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Kokushi Musou!! 9

1st year A class.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 19, 2013 02:19 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 9

Whoot. Survival games are all fun and games until someone doesn't...survive.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Chapter 9: 1st year A class.
(side text- The peerless demonic master Kujaku. In front of her students she is a mistress of hellish training, but it seems she has…..a bit of trouble waking up early?)

Dude: What is this?! A kitchen?!
Dammit there’s no exit or anything!
Did that damn Kujaku trick us?!
(Side text- They’re supposed to be aiming for the exit in the cave…so why are they in a hot pot?!)
Guy: But this is kinda weird though…
Dude: Yeah.
What’s the deal with the strings dropping from the celling?
Are those like…our options or something?

Kid: I can’t dooooo thiiiiiiis!!!
We’re gonna be shut in this cave for all of eternity aren’t we?!
Guy: It’s the fresh meat again.
He’s been a friggin’ nuisance since he transferred in.
Dude: Lets shut ‘im up.
???: Excuse me lad!
Would it be possible for you to be silent?

???: I believe you all are the naughty scamps from earlier?
Especially you there …the chimpanzee. You’re being especially vexing.
Mugi: Sengyoku-kun!!
Samo: Woah…so that’s Sengyoku-kun who’s from the Daiki family....and look at him! He’s really pretty!
Sengyoku: Moreover….
You’re standing out more than I!!
Both: Say whaaaaaaat?!

Sengyoku: As you can see I am the son of a certain noble family!!
As I am a member of this family I am to illuminate a path for the masses! I am to be admired…
And most importantly I must stand out!
However ever since you came here and caused the ‘snake incident’….i’ve faded into the backround…unable to stand out!!
It’s your fault Kid!!
Samo: So he’s got this kinda character huh…
(Sfx- Bushii bushii)
Sengyoku: Hm?
(Sfx- Bushi bushi)
Sengyoku: Eeeeee?!!

Sengyoku: Uwaaaaah!! What on earth is wrong with you?!
Mugi: Kid-kun has a serious case of claustrophobia, and because of that he’s broken out in hives!!
Sengyoku: You cur! You’d go that far in your desire to stand out more than I?
I am jealous of your hives!!
Mugi: Calm down Sengyoku-kun!!!
Sengyoku: Hmph!! To begin with this isn’t a closed area anyway!
Mugi: Eh?
Sengyoku: Thing long and hard. If this were a closed area, the air would become languid and the flame would decrease in size.
The fact that the flame is acting to the contrary and blazing away means that there definitely is an exit to this area.

Kid: Heheheh…
I get it.
See, I was totally thinking the same thing.
(Handwritten- Of course I knew that much.)
Sengyoku: You liar!!!
How dare you spread falsehoods! You were even covered in hives!!
Kid: Dude I was totally acting just now. Were you fooled?
Sengyoku: As if!!
???: Now now you two
How about we just agree to disagree and leave it at that?

Sengyoku: Menfisu!!
(Handwritten- Who?)
Menfisu: For the upcoming game…
It’d be a better idea to preserve your strength.
Sengyoku: Hmph!
You’re interested in my position too aren’t you! You keep a poker face in class but you’re actually quite popular!
Menfisu: Oh? A poker face? That’s the first time I’ve heard of that sorta thing!!
Though I won’t deny that I do like you….people who have lots of self confidence are pretty awesome.

Menfisu: Oh by the way there’s a person over there who heard a rumor about you…
Sengyoku: I knew it! I am standing out!!
(Handwritten- Behold me!!)
Samo: And there he goes….
Kid: What was with that guy?
Menfisu: Ah that was close wasn’t it?
He always goes after those who stand out more than him.
Kid: Thanks for saving us.
(Handwritten- Um…)
Menfisu: I’m Menfisu.

Menfisu: To be honest you’ve caught my eye as well.
That whole snake thing in class…it was a riot! Did you think of it?
Kid: Naw. I learned it from my pops.
He told me if you really wanna know how strong your opponent is you gotta put pressure on him.
Menfisu: Oh? Your dad then?
He sounds like a pretty awesome guy!
Kid: Whoaa! You’re pretty awesome dude!
(Handwritten- He’s so simple…)
Kid: You’re all right!!
Menfisu: Ahaha…thanks!
But you should watch your back from here on in.

Menfisu: There are plenty of dangerous guys in our class.
Kid: Dangerous guys?
???: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Dude: W—wait a second Moloch-kun!!
Did we do something to you?
Moloch: ‘Did you do something’ you ask…?

Moloch: Some tofu sprung up on my shoes…
And it was you guys who put it there.
Kid: What the hell is he doing?! He’s basically friggin’ snapped hasn’t he?!
Menfisu: That’s Moloch. His tyranny is famous among the first year class.
Dude: Wait! Please!
We’re not the ones who got your shoes dirty…!!

Moloch: I already figured that much…
Are you tryin’ to say that I have bad eyes?
Dude: Guahhh!
Cough cough.
Dude: No…it’s not like that…
Moloch: I just like stirring stuff up. I need a reason to rampage.
I just like the sight of blood. No matter what the reason is.
Dude: Uwaaaaaaaaah!!!!
Kid: Scumbag!!
Wait up!! I’ll be your opponent!!
Menfisu: Don’t do it Kid-kun!!

???: Noooooow
Moloch: Che.
Looks like you keep your life for now.
???: Who was that?
Th—there!! There’s someone over there!!

Someone: Eh? Where?
Up there!!
Whoa---hold on..
That’s the exit?
Kujaku: Hey first year boys!
You can’t start the fun without my permission, got it?
Someone: Master Kujaku!!
So there really is an exit outta this place!!
Kujaku: Correct! This is a game to see who can climb up here the fastest!!
The ‘Spider thread game’!!

Dude: Spider thread game…?
Kujaku: All you’ve got to do is climb up here using the spider threads.
The use of weapons and attacking your opponents is okay of course~
That’s it for the rules!!
Dude: Um master!
What happens to the people who climb ropes that get cut!!
Kujaku: You do know the story of the ‘spider’s thread’ right?
Dude: Um—y-yes.
Kukjaku: Should man monopolize the thread that leads to heaven, the thread will snap and he will fall into hell. That is the ‘spider’s thread’.
However this game is a little different. Even if you’re a villain you can climb this rope…it doesn’t matter.

Kujaku: Only those with power will be able to climb into paradise!!
{Those without power will fall into hell!!}
{That is…}
{The rule here.}
Kujaku: Are you all prepared then?
All right!

Kujaku: Start…
The game!!
Kid: Awwright! Lets do this guys!!
Mugi: O—okay!!
Dudes: hehee…
Found us some prey~!!
(Side text- An actual factual survival race!! Everyone is aiming for the top but within this group what are the objectives of the pair aiming for Kid and his friends??)

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