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Kokushi Musou!! 11

To each, their respective battles.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 23, 2013 22:10 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 11

I just realized that they're fighting in a giant skillet. I think shounen manga has pretty much snapped my willing suspense of disbelief.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Chapter 11: To each, their respective battles.
(Side text- As Kid falls, he sees Samo’s battle field before him…?!)
???: Eh?
Saikei: He’s…?!

(Side text- Divine retribution!!)
All: Ungh…
Saikei: Dammit…
You little brat!!
You interrupted just when it was getting good!!
Kid: Whoa..
I was scared half to death!
See the thread I was climbing suddenly burst into flames! I guess I had the wrong one…
Samo: Kid-kun, could you get up….
Kid: Eh?

Kid: Uwaaah!! Samo?! When’d you get under me….
And you’re bleeding a lot dude!!
Samo: eh?
Kid: Did I hurt you when I fell down here?!
Samo: N—no, this isn’t your fault Kid-kun…
(Side- Well it is your fault just a little bit…)
Saikei: We were mess’n with him!!
(Sfx- Zathhh *sffft*)
Saikei: In any case it seems like you fell in without knowin’ nothing.
HEheheh…well whatever it’s all good!
The more weaklings we get to screw around with, the better!!
We’ve got the worst student ever and a martial arts newbie!! New and more exciting toys just keep rolling in…

Saikei: Ungh.
Samo: Kid-kun?!!
Keirei: You little bastard!! What the hell do you think you’re doing?
He was still in the middle of talking…
Kid: Shut up. I’m friggin’ pissed right now.

Kid: You’re gonna regret hurting my friend….so much that you’ll wanna die.
(Sfx- Porohh *bloop*)
Saikei: Heheh…
That’s my line!!
Let’s do this Keirei!!!
You got it Saikei!

Saikei: Shaaaah!!
Samo: Wwah!!
He’s fast…!!
Saikei: Hahahahahah!! ‘Smatter Samo?!
Don’tcha know that might is right?!
Kid: Samo!!
Keirei: Hold on there…
Your opponent is me short stuff!!
Kid: Nguh!!

Kid: Kuh…
Get in my way!!
Kid: This guy’s pretty strong…!!

Keirei: Heheheheh…It’s pretty obvious who’s stronger than who here.
Samo: Kid-kun!!
Saikei: Give up.
I’m gonna make mincemeat outta you here!!
Samo: As if I’d give up to you!!
Saikei: Hmm?!
That stance is…

Samo: Koutou rouken!!
(TN- Hard mantis fist)
Saikei: Gyaaaaah!! My—my tooooth!!!
Kid: Why yoooou!!!
Dammit! I can’t land a hit on ‘im!!
Keirei: Hahahah! I already know about your superhuman strength!!
But it doesn’t matter when you’re a newbie! And a newbie isn’t gonna be able to touch me!!
But if you want to see a real punch…
I’ll show you!!

Kid: Piping hot Tofu guard!!
Keirei: Ah…?
Kid: Who cares about being a newbie!?
Keirei: aaaaagh
Kid: Broth blinder!!
Keirei: Buaaah!!
(Handwritten- Hooot!!)
Keirei: I can’t see anything!!
Kid: That’s obvious.
(Sfx- Mishi mishi *grind grind*)

Keirei: Gahhh..
Kid: Samo!! Are you okay!?
Samo: Y—yeah.
Kid: Now we’ve got this fight in the bag.

Saikei: Looks like we’ve got ourselves a little trouble Keirei.
Keirei: Yeah Saikei.
Saikei: But these two don’t know what really makes us scary.
How about we show them the terror of or combination?!
Keirei: Got it!!
(Sfx- Tahh *tap*)
(Sfx- Tahh *tap*)

Kid: What the…?!
Saikei: This is our strongest formation!!
Kid: Hmph!! What’s so strong about this….

Kid: It came from behind?!
{Heheheh…have a good look fools!}
{We’re pros at using katanas!!}
{Even if you can dodge one katana..}
{Another one is waiting to slice you to death!!}
{We thought out our ultimate combination, and named it the ‘Soumatou’!!}
{Anyone who gets trapped in this isn’t going to walk out unhurt….probably.}
(TN- Soumatou ‘Two demon blades’)
{You guys are done!!}

(Sign- Exit.)
Ro: Hmph…so there’s the exit huh? This game was just a big waste of time.
Moloch: Totally bro.
Ro: Moloch.
Moloch: I thought this game would get my blood racing but it’s just another disappointment.
So how about this Ro uei.
Just climbing up the threads and saying ‘oh that’s it.’ Would be boring right?
So why not have a fight to the death with me?
Ro: With you? That’s even more pointless.
I’m not going to buy into your instigation.

Moloch: Heheh…
That was a joke bro. I really just want to be friends!
You abandoned your partner just now didn’t ya?
I like guys like you who don’t give a shit about anything else.
You and I are of the same breed.
(Sfx- Uwaaaaaaaaaah)
Moloch: Hyahaahahah!! Didja hear that?! It was the sound of sinners falling into hell!!
Those without strength are criminals here!!

Moloch: And without these theads those sinners can’t climb up here!!
That’s what you think too don’tcha comrade?!
{Heheh…I knew it.}
Moloch: What’s the deal Ro uei…?
Feeling sympathy for your former partner?
Ro: Sympathy?
Don’t talk crap Moloch.

Moloch: Then what are you doing this for?
Ro uei?!
Ro: Do I need a reason to swat a annoying fly…
Buzzing in my ear?
If you wanna play with me then come up here.
(Side text- A confirontation of the top class!! The signal fire of war?!)

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