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Kokushi Musou!! 10

One more time!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 23, 2013 20:56 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 10

I too will attempt -one more time, to catch up to the raws of this series.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Chapter 10: One more time!
(Bottom text- The first part of the Game is just climbing thread…?)
(Sfx- Gegehh)
(Sfx- Gegeeeh)
Kid: Awwright! Lets do this!
{Shuffle game ‘Spider’s thread’ Start!!}
Dude: Heh! If this shuffle game is just about climbing rope then it’s not even a big deal!
Even a newb could do this thing easy!!
What the heck is this?

(Side text- Targeted by tricks and traps!! Is clearing this game possible? And how many can do it?!)
Dude: Uwaaaah!!
These threads are weird man!!
(Sfx- Uwaaaah!!)
???: Aaaaagh!!
Kid: What’s going on here?!
Menfisu: It’s the threads. There are ‘correct’ and ‘wrong’ threads!
Menfisu: If you tug on one of the incorrect threads a trap is activated.

Kid: Right and wrong?!
Mugi: So we’ve got to rely on luck?!
Menfisu: No…that’s not quite it.
In truth this is a test of your ‘true ability’.
Have a look.
Kid: Ro? What is he…
Menfisu: Shh!!

Ro: This one huh?
Menfisu: Seems like he’s found the correct thread.
Kid: How did he know?
Menfisu: He watched the flow of ‘ki’. The wrong threads don’t have ‘ki’ flowing from them.
Using that method to look means being able to find the correct thread in just a glance.
(Side- Is what I read.)
Menfisu: Oh and you’d have to study ‘ki’ flow for years or else you wouldn’t be able to see it.
Dude: Hehehehe…I lucked out.
I followed my gut and climbed this thread, and it seems like I made the right choice!

Dude: I’m so..
Moloch: Heheeheheh…
If ya want something you just gotta take it.
????: Hahahaha! What are you looking at commoners?

Sengyoku: Behold me!!
Kid: That’s the wrong thread!!
Look out!!
Sengyoku: Hahahaahahah!!!
Someone: Whooa! Lookithim go! He’s jumping to another thread before he falls off of the wrong ones!!
Kid: I’ll admit that he is pretty cool, but he’s basically just doing that to stand out…
Menfisu: Pretty much.
But I think you get it now right?
This isn’t a game based on pure luck.

Menfisu: I should probably be going now too.
Let’s meet again above okay?
Kid: Thanks a lot Menfisu!
See you soon!
He’s already at the top…!!
Samo: S-so awesome…!!
Kid: Awwright!
Let’s get moving too!!
(Handwritten- Fight on Leftovers gang!!)
Samo: I—in one shot!!
(Handwritten- What’s with our circle…)

{Thirty minutes after the game started…}
Samo: Damn…the exit is still so far away and my fingers feel so numb…
I don’t see Kid-kun and the others anywhere….
{And the pain from my injury before is only getting worse…}
{It’d be better if the tape were wound a little tighter…}
{But I’m not about to start whining now.}
{I already decided I’d do my best!}
Samo: Ro-kun probably…
Was the first one out…

Dude: Hey Samo…
All alone?
Samo: Saikei-kun!
{Why is he here…? He’s in my class but he’s got the reputation of being one of the worst people to run into.}
Saikei: What happened to that cool headed bastard you were with?
Did he go and abandon you? Huh?
Ahh…That’s right we’re not IN pairs right now are we?
But I know how lonely you are so why not join up with me?
Samo: It’s fine. I’ll do this on my own.
Saikei: Aww….no need to hold back.

Saikei: I’m sure your leg is causing you no end of trouble right?!
Samo: GUAHH!!!

Samo: Guaaaah!!!
Saikei: Hyahahah!! Betcha that hurt dinnit Samo?!
Samo: Wh—why are you doing this Saikei?!
Saikei: Whhhhy? Cause I wanna play stuuupid!!
Unlike you pissants this game and standings don’t mean crap to me!
Do I look like I wanna pick a fight with those monsters shootin’ for the scroll of secrets?
I ain’t tryin’ to die just yet!
So I gave up on the scroll of secrets a long time ago.
Samo: ….!
So he’s in the camp with those hoping to use the 10 year system…?

{There are students in the class who have given up trying to advance and are going to wait 10 years via that system and then leave…}
{They’ve already given up hope that they’ll graduate but it’s still horrible…!!}
Saikei: But you know the peerless temple has no means to entertain a guy.
I’m so friggin’ bored so let’s play.
And you know the best game for us using the 10 year system?!
It’s messin’ with weak guys!! It’s the ultimate way to pass the time!! Hyahahahaah!!
Samo: Listen…I’m worry but I have to clear this game no matter what.
So get out of my way, Saikei!!
Saikei: Huh?
So you do got some fight innya huh Samo?

Saikei: But you’re still a moron.
{He has a partner?!}
Saikei: Heheheheeh You’re surprised…?
Ya dinnt think I had a friend didjya?

Saikei: Let me introduce you gents! This is my partner Keirei!
(Handwritten- Ah should I say ‘former’ partner?)
Saikei: And he and I decided together that bullyin’ the weak is a blast! It’s gone and brought us together as best friends!
The worst combo VS little lonely you….
Means that we’re gonna crush you like a bug!!
Aint this just the most fun you’ve ever had?!
{A partner huh…?}
{My partner is…}
???: Samo, from today on your partner will be Ro Uei.

Samo: Oh right, it did say new entries would be working in pairs decided by the master in charge in the guidebook….
P—pleased to meet you Ro-kun.
Ro: Pleased to meet you.
Samo: He’s glaring at me?
Saikei: So the poor student Samo gets paired up with that Ro huh…?
Keirei: That guy is strong sure, but he has the worst personality.
Saikei: For real!
He has no interest at all in anyone who’s weak!!
Samo: Eh!?
{C—can I become friends with a person like that…?}
Samo: Uh it’s too early to be awake…

Samo: You’re up early Ro-kun. Are you going to run alone today too?
Ro: Guess so.
Samo: Ah…well…could I run with you?
Ro: ….I don’t care but,
I have no intention of keeping pace with you.
Samo: He really did run on his own.
Ro-kun’s probably already taking a shower too…
His sweat has already dried up?
D-did you wait for me?
Ro: Not really.
Samo: Y—yeah I figured.
Ro: I didn’t really wait for you or anything but you did surprise me.

Ro: You’ve got some guts after all.
{He took the time to take a proper look at me despite me being a bottom of the barrel failure.}
{I’m the only one who knows about Ro-kun’s tru kindness….!}
Samo: Raaaaaaaagh!!!
I will become Ro-kun’s partner again!!
So I can’t back down in a place like this!!!

Saikei: You little stubborn….
I’ll teach you!!
Now you’re gonna take a nap!!
Kid: I’m faaaaaaaaaaaaaliiiing!!
Move it!! Move it!!
Everyone: Eh?!
(Bottom text- Kid falls into the scene full of tension!! What will happen to him!? Find out next issue!!)

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