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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Anagle Mole 41

Those who open a path.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 11, 2013 22:26 | Go to Anagle Mole

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Wait, I won an award? For being a failure? Mangahelpers, you are too kind.

Kiss scans only.

(Side text- Chiwa’s rescue is a success!!)
(Sfx- Waaaaaaaaaah)
Kyousuke: Errrrrrrrrrrghhhhh
Where the frick is the exit!?
We go up, there’s no exit. We go down, still no exit!! What gives dammit?!
(Sfx- Baaaanhh *thooom*)
(Side text- The newest volume of the manga #4 will be out in stores on December 18th!!)
41st space: Those who open a path.
Luchiru: See, Pishakurif has a different title…’The lost tower’.
In order to keep people who break in from escaping, the path was created to be complex and confusing.
(Handwritten- I thought I told you that…)
(Handwritten- You did not!)

Chiwa: Kyousuke..!
You can’t use ‘that’ ?
You know,
The ‘Diving into the earth power’ that you have!
If you use that power then even without a path we can get out of here…
Kyousuke: I can’t BELIEVE you just asked me that!! Are you serious?!
Did you take a gander at this bump on my head?!
I can’t dive anymore!!
You saw what happened when my head met that wall!!
(Sfx- Goohnn *thump*)
Kyousuke: Moguru!!
Luchiru: Huh? So that wasn’t some sorta joke?
Kyousuke: Why would I tell a joke like that?!
(Sfx- Jiin jiin jiin *throb throb*)
Arulu: It’s ‘Energy depletion’.
(Sfx- Bosoh *whisper*)
(Handwritten- Huh?)

Arulu: Powers of any kind require energy.
Majinagrams are the same way.
You used up all of that necessary energy during that battle just now.
So for a little while you won’t be able to use your ‘Moguru’.
In short, you’re useless.
(Sfx- Bosoh *whisper*)
(Handwritten- Geez.)
Kyousuke: My hearing still works just fine dammit!!
(Sfx- Gaaan)
Chiwa: And you are…?
(Sfx- Tatatatata *tmptmtpmtp*)
Arulu: Arulu.
I’m Luchiru’s caretaker.
Chiwa: Thank you Arulu-chan.
Majin aren’t all bad people after all.

Chiwa: You can put me down now Kyousuke!
I can run on my own!
Kyousuke: Shut your face chiwawa!!
Chiwa: Who’s a chiwawa!?
Kyousuke: L—
Let me tell you something…!
It’s not like I wanted to come and save you or anything!
B—but Luchiru practically begged me to come with him….
(Sfx- Gonyo gonyo *whisper whisper*)
Luchiru: What are you saying Kyousuke? You were the one who asked me to ‘bring you along’ right?
‘It’s because of me that Chiwa got kidnapped’ and stuff…
Kyousuke: Hold iiiiiit!!!
(Handwritten- Shut up!!)
(Handwritten- Moreover I told you not to push yourself since you were hurt…)
(Handwritten- Do you not understand what shut up means?!)
Chiwa: Okay.
(Handwritten- Huh?)

Chiwa: Your reward shall be a years worth…
Of your big sister’s special ‘sweet tamagoyaki’! How’s that sound!?
(Handwritten- Ya jerk!)
Kyousuke: D---
Don’t mess with me Chiwawa!!
I nearly died no less than three times trying to save you!!
So you need to work your BUTT off and prepare three years worth!!

Chiwa: And you too Luchiru-kun…
{This is for my sister!!}
Chiwa: I don’t see you for a little while and you’ve become quite the man!!
Your big sister is surprised and proud!
Luchiru: Chiwa!!!

Chiwa: Luchiru-kun, I haven’t said anything about this so you may not know….
We’re expecting an additional little brother or sister to be born soon.
Luchiru: Born?
(Handwritten- Here’s number 5! Yay!)
Chiwa: Yup! Right now, Mom is in her last month of pregnancy.
And you know what? When I saw you today Luchiru-kun I thought about it…
I’m sure that baby…
Will be born into this world for the purpose…
Of having you as a ‘big brother’ Luchiru-kun.
A long time ago, our older brother told me…
That all people have ‘a reason they were born’.

Chiwa: You said before…
‘It would have been great if I were born a human too’ right?
But there’s a reason why you weren’t.
A reason why you were born a ‘majin’, Luchiru-kun.
When one is born, there isn’t just one person who’s happy for them.
That’s something I believe.
If you get lost on your path then it’s fine to stop and take a breather….
To think.
For what reason was I born?
And for what sake should I continue to live?
(Sfx- Ton *tap*)

Chiwa: By doing this you too are a person who lives on their own path….an ‘Anagle mole’!

