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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 473

I’m a failure as a leader and so is he.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 5, 2013 03:20 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 473

10 years in truly is indicative of this manga's maturity level. That being said, who wants a snooty, mature, polished and affulent Gintama anyway? I don't, and neither do you.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Top text- Apologizing for 10 straight years!! Learning absolutely noooooooooooooothing from our mistakes!! No way it’s a 10 year anniversary breakthrooough!! Commerative cover and head color pages!!)
(Side orange text on left- ‘Gintama the movie Yorozuya forever hits stores on Blu ray and DVD on December 18th (Wednesday!) The release date is creeping up!!
(Black box on left- The manga is on page 29!!!)
(Side text right- We’ve done all kinds of stuff but y’know we’re accomplices and all right?)
(TN- Accomplices is the text in red.)

(Side text- Thanks for 10 years!!!)
Lesson 473: I’m a failure as a leader and so is he.
Hijitoki: Quit screwing with me…
Half of his damn soul ended up in a cat?!
His soul is so cheap that’s essentially cat food then!!
And now I’ve gotta haul ass all around Edo looking for a damn cat!
Dammittall, what I wouldn’t give for some police intel right about now…
(Sfx- Kiiii *screeee*)
???: Well aren’t WE in a hurry.
Late for a date or something bro?

Kondo: Then let us cops give you an armed escort in our patrol cars.
Don’t wanna be late to your rendezvous in heeeeeellll do you?!
{This is the worst!!}
{To run into an annoying bunch of guys like them at a time like this..!!}
Hijitoki: Sorry but I don’t need you guys’ assistance right now.
Police should do police work, so go back to hassling civlians.
Kondo: But questioning suspicious rounin like yourself is an example of the fine work we do.
{I don’t think policemen wearing sleeveless biker jackets get to call people on their suspiciousness!!}

Hijitoki: Looks like the vice captians laws have become a pretty pathetic thing.
‘Cause normally it’s seppuku for being derelict on your duties.
???: Ya hear that Yamazaki? This dude is talking about the vice captain’s laws.
Yamazaki: Dude, that’s like a century old now man. No one talks about that shit anymore!!
We ain’t gonna be tied down by anything anymore! We’ve become the freedom police!!
People should live by the rules they set for themselves rather than the ones made up for them by others!! That’s what we vowed to Toshi-san that we’d do!!
Hijitoki: How the hell are those even rules? Isn’t this you guys just doing whatever the hell you want and sticking the label ‘rule on it?!
You started listening to that slackjawed vice-captain and have all become pathetic shells of your former selves!!
Kondo: Shut up! Toshi’s taught us the value of freedom!!
He freed us from the restrictive chokehold of those rules and into a pair of sleeveless vests!!
Hijitoki: I’m not even sure which is more restrictive here!! And seriously the only thing that’s been freed are your shoulders!!
We don’t care if you insult our vice captian, but you’ve made the big mistake of insulting our bro!
And that insult is an arrest able offense!!

Guys: Drag ‘im through town till his head comes off!!
(Sfx- Hyahaahah!!)
(Sfx- Barirara bararara *weeeooow*)
(Sfx- Gari gari gari *sssshhhhht*)
Okita: Gori-san, we don’t have the time to waste on this nobody.
What about the alien who’s been making a mess of stuff?
A report of out of the fourth district is about a cat alien that appeared…
Kondo: That’s gotta be a lie. We’ve had people patrol the area and the y didn’t see anything like that.
(Sfx- Gari gari gari *dddrrrraaah*)
Hijitoki: W—wait! A cat alien?!
(Sfx- Hyooonn *fwisssh*)
(Sfx- Zooon *slash*)

(Sfx- Bushaaaan *Craaaash*)
Hijitoki: Grraaah!!
(Sfx- Zatshhh *sffft*)
Shinpachi: You fools…
What are you doing to our president?!
We at the yorozuya will not allow even police officers to lead the world astray with their brutishness!!
Hijitoki: You guys…
(Handwritten- More like you’re the ones leading the world astray.)
(Sfx- Gyaaaah)
Kondo: Well, well! What are you kiddies doing here? This isn’t a playground!
(Sfx- Zaaahh *sfft*)
Kondo: If you wanna play cops and robbers then do it somewhere else!

Shinpachi: Oh I assure you that the only one playing here are you fools.
If we leave our beautiful Edo to the likes of you then all semblance of order will be lost.
Kondo: Shut yer traps. Edo is a city of freedom. We won’t let you take our town and do what you want with it anymore, got it?
Shinpachi: If you insist on continuing to be an eyesore then under the laws of the Yorozuya…
I will send you and your reprehensible acts to the other world via a gatotsu ceremony.
(Sfx- Hyahaahahaha)
Kondo: And we’re gonna run ya out of edo with nothing but the clothes on yer back!!
Shinpachi: It appears nether side will withdraw….
Kondo: Looks that way to me…! Then..
Both: We’ll just have to settle things using swords!!!
(Sfx- Kuaaaaah *Roaaaar*)

Both: Don’t any of you dare…
To unsheathe your blades.
Ginkata: This is an order from your vice-captain.
Hijitoki: This is an order from your president.
Kondo: Toshii!!
Shinpachi: President!
Hijitoki: Knock this off at once. I did say that all evil should be slain but…
But are you even looking before you leap? Are you sure you’re attacking your enemies?
Ginkata: I did say you should live freely but I didn’t mean it like this. This ain’t the time to waste with guys like this.
A little law and order wouldn’t hurt you idiots. Use your common sense and realize that picking fights just makes you a shit smear.

