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Kokushi Musou!! 15

A newbie’s wall…?!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 1, 2013 03:03 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

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The battle continues....Though it seems like we're getting new characters. That's a sign of longevity right?

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Chapter 15: A newbie’s wall…?!
???: Is that all for your emergency report…?
Well…how are things looking?
???: You have the results of the first half of the Shuffle game battle do you not?
{Peerless temple director//Daruma}
Daruma: Kujaku.
(Side text- The first half of the game has ended!! But what of the second half…?!)
Kujaku: I humbly report…
Currently there are 22 left after the first half including the aforementioned child.
Daruma: Hmm…and what is the current status of 1st year class A?
Kujaku: They’re resting.

Everyone: Eh?!
The second game will be in three days?!
(Side text- The ones left are the strong!!)
Kujaku: The second game isn’t something to make light of.
It is necessary for me to coach you in various ways to prepare for it.
I’m looking forward to it…
This time around I wonder how many people will be left?
{Reminiscence over---}
Kujaku: Is what I informed them of, and quite kindly to boot.
Priest: Wisdom King Kujaku…do you have any sort of sympathy?
Your students did lose half of their classmates…no doubt they’re grieving.

Priest: Well…if they’re that pathetic…
Our job now is to raise them into superior individuals of honor.
Priest: Yup, Kujaku did right by them.
Cause ya know, I hate kids.
Honestly it sickens me to share the same air with those things.
Priest: You just don’t want to do anything!!
Your clothing is half on!!
That’s terrible!!
Daruma: That’s enough you two.
Kujaku is right in her assessment…this is an era of great war.
So we mustn’t forget our duty.

{Now the world is in a time of great war…where the strong eat and the weak are meat.}
{Those without power lose everything…be it money, their homes or ultimately their lives.}
{This is exactly why now more than ever the strength that comes from martial arts is sought out.}
{In order to protect the weak, true martial artists are raised in in great numbers.}
{This is this temple’s purpose!!}
Daruma: Kujaku you’ve seen him yourself…
Do you believe that Kid can be taught martial arts?
Kujaku: I’m not quite so sure of that.

Priest: Why is she so vague when speaking to the director…?
Fundamentally he’s got real issues thinking of anyone other than himself.
Ever since he’s managed to be freed the only thing he thinks of and acts towards is his own goal of leaving.
Moreover, he’s got an ego that’s inconceivably large.
Priest: You’ve essentially had nothing good to say about him at all. Are you suggesting teaching him martial arts would be dangerous?
Kujaku: Though…he is just a child, and he only recently managed to get out of the room.
I believe as he experiences the outside world he is changing little by little.
Please allow me to watch over him. I do think he has the capacity to become a martial artist.

{If my expectations should come to naught…}
{I will take responsibility for him.}
Mugi: Kid-kun, your injuries are still fresh..
I think you should come in now…
{He seems down….but that’s understandable.}
{After all he finally made a friend and then they fall to their death right in front of him…}
Kid: Ggggg

Mugi: Gaah!!
Kid: I’m just itchin to get moving!!
I can’t just sit around!! I have to get stronger….
I’ve got to for Samo’s sake.

{So you did change a little bit Kid-kun…}
Mugi: Yeah!
Kid: Awwright! Tomorrow I’m gonna start training for my super special move!!
Kid: Wake up ya losers! It’s time to learn a super special move!!!
Special move!! Special move!!
Dude: SHUT UP!!
Guy: I’m sleepy…
What’s that dude’s damage anyway?
Kujaku: ‘Mornin my dear moronic students.
Students: Ah. Good morning Master Kujaku.
{Awwright! I can do this! In the next three days I’m going to learn a special move!!}
Kujaku: First thing’s first…
(Little bubble in bubble- Ku.)

Kujaku: Class lecture time.
Kid: ….Huh?
Are those magic spells?!
W—what’s going on here Mugi!?
What about our training?!
Mugi: We don’t just train in the ways of martial arts but studying fine arts too.
A true martial artist has to discipline their mind as well.
Kid: You’re kidding?!
Kujaku: Now Kid, answer the question. What is a ‘stoma’?
Your answer…I need it today.

???: Here.
Kujaku: Hm?
Sengyoku, do you have an answer?
Kid: Geh…
(Handwritten- That guy…?)
Sengyoku: This is a foolish question master.
I suppose it is up to me to enlighten the slaves.
Especially a certain stupid chimpanzee.
(Sfx- Puh *snicker*)
Mugi: Don’t let it get to you Kid-kun!!!
Kujaku: That’s nice. Well then, what is the general concept of a ‘Stoma’?
Sengyoku: Hm.
It is related to ‘ki’ which is an unseen life energy that living beings posess.
When applied to martial arts, it can multiply the base power of a person and allow them to use specific abilities.