(Sfx- Onzuuh *grab*)
Kyousuke: ‘Okay’ my ass!
Right now we’re in onna those critical moments that will decide whether we live oru die!!
If you’ve got time to stop and run your mouth, then help me look for an exit dammit!!
Chiwa: Waaaah!!!
(Handwritten- I’m sorry!!)
{The reason that I was born….?}
(Sfx- Kata kata kata kata *shiver shiver*)
(Sfx- Puru puru puru *shake shake shake*)
Gorudof: Heh..
{If they manage to escape, my life is over.}
(Sfx- Kata kata kata *shave shake shake*)
{Everything I’ve piled upon thus far will all be….}
(Sfx- Kata kata kata *shake shake*)

{That’s ridiculousness!!}
{It’s unfathomable…!!!}
(Sfx- Gii *griiind*)
(Sfx- Gii *griiind*)
{Am I not the man who will without fail become ‘king’?!}
Gorudof: Release ‘him’ from lockup.
(Sfx- Bikuhhh *poit*)
Manservent: B—but Gorudof-sama!!
That thing is too dangerous….!!
Gorudof: SILENCE!!
If we don’t use it now when will we?
This is no time to worry about apperenaces.
{You’ll regret this Luchiru….}
{I’ll see to it you regret your mistakes!!}

Guy(?): There they are!!
It’s the rebels!!
one billion!!!
(Sfx- Ooooooooh *roaaaaaaaar*)
Guy: Kill ‘em!!!
Kyousuke: Th—
(Sfx- OOoooooooooohhhhh)

Dudes: I found ‘em here!!
Kyousuke: From above too..
Craaap!! And just when I can’t use ‘Moguru’…!!!
(Sfx- Oooooooooooooooh)
(Sfx- Giiii *griiiiind*)
Arulu: Ah.
(Sfx- Choi choi *wifft wffit*)
(Handwritten – Whozzat?)

(Sfx- Zawa zawa *hustle bustle*)
(Handwritten- Where’d they go?)
(Handwritten- Search for ‘em!! Do it now!!)
(Sfx- Dadadadada *Tmtpmtpmtpmp*)
???: Seems like they’re leaving.
Arulu: Jeru…
You’ve been in this hidden passage the whole time?
Jeru: Yeah.
{Jeru//Arulu’s classmate.}
Jeru: It’s my buddy the majinagram…
Thanks to the network that stretches around the school I can skip class or take the short path when the lessons move for one reason or another.
Sweet and convenient ain’t it?

Kyousuke: Arulu, who is that?
Is he our ally?
(Handwritten- Hey brah! Long time no see Luchiru!)
(Handwritten- Owwww!!)
(Sfx- Guri guri guri *grind grind grind*)
Arulu: That’s my our classmate Jeru.
He’s the only other guy in the class who bet on Luchiru coming back alive.
(Panel: Me too//Of course I'm siding with Arulu.)
(Handwritten- Cause I’m bored.)
(Panel: Jeru.)
Luchiru: Jeru….you bet on me?
Jeru: That’s pretty obvious little guy! It’s cause you know..
Just being contrary is more fun dude!
See cause no one, including me thought you’d actually come back alive and stuff!
(Handwritten- Eeeh?!)
Kyousuke: He’s so casually cruel.
Jeru: Putting that aside…
I have no reason to end the life that you managed to keep.
If you head straight down this path you should end up on the outside.

Chiwa: Um…
Thank you.
(Sfx- Sohh *sfft*)
Jeru: You’re too welcome.
Kyousuke: H—hey!! What the hell are you…
Chiwa: Kyousuke!! Stop it!!
Jeru: Hahahah! This pretty much all I can do for you boys and girls!
Once you get outside of the tower you’ll have to figure things out on your own~
Kyousuke: Hey glasses freak!!
I’ll remember this dammit!!
(Handwritten- Seeeee ya~)

(Sfx- Zawa zawa zawa *hustle bustle bustle*)
People: Listen up you guys!
Soon those humans will come out of the tower…..they have to!
(Handwritten- Zawa zawa zawa *hustle bustle bustle*)
People: And the tunnel leading to the surface—‘Kamudel’ is here in the south..!!
(Sfx- Oooooooooooh)
Person: Which means they’ll have to escape through this southern gate!!
We absolutely cannot let them get through here!!
We can split that one billion equally amongst everyone!!
(Sfx-Gashaaan *clatter*)
???: Enemies……….
(Sfx- Jaraashii *clatter*)
Dude: Eh?
(Sfx- Oooooohh)
(Sfx- Bachiiiin *smack*)
(Sfx- Dokyaahh *thump*)
People: Wha…!?

Thing: Ahhhhhh.
(Sfx- Gashaaan *clatter*)
(Sfx- Gashaaah *clatter*)
Dudes: P—
(TN- I normally might go with Saikodoru or something, but majin names have never been so clearly words before now. Plus I’m not sure that’s even a name….so I’ll just use the real word(S) for now.)

People: Wh—why is he outside?!
(Sfx- Gashaaah *clatter*)
Psychodoll: Enemy….
People: He’s supposed to be imprisoned in the underground gaol!!
Guy: W—wait!! We’re not enemies!! You’ve got it all wrong!
There’s a human coming that---
Dude: Idiot!! Words don’t work on that thing!!
Just run----
(Sfx- Dyupihhh *veeeen*)
(Sfx- Baooooh *fwooom*)
People: Waaah!!
Gorudof: Heheheh.
Escape….run as fast as you can.
(Sfx- Dooon *thoom*)
Gorudof: All of you who don’t want to die.
Everything reflected in his eyes is an enemy.
{There’s no way that you’ll be able to leave this city….!!}

{You will become the prey of…}
{Anaguland’s monster!!}
Psychodoll: Ah....
(Sfx- Uwaaaaaah!!)
(SFx- Yuaaaaaah!!)
Gorudof: Huh?
Who is…
That person?
Why is he not fleeing?
Does he have a death wish?
(Handwritten- The fool…)
(Sfx- Aaaaaaaaaaah!!)
???: Before further action…the risk factor will need to be removed.
Chiwa-tan’s path…
Should be ideally, a new road….
(Side text- Do you remember this man? Next issue will see a huge riot!!)

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