Ginkata: We’re both looking for a cat so I’d say our interests overlap…right Gin-san?
Hijitoki: So lets put our swords away and cooperate with each other to search for it okay Hijikata-san?
Kondo: Hey Toshi!? What’s up man, this ain’t like you!
(Sfx- Hyaaaha)
Okita: Just when things are getting sorta interesting you want us to start actin’ on the straight and narrow? Do you want me to pick up where I left off on those assassination attempts, Toshi-san?
Shinpachi: President. You were the one who advocated slaying all evil.
Kagura: You raised us to follow and obey the laws of the Yorozuya, president. It was you who drafted those for us, yes?
Kondo: We won’t let anyone take our freedom!!
Even you vice captain!!
(Sfx- Kuwaaaaah *rooooooar*)
Shinpachi: We swore a vow of loyalty not with the president….
(Sfx- KuwaaaaH *roooooar*)
Shinpachi: But with the laws of the yorozuya and our paycheck!!!

(Sfx- Kuwaaaaah *roaaaaar*)
(Sfx- Dokaaaaah *thoooom*)
{No one is listening to a damn thing their leader says!!}
Hijitoki: Hey! Just what the hell happened to those people? I don’t remember training you to go completely off the rails like this!!
Ginkata: Hey! Quit saying crap that doesn’t even matter!!
Hijitoki: It’s your fault that these idiots are going insane like this!!
Ginkata: Like hell it is! They were idiots and insane waaaaaay before I met them! It’s your fault for trying to conceal something that comes naturally!!
C—calm down!! I’m tellin’ ya things would be a lot better if you just made nice with them!!
(Sfx- Gakkiiiin *clang*)
Ginkata: It’s just this once! Only this once do you hafta work with them towards a common goal! That’s all I’m asking ya!!
Kondo: And what goal is this?!
Ginkata: It’s like I said!! Look for a ca—
Kondo: What about a cat?!
Ginkata: Let’s look for this lost cat together…

Ginkata: And catch---
(Sfx- Viiiin *veeeen*)
Catoki: Dammit…I’ve been had.
With this much left over I ain’t gonna be able to afford even one can of cat food.
(Sfx- Charri *jingle*)

Catoki: Ah…I’m starving…
(Sfx- Zun zun *drag drag*)
Kondo&Shinpachi: ….I see.
Kondo: I guess with that sorta thing around, it seems a bit stupid for us to be fighting.
Shinpachi: Yes…we can put our match aside for the time being.
(Sfx- Zun zun *drag drag*)
Kondo: You guys!! Let’s work together to slay that monsteeeeeeer!!
Shinpachi: We must band together to protect Edo from this beast!! This is the time to band our strengths together!!

Ginkata(?): Nooooo!! Don’t kill it dammit!!
(Sfx- Waaaaah *roaaar*)
Hijitoki: Craaaaap!! If their powers combine, your other half is toast!!!
More importantly, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!
(Sfx- Nuuhh)
Hijitoki: Why is it that a part of your soul enters a cat and gives birth to a mutant?!
Everything below its head is clearly that of an old guy!!
Ginkata: Wait, wait, waaait!! Cool it guys!!
(Sfx- Zazaaah *ssffft*)
Ginkata: Despite his looks he’s actually a good sorta guy! My other half is a buffering personification of gentleness….

HIjitoki: You’re not supposed to get your ass whooped by your other half!
(Sfx- Zazazaaah *ddssssh*)
Hijitoki: Are you sure that half of your soul really ended up in there?!
Kondo: Hyahahahah! We ain’t gonna hold back against you!!
Shinpachi: Slay all evil!! That includes you accursed monster!!
(Sfx- Hyaagaaah *ssffffft*)
Catoki: You guys wouldn’t happen to know me would you?
Kagura: Take thiiiiiiiis!!!
Catoki: Tell me…
(Sfx- Guheeeeh)
(Sfx- Godoooooofahhh *THOOOOM*)

Catoki: I can’t remember anything!!
Blood soaked battles one after another…
Ball busting fights one after another are all I can remembeeeeeeer!!!
Ginkata: Dammit. How did this happen? That guy’s got half of me..
But it’s pretty much all the negative aspects of my soul….
The memories of my bloodsoaked battles in war and against the pachinko parlor…
He’s no more than a sad battle machine...
Hijitoki: No, that just makes him useless!! More like…that just makes him YOU!!
Dude: President!! What are your orders?!
(Sfx- Dogooohh *Thooom*)
Dude: Guwaaah!!
???: Hey you guys!! What the hell are you doing?! Stop him!!
Someone’s gotta be able to do something…!!
(Sfx- Bashaaah *thoooom*)
Dude: Guwaah!!
???: Waaaaaaaaaait!!!
(Handwritten- I can smell something over this way!!)
???: Dammit he ran away!!

Shinpachi: D—dammit. We were lacking so much….but why?!
Kondo: Toshi, we did exactly what you said, so why did this happen…
Both: We aren’t…
Your leaders.
That we’re just big disappointments as leaders.
???: It seems…
They aren’t the only ones not acting like themselves..
(Sfx- Zatshh *Shfft*)
???: The leaders change just a little bit and this is the result huh?
A yorozuya that follows the rules…
And a free and unrestrained Shinsengumi….funny how things ended up huh.

Gengai: But…you guys..
Have a way you do things right?
A leader might be able to change the impression of his organization…
But the organization also has an effect on those who lead it.
Those guys need your help.
But as you are right now you can’t be any help to them.
You haven’t figured it out yet…?
Well…I guess it is a little on the impossible side as it’s not a story one could believe easily.
Then I’ll just have to explain things to you.
(Sfx- Gooooooo *rmmmmmble*)

Gengai: Your…no…those
Bodies of yours…
I’ll return ‘em…
And those leaders of yours…
Will see your true colors.
(Side text- Run with all your might leaders!!!)

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