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Kokushi Musou!! 17

The Guardians.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 1, 2013 18:21 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 17

Finally all caught up with this thing. It's my hope now that I'm pretty much done with my graduate degree that I'll be able to do this, Anagle Mole and Gintama weekly with other manga such as Nejimaki intermittently on the side. I haven't really ever done more than two series weekly though so its to be seen whether I can pull it off or not. People have said this feels like HXH, but I think with this chapter it feels more like A combination of that, One piece, and Kenichi. Whether it'll be better than the sum of it's parts is unknown I guess...but Shogakukan is pimping the hell out of it.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Side text- We will protect the mecca of martial arts; the peerless temple! We are the Myouou!!}
(TN-In a previous chapter I translated this literally as ‘Kings of wisdom’, but I think it works better left in Japanese –“Myouou’. Scantlators can go either or, whatever they want to do.)
Chapter 17: The Guardians.

(Side text- An attack from outside enemies!! Stand and take them on!!)
Someone: Pirates!!
The pirates have come!!
All students should take refuge in the dormitories!!
Kid: Wh—what are we gonna do? This is sorta really bad isn’t it?!
Does this sorta thing happen often?
Anko: In order to make a name for themselves, I’ve heard some guys will target the peerless temple…
But I’ve never seen a fleet this huge come here before!!
Mugi: W—we should run! If we go to the first year dormitories we should be safe!!
Gihyou: It’ll be fine I tell ya! After all the peerless temple has the instructors looking out for it!!

Kid: But those guys look really tough.
That’s what my gut is telling me.
Gihyou: Kid, understand this much.
Yeah those guys are really bad news.
{Their boss is Cheiri, known as the Guillotine man. His arm strength is apparently enough to twist the head off an elephant.}
{His kill count is well into the thousands, and he’s a villain that is on the world’s most wanted list.}
Gihyou: Look over there.
Even his own men are shaking in fear of him.

???: Hold it right there!! Stop!!
Guards: Wh—what have you pirates come here for?!
This is a mecca for martial artists! This is neither a place that welcomes or has any need for you!
Cheiri: Aw. No need to be so cold there gents.
As priests of the peerless temple, you should be more kind and gentle to guests right?
Guards: What are your demands? Water? Rations?!
Chieri: Kakakah! Nah, I’ve got so much of that stuff I can’t even keep count of it!
(Sfx- Wahahah.)
Chieri: We’re pirates you know?

Chieri: So if there’s something that we want, we use brute strength to take it!!
Lets start off by taking those meaningless lives of yours…!!
Guard: Hii!!
Chieri: Kill ‘em.
Glasses: Prepare the cannon!!
Dude: Guh!!

Priest: Now hold it right there Pirates…If there’s something you want from us..
How about we chat about it first?
Kid: Wh—Who’s that?!
Gihyou: Watch out!! That cannon’s gonna hit you head on!!

He cut the cannonball?!
Dude: What the hell is that pretty boy doing?!
{3rd year B class instructor//Gundari Myouou}
Gundari: Excuse me for being a pretty boy.
(Sfx- Muh)

Students: It’s a Myouou!! They’ve come!!
Thank goodness! We’re going to be safe then!!
Kid: Wh—what?! Everyone’s hyped now that he showed up!
Pirate: B—Boss! It’s impossible!! That guy is a monster!!
Cheiri: Kakakaa So those are the rumored Peerless temple Myouou I’ve heard so much about? Fascinating.
???: Geez…
That idiot had to go and make a big show of it…
Pirates: Who’s there?!

{3rd year A class instructor// Fudou Myouou}
Fudou: Geez. Who does he think the old man is going to take this out on?
Pirates: Wha?!
Hey!! What the hell are you doing…?!

{1st year E class instructor// Kongouyasha Myouou.}
Kongouyasha: Fudou. Get to work.
Fudou: No way. I hate doing anything that requires work.
Kongouyasha: Then quit being a Myouou.
Cheiri: Hey…lets sink the ship with them on it.
Glasses: What are you saying Cheiri?! We’ve still got crewmembers riding that ship!!
Cheiri: Did you not hear my order…?

Cheiri: When I say do something, you do it.
Because there are plenty of guys around here who can replace you.
Glasses: Y—yessir!!
Prepare the cannon!!
(Sfx- Gachaah *clack*)
(Sfx- Gachaah *clack*)
Glasses: Close in on that ship!!
Kid: They’re gonna shoot their crewmates?!
Gihyou: What kind of guys are they that they’d think nothing of blasting their buddies?
Pirates: It’s the bosses’ order! Fire!!

Fudou: About time.
Pirate: B—boss!! One of the ships has been attacked!!
Cheiri: I can see that.
Geez…one after the other…
{3rd year C class instructor// Daiitoku Myouou}
Daiitoku: Heheheh…
With the power of my stoma this is child’s play.

Pirates: D—dammitall!! Fire! Kill them all!!
Hiii!! Whaaa!!
Cheiri: Just what the hell are you people?

Kujaku: We are the guardians of this mecca…
{1st year A class instructor// Kujaku Myouou}
Kid: Huh? Is that Master Kujaku?!
Gihyou: Of course man!
Our instructors are also the strongest fighters in the peerless temple! Each one of them is a myouou who guards this place!!

Kid: She’s so bossy and mean! I can’t believe it.
(Handwritten- Heheeheee You’re just a newb! So no training for you! But here’s plenty of homework.)
Gihyou: Well…Master Kujaku is for one reason or another extremely strict to you and just you.
Cheiri: Hahahah. Fascinating.
If I take your heads then my name will be known even to the heavens.
Kujaku: Cheiri the guillotine…isn’t your name already on the world’s most wanted list?
Isn’t it about time you find a snug fit in some policeman’s cuffs?
Cheiri: Kakah…What and miss the opportunity to keep wrecking shit up? No way. Though to be honest plucking a woman’s head off her body isn’t my thing, but…
Killing everyone and anyone who bears their fangs at me is!!

Cheiri: Ngh…
A distraction?!
(Sfx- Zahhh *sfft*)
Kid: She got behind him!!
Kujaku: Yousouken!!
(TN- Falcon talon fist)

Cheiri: Fool.
(Sfx- Ton *tap*)
Kujaku: Anki?!
(TN- The kanji combination is ‘Dark vessel’ which I’m not sure has any significance right now. It seems like it’ll be important later (maybe?) so I’ll just leave it like this. I guess scantlators can use ‘Dark vessel’ if they want.)

Cheiri: Die!!!
(Side text- A single strike to Kujaku!! What will her fate be…?!)

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