh)

Chiwa: Wh—
Why are you…?!
I…I lied to you…and fooled you…
Luiido: Shut your filthy trap, human.
Thinking back on how I’ve been helping a human like you this whole time makes me sick to my stomach.
Chiwa: Lu….
(Sfx- Gahhh *grabbb*)
Luiido: You’re damn lucky.
Chiwa: Luiido?
Luiido: I hate making favors and not payin’ em back.
Kyousuke: Chi---
Luiido: Listen up human…

Luiido: This is the last time I intend to babysit brats.
(Sfx- Gunnnn *grinnnd*)
(Sfx- Buuuunnn *wfffff*)
Luiido: OOooooraaaaah….
Chiwa: Lu…..
Luiido: Raaaaaah!!

{Thank you!!!}
Chiwa: Luiidooooo!!!

Kyousuke: Chiwaaa!!

Gorudof: Y—
You just let them get away!!!
Why did you allow your allies to fall?!
Luiido: Oh yeah. See, I was thinkin one billion is a lot easier to divide up if it’s given to just me so I got rid of the competition.
But then it turns out that they were able to get away and stuff.
(Handwritten- Sorry and all that jazz.)
Gorudof: Whaaat?!
You useless piece of traaash!!
{Why would you cry a river over this?}

{Just forget me okay?}
{And live happily up there in your world.}
{It was fun while it lasted…}
(Side text- Thanks to Luiido’s assistance, Chiwa’s finally been rescued!! Will they be able to escape too…?!)

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