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Anagle Mole 43

Just one thing.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 23, 2013 19:23 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 43

I always like to see this sorta catharsis. It also makes sense in the way of the narrative and explains Gorudof's actions well making him more sympathetic without being overly hammy....which is really Shounen manga at it's best.

Kiss scans only.

(Side text- Chiwa’s rescue was successful and now Luchiru and the gang head to the surface via the one available road...)
Luchiru: This sucks….
Kyousuke: What’s up Luchiru?
(Bottom text- The newest volume of the manga #4 is out in stores on December 18th!!)
(Sfx- Hah hah)
Luchiru: Naw…
It’s just…I figure a little detour is out of the question right?
Kyousuke: You’re damn right it is!!
We have to haul ass and get out of this tower as fast as possible or else!!
Luchiru: I know…but it’s just I had one more thing I wanted to tell that Gorudof guy….
Kyousuke: Goru...oh that annoying as hell old dude with the creampuff head right?
(Handwritten- Gahahahahaha)
Kyousuke: I’ve got a few bones to pick with ‘im too, but for now just forget about that!
Luchiru: All right.

???: He stopped…
That monster has…
He managed to control of Psychodoll!!!
43rd space: Just one thing.
???: This is unbelievable….!!
Just who the hell is that kid?!

Majin: I—in any case…
We’re saved right?!
We’ve been saved!!
Oooohhh yeaaaaaaaaah!!!
He did it!!
That kid actually did it!!
(Sfx- Uwaaaaaaaaaaaah)
Majin: Now’s our chance!! We have to kill Psychodoll!!
Ya never know when he might start marauding and massacring again!!
Kill him!!
Kill him!!
Kill him!!
Kill him!!
Kill him!!
Kill him!!
Psychodoll: Ah…
Majin: Kill him!!
(Sfx- Paaan *pop*)
Majin: Kil…
(Handwritten- What’s that thing?)
(Sfx- Bikuuhhh *poooit*)

Stalker: I’ve said it before. You all are in the way.
(Sfx- Goso goso *sshfft*)
Majin: Huh?
We’re in the way?
Stalker: You’re going to block her path….
(Bubble by Chiwa- Chiwa-tan)
(Upper left bubble- You guys.)
(By gate- Gate)
Chiwa: I can’t get through~
Stalker: I christen this path that Chiwa-tan will take ‘Chiwa-tan road’!!
(Sfx- Kaahhh *fwaaah*)
Majin: Chiwa….
(Handwritten- Who?)

(Sfx- Waaaaaaaaaaaah)
(Sfx- Pan pan *pop pop*)
Majin: Uwaaaaaaaah!!!
That guy makes no sense!!!
(Handwritten- And that weapon of his is terrifying!!)
(Sfx- Paan *pop*)
(Handwritten- Scatter! Scatter all of you!! Get moving!)
(Sfx- Waaaaaaaaaaah)
(Handwritten- He’s dangerous!!)
(Handwritten- Run for it!)
(Sfx- Waaaah!!)
(Sfx- Waaaaaaaaaaah)
Psychodoll: Hahaha.
(Sfx- Gogoohhh *rmmmmble*)
(Sfx- Waaaah)
(Sfx- Aaaaaahhhh)

(Sfx- Gogogogoo *rmmmmble*)
{The gate….!!}
Announcer: The emergency button has been pressed.
(Sfx- Biiiiiiin *weeeeoooow*)
(Sfx- Biiiiiin *weeoooow*)
Announcer: Everyone within the kita city limits will be locked in.
{I have no idea where you came from…}
{But how dare you take my ultimate weapon and render it useless.}
Manservant: Gorudof-sama! Where are you going?
Gorudof: There’s a final piece of work I must attend to.

Luchiru: Hey look! I can see the tower’s exit!!
(Sfx- Baaaan)
Luchiru: Sweet! Once we get out of here we just have to head straight for the gate….
(Sfx- Suh *ssffft*)
(Sfx- Zaaaaaah *ssssssssh*)
(Sfx- Kah kah *tp tp*)

(Sfx- Ooooooohhh)
Gorudof: I suppose congratulations are in order for you making it this far.
To think the ‘abandoned stone’ that I appointed to go to the surface would in turn bring me down here is incredible.
Moreover it is you I have to thank for dragging my dignity through the mud.
It is without a doubt that my position is all but revoked now.

Gorudof: Do you know why I had you sent to the surface?
It’s because I hate you.
Pissants like you who have no power and try to pawn that off through hard work…
Our world is one where power is everything. Talent is everything!!
Know your place you pitiful pebble!
Kyousuke: You rotten old geezer!!
Rot in hell!!
Arulu: Let’s do this Luchiru. If we both take him on, he won’t stand a chance.

Luchiru: It’s like I said before.
There’s one thing I wanna tell him.
(Sfx- Zahh *sfft*)
???: Luchiru?!
Gorudof: You fool! So you intend to dispel all of the hatred you’ve had for me over the years here?
Or is it that you feel that unless it is mano a mano that ‘it’s not fair’?
(Sfx- Petaaah *tppt*)

Gorudof: Malkus!!
(Sfx- Gipooon *plooohs*)
Gorudof: That is exactly….
What I hate about….
(Sfx- Bohhhh *fwoooom*)

(Sfx- Dogooohh *Thooom*)
Luchiru: So this is all you’ve got?
I knew it. You’re a man who has nothing but the position he holds.

Gorudof: That’s right…
My power is nothing of great significance!! I’m just a ‘pebble’!!
So what does it matter?!
(Sfx- Bogkooohh *thoooom*)
Gorudof: Even If I lack ‘power’ I have ‘knowledge’!
I have kissed up to strong majin…humbled myself and offered flattery!!
By doing this I was able to climb to where I am now!!
Just looking at you sickens me!!
You’re so weak, yet you don’t try to flatter or humble yourself….
Why do you continue to paw and struggle?!

Gorudof: Watching you do what I couldn’t myself…
Is infuriating to no end!!
(Sfx- Gahhh *grab*)
{How utterly pathetic. In the end…}
{Was I merely jealous of him?}
Gorudof: Do it…
Expel all of the hatred and misgivings you have towards me.
(Sfx- Zuhhhhhhh *dooooom*)

Luchiru: But I don’t hate you.

Gorudof: Heh….
You’re not fooling anyone brat!!
You expect me to believe you don’t hate me?
Luchiru: Yup.
Gorudof: I am the very man who basically exiled you to the surface!!
Luchiru: Yeah.
Gorudof: And now…
I am trying to have you banished from Anaguland!!!
Luchiru: But thanks to that I met Kyousuke and Chiwa.

Luchiru: I was always…
Just a failure right?
All I could do is think endlessly of how I could be the same as everyone else.
In the end all I did was collide with them and get broken.
But they taught me something…
That being the same as everyone else isn’t a big deal.
I’m fine just being who I am.
So I don’t hate you at all!
Welp, that’s it! See ya Gorudof!!
(Handwritten- Ah!)
(Handwritten- We’ve gotta go everyone!)
(Sfx- Dahh *dash*)
Gorudof: Luchiru!!!

Luchiru: Thanks a lot…!!
For making me a spy and stuff!!
(Handwritten- He’s an idiot.)
(Handwritten- That’s all I wanted to say!)
(Sfx- Gakuhhn *tmp*)
Gorudof: Hahah..
I’ve never seen a spy this stupid.
Yet….I’ve completely and utterly lost to him.
(Sfx- Gogogogogogo *rmmmmmble*)
{The gate is closing…!!}
{Will I make it in time?!}
(Side text- The trials and tribulations continue. It’s up to you Stalker!!)

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