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Kokushi Musou!! 16

Attack on the difficult problems!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 1, 2013 05:14 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 16

Please no more extra pages and long info dumps. You can have one but not the other Tajima-sensei. Choose one and submit it to me by Monday.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Text under- Commemoration of the 1st volume!! It explodes on the scene on December 18th!!)
(Side text- Gathering under the name of peerlessness…)
(Side text- Are the young soldiers without equal!!)
Chapter 16: Attack on the difficult problems!
(Bottom text- Kung fu explosion!! An expanded 23 pages!!)

{Fourth period: Practical skills.}
Students: Hah!!!
(Side text- Tough training at the mecca of martial arts!!)
Kujaku: Put your bodies into it!!!
Hey you there! No slacking off!!
Students: Hah!
(Sfx- Fuhh *wffft*)

Students: Hah.
Kujaku: It’s actually worse than I expected…
Which is exactly what I expected…
Kid, I have a special menu prepared for you.
Kid: Special menu?!
Could it be super special move lessons?!
I’ve been waiting for this!!!

Kujaku: You can spend some time in that corner with the homework I gave you earlier.
(On podium- Study.)
Kujaku: Now then leaving that aside, lets finish our training.
Kujaku: What are you talking about?
You’re a total newbie to martial arts right? So it’s only natural you’d need to start off with the foundations of common knowledge!
Oh and I should add that until you finish your homework you can’t participate in the game, nor will you be allowed to learn any martial arts.
Kid: Nnnnngh.

Kid: Why am I doing this then?!
If the game is in three days then I need to get stronger and on the double!!
Teach me martial arts!!
Kujaku: If someone steps on those fragments they could get hurt.
Be sure to clean those up.
Kid: Master!!
Kujaku: Pick it up.

Kujaku: I had some expectations for you…
And maybe I shouldn’t say this but I’m really disappointed.
Do you understand what the most important thing is to a martial artist?
Kid: What’s that?
Kujaku: That’s your homework too. Until you understand that much don’t bother coming to practice.
Kid: But…I have no idea what that is.

Kid: Dammit, she’s just messin with me because I’m a newbie. Masters shouldn’t be able to do that sorta thing.
There’ can’t be a right answer to that.
‘What’s most important to a martial artist’?! What’s with that?
I totally don’t get it!
And with all of this homework she gave me already, I could be at this for days and still never be done!!
Ahh dammit!! Unlucky me being stuck with a demon for a master!
Gihyou: Hahahah! Sucks to be you doesn’t it bro!?
Kid: Ah!

Kid: Gihyou!
Gihyou: Hey Kid! Sorry I’m late, but I’m here to pick you up!
Kid: Pick me up?
Gihyou: Dude did you forget already?!
I said I’d help you with your homework right?
Remember? In the cafeteria?
Kid: Oh yeah!
Answer sheet?
Gihyou: Yup! If you had the answer sheet, you could just copy off of it! Then that mountain of homework is a thing of the past!!
How about it? Sounds sweet huh?!
Kid: I’ll say! This food is real sweet!

Anko: More like, how are you going to get the answer sheet?
I haven’t seen anything like that anywhere in the temple…
Mugi: This whole thing sounds suspicious Kid-kun.
Gihyou: Hey! Are you guys doubting me?!
There’s a route to it that only I know about!!
I swear to you that I’m not lying!!
Anko: Well if you ask me Gihyou, it sounds like you’re always up to something suspicious.
Gihyou: How about you stop saying things that’ll create misunderstandings.
Mugi: You shouldn’t do this Kid-kun.
Just work hard on your homework. I’ll be glad to help.
Kid: I’m with you bro!!
Gihyou: Now that’s what I’m talking about! Okay after lessons end for today, lets gather under the main gate!
Mugi: Kid-kun!
Anko: Aww let him be Mugi. From the bottom of my heart I could care less what happens to him.

{Below the main gate.}
Gihyou: Awwright Kid, we’re here.
Kid: Hey…why’d we come here anyway?
There’s a scary pig dude guarding this gate, and there’s a barrier too.
So is there any point to coming here?
Gihyou: The point? Well obviously to sneak through.
Kid: Where?
Gihyou: Through that gate.
???: What indeed.

Mugi: Kid-kun!!
Kid: Mugi! And…Anko.
Mugi: I really think you shouldn’t do this Kid-kun. If you’re found here the gate keeper will kill you.
Gihyou: Who’s said anything about going in from the front?
Mugi: Eh? You’re not?
(Sfx- Gosohh *shffit*)
(Sfx- Gakooon *clack*)

Kid: Whooooa! Awesome!!
It’s an underground path!!!
Mugi: No way..!!
I can’t believe it!! There’s a path down here?
Gihyou: Like it?!
Kid: Awesome!!! Sweeeet!!
Dude, does this path go all the way outside?!
Gihyou: Yeah. No.
This road will take us outside, but only to the first year’s area.
Kid: First year’s area?
Gihyou: This temple has different areas depending on what year you’re in.
(On chart- 3rd year area//2nd year area//1st year area.)
Gihyou: We’re first years so our area is the most closed in of them all.
(Outside- Sea.)

