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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Anagle Mole 45


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 10, 2013 00:11 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 45

In this week's chapter: A heaping dose of that awkward feeling where you're not sure whether to be impressed with or concerned by how much was covered in ten weeks of (re)serialization.

Kiss scans only.

{18 hours had passed…}
{Since Luchiru and the gang had infiltrated Anaguland.}
45th space: Flash.
{Had it been a mere instant?}
{Or what felt like an eternity…}
???: I see it!!
The exit!!
(Side text- Just a little bit closer to the surface!!)
{Either way the end of their journey is close.}
(Top text- The latest volume of the manga #4 hits stores December 18th!!)

Kuwatrol: Hey…
Down here fools!!
Luchiru: Eh?
(Sfx- Baaaan *doom*)
Kuwatrol: You didn’t dare forget about me did you?!
If you’re going back up there, then release me; the great Kuwatrol-sama at once!!
{Those who forgot should refer to volume 2.}
Luchiru: But you’re going to the surface with us?
Kuwatrol: EEEH?! Why!?
Luchiru: ‘Cause you know the truth…that humans are in fact weak.
(Handwritten- There’s no way we can let you go.)

Luchiru: ‘Sides, it’ll be fine!
(Handwritten- Huh?)
Luchiru: The surface is bound to be more interesting to you than down here right?
After all there are all kinds of your favorite ‘compact’ things up there!!
(Handwritten- Right?)
Kuwatrol: Th—
That’s true…on the surface there are plenty of small things abound…
No!! That’s…!!
(Sfx- Butsu butsu bustu)
Kyousuke: More like, how the heck are we gonna jump all the way up there?
(Handwritten- It’s like crazy high up man!)
Luchiru: I’ll use the rest of my power up and use a Dekos! We should just baaarely reach it!
(Handwritten- That’s how I got up to the surface to spy in the first place!)
Chiwa: So we’ll be returning to the surface soon huh?
You know, when I was brought down here alone…
I was anxious and really scared.

Chiwa: I was a little excited too.
Mysterious powers…
Cities I’ve never seen before…
Foods that I’ve never tasted…
There’s all sorts of culture here that our world has never experienced.
Though the clothes…
Are a little bit embarrassing…

Chiwa: Yeah…
I just can’t bring myself to hate this place….this world.
I want to come back sometime!
Kyousuke: Heh…
Let me inform you that we had to work our butts off to save you.
If you think it’s so great, we can just leave you here now!
Chiwa: Wah!! Hold on! Time out!!
(Handwritten- I was kidding!!)
Arulu: On the contrary…
I want to see the ‘surface’.

Arulu: When it was decided that Luchiru would go up as a spy, everyone laughed at him…
But I was envious.
It’s not like I’m complaining about this world…
But I guess I’m a little bored of it all.
That day I knew that there was another world above the ceiling.
I’ve heard about the monsters called humans countless times but…
I still thought to myself…I’d really like to go there someday.
It’s my dream to travel around that world.

Arulu: Would it be wrong for me to come with you…?
To the surface.
Luchiru: Arulu…
We’ll go traveling together!!
Up on the surface there are still plenty of awesome things I don’t know anything about!
I dunno how many years it’ll take for us to see everything but…

Luchiru: We’ll ride on Train’s back,
And see it together!!

Luchiru: It’s a promise!
Arulu: Yeah.
It’s a promise.
(Sfx- Gunn *wifft*)
(Sfx- Suhhh *sffft*)
Luchiru: We’re right under it!!
Everyone! We’re gonna hit quite a few G’s here….
So be sure to hang on tight!!
(Sfx- Gashiiih *graaab*)
(Sfx- Gyuuuhhh *sfft*)
(Sfx- Jyaaahh *sssssh*)
(TN- G as in ‘G-force’ which is a measurement of accelerations felt as weight. How does Luchiru know this though…?)

Luchiru: DEKOS!!!
(Sfx- Zusaaaah *ssshhhhhft*)

{I have enough power to just barely make it!!}
Luchiru: Awwright…
(Sfx- Kiiiiin *veeeeeeen*)
Luchiru: Wha? What’s with that flash of light….?
It’s headed right for us…
(Sfx- Hiiiiiin *veeeeeeen*)
(Sfx- Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii *veeeeeeen*)
You’re kidding….
Why is he….

(Sfx- Goooooooooh *fwooooooom*)

(Sfx- Hyuuuuhhh *wifffff*)
Noelu: ‘Metal’.
(Sfx- Ooooooooh)
Luchiru: Jump, Train!!
He’s going to crash right into us!!

(Sfx- Bagooooooh *thoooooom*)
(Sfx- Pakiii *crackle*)
Kyousuke: Wha?!
(Sfx- Zuzuzhhh *shfffft*)
(Sfx- Guraaah *fwaaaah*)
Train: Buru….
(TN- I dunno who Densuke is either.)

Train: Ruuuunnn!!
(Sfx- Gooooohhh *fwoooom*)
(Sfx- Dotshhh *ssssssssssssh*)
(Sfx- Zugasjaaahhh *Sssssssh*)
(Sfx- Hah hah haah)
{Did he come from…?!}
(Sfx- Tohhh *Tp*)
{Holy crap…!!}
{I used all of my power in that dekos just now!!}
{I can’t use my majinagram anymore!!}

Noelu: “Nobiru”.
(Sfx- Guuunn *streeech*)
Bahamut: Eh?
(Sfx- PAshiiih *grab*)
Noelu: Kuwatrol huh?

{Kuwatrol knows of the humans weakness!!}
Luchiru: Give hi---
Noelu: You’ve already ‘run out of gas’ haven’t you?

{The end of their journey is close.}
{However it is an ending undesired.}
(Side text- Next issue, sudden changes…!!)

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