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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Kokushi Musou!! 13

Completely prepared for the worst.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 24, 2013 20:03 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 13

The fight to catch up with this will continue in issue tomorow (Maybe out tonight, but don't hold your breath...all one of you reading this.)

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

{A certain katana wielding pair; Saikei and Keirei thought up a combination attack known as the ‘Soumatou’.}
{They harmonized both mentally and physically their katana throwing techiniques and developed a trap for anyone in between them…an attack that comes from all blind spots.}
{The prey in the center of the two is swept upon in a circular motion that steals their ability to escape from all directions,}
{likening them to a trapped fly in a spider’s nest, unable to move.}
{A formation..}
{Which is the worst to escape from.}
(Side text- Can they counter attack!?)
Samo: We can’t break apart this technique unless we defeat one of them.
But this formation has absolutely no blind spots…!!
It’s no good…I think we may have actually found the worst case combo…
There’s nothing we can do!

Kid: Listen up Samo.
We’re going on the counter attack!
(Side text- Deep in a bad situation, what could Kid possibly be thinking of!? What is his strategy?)
Samo: Eh?!
Counter attack?! You have some kind of plan?
But it’s impossible! We’re completely surrounded…!!
Kid: Shut up and listen!!
Samo: Oooow!!
Chapter 13: Completely prepared for the worst.

Samo: Eh?!
Wh—what are you saying? If we do that then you’ll….
Kid: There’s no other way dude!!
Just prepare your resolve.
You’re a man aintcha?
Saikei: HEheheh? And what’s this? What are you ladies talking about?
Feel like surrenderin’?

Saikei: Well forget about it! Our beloved invention the ‘Soumatou’ will never be broken!!
It’s the ultimate and most evil move in complete weakling subjugation!!
Only guys with smarts like ours could comprehend how ‘awesome’ this move is.
And when they realize how ‘awesome’ this move is, then it’s easy to see how bad they wanna give up!! It’s written all over their faces!
Samo, I’m seein’ it in you!!
Kid: Heh, is that move really worth braggin’ about?
Then ‘I’ll’ just bust that move you’re so proud of into pieces!!
Saikei: Hohooo Kid!!
I can see ‘I’m never gonna give up’ written all over your face!

Saikei: And that frggin pisses me off!!
Kid: Ugh!!
Saikei: I’ve seen guys like you with shit for brains before!! In fact that was me at one time!!
It’s only when you’ve been here for a little while that you realize what despair really means! That you are completely powerless! I’ll personally make sure that when I’m done you’re crying for forgiveness!
You don’t know how many pissants I’ve broken down before you! All of them so bad that they never recover!!
It’ll happen to you too before long!!

Samo: Kid-kun!!!
Kid: Heh..
This is a scream!!
Listen. The biggest pissants here are you two.
You guys are idiots.

Saikei: Huuuh?
Samo: Wh—what are you saying?
Their throwing sword technique has real power behind it…
Kid: Samo, look at ‘em. They’re both scared shitless to fight guys stronger than them.
Its cause if they fight guys stronger than them they’ll realize how weak they are and it scares them. That’s why they stopped trying to get the scroll of secrets.
But then giving up alone sucks so you went out to make a buddy.
You feel safe when you’ve made a friend who’s given up on his dream too, and it’s that safety you want!!
Saikei: Sh—shut up.

Kid: You’re just a guy who can’t accept that he’s not prepared for the worst!!
You’re still 100 years too early to pick a fight with me!!
Samo: Guhh….!!
Lets do this Kid-kun!!
Samo: I—I’m prepared for it!!
(Sfx- Nii *Griiin*)
Keirei: Saikei what the hell are you doing?! Let’s hurry up and kill ‘em!!
Saikei: Yeah!!

Kid: Uraaaaaaaaaaahh!!
{He didn’t dodge it?!}
Saikei: Has your fear caused you to go crazy?!
Kid: Saikei…
I said ‘I’d’ break your move didn’t I?
(Sfx- gaku gata *wshudder*)
Kid: I was lying.
(Sfx- Fuhhh *swisssh*)

Saikei: Above?!
{Samo Han?!?}

Samo: Koutou rouken!!
(Sfx- Nikohh *grin*)

Keirei: S—Saikei was taken out…?
{That spikey headed kid…he provoked us just to use himself that way?}
{And all so we wouldn’t notice Samo above us…}
{He used himself as a decoy? As camouflage?)
Kid: And…now your beloved formation has been broken~
Keirei: Do—don’t screw with me!! I can take you out myself!!

Kid: Dude, you are NOTHING to me by yourself.
(Sfx- Dosaah *thud*)
Kid: We win!!
Samo: Though we did take quite a beating…

Kid: Ahahahaah!!
Don’t sweat the small stuff!
{Listen up Samo! I’m gonna stir them up, and then you use that to get into the air and attack.}
{Be sure to pound his miserable face good.}
{Kid-kun gave himself a dirty role in this plan just to ensure everything worked out…}
Samo: Thanks.
Kid: For what?
Samo: That’s not important. But you know what is?
Getting up and out of here!!
Kid: Yeah!!

Dude: Finally the exit…
That was a long haul…
(Door- Exit)
Dude: Wh—what’s that?
Ro: Hmph…
(Sfx- Puhh *spit*)
Ro: I had heard you’d use cheap moves to win.
Moloch: Heheheh…
I guess I’ve gotta amp up the power a little more huh?
Dude: Hey…is someone fighting up there?
Girl: Seems like it…
Menfisu: It’s Ro-kun and Moloch-kun.
Girl: Menfisu.

Moloch: Oraoraoraaah!!
What’smatter Ro?! Where’d all your energy from before go?!
Ro: Dammit…!
I took too much damage from the Sunkei…!!
???: Heey!!
What on earth are you two doing?!
Each and every one of you continuously starts up a ruckus…
Allow me to join you!!
Moloch: Sengyouku.
Ro: Ugh. Looks like some annoying ones have showed up.

Moloch: Then we should finish this now.
We’ll make it real clear who’s on top and going up top.
Ro: I was thinking the same thing.
I don’t want to embarrass you too much in front of them.
Moloch: Don’t worry about it!
The one who’s going to fall back down there in shame is you!!
Dude: Ooooh! Look at them! They’re really going for it!!
So awesome!! They’re in the upper-class with the best grades!!
???: Man oh man.
Dude: Whoa!?

Menfisu: That’s enough you two.
I don’t like overly gory fights.
(Side text- The one who stopped the fight of supremacy between the two is Menfisu and his quiet fists! Next issue the results of the shuffle game are…?!)
TO BE CONTINUED IN ISSUE 49 Out November 6th (Wednesday.)

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