Anko: What the hell are you thinking? If the masters find out you’ll be doing pushups for six hours straight!
Gihyou: Then you guys can wait there.
I’m gonna help my bro in any way I can.
Huh? You’re coming too Mugi?
Mugi: I—I just can’t leave Kid-kun on his own!
Gihyou: And you’re coming too Anko?
Anko: If Mugi’s going, there’s no way I’m not going too.
Kid: Dang. I thought I’d be lucky enough to be able to leave completely.
Gihyou: Leave? You mean outside of the peerless temple?

Kid: Yeah man! I wanna get out of here…
And meet my father as soon as possible!
Anko: Oh? So you want to get out of the temple?
You’re one reckless guy you know that?
Lets say you were able to get out of here…
With your current level of strength you’d just die immediately.
Kid: T—That’s not true!!
I’ve got a tough body and stuff…
Anko: And you’re also more of a scardy cat than I thought.
Gihyou: I wouldn’t go hoping to head outside without training some more bro.
There are even named martial artists dying out there.
There are vicious beasts no one’s ever seen before…bandits that’ll decapitate you without a second thought, and sicknesses that’ll have you whorfing up blood for all of eternity. The outside is hell on earth.
Although studying here in the peerless temple is strict, but it’s the safest place to be.

(Sfx- Gokuhhh *gulp*)
Anko: Well there are plenty of bad guys hoping something or someone will fall out of the temple.
If you end up failing or falling out of here then there’s no coming back.
(Sfx- Gyuuhh *grab*)
Anko: D—don’t worry about it Mugi!! I’ll protect you!
Gihyou: Anyway, this path was originally created by those aforementioned bad guys.
And while we’re on the subject here we are!
(Sfx- Kapahh *poof*)
Gihyou: Phew!!
Don’ t be scared…
This is the paradise in paradise…

Gihyou: Lap of luxury!!
(TN- It says Comfort seat, but I thought Lap of luxury sounded better and kept the same meaning.)
Gihyou: This is where people gather in the peerless temple when they need stuff, cause you can get pretty much anything….be it weapons or books.
And it’s the one place on the island where you can get your entertainment on in the pleasure quarter. Even if you have fun all night long you still wouldn’t have experienced everything!

Kid: I knew that coming out here was the right thing to do…
Gihyou: Hm?
Kid: Nothing man!
Thanks Gihyou!!
Gihyou: Hehehe. Stop that.
Well anyway, it’s good you’ve got your groove back.
No matter what, you’ve gotta stay positive!
That’s my policy brah!!
(Sfx- Gehoh *cough*)
Kid: Despite looks you’re actually a pretty good guy!
Gihyou: And what does THAT mean?
(Sfx- Dosuh *thok*)
(Sfx- Ahahaha)

Gihyou: Awwright! Lets go and have some fun!!
For men, taking a break is essential!!
Kid: Hell yeah! I like the way you think bro!!
Anko: Hey! Weren’t you going to buy the answer sheet?!
Geez. Why did they even come here?!
Mugi: …Th—That’s right.
Anko: W—well…I guess relaxation is important for girls too.
Anyway! Lets go have some fun too!!
(Sfx- Guiii *grab*)
Mugi: Wah!
Thanks Anko-chan.
Anko: For what?
Mugi: Ron.
(Handwritten- THIS AGAIN?!)
Gihyou: Beautiful!!!
Some dude: Bravo!!
???: Whew! We had a blast!!
(Sign- Tea house.)
???: And we even managed to buy the answer sheet, so mission complete.

Gihyou: Now all you need to do is finish your homework…
But no need to worry…Imma help you on that too bro…
Anko: It’s pretty obvious that you boys don’t have the energy to stand up, much less do homework.
Kid: Wait! I think I get it now!! The most important thing to a martial artist!!
Mugi: What’s that?
Kid: Master Kujaku told me….she said it was a part of my homework.
Gihyou: Oh? Is this about the stoma thing?

Kid: What’s that noise?
Gihyou: H—hey…that bell is…
People: Pirates!!
Pirates have come!!
Pirate: Boss! We’ve reached our destination!
Boss: All right. Prepare battle stations, and advance. Don’t let a single one go.
Pirate: Yessir!
Been a while since I’ve seen some blood.
Although it’d be cool if they just saw the boss and took off runnin’.

???: Heheheh…I already know…
I can feel the presence of strong martial artists here.
I’ll get me a head of one of those peerless brats even if it means tearing it off myself.
{Cheiri Pirate Crew head Cheiri Galib.}
???: Hey! IT’s the Cheiri!! Cheiri and his pirate crew!!
Head hunter Cheiri is here!!
Hey quit pushing!!
Kid: T—This seems like bad news Gihyou!!
Gihyou: D—don’t worry Kid, we’ll be okay…!

Gihyou: The masters are all here to protect this paradise’s peace from guys like them.
???: There are …6….7 pirate ships.
So Cheiri has gotten bigger guns has he?
Shall we get started?
This is part of the job too after all.
(Bottom text- Ouside enemies assault the peerless temple! What reception will the masters show them…?!)

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