Sengyoku: For example….
The overwhelming elegance flowing from me!!
Kujaku: Wrong.
You did all that just to stand out and piss me off?!
Sengyoku: Obviously. I dislike you.
Dude: Both of you are idiots!
Hey! Don’t drag things off topic you idiots!!

Kujaku: I don’t even have a little bit of time to deal with idiots.
Menfisu: Yes.
Kujaku: Can you answer the question?
Lets see…’Ki’ is life that flows through the blood, and it can be utilized if the body and mind are balanced. This in turn can stimulate a certain type of immunization.
People who can use this power are known as Stoma masters or hermits.
Kujaku: Correct!
Girl: That’s awesome Menfisu-kun! Did you prepare for this lesson beforehand?
There are parts I don’t understand. Could you teach me?
Menfisu: No problem!
Dude: Ah, no can do! Menfisu is going to hold a studyhall with us!
Girls: Huh?! Quit taking him to yourself, stupid boys!!
(Handwritten- Yeah!)

Menfisu: Though if you want to know more about the stoma arts, Ro-kun knows a lot more than me.
Dude: Ro?! Are you kidding? The dude is terrifying.
(Sfx- Guuuh *snnnore*)
Dude: Besides even now he’s sleeping.
He’s not at all interested in lessons at this level is he?
Kujaku: You all could stand to learn a little from these two…they review before class.
???: Guh…
Kujaku: Es.peci.ally~

Kujaku: YOU KIDD!!
You’re an absolute newbie when it comes to martial arts, so there’s plenty for you to learn!!
First you’ll need to know the different types of kenpou, and their history!
There’s a difference between t he Naikaken and Gaikaken!! And you have to know the relation between the stoma and martial arts!!! (Among other things)
(TN- Naikaken is ‘Fist of nothing’ and Gaikaken is ‘Fist of the outside.’ I’m not really sure what relevance they have so I’ll leave them like this for now.)
Kujaku: All of this is your homework!!
Kid: W—wait a minute master! I can’t study….!!
Kujaku: Huuuh? Do you want to participate in the second game or not?
There’s absolutely no way we can let a guy who has no foundation in martial arts participate in a thoroughly halfassed way in the next game.
So you’ve got the next three days to study like you’re gonna die.

???: Here’s one for you! What was the name of the general who suddenly appeared during the second great war?
Kid: ….Dunno.
???: Then what was the reason that the second war was fought? Keep your answer to 100 words or less.
Kid: I have no idea!

Mugi: You’ve gotten all of them wrong….
Guy: Hey dude…he’s just NOW studying the basics? How’d he even get in here?
It’s thanks to us that we’re all being held back from our lessons.
Kid: Nnnngh…
Girl: Mugi…
Mugi: Wh—who…

Girl: I found you!!
What have you been doooing~? Lets eat breakfast together!
Mugi: A—Anko-chan?!
Kid: Who are you?
Anko: Hm?
Oh. You’re that idiot from before.
What’s going on here Mugi? Are you having an affair behind my back with this moron?
{Anko//Mugi’s (former) partner. Loves cute things. (Mugi.)}
Kid: Who’s a moron?
Anko: That’d be you. Moron. Who’s heard of a martial arts newbie at a time like this? You’re gonna get slaughtered before long.
Mugi: S—sorry! Anko-chan doesn’t mean anything bad by it!
Anko: Eh? But I do?
???: Yo yo! What’s up bro! You look sorta down!
Don’t let Anko get to you man!

Gihyou: She pretty much badmouths all dudes.
{Gihyou: Most easily pleased person in class A, also most annoying.}
Gihyou: So it’s her loss man!!
Kid: Who are you?
Gihyou: Whaaat?! You seriously don’t remember me?! C’mon! It’s thanks to you that I managed to pass the first game! I gotta seriously thank you for that!
Kid: Ahh dammit! I have so much homework that I’m drowning in it!! Leave me alone!!
Gihyou: Seriously? This is it?
Anko: Master Kujaku is a demon. She’s strict to everyone.
Gihyou: Yeaah, I know about that. Well it’s all good. I’ll help you out.
If it’s for my savior, I’ll teach you a few tricks of the trade.
(Side text- Next time is a center color page! A adventure for homework countermeasure efforts!?!)

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